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  1. Welcome to SeaCouver! Brenda Cooper envisions the Northwest of the future2018/08/18
    In the struggle to shape what life on earth will be like years from now, visionary futurists inspire us with dread and hope at turns. Author Brenda Cooper captures both in her books. Perhaps her day job as the Chief Information Officer at the city of Kirkland helps her see clearly how things are now and might change in the future.
  2. Boycott Chinook salmon to save orcas? It won't do much, says one expert2018/08/18
    Kim Malcolm talks with University of Washington fisheries science professor Ray Hilborn about whether boycotting Chinook salmon will help the recovery of southern resident killer whales.
  3. Week In Review: Live from Renton! 2018/08/17
    After Richard Russell stole, flew and crashed a Horizon Air Q400 turboprop, an odd thing started popping up online: YouTube tribute videos. What drives people to glorify an incident like that and what can we learn from it?
  4. Can modular homes help the city's housing affordability crisis?2018/08/17
    Ross Reynolds talks to Janet Pope, executive director of the Compass Housing Alliance. The group has been trying to build lower cost modular housing for homeless and low-income people for several years now. We look at why it's taking so long and what difference the modular style of building might make.
  5. When will the smoky summer end?2018/08/17
    Ross Reynolds talks to Ian Bailey, a reporter for the Globe and Mail, about the provincewide state of emergency in British Columbia due to the ongoing wildfires. Those fires are causing a smoky summer in Seattle. Erik Saganic of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency gives us an update on when we can expect the wind to clear out our skies.
  6. Some immigrants withdraw from public benefits for fear of losing green cards2018/08/17
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  7. How important is the 'Crazy Rich Asians' film?2018/08/17
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  8. Tuck some berries in your cake, says this Seattle baker2018/08/17
    Right now, the markets are brimming with berries. Charlie Dunmire is scoping out the berries at the stands, taking mental notes before deciding which ones she’ll buy. “Blackberries and raspberries are perfect for cakes right now because you can just stuff them in between the layers,” she said. “You don’t have to cook them down or anything, it’s so nice."
  9. This Yakima newspaper isn't backing down from Trump's attacks on the press2018/08/17
    Kim Malcolm talks with Yakima Herald editorial page editor Sam McManis about why he published an editorial denouncing President Trump's attacks on the press. The Yakima Herald joined hundreds of newspapers across the country that published editorials promoting press freedoms.
  10. How we realized we needed to question other people's biases2018/08/16
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  11. Wildfires in B.C. rage as Seattle's smoke slowly clears2018/08/16
    Ross Reynolds talks about the wildfire state of emergency in British Columbia with Ian Bailey , reporter for the Globe and Mail. We also talk about the consequences for the air quality in Seattle, with Erik Saganic of the Puget Sound Clean Air Agency.
  12. Is a plane from Sea-Tac going to crash onto your house?2018/08/16
    Seattleites worry a lot about disasters. Earthquakes, landslides, forest fires (or at least the smoke from them) ... Then there's the concern that a plane might land on your head.
  13. Is your joint ruining the environment?2018/08/16
    Washington state is dealing with a lot of weed waste — and we're not talking about the stuff you dig out of your yard. Our legal marijuana industry is creating a new waste problem. Seattle journalist Kristen Millares Young covered the story for The Washington Post and spoke to KUOW’s Angela King about it.
  14. What to do when the smoke starts to get to you2018/08/16
    If you're a longtime Seattleite, this may seem like one of the worst weeks ever for air pollution. Air quality experts say ... that's probably true.
  15. Six months after the Parkland shooting, local student activists reflect2018/08/15
    Bill Radke talks to two local student activists about how they were inspired to organize. We talk to Justin Velasco, who helped found the Seattle chapter of Students Demand Action, and Sophie Poole, who helped organize a student walkout at Mercer Island High School.
  16. Politics across the state and in our schools2018/08/15
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  17. Part 5: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    Hospital stays are usually short: days, weeks, sometimes months. But when the state of Washington sent 16 patients with brain injuries to a rehabilitation hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma, some of them ended up staying for years.
  18. Part 4: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    More than $12 million dollars. That’s what the state of Washington spent to send 16 patients with serious brain injuries to a rehabilitation facility in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  19. Part 3: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    Between 2014 and 2017, the state of Washington sent 16 patients with brain injuries to a rehabilitation hospital in Tulsa, Oklahoma.
  20. Part 2: Desperate for help, far from home2018/08/15
    Sometimes people with severe brain injuries develop behavioral issues that are hard to manage. This can make it difficult to find them a place to live.
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