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What's up in Taiwan

  1. About this project2016/04/17
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  2. Get to know Taiwan by their words...2011/02/28

  3. WuiT #064: Terry Hornsby (prequel)2007/02/18

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    It’s Chinese New Year again! And here is Terry Hornsby to help you celebrate this important holiday for the second time. We shameless present the prequel of “Kung Hsi Fa Tsai” (May prosperity be with you) to you, also a very special announcement…

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  4. WuiT #063: Travis & Vega2007/02/11
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  5. WuiT #062: Catherine & Miranda2007/02/11
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  6. WuiT #061: Chris & Feelin2007/01/29
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  7. WuiT #060: David M. Niddam (part 2)2007/01/22
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  8. WuiT #059: David M. Niddam (part 1)2007/01/15
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  9. WuiT #058: Elias Ek (part 2)2007/01/15
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  10. WuiT #057: Elias Ek (part 1)2007/01/15
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  11. WuiT #056: Orchid Island2007/01/01
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  12. WuiT #055: Fr. Barry Martinson S. J.2007/01/01
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  13. WuiT #054: Tony Masalonis2006/12/26
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  14. WuiT #053: Robin Erik Ruizendaal2006/12/26
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  15. WuiT #052: One-Year Anniversary2006/12/26

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    Happy Birthday "What's up in Taiwan "!

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  16. WuiT #051: Rebecca Redhead (part 2)2006/12/26
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  17. "Grandma Can't Sleep!" (Find out why!)2006/12/18
    To listen to a funny novelty song in Taiwanese, dreamed up by a
    longtime expat in Taiwan, click here:


  18. WuiT #050: Rebecca Redhead (part 1)2006/12/26
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  19. WuiT #049: Jamali Jack & Jeana Noel (part 2)2006/12/26
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  20. Dan Bloom Special to China Post2006/12/18

    Expats podcast about 'What's Up in Taiwan'
    by Dan Bloom

    Thanks, Dan!

  21. WuiT #048: Jamali Jack & Jeana Noel (part 1)2006/12/26
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  22. Happy Birthday! St. Vincent and the Grenadines2006/12/18

    Check it out if you're in town.

  23. WuiT #047: Linda Hinderer2006/12/26
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  24. WuiT #046: Tomer Feldman2006/12/26
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  25. WuiT: Special Report 012006/12/26

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    Double 10th Day is our nation's birthday, happy birthday to everyone.

    Music "Meeting Spring Wind" performed by Miss Cincin Lee
    Photo by Jesús Sandoval

    "望春風" 製作、編曲、演奏:李欣芸
    照片拍攝:Jesús Sandoval

What's up in Taiwan

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