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ABC7 Chicago - Frank Mathie Features

  1. Frank Mathie Features October 12, 20112011/10/12
    The Sears Tower now goes by a new name, but there is another Sears Tower that exists in Chicago's history.
  2. Frank Mathie Features October 11, 20112011/10/11
    Three years ago Chicago's famous Pump Room closed. At least that's what everyone thought. Now here it is again open to a thirsty public. It might not be as glitzy as it once was but it's still that same old historic watering hole.
  3. Frank Mathie Features October 5, 20112011/10/05
    It takes a very quiet studio for Thomas Allen Pauly to paint the excitement of thoroughbred racing.
  4. Frank Mathie Features October 4, 20112011/10/04
    Fresh leaves and twigs -- Brookfield Zoo calls it ''browse.'' The animals call it delicious.
  5. Frank Mathie Features September 28, 20112011/09/28
    There has been so much rain the past several days, it seems almost all outdoor activity has been eliminated. But there is something going on in Lake Michigan near Navy Pier.
  6. Frank Mathie Features September 27, 20112011/09/27
    Need an old saddle for a new horse? You might just find it at Leslie Hindman Auctioneers this weekend.
  7. Frank Mathie Features September 21, 20112011/09/21
    Six-and-a-half tons of tumbling satellite is heading for Earth -- but before you scream ''The sky is falling! The sky is falling!'' -- relax!
  8. Frank Mathie Features September 20, 20112011/09/20
    Chicago architect Jeanne Gang will get $500,000 with no strings attached for being selected for a John D. MacArthur Foundation Genius Grant.
  9. Frank Mathie Features August 30, 20112011/08/30
    Some moving photos from the Sept. 11 terror attacks are on exhibit for the very first time at Chicago's Field Museum.
  10. Frank Mathie Features August 24, 20112011/08/24
    About 85 soldiers in the Hobart Army Reserve returned home Wednesday after a year in Afghanistan.
  11. Frank Mathie Features August 23, 20112011/08/23
    Soldier Field welcomed some special athletes Tuesday morning as the Valor Games Midwest kicked off its three-day event.
  12. Frank Mathie Features August 17, 20112011/08/17
    It may be hard times these days, but the Rosemont convention center has never been so flush with cold, hard cash.
  13. Frank Mathie Features August 16, 20112011/08/16
    A part of Chicago's Hegewisch neighborhood is being restored to its former natural beauty.
  14. Frank Mathie Features August 3, 20112011/08/03
    What would you give the president of the United States for his birthday as he prepares to battle for a second term? President Barack Obama turns 50 Thursday.
  15. Frank Mathie Features August 2, 20112011/08/02
    Birds of a feather flock together. And at Brookfield Zoo, birds not of a feather do as well. Two Indian peahens are standing in as surrogate moms for several Guineafowl chicks.
  16. Frank Mathie Features July 19, 20112011/07/19
    How honest are you? Would you rather take something for free or make a donation? Many Chicagoans in Grant Park answered that question Tuesday at a booth set up by a Maryland company, Honest Tea. The company has 12 different flavors of organic tea and thirst quenchers on this second day of extreme heat.
  17. Frank Mathie Features July 18, 20112011/07/18
    Happy birthday, Maggie! Brookfield Zoo's Bornean orangutan turned 50 Monday.
  18. Frank Mathie Features July 12, 20112011/07/12
    Since 1875, thousands have tried and hundreds have succeeded in swimming the English Channel. A Chicago area man is about to dip his toes in the water.
  19. Frank Mathie Features July 5, 20112011/07/05
    About six months ago, ABC7 reported the birth of a baby gibbon at Lincoln Park Zoo. The gibbon is a small ape that loves to fly through trees.
  20. Frank Mathie Features June 28, 20112011/06/28
    Navy Week is a salute to men and women who have made anchors away a way of life. And while it wasn't the Red Sea, the SEALs seemed to enjoy Chicago's lakefront view and Shedd's ocean.
  21. Frank Mathie Features June 21, 20112011/06/21
    A retired microbiologist has restored thousands of acres of prairie and trees at Taltree Arboretum and Gardens in Valparaiso, Ind.
  22. Frank Mathie Features June 14, 20112011/06/14
    ABC7's Frank Mathie found a northwest suburban man who is restoring his own B-17 bomber.
  23. Frank Mathie Features June 8, 20112011/06/08
    Where do babies come from? Well, at Lincoln Park Zoo storks actually do deliver bundles of joy -- in the form of chicks, of course.
  24. Frank Mathie Features June 7, 20112011/06/07
    Birds build nests, bees build hives and beavers build lodges. Now you can see all of this up close at a Lincoln Park museum.
  25. Frank Mathie Features May 31, 20112011/05/31
    It has happened again at the Evanston Public Library: the sound of angry peregrine falcons.
  26. Frank Mathie Features May 24, 20112011/05/24
    A zebra has four legs and stripes. A giraffe has four legs and a long neck. If you were to mix them together, what would you get? It just might be an okapi.
  27. Frank Mathie Features May 17, 20112011/05/17
    A new exhibit called "Whales: Giants of the Deep" opens a seven month run Friday at The Field Museum.
  28. Frank Mathie Features May 10, 20112011/05/10
    For the third time in a row, students at Rolling Meadows High School won the world championship First Robotics Competition.
  29. Frank Mathie Features May 4, 20112011/05/04
    "The place: Chicago's Haymarket Square near the intersection of Randolph and Des Plaines. The date: May 4th, 1886. It is the most devastating day in the history of the Chicago Police Department," said Dennis Bingham, Chicago police historian.
  30. Frank Mathie Features May 3, 20112011/05/03
    Aaron Rucker has done it all and done it well. On Tuesday, the Chicago teacher was honored for dedication to the military and education.
  31. Frank Mathie Features April 27, 20112011/04/27
    ABC7's Frank Mathie fulfilled a dream Wednesday, batting against major-league pitching.
  32. Frank Mathie Features April 20, 20112011/04/20
    At Cupid Candies, they've been turning out homemade candies for 75 years -- and little has changed.
  33. Frank Mathie Features April 19, 20112011/04/19
    Do you have what it takes to be blue? Blue Man Group is looking for three blue men.
  34. Frank Mathie Features April 12, 20112011/04/12
    Some deep-sea creatures are about to surface at Shedd Aquarium. Jellies: Imagine Another World opens Friday.
  35. Frank Mathie Features April 6, 20112011/04/06
    Spring hasn't been very springy, but at Brookfield Zoo the season sprang into action with galloping giraffes.
  36. Frank Mathie Features April 5, 20112011/04/05
    The south end of the Field Museum was littered with cranes and crates Tuesday. Those heavy-lifting cranes were used to move the huge crates- filled with whale bones- inside for an exhibit that opens in May.
  37. Frank Mathie Features March 30, 20112011/03/30
    Five years ago, Sergio Lopez of Joliet lost both his legs while serving the U.S. Army in Iraq.
    His vehicle was blown apart by a roadside bomb. Today, he and his family broke ground on a new home, a Hero Home, in Hillside. Lopez, his wife, and two daughters will live in a home given to them by the people of Hillside and other groups around the Chicago area.
  38. Frank Mathie Features March 29, 20112011/03/29
    The military returns once again to the old Armory Park Building on Chicago's North Side in a play about the Scottish regiment ''Black Watch.''
  39. Frank Mathie Features March 23, 20112011/03/23
    Five days a week, Rambo is sniffing out trouble at the U.S. Customs and Border Protection facility at O'Hare International Airport. But soon the 8-year-old Belgian Malinois will retire.
  40. Frank Mathie Features March 22, 20112011/03/22
    Remy, a dog at Chicago's Anti-Cruelty Society, is so homely looking that no one wants to take him home.
  41. Frank Mathie Features March 16, 20112011/03/16
    Imagine the most beautiful golf courses in the world -- and put them all in Chicago's Loop. Play 18 at 17 North Wabash is a new business with high-tech, computerized golf.
  42. Frank Mathie Features March 15, 20112011/03/15
    Back in November at Brookfield Zoo, an African wild dog gave birth to 10 healthy puppies. Those pups are now on public display, and ABC 7's Frank Mathie was there for their grand entrance.
  43. Frank Mathie Features March 9, 20112011/03/09
    Have you heard of the Tri-Trak windshield wiper? Or the wine balloon? Those are two products that have yet to reach the market- but might get a chance thanks to Telebrands, a company that has been turning new inventions into big bucks for more 30 years.
  44. Frank Mathie Features March 8, 20112011/03/08
    Chester Gould created the square-jawed cop Dick Tracy in 1931, and for 32 years Dick Locher put him on paper.
  45. Frank Mathie Features March 2, 20112011/03/02
    As the slider celebrates its 90th birthday, an original White Castle location heads toward official landmark status.
  46. Frank Mathie Features March 1, 20112011/03/01
    At Lincoln Park Zoo, visitors are hurrying over to see the new baby sloth and then waiting to see if the little creature moves.
  47. Frank Mathie Features February 23, 20112011/02/23
    Potter and Potter Auctions on North Ravenswood has struck magic gold. Old lithograph posters of magicians, many of them over a hundred years old. The posters were discovered by a suburban woman in her basement after her husband, a collector, had died.
  48. Frank Mathie Features February 22, 20112011/02/22
    A North Side gallery looks at what's next for Chicago as a city without a Mayor Daley.
  49. Frank Mathie Features February 14, 20112011/02/14
    Valentine's Day makes the heart beat just a little faster and a bit stronger, especially for one Chicago transplant patient who is now home from the hospital.
  50. Frank Mathie Features February 9, 20112011/02/09
    Where's your winter hat? ABC7's Frank Mathie asks bareheaded folks why they're bareheaded.
  51. Frank Mathie Features February 8, 20112011/02/08
    Valentine's Day is for the birds. And giraffes and 75 people who were invited to party with the animals on February 14.
  52. Frank Mathie Features February 1, 20112011/02/01
    Brookfield Zoo is open to guests every day of the year-- except Wednesday, which just happens to be Groundhog Day.
  53. Frank Mathie Features January 26, 20112011/01/26
    A large hawk named Journey crashed into a freight train in Alberta, Canada, and wound up at a Chicago bird rehab facility.
  54. Frank Mathie Features January 25, 20112011/01/25
    The Bears vs. Packers battle didn't end Sunday for one Green Bay fan. It ended Monday -- with a tie.
  55. Frank Mathie Features January 18, 20112011/01/18
    A lifelong nanny, Vivian Maier, was also a photographer who captured images of Chicago's streets and people.
  56. Frank Mathie Features January 12, 20112011/01/12
    Boating is a very big business in the Chicago area and adds about a million dollars to our economy each year. The Chicago Boat, RV and Outdoors Show (ChicagoBoatShow.com), which runs January 12-16, is a part of that business just because of its bigness.
  57. Frank Mathie Features January 11, 20112011/01/11
    A visit to Lincoln Park Zoo's primate house these days gives you a baby bonus.
  58. Frank Mathie Features January 5, 20112011/01/05
    An injured dog that was almost dead when police broke up a Maywood fighting ring last week is making a remarkable recovery.
  59. Frank Mathie Features January 4, 20112011/01/04
    The Mega Millions lottery has now rolled over 15 times and the jackpot is at an eye-popping, heart-stopping $355 million.
  60. Frank Mathie Features December 29, 20102010/12/29
    ABC7's Frank Mathie says a very tall chef has a very tall tale to tell about how you and your loved one can ring in the New Year.
  61. Frank Mathie Features December 21, 20102010/12/21
    For many, wrapping Christmas presents is not the most pleasant holiday duty. The tradition of major department stores providing professional gift wrappers is slowly going away. But there is still hope if you are ribbon-and-bow challenged.
  62. Frank Mathie Features December 14, 20102010/12/14
    Baby beluga whale Nunavik celebrated a big birthday at Shedd Aquarium Tuesday with a smelt-topped cake.
  63. Frank Mathie Features December 8, 20102010/12/08
    Every year, U.S. Marines try to collect toys for every needy child in America, and once again the number of children in need exceeds the number of toys donated.
  64. Frank Mathie Features December 7, 20102010/12/07
    D'Amato's Bakery has been in business 40 years, but the coal-burning brick oven goes way back.
  65. Frank Mathie Features December 1, 20102010/12/01
    The holiday spirit is in full bloom at Chicago's Garfield Park and Lincoln Park conservatories.
  66. Frank Mathie Features November 30, 20102010/11/30
    Donations are well below average for food pantries, but one art student is painting a better picture for Northern Illinois Food Bank.
  67. Frank Mathie Features November 24, 20102010/11/24
    Every Monday and Wednesday morning, ''Tiger'' takes to the tennis court at the Oak Lawn Racquet Club. Mary Jane "Tiger" Murphy, 90, still plays with the same spirit she started with 80 years ago.
  68. Frank Mathie Features November 23, 20102010/11/23
    When a 100-pound baby is due, usually everyone knows about it -- even when the mother is a 1,500-pound Holstein cow.
  69. Frank Mathie Features November 17, 20102010/11/17
    Thanksgiving means big business -- and big birds -- at Ho-Ka Turkey Farm in Waterman, Ill.
  70. Frank Mathie Features November 16, 20102010/11/16
    The Italo - American Accordion Company on West 95th Street opened in Chicago in 1910 by Anne Romagnoli's father and his two brothers. Their music just continues to play.
  71. Frank Mathie Features November 10, 20102010/11/10
    Frankie Cuadra is one of those guys who never gives up. He lost his construction job, but that was just the beginning of a whole new life.
  72. Frank Mathie Features November 9, 20102010/11/09
    Back in the 1930s, 40s and 50s almost every man in America wore a fedora. But that style faded away-until now. And that's because of Optimo Fine Hats on the Far South Side.
  73. Frank Mathie Features November 3, 20102010/11/03
    The Christmas tree at Macy's on State Street requires lots of lights, ornaments and help to complete the holiday tradition.
  74. Frank Mathie Features October 27, 20102010/10/27
    Pumpkins and ghosts and the howling of wolves are the sights and sounds of Halloween. But, for some Chicago-area children, there are only the sights and no sound.
  75. Frank Mathie Features October 26, 20102010/10/26
    With Halloween just around the corner, employees at Fantasy Costumes on North Milwaukee Avenue are working some scary hours.
  76. Frank Mathie Features October 20, 20102010/10/20
    Tragedy splits some families apart, but others grow stronger when times are tough. When Salvador Solis lost his wife, he worked hard to keep his 12 kids and restaurant running.
  77. Frank Mathie Features October 19, 20102010/10/19
    Gold is the one magical element that has fascinated mankind for thousands of years. A new exhibit "Gold" opens at Chicago's Field Museum Friday.
  78. Frank Mathie Features October 13, 20102010/10/13
    What if you only brushed your teeth three times a week? That's just fine- if you're a seal or sea lion.
  79. Frank Mathie Features October 12, 20102010/10/12
    Birds of a feather flock together-- and that's certainly the case during migration time. Right now birds are flying south and Chicago's beautiful skyline presents a real hazard.
  80. Frank Mathie Features October 6, 20102010/10/06
    A 24-year-old actress and writer who attended Northwestern University will move into Chicago's Museum of Science and Industry October 20.
  81. Frank Mathie Features October 5, 20102010/10/05
    Thirty-two heroes were honored at City Hall Tuesday morning. Chicago police officers and firefighters who went beyond the call of duty this past year received recognition for saving lives and catching criminals.
  82. Frank Mathie Features September 29, 20102010/09/29
    If you haven't been to Chicago's Newberry Library lately, you are not alone.
  83. Frank Mathie Features September 28, 20102010/09/28
    The Coney from Detroit is mounting a challenge to the the classic Chicago-style hot dog on the North Side.
  84. Frank Mathie Features September 22, 20102010/09/22
    Acorns dropping from oak trees are like pennies from heaven -- if you're a squirrel.
  85. Frank Mathie Features September 8, 20102010/09/08
    This time of year Chicago residents can find fresh watermelon at the farmers markets, at the supermarket-- and now right in a South Side man's front yard.
  86. Frank Mathie Features August 31, 20102010/08/31
    Two California sea lion pups who were abandoned by their mothers in San Francisco are now learning to swim at Brookfield Zoo.
  87. Frank Mathie Features August 26, 20102010/08/26
    Sweet corn is ripe for the picking at local farms, and one farmer says his is the sweetest around.
  88. Frank Mathie Features August 24, 20102010/08/24
    Birds of a feather flock together. That is-- if they can flock. Five American white pelicans at Brookfield Zoo can't fly so they have to be carried by zoo keepers to their new home. They could walk, but they don't know the way.
  89. Frank Mathie Features August 18, 20102010/08/18
    For 20 years, Alex Le Vesque has turned gang members into hot rod builders at a small warehouse on the Southwest Side. There, discarded vehicles become dream cares.
  90. Frank Mathie Features August 10, 20102010/08/10
    A hot and humid summer might not be appealing most, but for those in the ice business it means a cool profit.
  91. Frank Mathie Features August 3, 20102010/08/03
    For almost every little boy and some little girls, playing ball against major leaguers is a dream.
  92. Frank Mathie Features July 21, 20102010/07/21
    Brookfield Zoo's Animal Hospital welcomed five new pelican patients for exams, x-rays and an extra-close look by a zoo vet.
  93. Frank Mathie Features July 14, 20102010/07/14
    Once upon a time in the Land of Lincoln Park Zoo, a mother mallard duck made her nest and laid her eggs and raised her family right in the middle of the gorilla exhibit.
  94. Frank Mathie Features July 13, 20102010/07/13
    The Marriott on Michigan Avenue in downtown Chicago is abuzz these days with bees.
  95. Frank Mathie Features July 6, 20102010/07/06
    An Italian grocery in Cicero has been satisfying old-world flavor cravings for more than 40 years.
  96. Frank Mathie Features June 29, 20102010/06/29
    Diablo and Delilah are Golden Lion Tamarin monkeys at Brookfield Zoo. They live in the zoo's far west end woods, a part many visitors miss. There, they're living like their wild cousin in native Brazil- roaming without cages or nets.
  97. Frank Mathie Features June 22, 20102010/06/22
    In 2008 at the Beijing Olympics, Cullen Jones became the first African American to win a gold medal for swimming.
  98. Frank Mathie Features June 9, 20102010/06/09
    Red, a pit bull, was shot almost a year ago when robbers broke into his West Side home. He almost died, but now Red's rolling happily into the future.
  99. Frank Mathie Features June 2, 20102010/06/02
    Do you know the story of Jason and the Argonauts and the Golden Fleece? It's all about Greek mythology and guys named Zeus and Hercules. Now it's an opera.
  100. Frank Mathie Features June 1, 20102010/06/01
    There are natural athletes, musicians, or artists, but 16-year old Fiona West of Skokie has a natural talent to build bridges.
  101. Frank Mathie Features May 27, 20102010/05/27
    Not many roller coasters are famous for being small, slow and very old. But that's certainly the case for the Little Dipper.
  102. Frank Mathie Features May 19, 20102010/05/19
    Hundreds of jerky-winged butterflies made their debut at a new exhibit at Brookfield Zoo Wednesday. They arrived by Air Express in a box from a butterfly farm in Naples, Florida. Inside the box were more boxes and insides those boxes were envelopes filled with live butterflies.
  103. Frank Mathie Features May 18, 20102010/05/18
    Abraham Lincoln was nominated for president of the United States 150 years ago -- right here in Chicago.
  104. Frank Mathie Features May 11, 20102010/05/11
    Frankie is one lucky dog! The Boston terrier who traveled miles from Michigan to Illinois is now headed home.
  105. Frank Mathie Features May 5, 20102010/05/05
    Calvin, the mutt, is a dog. But he's got nine lives like a cat.
  106. Frank Mathie Features May 4, 20102010/05/04
    Thousands of participants and fans will pack Eckersall Park for the Special Olympics.
  107. Frank Mathie Features April 29, 20102010/04/29
    The great plains of the old west and the frozen tundra of the North Pole are about to make their debut at Brookfield Zoo.
  108. Frank Mathie Features April 28, 20102010/04/28
    The Engine Company Firehouse no longer answers to the fire bell-- but Chicago history rings through the old station.
  109. Frank Mathie Features April 21, 20102010/04/21
    Some trees near the Lincoln Park lagoon have been painted -- not by the changing season, but by the park district.
  110. Frank Mathie Features April 20, 20102010/04/20
    An amusement park known for its giant, high-speed roller coasters is adding the small but much-loved Little Dipper.
  111. Frank Mathie Features April 7, 20102010/04/07
  112. Frank Mathie Features April 6, 20102010/04/06
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  125. Frank Mathie Features January 26, 20102010/01/26
  126. Frank Mathie Features January 20, 20102010/01/20
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  128. Frank Mathie Features January 13, 20102010/01/13
  129. Frank Mathie Features January 12, 20102010/01/12
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  132. Frank Mathie Features December 29, 20092009/12/29
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ABC7 Chicago - Frank Mathie Features
Frank Mathie is a feature reporter for ABC 7 News. In his 36 years with ABC 7, he has covered everything from hard news to human-interest stories. With his current focus on features, he delves into the issues, events, and personalities of Chicago, bringing the city to life with his sense of humor and intellectual curiosity.

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