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  1. The murky future of our Southern resident orcas2018/06/21
    It’s Orca Awareness Month in Washington state. In honor of that, here are three takeaways from a recent presentation from a talk given by Jason Colby, an associate professor of environmental and international history at the University of Victoria.
  2. The weird and wonderful ways food brings us together on social media2018/06/21
    The popularity of cooking shows, food photography, and fine dining testifies to the fact that in today’s culture our need to eat goes far beyond satisfying a daily nutrition quota. In this four-part podcast, RadioActive’s Patrick Liu delves into a series of vignettes that collectively explore the emotional significance that food brings to the table.
  3. 'He is ours and we are his': more than 600 Methodists file charges against Jeff Sessions2018/06/21
    Tape and testimonial from families separated at the border is ricocheting around a chaotic media environment. In the background is the sound of Trump administration officials justifying the policy. Some have blamed past administrations; others have pointed to Congress. And then one official claimed divine authority.
  4. How much of 'the 1 percent' lives in Seattle?2018/06/20
    Seattle got richer in the last decade. You know that. But how many of those in the top 1 percent income bracket live here?
  5. Looking forward to the summer solstice? Here's where to watch the sunset2018/06/20
    Thursday is the summer solstice, the longest day of the year. The event has fascinated human beings for millennia. KUOW listener Chris Corfman is one of them. He wants to know: Are any of Seattle's streets purposely aligned with the sunrise or sunset during winter and summer solstice?
  6. Rep. Derek Kilmer on the Democrats' bill to stop family separations2018/06/20
    Bill Radke talks to Congressman Derek Kilmer about the bills up for vote in the House this week, and the new bill introduced by Democrats to address the problem of separating migrant children from their families at the border. We also talk with Domenico Montanaro, NPR lead political editor, about the likelihood that any of these bills pass.
  7. Separations at the border meet rifts within a church2018/06/20
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  8. Water fuels Seattle’s growth. But in North Bend, activists say water could be running out2018/06/20
    Seattle is surrounded by water. It’s one of the reasons why people move here. But even in rainy, water-abundant Seattle, the region’s astronomical growth has given rise to new conflicts over water rights for people and salmon.
  9. Washington is warming slower than anywhere else in the U.S.2018/06/20
    Kim Malcolm talks with Joe Casola about a new analysis that finds average temperatures in Washington have warmed more slowly than any other state in the country. Casola is deputy director of the University of Washington's Climate Impacts Group.
  10. Tech companies come under fire for controversial government contracts2018/06/19
    Bill Radke talks to Geekwire's Todd Bishop about three tech giants that have faced controversy over their contracts with law enforcement and government: Amazon, Microsoft, and Google.
  11. After whale goes missing, endangered orca population drops to 30-year low 2018/06/19
    An endangered killer whale has gone missing and is presumed dead, but it's not the only orca in trouble in Washington waters. Eight local orcas have died in just the past two years.
  12. King County Executive Dow Constantine believes we can get by without a head tax 2018/06/19
    How will King County work on homelessness and home prices without money from Seattle's head tax? King County Executive Dow Constantine discusses his plans for that — and why he wants to spend more public money on the Mariners.
  13. Seattle hikers: You may be trampling on tribal treaty rights2018/06/19
    At 2 o’clock on a recent Friday afternoon, the parking lot at the Mailbox Peak trailhead was almost full. This much was to be expected: Mailbox is a popular hike in the Middle Fork Valley, just outside of North Bend.
  14. Seattle's Mayor on what the city will do next without the head tax 2018/06/19
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  15. A family celebrates Charleena Lyles' memory, but waits for healing2018/06/19
    On a balmy Monday evening, children played games and danced in an open field at Sandpoint Magnuson Park. This would have resembled any other summer night were it not for all the people in t-shirts bearing one person's name: Charleena Lyles.
  16. Coming soon: Battle Tactics For Your Sexist Workplace2018/06/18
    Yes, your workplace is sexist.
  17. Weekend recap: Should you feel bad about going whale watching?2018/06/18
    Bill Radke talks with our panel about the declining number of orcas in Puget Sound and if we should stop whale watching. We also look at the New York Times investigation into pregnancy discrimination , and why the World Health Organization has added " gaming disorder " to its disease classifications.
  18. This week the city taxeth and the city taketh away2018/06/15
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  19. #NewsPoet: Talking to your kids after a school shooting2018/06/15
    In the wake of school shootings like the one in Parkland, Florida this year, parents are asking: "How do I talk to my child about mass shootings?" KUOW helped answer that question with a story we did in March .
  20. 'It's like a war zone.' Why asylum seekers are desperate to reach the U.S.2018/06/15
    Kim Malcolm talks with Beth Farmer about the experiences of asylum seekers who are coming to the United States from Central America. Farmer is director of Refugees Northwest .
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