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  1. Episode #1643: Intermittent Workiness2017/10/06
    It's October which means it's a new month with a spooky theme! Dick shows off bike gadgets and we celebrate the 25th anniversary of a classic computer. All next!
  2. Episode #1642: Lab Tested2017/09/29
    We have three gadgets from Interbike, Chad has the last gadget from the "Patrons choose" month, and your videos!
  3. Episode #1641: A Chip Off the Ol' Ice Block2017/09/22
    We have three more family-friendly gadgets and then Chad takes your suggestions and puts them on ice!
  4. Episode #1640: Great Eggspectations2017/09/15
    We have some gadgets that are good for the whole family and some gadgets that the patrons have suggested!
  5. Episode #1639: It's a Party in Your Mouth2017/09/08
    We have some gadgets so that you can become the next movie director (with your iPhone), it's a new month and Chad's corner is decided by the patrons, and we get to find out what the heck it is!
  6. Episode #1638: A Case for Cinema2017/09/01
    We have the most enjoyable phone case, a way to carry pills and water wherever you go, and the end of the thrift store theme.
  7. Episode #1637: A-Salt Weapon2017/08/25
    ​It's our last thrift store week! Dick has two back to school gadgets, Chad has another thrift store item, and also has a gadget warehouse!
  8. Episode #1636: In Living 3D Color2017/08/18
    We have a holdover from CE Week, a great gadget for the summer, Chad shows off one of his favorite gadgets ever, and we also head back to the thrift store!
  9. Episode #1635: A Pick-up Pickup Truck2017/08/11
    We have gadgets from the Gift Giving Fair and Chad has another gadget from the thrift store!
  10. Episode #1634: Lashing Out2017/08/04
    The holiday season has come a little bit early with Christmas gadgets and there's a new month so that means a new theme!
  11. Episode #1633: It's Curtains For Us2017/07/28
    We have three gadgets from a Sweet Suite toy event. If you're a car lover, Chad has a gadget for you!
  12. Episode #1632: New Set... Same Crappy Show!2017/07/21
    The set has changed but we're still the same dunb show. Dick has 3 gadgets from CE week, Chad has an expensive crappy corner.
  13. Episode 1631: Sock It To Me!2017/07/14
    Dick takes a look at new gadgets from CE Week -- a mid-year look at consumer electronics! Chad can't figure out his crappy gadget...
  14. Episode 1630: Negg Head2017/07/07
    It's July which means it's a new month! Dick shows off gadgets from the Home Housewares For The Holidays Event and Chad has his gadgets and a warehouse!
  15. Episode 1629: Saturday Night Weiner2017/06/30
    This is an episode of last chances! The last 3 gadgets from Digital Experience, the last gadget from pharmacy corner stores, and the last chance to play what the heck is it!
  16. Episode 1628: Too Stupid To Pass Up2017/06/23
    Dick has three gadgets from Pepcom Digital Experience, Chad has 2 gadgets from corner pharmacy stores, and your viewer videos!
  17. Episode 1627: Brownie Brick2017/06/16
    On this episode, we are taking on the road and the sea (with boating and RV gadgets) and the continuation of the pharmacy theme!
  18. Episode 1626: SpinWiz2017/06/09
    On this episode, we are back at it with LEDs, a letter with a fantastic gadget, and Chad takes over the warehouse!
  19. Episode 1625: Vivitar and Feather Your Photos2017/06/02
    We have three more gadgets from the Baby Show and Chad's new theme for the crappy corner....it is very crappy. All next!
  20. Episode 1624: Step 2 Insert Baby2017/05/26
    On this episode, we have techy baby things and Chad's baby (Charlie) has the last of the doggy gadgets.
  21. Episode 1623: No Crap Here Today2017/05/19
    On this episode, we have Dicky D's choice of gadgets, a not-so-crappy corner of a dog gadget, and of course your videos.
  22. Episode 1622: Not The Last Straw2017/05/12
    On this episode, we three more gadgets from Time To Play Magazine and we launch into Chad's next dog gadget!
  23. Episode 1621: Celebrating Indunb-pendence Day2017/05/05
    On this episode, we have three gadgets from Time To Play Magazine, it's a new month so a new category for Chad's corner, and your viewer videos.
  24. Episode 1620: Hang Six2017/04/28
    On this episode, we have 3 unique gadgets from Dick, Chad's end of his magnetic month, and another viewer video!
  25. Episode 1619: What a Concept!2017/04/21
    On this episode, you better get moving because we are going to the Auto Show, we continue the magnetic month, and a viewer video!
  26. Episode 1618: Bear Necessities2017/04/14
    We have three gadgets from Digital Focus, Chad goes camping on his crappy corner, and a viewer video!
  27. Episode 1617: 100 Dunb Episodes2017/04/07
    On this episode, you wouldn't believe it but we have NOT an LED bulb, some laser bond, and the start of this month's theme!
  28. Episode 1616: Snake Oil In a Box2017/03/31
    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, we have 3 gadgets from the Luxury Technology Show (ooh-la-la), the end of the Security month, and your videos!
  29. Episode 1615: Small Installation Fee2017/03/24
    On this episode, we have -- not one -- but two security gadgets, an EZ-Scoop, and a nice coffee gadget, and a party while you sleep!
  30. Episode 1614: Now With More PWN2017/03/17
    On this episode, we have three things with LED's combined, a few ways to help you sleep at night, and of course your wonderful letters!
  31. Episode 1613: Just Add Toilet Water2017/03/10
    On this episode, we have the last 3 gadgets from Toy Fair, some things to play with while you're on the toilet, some pianos, and a way to get wet! All next.
  32. Episode 1612: Sell By Date Expired2017/03/03
    On this episode, we have some Disney puppets, drones, the new crappy corner theme, and a phone-controlled train!
  33. Episode 1611: It Makes Its Own Steam2017/02/24
    Just add water! On this episode we have a product to help you be amazing, a safe and fun smart kart, and it's our last week of Desk Toys! All next.
  34. Episode 1610: Insufficient Suckage2017/02/17
    Travel in style with with some clever luggage, pop the cork wherever you are with a portable aerator, and check out this computer than cooks your food! All next on this episode.
  35. Episode 1609: Fan-tastic2017/02/10
    Dick shows us gadgets to make the perfect meal! We also meet one of our coolest fans! And Mark shows us a gadget from Five Below. All next on The Giz Wiz!
  36. Episode 1608: Sticker Shocks2017/02/03
    Dick's showing off some awesome products from the NY Boat Show! It's a new month, which means I have a new crappy theme. And Kelly has a better way to clean your microwave!
  37. Episode 1607: From OjO to OJ2017/01/28
    It's the last show in January! Dick's got some from CES, I've got some from CES, my last gift gadget, and your letters! All next.
  38. Episode 1606: Throw Mama From The Microwave2017/01/20
    On this episode, we have more from CES, I have another present gadget for the crappy corner, and Bruce has a great video for the warehouse!
  39. Episode 1605: A One Bit Show2017/01/13
    What happens in Vegas doesn't always stay in Vegas...because we're back from CES and have a lot to show you! We'll also announce a new winner for our gadget giveaway.
  40. Episode 1604: Know When To Fold2017/01/06
    It's a new year which means it's almost time for CES! Before we leave, we're taking a look ahead to what we might see.
  41. Episode 1603: The Best and Worst Of 20162016/12/30
    On this episode, we take a look back at the year and go through the best, and worst, of 2016!
  42. Episode 1602: Snowballs and Shoelaces2016/12/23
    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, I've got a gadget that only cost $1 and Dick has the best luggage you've ever seen!
  43. Episode 1601: How Bright It Is!2016/12/16
    Get ready to turn on the lights! This Giz Wiz is an all-light show! We'll play What The Heck Is It, I'll show off a few gadgets, and we read your letter! All next!
  44. Episode 1600: 1600 Gizyvannia Avenue2016/12/09
    On this episode, we have more gadgets from the FUTURE (CES 2017), we have the most expensive gadget we've ever covered, and we're celebrating episode 1600!
  45. Episode 1599: Engrave Danger!2016/12/02
    It's December and Christmas is in the air! Dick's showing off some gadgets from a preview of CES 2017 while I reveal this month's gadget theme! All next!
  46. Episode 1598: Remotely Interesting2016/11/25
    On this episode of The Giz Wiz, Dick looks into the future to see what will be at CES 2017! It's the last of the under $5 gadgets, and a gadget that Chad HAS to have!
  47. Episode 1597: Something Sounds Fishy2016/11/18
    If you're a parent Christmas shopping for kids, Dick's got three gadgets that is sure to be a favorite! Chad's back with another crappy $5 gadget. We also read James' letter! All next on this episode of The Giz Wiz!
  48. Episode 1596: A Heli Of A Show2016/11/11
    Dick's got two gadgets and then we'll play a game of What The Heck Is It? Chad's showing off my 2nd crappy gadget for this month, and we read Richard's letter! All next on The Giz Wiz!
  49. Episode 1595: They Drone On2016/11/04
    It's a brand new month! That means we'll reveal the new crappy theme. Also Dick has new gadgets to show us from the PhotoPlus Expo. All next!
  50. Episode 1594: Small Price, Big Disappointment2016/10/28
    It's the last Giz Wiz of October which means we're ending our driving crappy gadget! Dick's got three new gadgets to show off, a warehouse video, and we play a "What the Heck Is It?" from viewer Douglas. All next!
The Giz Wiz (Audio)
Chad Johnson (OMGchad) joins MAD's Maddest Writer, Dick DeBartolo, for "The Giz Wiz!" Each episode features silly, unique, and crazy gadgets and gizmos, fan videos, letters, and more!

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