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Beyond Organic

  1. Combating Global Warming with... Community 2006/06/19
    Join host Jerry Kay as we make the connection between global warming and hyperindividualism and hear what local communities can do to curb greenhouse gas emissions.
  2. Comfort Food: Traditions & Alternatives2006/06/11
    For many people, the phrase “comfort food” conjures up images of hearty portions of meat and potatoes or the smells of rich cakes and cookies just coming out of the oven. However, according to Elaine Magee, “You can have your comfort foods and eat light too.”
  3. Food Fight - State v. Feds2006/06/04
    Obesity, dangerous food additives and nutritional labeling are all being confronted at the state level. So how are “Big Food” industry lobbyists reacting? Will state laws continue to lead national policy?
  4. Farmer John Goes Hollywood2006/05/28
    Farmer John Peterson has been called a maverick, a philosopher and a devil worshipper for his approach to life, art and organic vegetable growing. Now, his story is hitting the big screen winning kudos from Al Gore and Roger Ebert while racking up film festival awards.
  5. Food Marketing & Kids2006/05/15
    According to the Institute of Medicine, $10 billion a year is spent marketing food to children. How many of those dollars are put toward healthy food messaging?
  6. A Farmer’s Pilgrimage2006/05/07
    With just two percent of the population growing food for all of us, it’s fair to say farmers are a threatened species. They’re also not the most social crowd.

    Michael Ableman - farmer, writer, photographer and educator - set out on a cross country trip at the height of harvest time to visit America’s farmers on their own turf.
Beyond Organic
The Beyond Organic radio show is a 60-minute environmental radio and multimedia program that addresses issues of organic food and farming, social and environmental sustainability. The show offers news, interviews and research that fills a void left by public and private broadcasters.

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