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  1. 141-When You Think the TSA is Bad...; Expired Money2018/05/31
    A last-minute trip to Pune, India provided material for this episode: a visa dash, very hands-on airport security, worthless rupee notes, flight disruptions. We read obits for smart bag companies and hear why MSP's T2 isn't so ghetto after all.
  2. 140-Travel Tech Gets Physical; Pay Attention to the Safety Briefing2018/04/30
    Talk about physical travel technology rather than latest phone app; TSA K9 screening; new Lyft gadget; TravelCommons now on Alexa; National Business Travelers Day; dingy terminals in Detroit and Minneapolis, and flight attendants' safety demonstrations have become a bit more strident.
  3. 139-Brewing Best Hotel Room Coffee; Notes from Spain2018/03/29
    Returning to the mic after 10 days of food, wine, wind, rain, and snow in the north of Spain. I talk about traveling in Spain, and with my guest Coleman Collins about how to make the best coffee in your hotel room.
  4. 138-Travel Turning Me Hipster; Every Delay Has a Story2018/02/28
    Traveling south in February is good travel. I walk through how each change in airport security has pushed me to be more hipster and how we all want to understand the real cause of the flight delays that inconvenience us. Also listener feedback extending our ongoing luggage thread.
  5. 137-New Year's Travel Status Tips; How to Shop for a Suitcase2018/01/25
    Four weeks into the new year and 50% have already ditched New Year's resolutions, but there's still time to get 2018 travel status lined up. Over the holiday break, I bought a non-smart carry-on to replace my now-banned Bluesmart; I walk through my shopping criteria.
  6. 136-Is Cash A Waning King; Don't Make It Hard to Cash in on Loyalty2017/12/19
    Am I the last generation of cash payers; upcoming smart luggage ban; struggle to redeem British Airways Avios points; a new Uber driver story
  7. 135-Airport Bingo; My New Old Travel PC2017/11/20
    Something for the Thanksgiving airport lines; TravelCommons airport bingo card; going back to the future with a new travel PC; yet another subway tap card
  8. 134-Value of Loyalty; Need Those 5 Stars2017/10/31
    Differing value of loyalty from hotel, airlines, and car rental companies; 5-star ratings push grade inflation; luggage discounts; #metoo while flying
  9. 133-Packing Pro Tips; Traveling Injured2017/09/30
    Five pro tips for packing ruthlessly into a carry-on; hassles of traveling injured; listener comments on travel apps, new Atlanta baggage X-ray machines
  10. 115-A Decade of TravelCommons2015/05/14
    Looking back over 10 years of TravelCommons
  11. 74-Looking Back Over Four Years of TravelCommons2009/05/14
    The fourth year anniversary episode of TravelCommons
  12. 40-Looking Back Over The First Year2006/06/13
    The first year anniversary episode of TravelCommons
  13. 27-Best of 20052005/12/27
    The best of the 2005 episodes of TravelCommons
  14. TravelCommons Promo2005/07/06
    A Taste of TravelCommons - Telling travel stories from hotel bathrooms around the country
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