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ChatterBox Video Game Radio

  1. Beta 1 - Love On Ice2015/05/07
    You might not realize it, but love can be found in the unlikeliest of places. It seems competition, ego, and an unhealthy obsession with sports icons can have a very real impact on your life.
  2. Beta2015/03/01
    Wanna the show to go on? Let's do it.
  3. 551 - Congratulation2015/02/23
    Peter Molyneux is the captain who won't go down with his ship, but people keep giving him more ships. Sledgehammer Games made the very strange decision of banning people for doing things in Call of Duty that it was built to do. Alon played a game through Twitch. Oh, and we're calling it. Last show. We love you. Thanks for all the fish.
  4. 550 - Teleprompting2014/12/16
    Sunset Overdrive surprises us with, of all things, dialog. "The Game Awards" was almost as awful as you'd imagine even though Geoff Keighley thinks they were great. Ara tried LeapTrade, got Grid Autosport, and we're more intrigued by the LeapTrade business model than the game. Minecraft is supposed to be a movie one day. What?
  5. 549 - Confused Identity2014/11/13
    It's been a long time, but we're back, at least for a while. Ara's been off working in the Philippines and speaking at GDC Next, and Alon's been working on a new art project. Luckily, they can still find time to rag on Assassin's Creed.
  6. 548 - Abobo2014/10/05
    Why GamerGate is stupid. Dumb kids do dumb things. Ara's a professor now. The E.T. landfill auction still hasn't happened, we think. We found a list of the most influential NES games.
  7. 547 - Least Valuable Player2014/09/04
    After hours and hours of playing, Alon is finally able to enjoy pure Titanfall. Ara explains why he got good at crappy games. Alon wants to tell a story.
  8. 546 - Caspian2014/08/25
    People are paying way too much attention to Zoe Quinn. Phil Fish had another emotional breakdown. Sony's letting yet another big idea die. One Puppy finally tells it like it is.
  9. 545 - Fistfuls2014/08/08
    Alon has a baby. Ara's baby, Gran Turismo 6, was sick, but it's better now. It only took Alon a year to figure out how to use his Kinect. Nintendo is having a hard time adjusting to the new world. Bounden is a dancing game worth knowing about. Pausing multiplayer is a thing.
  10. 544 - Brain Helmets2014/07/09
    Alon and Ara both have some tech trouble, Killer Instinct Pins continue to stab Alon in the heart, GameStop is still trying to stay relevant, there are sweet games to play on the streets of Denver, and Alon wants to play with electricity.
  11. 543 - Mirror Neurons2014/06/28
    We're changing the show to bi-monthly... AND bi-weekly! Alon's scaring the kids. Watch Dogs teaches us about ourselves. Psych experiments do too.
  12. 542 - XBOX, Turn Off2014/06/20
    Destiny isn't anything special, we might have to change the show, Riot Games is giving away money, Le Game Jam is a tough jam, and modern video is changing the game.
  13. 541 - Distinctive Nipples2014/06/13
    All E3 stuff. Microsoft and its relatively boring conference, Capcom and Nintendo making fun of themselves, game trailers we can't trust, some cool stuff Nintendo's bringing out, and the greatest way to travel since that guy rampaged through San Diego in a stolen tank.
  14. 540 - Goodwood2014/06/05
    How interesting is augmented reality in print? The XBOX One interface is still really broken and annoying. Ara played Mario Kart 8.
  15. 539 - Goosed2014/05/30
    In this episode, we learn what game makers can do to piss us off. Basically, by changing stuff. Also, Alon sucks at Titanfall.
  16. 538 - On the List2014/05/24
    The newer the game, the more broken it is. Alon finally made it into the credits. Amplitude is coming back, but we don't know why. Things just got real between Zenimax and Oculus.
  17. 537 - Ralph2014/05/17
    Alon got the sickness, Nintendo had a rare change of opinion, Microsoft had another not-so-rare change of opinion, and men all over the world change a lot more than opinions.
  18. 536 - Shaq Fools2014/05/06
    Sportsfriends is finally out, but Alon can't play it. Zenimax is acting like a jealous ex. Someone's about to sell a 500 dollar aluminum NES/Famicom. There's a new Shaq Fu game coming. We're confused about gaming addiction.
  19. 535 - The Distant Distant Future2014/04/30
    Alon's feeling the anxiety of not having all his video game systems in Colorado. Nintendo's giving away free games. Microsoft's making the move to China. Kirby's always angry. E.T.'s come home.
  20. 534 - We All Shake Our Heads2014/04/22
    Mario Golf should be made for the Wii U, China needs to lighten up, soon you'll get to learn a lot more about Atari, and Ara has lots of design stuff to put in your head.
  21. 533 - Glassholes2014/04/16
    Apparently it's normal and okay to sell unfinished products. Ara really doesn't like Google Glass. Alon's excited to almost have his hands on Sprortsfriends. Oculus has officially made it into the bigtime, and we're not upset about it.
  22. 532 - Ultimate Trademark2014/04/08
    Alon's finally in Denver. The UFC is all uppity about Ultimate Gay Fighter. Riot Games is genius, but it can't satisfy its players. Microsoft proves why its own planned DRM model never could have worked. Titanfall cheaters get cheated.
  23. 531 - Pidgey2014/04/02
    Alon failed on his personal quest to catch them all while Google allowed Pokemon to invade Maps, Gran Turismo 6 continues to fail Ara in his quest for a worthwhile virtual driving experience, and reality TV has failed us all (again).
  24. 530 - Prestige2014/03/24
    Alon's been playing a lot of Titanfall. The folks who developed Monaco really did care what people thought about the game even if they didn't show it. Backing a game project on Kickstarter is likely to result in disappointment.
  25. 529 - Fightintall2014/03/19
    Alon's been playing a lot of Titanfall. The folks who developed Monaco really did care what people thought about the game even if they didn't show it. Backing a game project on Kickstarter is likely to result in disappointment.
  26. Ara Special - Deconstructing Free To Play2014/03/17
    This is a special presentation Ara put together that deeply analyzes the dynamics of some of the most popular 'free to play' games, especially with regard to learning, engagement, and psychological effects. Ara presents several hypotheses and predictions for the long term sustainability as well as unintended side effects of these dynamics.
  27. 528 - Spark Blues2014/03/11
    The Project Spark Beta is pretty beta right now. Gaming media is stilled filled with vile, deceptive people. Games with Gold is pretty lame, even if it is giving away Civilization Revolution at the moment. We might know the real reason Flappy Bird was killed off.
  28. 527 - Dead Batteries2014/03/03
    Checkpoints, what Ben Kuchera thinks and what we think. The Gran Turismo devs made promises they're not keeping, and it's got us thinking a bit more about what expectations are reasonable for the consumer.
  29. 526 - Hiryu2014/02/26
    We dissect the Strider reboot's good and bad design. Ara can't stop hating the PSN interface. The state of the Wii U is worse than we thought. Retro Studios learned something about player psychology and the inherent reward of mastery.
  30. 525 - Betas2014/02/17
    Alon's been playing the Titanfall beta. Ara has not been playing the Ace Combat Infinity beta, but he did try out a new puzzle game mashup you never knew existed. Also, Alon fought with his wife.
  31. 524 - Flowbee2014/02/10
    The amazing/disgusting story of Flappy Bird and the clones that followed it. Also, Red Bouncing Ball Spikes. Warner Brothers is now officially evil. EA continues being evil.
  32. 523 - Cronus2014/02/04
    What has the Killer Instinct reboot taught us about the free-to-play model? What's wrong with the current indie sales model? Is Conan O'Brien messing with you?
  33. 522 - Mini Moni2014/01/28
    Is your PlayStation 4 eating your save data? Do you go into a game store looking for a new game, or do you only shop when you know what you want? How could EA lose so much money?
  34. 521 - Crushing Candy2014/01/21
    Alon is in having more trouble with the Killer Instinct Pin Ultimate challenge thing. Those Candy Crush Saga lawyers don't mess around. Nintendo screwed the pooch, and people want Iwata's head.
  35. 520 - Uncomfortable2014/01/14
    We might not plan to use them ourselves, but we can understand why game controllers for cell phones would be useful. Grid 2 is another example of quality sacrificed to accessibility. Lords of Shadow 2 is apparently a rape simulator, but we never would have realized it.
  36. 519 - The Meld2014/01/06
    Killer Instinct on XBOX One demonstrates how bad communication can kill adoption. Vintage gaming is about to die as digital distribution destroys the possibility of gametiquing. Ara explains why he hates Penny Arcade but why he now has some respect for them. Also, Castlevania: Lords of Shadow - Mirror of Fate HD is not a good game.
  37. 518 - Cease Fire2013/12/30
    Is a virtual gaming cease fire worthwhile? Does Ara care about Gran Turismo 5's servers going offline? Is it right for Rockstar to crack down on people stealing money in Grand Theft Auto V Online when the game is all about stealing money?
  38. 517 - Cessation2013/12/23
    Ara argues that the third player in a game derails fairness. Battlefield 4 is so bad that people are suing EA, and it makes us wonder if quality standards have generally been reduced across the board.
  39. 516 - Full Clips2013/12/17
    It doesn't seem that the developers of Gran Turismo 6 were paying attention to the GT community. Bill Moyers and Richard Slotkin weren't paying attention to common sense. And Ara wonders if game designers should pay attention to other designers' games.
  40. 515 - Look At Me2013/12/09
    Will the current social sharing trend backfire? Is the absence of shelf space destroying the possibility of success for digital games? How can kung fu kill a music rhythm game?
  41. 514 - Smooth Shapes2013/12/03
    More talk about why Nintendo is better than everyone else. Is cheating to get free stuff in a free-to-play game the same as piracy? How does a fighting game change when lag is added?
  42. 513 - Cakepops2013/11/26
    Alon's bummed that he's been disincentivized from buying the abundantly available Killer Instinct Ultra Edition. He also doesn't think the XBOX One has very good error handling which might be the result of rushing to market. He does love the Wii U, though, since Super Mario 3D World is so amazing.
  43. 512 - Greatness Waits2013/11/20
    Alon got a PlayStation 4, and Ara read about everyone else's PlayStation 4. He also has reason to believe XBOX could be completely eliminated soon.
  44. 511 - Totino's2013/11/11
    Good guy developer gets screwed, new ways the PSN store is annoying, and why Skylanders is the product of an evil genius.
  45. 510 - Angry Nerds2013/11/04
    Alon's still looking for something to look forward to with next gen, and this leads to concerns about game review journalism. He's also questioning if the coming consoles are evenly matched. Then we talk about Angry Birds.
  46. 509 - Doctor D and the Scopies2013/10/29
    Doctor Darren tells us about sticking cameras into people from both ends and how video games made him better at it, Alon enjoyed his trip to VideoGamesNewYork.com, and Ara remains in search of the perfect Ys soundtrack.
  47. 508 - Closet Action2013/10/21
    What's that game? How have Microsoft and Sony upset Ara this week? When is sexy not sexy? PS - I know Ara sounds super echo-y sometimes. We'll get that fixed next time.
  48. 507 - That Guy's Right2013/10/15
    Live (not really), from FIG! Straight talk about Chris Crawford, how GTA V is being intentionally broken after it was accidentally broken, how not to manage people in game development, and what Ara thinks about the Steam controller.
  49. 506 - Quiet2013/10/08
    Tristan is back to tell us about the FIG conference - FutureIsGames.com. He also acts as our GTA V subject matter expert since he's actually played it.
  50. 505 - Badger Passing2013/10/01
    Spin the Bottle is a rowdy good time, Pikmin 3 is getting downloadable content, the Red Cross wants us to play nice, and Grand Theft Auto Online might be OK.
  51. 504 - Grand Theft Podcast2013/09/23
    As usual, the new Grand Theft Auto's release has a far greater impact than the game itself. For instance, it took over our entire show this week.
  52. 503 - Bumpie's Party2013/09/17
    Alon digs deeper into the psychology of his wife's Pikmin 3 appreciation. Grand Theft Auto V released with great success. Spin the Bottle came out, but no one knows about it. Ouya pissed people off by giving away money.
  53. 502 - Lost in Animation2013/09/10
    Sony's PlayStation Vita TV catches us off guard, almost as much all these weird Android microconsoles and Mickey's horrible control in the new Castle of Illusion.
  54. 501 - Lowered Expectations2013/09/03
    Pikmin 3's Bingo Battle is fun, nostalgia is a delusion, Killer Instinct's freemium model is interesting but questionable, and the Nintendo 2DS is just weird.
  55. 500 - She Likes It2013/08/26
    Alon's life changed when he walked in on his wife playing Pikmin 3. Guest, Trapper, and his brother have endeavored to play, review, and record every original NES game (they're at BrotherNights.com). Ara and Alon discuss the issue of modern harassment and, more importantly, why to not be a dick.
  56. 499 - The Molex Connection2013/08/19
    Alon got to play Dragon's Crown, and he doesn't agree with Ara about that damn narrator. Also, he's been spending a lot of time with his arcade machine, and in this episode, you will too!
  57. 498 - Boyling Point2013/08/13
    Dragon's Crown isn't what Ara thought it would be, but it might not be what he thinks it is. How playtests affected the development of Dishonored, maybe unnecessarily. More shady GameStop business.
  58. 497 - Skulking2013/08/05
    Learn why it's important to stay dead, how GameStop can survive the digital revolution, and what vehicle is most likely to make Ara puke.
  59. 496 - Beernut2013/07/30
    Why Marcus Beer is a douche, why you should buy more than one of each new console, and why free-to-play publishers shouldn't shut the lights off early.
  60. 495 - Quarter Muncher2013/07/23
    What can Tekken Revolution teach us about purchasing psychology and the freemium economy, and can we avoid being disgusted by that knowledge?
  61. 494 - The Rats of Us2013/07/15
    This episode is pretty much all about The Last Of Us... how Alon liked it, how Ara didn't, how it treated narrative differently, and how it didn't.
  62. 493 - Outside the Lines2013/07/08
    How irresponsible was Tim Schafer with his Kickstarter project? How could the XBOX Cloud inadvertently hurt us, and is it really inadvertent? What are the constant sales and free apps doing to our minds and the app economy?
  63. 492 - Bricks2013/07/01
    Alon came back from Iceland with just enough time to play The Last of Us, Ara's been too scared to use his Playstation 3's, and Don Mattrick gives us another reason to resent him.
  64. 491 - Emergency Meeting2013/06/24
    Ara dishes about his experience in the professional game development cycle of employment - specifically, Acclaim and THQ's unsavory UNemployment practices.
  65. 490 - Nintendo's Land2013/06/15
    How Nintendo is trying and failing to fix the Wii U, how Sony may have covertly messed with Microsoft, and how Microsoft managed to hurt itself.
  66. 489 - The Next Generation2013/06/10
    Hot off the heals of the Microsoft and Sony E3 press conferences, we tell you what we liked, what we didn't like, and what was just plain weird.
  67. 488 - Try Before You Buy2013/06/04
    How does access to a game demo affect your decision to buy?
  68. 487 - XBOX One Two2013/05/28
    We question the validity of a claim that gaming consoles are not economically viable, speculate some more about the XBOX One, thank the Kickstarter process, and fear the new Kinect.
  69. 486 - The One2013/05/21
    The XBOX One was 'revealed' today. That's pretty much it... this one's all about XBOX.
  70. 485 - Gold, Silver, Bronze2013/05/14
    Dance Dance Revolution is a dangerous game, and Alon tells you what's wrong with Doritos Crash Course 2.
  71. 484 - All You Can Eat2013/05/06
    Alon's still playing Dorito's Crash Course, and Ara's still upset about leaderboard rankings. Terraria's pretty boring. Pirates get some of their own medicine.
  72. 483 - Wonder and Mystery2013/04/29
    The Behemoth's Battle Block Theater. What's there to say about it? A lot, apparently.
  73. 482 - Walk and Talk2013/04/22
    Real Racing 3 is officially off Ara's list. The IGDA doesn't even want you THINKING about girls. Nintendo is given an interesting proposition.
  74. 481 - Jelly Beans2013/04/15
    This week's show comes in two parts. First, we consider the value of the always-on console and the wrath of the always-on Twitterverse. Next, we debate both the hypothetical and the real value of MetaCritic.
  75. 480 - Flippers2013/04/09
    Ara went to Zapcon and learned about the history of pinball. He's also discovered Android games for the first time and decided how he feels about Richard Garriott. Then Alon tells you how he feels about Peter Moore and EA's new transparency.
  76. 479 - Pretty Privates2013/04/01
    Tim's in the house to tell us more about the development of Indiana Stone, we chat a bit (or a lot) about the latest Brenda Romero sensationalism, and then we talk to Tim some more about GDC and freemium models.
  77. 478 - Anime Gymnast2013/03/27
    Tim's game came out! Go buy Indiana Stone: The Brave and the Boulder on iOS! Also... we tell you what we think about the Susan Wilson Kickstarter, Ara changed his mind about Real Racing 3, and we debate the artistic value of the Tokyo Jungle cover art.
  78. 477 - ChatterBox Pocket2013/03/17
    Ara got a Nexus 7 so he could read in bed. Of course, now he's playing games on it, so it's time to critique app stores, microtransactions, and incentive economies.
  79. 476 - Unable to Connect2013/03/11
    Aside from a tangent about sneaky buffalo wings, this week is almost completely devoted to the great Sim City failure and a long critique of the attention being given an unnamed feminist gaming chick.
  80. 475 - A Clockwork Orange2013/03/02
    Worst high score ever, unfulfilling Facebook comment, victorious Vectrex, Outrun out of stock, Castlevania and the Wii U sadness.
  81. 474 - Introvert2013/02/25
    Ara talked to some Girl Scouts, Alon thinks Sony is full of idiots, and Ara describes the horribly uninteresting Page Chronica.
  82. 473 - Lucas2013/02/17
    Mike, longtime ChatterBox listener and evergreen gamer, joins Alon for a special New York City episode.
  83. 472 - Dexterous2013/02/11
    Alon wants to record episode 473 with some New Yorkers. Email him at Alon@ChatterBoxGameShow.com if you're up for it and available Sunday, February 17th. This episode we talk about Resident Evil, consumer psychology, and brand dilution. We also rage on DICE for spreading the idea that Journey, and "games" like it, represent the pinnacle of interactive entertainment.
  84. 471 - Peer Review2013/02/04
    Metal Gear Revengeance surprises Ara with a great disparity between the quality of its presentation and its gameplay. Doublefine's The Cave also fails to impress by forcing the player to make non-obvious decisions. Microsoft disappoints us both by letting XBOX Live Indie Games fail with so much potential to succeed.
  85. 470 - Great Expectations2013/01/29
    Now that THQ has fallen, Ara's getting calls from recruiters, and he likes to tell them what's up. We share our thoughts on managing player expectations and how not to get stuck breaking them. China somehow surprises us with a decade-old restriction we never knew about.
  86. 469 - Nerf2013/01/22
    What do you think of the show? Bowpro802 seems to like it. How about game patches? Alon's not a big fan. Peripheral vision? Ara can't get enough. Sexism? Come on, now... everyone loves sexism.
  87. 468 - Rationale2013/01/14
    Baird has useless predictions, but they do make us think about the future of the Wii U. We also get into the political anti-game discussions that have been going on lately and debate a bit about the psychology of crazy.
  88. 467 - Stimulator2013/01/07
    Ara's extreme driving simulator is ALMOST finished, THQ IS finished, We WISH game console interfaces were finished, and Samurai Shodown was NEVER finished.
  89. 466 - Warp Power2013/01/03
    Why Ara doesn't like his car anymore, how the new Dorito's Crash Course DLC tickled Alon so, how Fuel Overdose left a bad impression, and why Alon hates Notch.
  90. 465 - Discovery2012/12/24
    Alon's father steps into the 20th century, Black Knight Sword catches us a little off guard, Unfinished Swan leaves us with mixed feelings, and Ernest Adams empassions Ara for another game design rant.
  91. 464 - Dead Dog2012/12/17
    What can we learn about the corporate game development life cycle from Guitar Hero 7? How awesome is the New Super Mario Bros. U challenge mode? Is it OK to limit the number of times a demo can be played?
  92. 463 - iKorea2012/12/10
    Listen to Ara's talk on Game Depth at http://x.co/arastalk -- In this episode, we learn that people don't like it when you honk at them, Sportsfriends got funded (!), Nintendo's network got weirder, and low prices might actually hurt us.
  93. 462 - Call Me Betty2012/12/03
    Ara will be speaking at the IGDA meeting in a couple days. The topic is depth in games. Details are at http://igdaphoenix.wordpress.com - if you're in Phoenix, he wants you to come. He brings a bit of that talk into this episode, and Alon derails it with a story about installing a NewerTech USB outlet and kind of enjoying Double Dragon Neon game.
  94. 461 - Digital Slots2012/11/26
    Ara finally gets his hands on a Wii U, and it turns out he has good things to say about it. We also laugh a bit about the Tolkien estate and debate the viability of a pay-for-time karaoke game.
  95. 460 - 854 by 4802012/11/19
    Ara recalls an amazing story of overcoming great hardship, a listener asks about inversion, and Wii U... they all Wii U about the Wii U and how Wii U it is.
  96. 459 - Chest Pain2012/11/13
    Alon relives a recent death race experience for you and tells the tale of how he snuck into the front of the Halo 4 line. He also begs you to help with the Sportsfriends (read, Johann Sebastian Joust) Kickstarter project. Ara dives a bit further into the connection between difficulty, learning, and reward.
  97. 458 - Target Acquired2012/11/05
    Ara seems surprised that his $5 copy of The Need For Speed The Run isn't a perfect game playing experience. Alon finally manages to reserve a Wii U Deluxe. American Express is running a truly interesting promotion for Halo 4. Ara dissects Pid.
  98. 457 - Atheistium2012/10/29
    Ara gives his last pickup play-by-play and tells of a listener who put our tips into practice. We review the Rab Florence and Eurogamer contraversy which, coincidentally, has ties back to ChatterBox from years ago.
  99. 456 - Big Brother2012/10/22
    Alon laments the Wii U release plans (again) and Nintendo's refusal to simplify online interactions, Alon interviews Ara about the history of his development work, and Ara shares his thoughts on forcing a player to suffer.
  100. 455 - Fifty Shades of Game2012/10/15
    By popular demand, Ara's got more stories from the Red Light. We also laugh about EA's big Origin giveaway, and Alon tries to pull his jaw off the floor after seeing a Vizio product that looked good.
  101. 454 - The Dating Game2012/10/08
    Ara's learning a whole new game these days, so saddle up and get ready for a story. Also, freshen up on the current state of politics, World of Warcraft, and PlayStation Home (Beta).
  102. 453 - Buy that for a Dollar2012/10/01
    Alon's concerned about game marketing in the digital age, Ara makes a cooking game sound fun, and they both complain about Hell Yeah!!
  103. 452 - Epic2012/09/24
    Alon upgraded his MacBook Pro with a Samsung 830 SSD, Ara listened to some student game pitches and officially unveiled his new Epic Mickey game, we talk a bit more about digital resale, and the Wii U release plans hurt Alon's soul.
  104. 451 - Cognitive Dissonance2012/09/18
    OK, this time we really talk about the demos we've been playing. Ara loves stacking blocks in Art of Balance Touch (not Art of Touch), Alon likes Mark of the Ninja. They also cover Rock Band Blitz and how it differs from your ordinary music rythm game.
  105. 450 - 14 Steps2012/09/11
    We've been playing a lot of demos, so that's what we're talking about, along with digital distribution and a revolutionary new system we developed on the fly to make digital more acceptable to the masses AND more lucrative for publishers.
  106. 449 - Bomb Density2012/09/04
    Outland is free to PlayStation Plus members right now, and it's really good. Ara had another life-defining moment with Gran Turismo 5. We don't know Luke Plunkett, but Alon's decided he's a bit of a moron.
  107. 448 - Isaac2012/08/28
    Ara's back and has stories to tell. For his return, we discuss Japanese taste for the female form as well as the current trends we see carrying over into the next generation of hardware.
  108. 447 - Anecdotes2012/08/21
    The Last Story's marketing credits its famous designer but still doesn't sell well. American gamers can't handle failure. New Super Mario Bros. 2 hasn't proven interesting to all Mario fans.
  109. 446 - Dragon View2012/08/14
    Tim describes Super Smashed Bros., an old game of his, available at TwinSkyGames.com. By the way, it's genius... you really should go play it. Friend, Justin, comes on the show in defense of the modern-day cinematic gaming experience and to divulge the secrets of Sword Quest.
  110. 445 - Rusty Dawe2012/08/07
    Tim treats us to a story about Paperboy, we fantasize about a perfect list of good design elements, and we talk (again) about modern games exchanging gameplay for cinema.
  111. 444 - Whole Foods2012/07/31
  112. 443 - Clu2012/07/24
  113. 442 - Pelaaja2012/07/17
  114. 441 - Spulunky2012/07/10
  115. 440 - Fu*k F*ck Shi*2012/07/03
  116. 439 - Six One Thousandths2012/06/26
  117. 438 - Thenar2012/06/20
  118. 437 - Careful Observation2012/06/12
  119. 436 - Shovelware2012/06/05
  120. 435 - Appeal2012/05/29
  121. 434 - Digging Up Dirt2012/05/22
  122. 433 - Straw Man2012/05/15
  123. 432 - Cheaters Never Win2012/05/08
  124. 431 - 4GAME212012/05/01
  125. 430 - Fly Killer2012/04/24
  126. 429 - Elegant2012/04/18
  127. 428 - IndiePodcast2012/04/12
  128. 427 - Sine Mora2012/04/03
  129. 426 - The Rarest Metal2012/03/27
  130. 425 - Mail2012/03/23
  131. 424 - Ice Cream2012/03/15
  132. 423 - Heavy Metal2012/03/07
  133. 422 - Literally2012/02/29
  134. 421 - The Claw2012/02/21
  135. 420 - Director Commentary2012/02/14
  136. 419 - A New Beginning2012/02/08
  137. 418 - Dr. Chaos2012/01/31
  138. 417 - Just2012/01/24
  139. 416 - The Third D2012/01/17
  140. 415 - Scoop Sanderson2012/01/10
  141. 414 - Don't Listen2012/01/03
  142. 413 - Living with a Hernia2011/12/27
  143. 411 - Not Computing2011/12/13
  144. 410 - Legacy Mode2011/12/06
  145. 408 - The TJMcKimmey.com Show2011/11/22
  146. 407 - The Interactive Playset2011/11/15
  147. 406 - Do It Yourself2011/11/08
  148. 404 - Everything's Built By Morons2011/10/25
  149. 403 - Them's Fightin' Words2011/10/18
  150. 402 - Where's the Beef2011/10/11
  151. 401 - Empty Promises2011/10/04
  152. 400 - Girls, Girls, Girls2011/09/27
  153. 399 - Tool Bags2011/09/20
  154. 398 - Over the Hill2011/09/13
  155. 397 - Break Yo Mama's Back2011/09/06
  156. 396 - 200 Laps2011/08/30
  157. 395 - Las Panderetas2011/08/23
  158. 394 - Tasty Treats2011/08/16
  159. 393 - Market Confusion2011/08/09
  160. 392 - Deadliest Something2011/08/03
  161. 391 - No Homo2011/07/26
  162. 390 - Agency of Poo2011/07/19
  163. 389 - Sony Dust2011/07/12
  164. 388 - Small Things in Big Packages2011/07/05
  165. 387 - Supreme Victory2011/06/28
  166. 386 - Nukem Meltdown2011/06/21
  167. 385 - Cut the fat2011/06/14
  168. 383 - Insurance scam2011/05/31
  169. 382 - A One and a Zero2011/05/24
  170. 381 - Death Races2011/05/17
  171. 380 - Synaesthesia2011/05/11
  172. 379 - Your television is alive2011/05/03
  173. 378 - Hackers... They're everywhere2011/04/26
  174. 377 - Grand Masters2011/04/19
  175. 376 - Warriors2011/04/13
  176. 375 - Nose Candy2011/04/05
  177. 374 - Barely Legal2011/03/29
  178. 373 - Lying Liars2011/03/22
  179. 372 - The Vegas Trials2011/03/15
  180. 370 - Ask a friend2011/03/02
  181. 369 - Bo knows Jack2011/02/22
  182. 368 - Infinite Growth2011/02/15
  183. 367 - Cutting Corners2011/02/08
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