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  1. Code Sermon, Episode 20: Reference Counting2007/02/04
    Some thoughts on managing object lifetimes using reference counting
  2. Code Sermon, Episode 19: Picking Libraries2006/04/12
    Finding the right library for your project
  3. Code Sermon, Episode 18: Release Mode Debugging2006/02/18
    Debugging when you can't use the debugger
  4. Code Sermon, Episode 17: Premature Optimization2006/01/28
    Optimize your code. But not that code.
  5. Code Sermon, Episode 16: Constants2006/01/14
    A Constant is just a Variable that doesn't Vary.
  6. Code Sermon, Episode 15: Loops2005/12/19
    Your computer is probably looping right now.
  7. Code Sermon, Episode 14: Strings2005/11/30
    They're not as simple as you think they are.
  8. Code Sermon, Episode 13: Concurrency2005/11/13
    The best way to make your code faster.
  9. Code Sermon, Episode 12: Naming Conventions2005/10/22
    Thinking about what to call things.
  10. Code Sermon, Episode 11: Platforms2005/09/29
    Where you want to run your software dictates how you write it.
  11. Code Sermon, Episode 10: Robustness2005/09/11
    Code Sermon on Robustness. Writing code that isn't environmentally sensitive.
  12. Code Sermon, Episode 9: Warnings2005/08/31
    Code Sermon on compiler warnings. Your compiler is trying to tell you something. Are you listening?.
  13. Code Sermon, Episode 8: Memory Management2005/08/23
    Code Sermon on memory management. Differences between garbage collected languages and C and C++. Also a bit about locality.
  14. Code Sermon, Episode 7: Post Deployment2005/08/14
    Code Sermon on post-deployment. Stuff you should have done before you released your code.
  15. Code Sermon, Episode 6: Error Handling2005/08/07
    Code Sermon on Error Handling. Exceptions or error codes. Logging. The importance of giving your users the information they need to fix the problems they run into.
  16. Code Sermon, Episode 5: Deployment2005/07/28
    Code Sermon on Deployment. Thoughts on getting the software you've written from your computer onto the computers of your users.
  17. Code Sermon, Episode 4: Optimizations2005/07/17
    When not to optimize, when to optimize, and some thoughts on how to approach it.
  18. Code Sermon, Episode 3: Application UI Responsiveness2005/07/10
    If you can't be fast, seem fast. This sermon talks about ways to make your application feel responsive in cases where many apps leave the user wondering what's up.
  19. Code Sermon, Episode 2: File IO2005/07/03
    Reading and writing files is easy, right? Here's some sins that developers often commit when reading and writing files.
  20. Code Sermon, Episode 1: Software Testing2005/06/26
    Testing your software should be done while you're writing your software, not after it. Talks about unit testing, test driven development, and more.
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