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  1. Excerpt from “The Prelude” by William Wordsworth | Tuesday, May 16, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/16
    When from our better selves we have too long Been parted by the hurrying world, and droop, Sick of its business, of its pleasures tired, How gracious, how benign is Solitude! —Hermit Deep in the bosom of the Wilderness; Votary (in vast Cathedral, where no foot Is treading and no other face is seen) Kneeling... Read more »
  2. This Morning by Mary Oliver | Monday, May 15, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/15
    The text of today’s poem is not available online.
  3. Nurse by Dorianne Laux | Sunday, May 14, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/14
    My mother went to work each day in a starched white dress, shoes damped to her feet like pale mushrooms, two blue hearts pressed into the sponge rubber soles. When she came back home, her nylons streaked with runs, a spatter of blood across her bodice, she sat at one end of the dinner table... Read more »
  4. Bad News Good News by Marjorie Saiser | Saturday, May 13, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/13
    I was at a camp in the country, you were home in the city, and bad news had come to you. You texted me as I sat with others around a campfire. It had been a test you and I hadn’t taken seriously, hadn’t worried about. You texted the bad news word cancer. I read... Read more »
  5. Moonrise, Aurora, Nebraska by Twyla Hansen | Friday, May 12, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/12
    No Ansel Adams but the snapshots we captured through the open car window on our eight megapixel cell phones on the side of the road off an exit ramp as truck taillights streaked eastbound opposite the earth’s rotation in startling calm that evening a mere dot-glow above dun fields Look, life is like this, filled... Read more »
  6. To the Woman at the Retirement Center by Phebe Hanson | Thursday, May 11, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/11
    You tell me when you were eight, newly arrived from Czechoslovakia, your teacher made you memorize a poem that began “I remember, I remember the house where I was born.” Stranger to our language you proudly learned all the verses, practiced them over and over in front of your mirror, but at the program when... Read more »
  7. In an Iridescent Time by Ruth Stone | Wednesday, May 10, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/10
    My mother, when young, scrubbed laundry in a tub, She and her sisters on an old brick walk Under the apple trees, sweet rub-a-dub. The bees came round their heads, the wrens made talk. Four young ladies each with a rainbow board Honed their knuckles, wrung their wrists to red, Tossed back their braids and... Read more »
  8. In Spring by Rosie King | Tuesday, May 09, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/09
    I’m out with the wheelbarrow mixing mulch. A mockingbird trills in the pine. Then, from higher, a buzz, and through patches of blue as the fog burns off, a small plane pulls a banner, red letters I can’t read— but I do see, over the fence, a man in a sky-blue shirt walking his dog... Read more »
  9. Saints by Louis Jenkins | Monday, May 08, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/08
    As soon as the snow melts the grass begins to grow. Even though the daytime high is barely above freezing, even though May is very like November, marsh marigolds bloom in the swamp and the popple trees produce a faint green that hangs under the low clouds like a haze over the valley. This is... Read more »
  10. Time with You by Gary Soto | Sunday, May 07, 2017 | The Writer's Almanac with Garrison Keillor 2017/05/07
    We’re thirteen, almost fourteen, And so much in love We want the years to pass— Clouds roll at super speed, rains fall, Flowers unfold and die at the snap Of our fingers. I want to stuff sand Through a fat hourglass, And rip the pages from the calendar. Let me blow candles from my cake.... Read more »
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