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Keith Burton's Podcast

  1. Is Jesus the Son of Zeus?2009/07/17

    The final part of Dr. Burton's answer to the question: “How do you respond to people who have issues with the names of God?” In this program, he examines the arguments behind the theory that "Jesus" is a pagan name.
  2. Is God's Name Jehovah?2009/07/17

    The second part of Dr. Burton's answer to the question: “How do you respond to people who have issues with the names of God?” In this program, he traces the origin of the name Jehovah.
  3. Is it a Sin to Say God's Name?2009/07/17

    The first part of Dr. Burton's response to MyRon's question: “How do you respond to people who have issues with the names of God?” In this program he examines the reason why some Jews refuse to utter--or even write--the Divine name.
  4. Who is the Church of Laodicea?2009/07/17

    John Polo asks, “Dear Dr. Burton, John wrote in Revelation 3:14-21 of the Laodicean Church. Does it apply today; and if so to whom?”
  5. What is the Meaning of Daniel 12?2009/07/01

    Lenny Moore asks, please share your thoughts on Daniel 12. I have done a lot of research on it and still remain uncertain on its interpretation.
  6. Why is Manasseh a 'half tribe'?2009/07/12

    Willie Davis asks, “Dear Dr. Burton, why is the tribe of Manasseh called ‘the half tribe of Manasseh’”?
  7. Did Jesus Promote a Gospel of Works?2009/06/25

    Dear Dr. Burton, in Matthew 19:16, a man comes to Jesus and asks "what good things must I do to have eternal life?" Jesus responded by telling him to keep the commandments. Implicit in Jesus’ response is the suggestion that certain works had to be done to be saved. Is Jesus teaching a gospel of works?
  8. Was Adam with Eve at the Temptation?2009/06/25

    Dear Dr. Burton, I would like to know whether Eve was by herself when she ate the fruit or if she was with her husband?
  9. Is Sin in Our DNA?2009/06/21

    Dear Dr. Burton, Psalm 51:5 states: "I was shapen in iniquity; and in sin did my mother conceive me." Is this applicable to everyone?
  10. What is a 'Reprobate Mind'?2009/06/16

    Dear Dr. Burton, based on Romans 1:21-32, I was wondering if a person had a reprobate thought on rare occasions if this meant that he or she had a reprobate mind; or is having a reprobate mind more of a “yes” or a “no” issue? Verse 32 especially makes me wonder if a gray area exists.
  11. Why Was Jesus Tempted?2009/06/11

    If the Father, Jesus and the devil all knew that Jesus was indeed the Son of God, when he was tempting Jesus, why did Satan ask “If you are the Son of God turn these stones into bread”?
  12. Christians and the Military2008/06/23

    What does the Bible have to say about Christians serving in the military?
  13. Absent from the Body2007/05/17

    Dear Dr. Burton, what does Paul mean when he says to be absent from the body is to be present with the Lord?
  14. Why do bad things happen?2007/05/11

    Dear Dr. Burton, I’m sure that the recent massacre in Virginia was not God’s will. Why do bad things happen?
  15. What is Speaking in Tongues?2007/04/12

    Dear Dr. Burton, you addressed speaking in tongues in a previous program, but did not explain what the gift was. Can you please clarify what it means?
  16. Is Communion a Form of Cannibalism?2007/04/06

    Dear Dr. Burton, I’m a Christian who wants to know if I can really drink the blood and eat the body of Christ?
  17. Speaking in Tongues2007/03/22

    Dear Dr. Burton, is it true that speaking in tongues is the sign that a person has been baptized in the Holy Ghost?
  18. Is it OK for Christians to Drink Wine?2007/03/14

    Dear Dr. Burton, what kind of wine did Jesus provide at the wedding in Cana? And can Christians drink socially?
  19. Do We Need to Go to Church?2007/03/07

    Dear Dr. Burton, where did we get the concept of "church" from–as in the "sanctuary" that gets used once a weekend, and all the stuff that goes with it like dress code, regimentation, etc.? I thought that our bodies are the temple of God?
  20. Did They Find Jesus' Tomb?2007/02/28

    Dear Dr. Burton, it has recently been reported that they found the tomb of Jesus and his family. Could this be true?

    Dr. Burton examines the probability of the tomb belonging to Jesus and his family, his answer may shock you!
  21. Are Call-in Competitions a Form of Gambling?2007/02/13

    Dear Dr. Burton, is calling a competition line to guess the title of a song in order to win money a form of gambling? On that note, is entering any competition which involves winning money a form of gambling?
  22. Who Determined the Books of the Bible?2007/01/23

    Dear Dr Burton, there are a number of ancient Christian books that are not a part of our Bible. How can a person test the inspiration of apocryphal books (e.g. The Book of Enoch, The Gospel of Thomas, etc)?
  23. Is Burton Wrong about Life after Death?2007/01/19

    Dear Dr. Burton. I just listened to your podcast about what happens after death. If it is true that the dead known nothing, how do you explain the presence of Elijah and Moses on the Mount of Transfiguration with Jesus?
  24. Is it a Sin to Break a Promise?2007/01/11
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  25. Saddam Hussein and Capital Punishment2007/01/01

    Dear Dr. Burton, many Christians are rejoicing at the execution of Saddam Hussein. Does the Bible support capital punishment?
  26. When a Preacher Sins...2006/11/09

    Dear Dr. Burton, Rev. Ted Haggard has embarrassed the Christian church by his deceptive life and his attempts to cover up his sins. What should happen to him?
  27. Is Babylon a Religious or Political Power?2006/11/02
    Dear Dr. Burton, Revelation 18:4 tells us that we have to come out of Babylon. Is Babylon a religious power or a political one?
  28. True Christians Don't Sin2006/10/25
    Pastor, would you please comment on the statement in Galatians 5:24 and marry this up with the text in 1 John 3:9?
  29. Principles for Bible Study: Literary and Contemporary Contexts2006/10/18
    In the last episode, Dr. Burton discussed the faith and historical contexts of meaningful Bible study. This week, find out how a responsible analysis of biblical literature can aid in contemporary understanding.
  30. Principles for Bible Study: Faith and Historical Contexts2006/10/13
    Do you desire more meaningful Bible study? Are their any tactics that can help you get to the heart of the text? Can you apply the same principles that Dr. Burton uses?
  31. Should Christians Serve in the Military?2006/10/03
    Dear Dr. Burton, is there anything wrong with Christians fighting for their country?
  32. Should Christians Read Their Horoscopes?2006/09/28
    Dear Dr. Burton, for years my friends and I have read our horoscopes every day. Recently one of them said she has no interest in doing it anymore, and claims it is demonic. Is she going to the extreme? We just do it for fun! There’s no harm in reading a horoscope, is there?
  33. Is there Life after Death?2006/09/20
    Dear Dr. Burton, in your podcast a few weeks ago, you promised to address the issue of whether a person really goes to heaven when they die. Do they?
  34. How can I Undertand the Prophecies of Daniel?2006/09/09
    Dear Dr. Burton, for the past few weeks, my church has been studying some prophecies in Daniel and I am very confused. Is there an easy way to understand Daniel?
  35. Do I need to confess confessed sins?2006/09/05
    Dear Dr. Burton, I was told as a child that one must confess their sins daily. Jesus came as the final sacrifice and He died on the cross for our sins once and for all. Why must we continue to confess and ask for forgiveness?
  36. Seal of God2006/08/30
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  37. Does God Permit Polygamy?2006/08/24
    Dear Dr. Burton, I have a friend who is a wonderful Christian, but believes that the Bible does not condemn polygamy. What does the Bible teach about polygamy?
  38. Should My Friend Divorce Her Husband?2006/08/16
    Dear Dr. Burton, what would you say to my friend who has been married to her husband for several years, but has nothing in common with him? They are both Christians and active in their church, but feel that they would be happier if they divorced and went their separate ways.
  39. Can Hindu's be Saved?2006/08/09
    Dear Dr. Burton, I just heard Prophetess Bynum say that every 60 seconds 1,018,000 die and go to hell without ever having heard the Word. If one has not heard the Word do they indeed go to hell? What is the Scriptural reference for this?
  40. A Homosexual Christian?2006/08/02
    Dear Dr. Burton, I have a friend who claims he is a Christian, but struggles with homosexual feelings. Is it possible for a person to be Christian and homosexual at the same time?
  41. Has God Ever Ignored You2006/07/25
    Dear Dr. Burton, the song "Pass Me Not, O Gentle Savior" gives me cause for concern. I don't believe that Jesus would ever pass by one of His.... It is sung in the church that I attend, but I won't sing it. In your opinion, am I overreacting?
  42. Do the Jews Have a Divine Right to Occupy Israel?2006/07/18
    Dear Dr. Burton, I just read your commentary, “Israeli Fascists.” Aren’t you being unfair? Don’t the Jews have a Divine right to occupy the land?
  43. Do you feel unworthy?2006/07/12
    Dear Dr. Burton, there are many Christian songs on the market with the phrase "I'm not worthy" as part of the lyrics. Is the feeling of unworthiness Biblical?
  44. Was the Law Nailed to the Cross? Part Two (Col 2:16-17)2006/07/06
    The second part of the answer to the question: Dear Dr. Burton, can you explain Colossians 2:14-17? Isn’t this clear evidence that the Old Testament law was nailed to the cross?
  45. Was the Law Nailed to the Cross? Part One (Col 2:14-15)2006/06/28
    Dear Dr. Burton, can you explain Colossians 2:14-17? Isn’t this clear evidence that the Old Testament law was nailed to the cross?
  46. Which Day is the Lord's Day?2006/06/22
    Dear Dr. Burton, in Revelation 1:9, John says, ‘I was in the spirit on the Lord’s day.’ Which day of the week was it?
  47. Did God try to kill Moses?2006/06/13
    Dear Dr. Burton, Exodus 4:24-26 states that the LORD tried to kill Moses. What does it mean? Why would the LORD want to kill him?
  48. Did Moses have two wives?2006/06/06
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  49. Is the DaVInci Code correct? Was Jesus married to Mary Magdalene?2006/05/30
    Dear Dr. Burton, I just watched the DaVinci code and learned that a lot of the information is based on fact. Is it true that some ancient documents speak of Jesus' marriage to Mary Magdalene?
  50. Image of God2006/05/25
    Dear Dr. Burton, the Bible says that we are made in God's 'image' (Gen 1:26-27), what does that mean?
  51. Is Abortion Wrong2006/05/19
    Dear Dr. Burton, based on scripture, barring "Thou shalt not kill", what is the most to the point explanation for why abortion is wrong?
  52. Did God Permit Incest?2006/05/02
    Dear Dr. Burton, why was it not considered incest when the children of Adam and Eve married each other? And when did incest become incest?
  53. Does God Still Speak to People?2006/04/24
    Dear Dr. Burton, when I read the Bible, it’s clear that God speaks to his people and they can hear him speaking to them. Why is it that we can’t hear God as clearly as they did back in the Bible days?
  54. Who Resurrected Jesus?2006/04/16
    Dear Dr. Burton, in John 10:18, Jesus claims to have the power to raise himself from the dead. However, in Acts 2:24, Peter says that God the Father raised him. Don’t these texts contradict each other?
  55. Who are the Sons of God?2006/04/10
    Dear Dr Burton, I read that the “sons of God” in Genesis 6:2 were actually fallen angels who took wives from humans descended from Adam and Eve. Is this true or a myth, and who are the Nephiliim in Genesis 6:4?
  56. Phoebe the Deacon?2006/04/06
    Dear Dr. Burton, in an earlier edition of REAL Bible Answers you mentioned that Phoebe was a “deacon” in the church of Chenchrae. Did you make a mistake? Wasn’t she a deaconess?
  57. Simon the Cananean2006/04/01
    Dear Dr. Burton, was Simon the Canaanite a Jew? And if not, was he a convert to Judaism?
  58. Don't Call Me Pastor!2006/04/03
    Dear Dr. Burton, I am a pastor who has asked my members to address me by my first name since I don’t see a biblical basis for titles. Am I being too technical with this request?
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