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  1. Parenting | April 29, 20182018/04/30
    Parenting brings up a lot of questions and doubts, but God gives us clear instruction on how to parent and why we should do it His way. When we parent His way, we begin to understand that a commitment to our children begins with a commitment to God.
  2. Blended Families | April 22, 20182018/04/23
    Not every blended family works out like the Brady Bunch. It takes a lot of work and communication to find that sweet spot that we like to call “family”. We have to build a strong relationship with God and other believers to set ourselves up for success.
  3. Single | April 15, 20182018/04/16
    Is Jesus number one in your life? Look at what you spend your time and your money on and answer that question again. If you’re single and looking for that ‘perfect one’ for you, then look for someone who puts Jesus first in his or her life. While you’re looking, begin to put Jesus first in your life, too.
  4. Staying In Love | April 8, 20182018/04/08
    To stay in love, we have to have the same attitude towards the person we want to stay in love with, that Jesus has towards us. That’s one of those things we can’t ever do without Him. It’s not about winning arguments and winning points. It’s all about submission.
  5. Easter | April 1, 20182018/04/01
    Jesus paints a word picture of Himself for us when He calls Himself the ‘Good Shepherd’. It describes us, Him, and His relationship with us. We often act like sheep; and just like sheep, we are in need of rescue, guidance, and protection. That’s the picture of Jesus with us.
  6. The Accuser | March 25, 20182018/03/25
    Some of Satan’s most powerful tools are the accusations he makes about us. We have to remember that the life of faith isn’t a sprint - it’s a distance race. We have to keep our focus on Jesus and let go of everything that tries to trip us up or slow us down.
  7. The Destroyer | March 18, 20182018/03/19
    There’s a battle with pride inside all of us. Sometimes the hardest thing for us to do is to humble ourselves under Jesus. We forget that God is strong in our weakness. We don’t have the strength in ourselves to resist the devil. It’s once we submit to Jesus then we find that resisting Satan is possible.
  8. The Deceiver | March 11, 20182018/03/12
    It turns out we’ve all been tricked. We’ve been deceived by our enemy, and our normal reaction is to blame someone or something else for our bad decisions. Satan keeps on trying to sell us lies that destroy our relationship with God and with each other.
  9. Faith, Flames, & The Fallout2018/02/25
    What gifts has God given you? What burden has He placed inside of you? Those gifts and that burden provide us with a great idea of where God is directing us. The question is … will we be willing to go? Will we be willing to take our place? If we are, the results will be amazing!
  10. Guide Your Gift | February 18, 20182018/02/18
    Whether we know if or not, we all have talents and abilities. We have those things that we're good at that, if we're honest, aren't because we're that good, but because God has given them to us. Those talents and abilities are great, but they're meant to be used for a specific purpose. We need to learn what it means to guide our gifts.
  11. The Technical Stuff2018/02/12
    Why are we going to spend 21 Days in prayer and fasting as a church? What’s the point? It’s all about humbling ourselves under God and asking Him to give us direction. He is able to open our eyes to all that’s going on around us and give us the wisdom to act in those situations.
  12. Peace In Action | February 4, 20182018/02/05
    Peace doesn’t come from our circumstances. It can’t be found in wealth, possessions, or even in experiences. Peace comes to us in the presence and protection and security of Jesus - even if it’s in the middle of a storm.
  13. Getting To Know You | January 28, 20182018/01/29
    Our complacency is one of our spiritual enemy’s greatest tools. The moment we become complacent, in any relationship, is the moment we begin to drift away. The same is true in our relationship with God. Anything that takes our attention off of our relationship with Jesus will begin that drift away from Him, in our hearts.
  14. It’s All In Your Mind | January 21, 20182018/01/23
    In God’s plan, greatness is not a measure of self-promotion, but of self-abandonment.
    Do you find yourself to be a slave to Jesus or to the things of the world? We find, most often, that joy is attached to our thoughts and the things we hold important.
  15. Joyful No Matter What2018/01/14
    Most of us are chained to things that rob us of our joy. It’s hard to constantly remember that our focus is supposed to be on God and not on opinions and circumstances. The trick to being joyful no matter what, is learning what really matters.
  16. What’s Old is New Again | December 31, 20172017/12/31
    We all want what's new and popular. We get in debt for it and often sacrifice what matters most so we can have it. What if what we really need is what’s always been there? When we build on the right foundation, everything changes.
  17. Christmas Eve | December 24, 20172017/12/24
    Why did Jesus come? Why did He have to be born as a human? What was the point? We’re going to answer those questions this Christmas Eve. God loved the world so much that He sent His Son to save it. But, He didn’t just come to save the world. He came to show His love for you.
  18. We Are All The Same | December 17, 20172017/12/17
    The cross proves that everybody is somebody that God loves. He came and lived with us to prove that everyone is loved by God and we all bear His image. He came to show us that it is possible for us to all love each other like He loved everyone.
  19. God Loves Me | December 10, 20172017/12/10
    When Jesus went around healing people He did it one person at a time. He didn’t have to do it this way, but He did. Jesus came to show us that God cares about the individual. He loves every one of us in a very personal, and real, relationship.
  20. To Show Us What God Is Like | December 3, 20172017/12/04
    Most of what we think we know about God probably came from some pretty unreliable sources. Even when we look at other Christians, we don’t get a very accurate picture of who God is. That’s one of the reasons that Jesus came. He came to show us what His Father looks like.
  21. Friend Of God | November 26, 20172017/11/27
    It’s easy to think of God as Creator of the universe. For some, it’s easy to think of Him as Savior and Master. But for many, it seems impossible to call Him friend. We have good news: not only is it possible, but He wants to call you friend.
  22. Return Policy | November 19, 20172017/11/19
    What is nearest to the heart of God? The truth is, God is all about the return. While we often run looking for freedom, true freedom is best found in surrender to God. No matter how far we've run or how much we've tried to outrun God, He is always calling us to return.
  23. The Prodigal Older Son | November 12, 20172017/11/12
    Do we love God or are we trying to use Him to meet our own desires? If we are religious enough, will that leave God owing us something? Are we just trying to be good so that we can make Him do what we want? The truth is that we can’t control God. He loves us and wants a relationship, not a barter system.
  24. The Prodigal Young Son | November 5, 20172017/11/05
    Sin creates a barrier between us and God and it creates a barrier between us and the people we sin against. The good news is that God still wants to be with us! That’s the reason that sinners are so attracted to Jesus. He seeks us out no matter what the cost.
  25. CR Sunday | October 29, 20172017/10/29
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  26. Untapped Power | October 22, 20172017/10/22
    We really don’t have enough strength on our own to live the Christian life. It’s when God shows up that things change and people are moved. When we hope in people, or in our own strength, we are actually limiting ourselves. It’s only when we fully put our trust and hope in the power of God, and His Spirit inside us, that true power enters the situation.
  27. The Holy What? | October 15, 20172017/10/15
    The Holy Spirit is more than a helper, or an advocate, He is literally the Spirit of Jesus living inside us. In the midst of our fear and uncertainty, we have access to God in a way that is more relational and intimate than we understand. He’s right here with us, at work in us - teaching and guiding us from the inside.
  28. Hailey Elliott | October 8, 20172017/10/08
    Serving is a big deal. It’s one of the most important things we can do as Christians. We’re going to take a look at what it looks like to serve by joining mission trips, local projects in our community, and by serving at Springwell. We’re even going to give you a chance to check out some of these opportunities during the service!
  29. Messier Still | October 1, 20172017/10/01
    Messes are a part of life. It’s how we respond to the messes that matters. Often times, it is in the messes, that our hearts are revealed - and Jesus is all about transforming hearts.
  30. What’s the Point? | September 24, 20172017/09/24
    Christianity is not one long cycle of making the same messes over and over and over, and then asking for forgiveness. It’s not behavior modification, either. Following Jesus is more about how we love God and the people He loves, than it is about what we do.
  31. Let’s Clean Up This Mess | September 17, 20172017/09/17
    Once we acknowledge our mess, we can begin to acknowledge that God is above and beyond that mess. That can give us hope, even while we are in the middle of our mess. There is a loving God who isn’t bound up in our situation. He is ready to help us clean it all up.
  32. It All Lines Up | September 10, 20172017/09/10
    Just because God has placed a calling on your life doesn’t mean that you are exempt from your current circumstances. The trick is to learn not to despise the path God has designed for you. Just because you aren’t where God is leading you, doesn’t mean that you should stop traveling towards His destination.
  33. Under The Lights | September 3, 20172017/09/03
    We either underestimate the gifts and talents God has put in us, or we overestimate our importance. We aren’t the source of the light in this world - Jesus is. We are the ones who reflect His light by the way we live.
  34. Ordinary By Extraordinary | August 27, 20172017/08/27
    God calls ordinary people, in ordinary situations, to do extraordinary things. What we can achieve isn’t based upon how good, or strong, or wealthy we are. It’s all based upon what God can do through us.
  35. I Bet My Life | August 20, 20172017/08/20
    Some of us have had an intimate relationship with God, but something happened and we wandered away. Upon realizing that it’s not good to be away from our Heavenly Father, we wonder if He will ever take us back. The good news is that God loves you and it is always a good time for us to come home to Him.
  36. Elaine Smith | August 13, 20172017/08/13
    We’re celebrating the retirement of Elaine Smith from Springwell Church. Elaine has been a faithful and instrumental part of Springwell Church since the beginning, and a staff member for 16 years. We want to take time to honor her years of service and to acknowledge her ministry here at Springwell.
  37. Don't Let Me Down | August 6, 20172017/08/07
    We've all faced ‘that moment’. The moment when you have nowhere else to turn. The moment where you just can't make it on your own. The moment you need a miracle. The moment when you cry out, "Don't let me down!" Mark 2:1-12 gives us insight into what happens when we are determined not to let someone else down… by letting them down.
  38. Die A Happy Man | July 30, 20172017/07/30
    It is possible to fall in love, forever. You stay in love by taking a cue from the One who loves you the most. Love is not a big, emotional event that happens everyday. Staying in love requires the decision to make another person your priority, everyday.
  39. Worship | July 23, 20172017/07/23
    Do we have the kind of faith that brings us to worship God when the world is falling apart all around us? Do we remember how God came through before? Do we trust Him more, now that we’ve weathered the storm with Him?
  40. Waiting | July 16, 20172017/07/16
    Is God totally out of your situation or are you in a time of waiting? God doesn’t always answer prayers immediately. Sometimes He lets us know that He is answering our prayer, but it’s going to take some time.
  41. What? | July 9, 20172017/07/09
    Habakkuk | Week 1: What?

    Sometimes we find ourselves wrestling with God. We have faith in Him. We believe. It just doesn’t seem like He’s really doing all that much - and especially not working on our problems. What do we do when we have faith, but it seems like our faith isn’t working?
  42. The Power of Faith | July 2, 20172017/07/02
    Faith is more than just believing the God is going to move, show up, or act on our behalf. Faith requires action...it's never passive. In Mark 5, we're told of a woman who acted on her belief that Jesus could and would heal her. Not only was she healed because of her faith, but she demonstrated the need for others to do the same.
  43. Perfect Timing | June 25, 20172017/06/25
    Do you ever feel like God is late showing up in your life or that he doesn’t even show up at all? Why does it seem like that? The truth is, He’s there and He’s always on time. We just have to learn to recognize Him in His perfect timing.
  44. No Perfect Dad2017/06/18
    Maybe you’re a dad, but you’re not quite the superhero dad you think you should be. How do you be that dad you’ve always wanted to be? You can’t do it without Jesus. It’s not just going to happen on its own. It is going to take some action and some planning.
  45. Making My Mind Mind - Part 2 | June 11, 20172017/06/11
    There are forces fighting against us. It may be happening in relationships or situations that we encounter every day. There is a battle that rages in our minds constantly. We have to learn how to make our minds mind, because the battle with sin always starts in the mind.
  46. Little is Much | June 4, 20172017/06/04
    It's easy to believe that more is better, especially when it comes to being used by God. We think that we have to be the best, or have the best, in order to see God work in our lives. Where we see deficiency, God sees opportunity. Why? Because little is much when it's in God's hands.
  47. The Value of the Valley2017/05/28
    Life is full of ups and downs. For some of us, the downs seem to come far more frequently than the ups. What do you do with those down moments? How can you allow yourself to utilize them for a purpose? There is value in the valley.
  48. Making My Mind, Mind - Part 1 | May 21, 20172017/05/21
    There is a battle going on all around you. It might be in your marriage. It might be in your job, with your kids, finances, or even in your health! You are going to need God’s strength in these battles. Learn how to prepare for the battle in your mind before you ever encounter the situation.
  49. Mother's Day | May 14, 20172017/05/15
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  50. That One Thing | May 7, 20172017/05/07
    Whether you’d admit it or not, we all have a desperate need to be known. Whether it’s trying to get someone’s attention, approval, applause, or affection - we find that we’ve developed an appetite that just won’t be satisfied. We always want more. When we want Jesus to be made known, over ourselves, we stop feeding the hunger inside ourselves, by our pride.
  51. That One Thing | April 30, 20172017/04/30
    Do you have more of an on-again/off-again relationship with Jesus? Why? Sometimes the biggest obstacle to following Jesus is our pride. We tend to make ourselves the center of our own little universes and stop focusing on God - the source of everything. It doesn’t take much. Start by giving God just 30 minutes out of every day and watch what He does with your pride.
  52. That One Thing | April 23, 20172017/04/23
    Pride is that one thing we all deal with - whether we realize it, or not. It limits us. It turns our focus inward towards ourselves. It creates this hunger for approval and affection that can never be satisfied. The antidote to the poison of pride comes in the form of Jesus and what it looks like to be in a relationship with Him.
  53. Easter 2017 - April 16, 20172017/04/16
    What does it really mean to be free? What keeps us from experiencing true freedom in our lives? We're going explore what it really means to have freedom in our lives through Jesus, from slavery to sin. Join us this Easter at Springwell at 9:00 & 11:00 AM and invite your friends and family. You can find out more by going to springwell.org/easter.
  54. The Mistake Of The Mend - 2017-04-092017/04/09
    Do you ever feel like you just can’t get it all together? Do you feel like the fix to your life is always just out of reach? In this message, we learn the mistake of the mend and how to find the real fix.
  55. Love Song Week 4 - 2017-04-022017/04/02
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  56. Love Song - Week 2 - 03-19-20172017/03/19
    The Language of Love

    Communication in a relationship is important. We have to learn how to take time to communicate with our significant other in a way that also shows him or her that he or she is a priority. One of the best gifts God has given us, for our relationships, is learning how to be close to someone else - not just close by them.
  57. 03-12-2017 - Love Song - Week 12017/03/12
    Love Song - MARCH 12 - Faithful Attraction

    There are aspects of intimacy that God gave as a gift to a husband and wife.

    There is a standard that God has set when it comes to dating, sex, and relationships. Many people don’t abide by them today. Why do they even matter?

    We are taking a look at why God has reserved this intimacy for marriage and how Jesus fits into it all.
  58. 03-05-2017 - Adventures In Missions: G422017/03/05
    Emily McAlister is discussing her experience at the G42 Leadership Academy in Mijas, Spain, where she experienced 6 months of in depth missionary training.
  59. 02-26-2017 - Come To Worship2017/02/26
    Jonathan Pearson
  60. 02-19-2017 - Less Is More 32017/02/19
    Scott McAlister
  61. 02-12-2017 - Less Is More 22017/02/12
    Scott McAlister
  62. 02-05-2017 - Less Is More 12017/02/05
    Scott McAlister
  63. 01-29-2017 - Resolution Or Revolution 32017/01/29
    Scott McAlister
  64. 01-22-2017 - Resolution Or Revolution 22017/01/22
    Scott McAlister
  65. 01-15-2017 - Resolution Or Revolution 12017/01/15
    Scott McAlister
  66. 01-01-2017 - Dream Again2017/01/01
    Stephen Talbert
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Springwell Church exists to draw spiritually thirsty people to Jesus by loving God, loving each other, and loving the world.

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