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  1. My family escaped Vietnam. Others in their boat were not so lucky2017/11/14
    I was 6 or 7 years old. And I didn’t want to go to swimming lessons at the YMCA. Like, I really didn’t want to go.
  2. The Record: Monday, November 13, 20172017/11/14
    He's not hoping for a cure just yet, but Bill Gates is giving $50 million toward Alzheimer's research. Erica Farrell of the Washington State chapter of the national Alzheimer's Association tells you what we do and don't know about dementia, including how to deal with it the best you can.
  3. We don't know what causes Alzheimer's or how to stop it — but there's still hope 2017/11/14
    Bill Radke speaks with Erica Farrell, clinical manager for the Washington chapter of the Alzheimer's Association , about what we know and don't know about Alzheimer's and why she's optimistic an effective treatment can be found.
  4. When do we cut ties with artists who have been accused of sexual assault?2017/11/14
    Bill Radke talks to Dominique Cantwell, executive director of Bainbridge Performing Arts , and Warren Etheredge, curator of Walla Walla Movie Crush and former programmer for the Seattle International Film Festival, about how they decide, as gatekeepers for arts organizations, when to cut ties with national artists who have been accused of assault and when to showcase their work.
  5. Gov. Inslee is bringing back some workforce training ideas from his trip to Switzerland2017/11/13
    Washington Governor Jay Inslee wants to develop a new normal for high school students: joining apprenticeship programs.
  6. Seattle doctor’s radical idea saves 70,000 people a year2017/11/13
    There was a time when the cure for leukemia was almost as lethal as the disease. Before bone marrow transplants, patients were treated with arsenic or radiation — and the outlook was often considered hopeless.
  7. Well it’s 1, 2, 3, what are you fighting for, now? Bill Ayers has some ideas2017/11/11
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  8. Nike agrees to factory inspections in new UW contract2017/11/10
    The University of Washington has agreed to a contract with Nike that's expected to set a new industry standard. The contract allows a watchdog group, Worker Rights Consortium, to investigate problem factories.
  9. 'Thoughts and prayers are not enough': Faith in the wake of Sutherland Springs2017/11/10
    The massacre in Sutherland Springs last weekend was yet another moment in the painful parade of gun violence in America. This particular tragedy is also part of a long history of violence against religious sanctuaries, dating back to the Civil Rights movement and beyond.
  10. The Record: Thursday, November 9, 20172017/11/10
    Seattle elected a woman to be its mayor for the first time in almost a century. Vancouver did the same, for the first time in the city's entire 160 years. Why are more women running and winning? We talk with political consultant Cathy Allen.
  11. Would you send your nude photo to Facebook? 2017/11/10
    Bill Radke talks to Anna Lauren Hoffmann, associate professor at the University of Washington's Information School, about the implications of Facebook's idea to stop revenge porn and nude pictures from circulating on their site.
  12. Wave of Washington women elected in 20172017/11/09
    If it seems more women jumped into politics this year, experts say that's true. Washington state will now have female mayors up and down Interstate 5, including in Seattle, Everett, Lynnwood , Kent and Vancouver.
  13. Wake up! Our democratic institutions are under attack, says author2017/11/09
    Author David Neiwert would prefer to write books about whales at this point in his career. Seriously. He’s done it. He says it’s much less stressful than writing about extremist groups.
  14. Does Allah hate me because I'm queer?2017/11/09
    " Bismillāhi r-raḥmāni r-raḥīm. Al ḥamdu lillāhi rabbi l-‘ālamīn. Ar raḥmāni r-raḥīm." "I pray all the time throughout the day," Saara Majid, a 25-year-old Muslim, told me. "I always have my prayer beads on me. They're my sense of security."
  15. The Record: Wednesday, November 8, 20172017/11/08
    Election night was good for Democrats here in Washington and across the country. Our politics roundtable tells you what happened and what it means. We'll talk with Jenny Durkan, in the lead to be Seattle's next mayor. And state Republican Party chairman Susan Hutchison makes the case for why her party should be optimistic.
  16. Manka Dhingra supporters say they put last brick in 'big blue wall'2017/11/08
    Tuesday night’s results put Democrat Manka Dhingra ahead of Republican Jinyoung Englund by double digits in a race for a state Senate seat in Seattle’s northeastern suburbs. Englund has not conceded the race in the 45th district. But Dhingra’s supporters say they have flipped the Senate to Democratic control.
  17. Supporters cheer Jenny Durkan's wide margin over Cary Moon for Seattle mayor2017/11/08
    Tuesday’s election results gave Jenny Durkan a formidable 21-point lead over rival Cary Moon. At the Westin hotel in downtown Seattle, Durkan celebrated the news without declaring victory. But Durkan said she’s also preparing for a rapid transition to the mayor’s office.
  18. Why is Durkan leading in Seattle's mayoral race?2017/11/08
    Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan has taken a commanding 21-point lead in the Seattle mayor's race against urban planner Cary Moon. KUOW’s Paige Browning speaks with reporter David Hyde, who was out covering the race on election night.
  19. Incumbent Urquhart trails challenger for King County sheriff2017/11/08
    The King County sheriff's race has been a bitter one. And the first results show challenger Mitzi Johanknecht leading incumbent John Urquhart with roughly 52 percent of the vote.
  20. Burien Council races so heated, we were asked to leave election night party2017/11/08
    Just south of Seattle, the immigration debate took center stage in a closely watched election. In Burien, four out of seven City Council seats were up for election. And three were still a tossup after initial vote results Tuesday night.
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