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  1. Commentary: Business Advice for Enduring Tough Economic Times2009/07/14
    Economically, the past 12 months have been tough; really tough.
  2. Commentary: Liberty2009/06/30
    With Independence Day just a few days away, Listener Commentator Gary Schindler finds himself reflecting on the meaning of liberty.
  3. Commentary: Media Coverage of Michael Jackson's Death2009/06/29
    The coverage of Michael Jackson's untimely death last week was nearly non-stop on the cable news network. Listener-Commentator Mary Jo Jagord (JAY-gord) expressed relief that at least there was one station and network that was providing what she described as "real news."
  4. Commentary: Throw Some Love to the Legacy Media2009/06/23
    We're all aware of the out-of-proportion salaries paid to athletes these days. But listener-commentator Joe Marren wonders if such athletic paydays could be transferred to his former profession -- the legacy media.
  5. Commentary: Time to Close the Curtain2009/06/16
    For whatever reason, privacy is no longer an issue for millions of Facebook users who are compelled to post information about all aspects of their lives. Listener-Commentator Reed Rankin suggests it might be time to close the curtains, just a little.
  6. Commentary: I Am the Press and So Are You2009/05/12
    The blogosphere is filled with citizen journalists who are making their mark. Listener-Commentator Charles Pierson is one of them.
  7. Commentary: A Nurse Remembers Her Patients with Special Pins2009/05/05
    It has become a tradition for listener-commentator Marcia Gruber to recognize the contributions nurses make as they observe Nurses Week. This year, Marcia tells us the story of how one nurse recognizes the people she cares for.
  8. Commentary: It's the Growth Rate, Stupid2009/04/28
    There is much debate over the best way to pay for the economic stimulus package. Listener-Commentator Anthony Ogorek says simply raising taxes on the wealthy to pay for the stimulus is not the answer.
  9. Commentary: The 2009 Orwell Awards2009/04/07
    It's that time of year for the annual Orwell Awards, presented by our listener-commentator Gary Earl Ross.
  10. Commentary: The Awe of a Thunderstorm2009/03/31
    The arrival of Spring often brings a return of thunder and lightning. Listener-Commentator Chris Mackowski says even as an adult, he's still awed by a thunderstorm.
  11. Commentary: A Clergyman Believes in Evolution2009/03/24
    The debate over evolution and creation theory can be contentious. Listener Commentator, Reverend Fred Jensen, says you can be a religious person and still believe in evolution.
  12. Commentary: Learning Lessons of Love and Strength2009/03/17
    On this St. Patrick's Day, our listener-commentator Amy Ludwig VanDerwater is remembering a man whose spirit lives on, especially on this holiday.
  13. Commentary: Rope Tow Terror2009/03/10
    As this year's ski season draws to a close, listener-commentator Jim Nolan remembers his trips to an area ski resort while growing up, and the terrifying pieces of equipment he encountered.
  14. Commentary: In Praise of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute2009/03/03
    It's comforting to know that when we need it, a community resource of the quality of the Roswell Park Cancer Institute is there -- ready to help. Listener-Commentator Dan Lenard says he experienced first hand just how good Roswell Park is.
  15. Commentary: A Civil Rights Journey2009/02/24
    As another Black History Month draws to a close, Listener-Commentator Joe Marren says this once good idea may no longer work. He says a recent trip down South left him feeling ashamed because there is so much we don't know about the history of civil rights.
  16. Commentary: A Special Flight 3407 Story2009/02/18
    There are so many stories relating to last Thursday's disastrous plane crash in Clarence. Listener-Commentator Christina Abt shares her own story about a valued trading card and the man who gave it to her.
  17. Commentary: Kill Your Television?2009/02/10
    Television often takes a bad rap as a vast wasteland. But listener-commentator Todd Schoepflin has some good things to say about TV.
  18. Commentary: Getting Real2009/02/03
    There's so much in our lives that is false or fake. Listener-Commentator Amy Ludwig VanDerwater says it's time to get real.
  19. Commentary: A Sense of Renewal2009/01/27
    Americans are experiencing a sense of renewal following last week's inauguration of the nation's first African-American President. Western New York civic leader and regionalism expert Kevin Gaughan expresses a historic view on this new era.
  20. Commentary: Privilege2009/01/13
    Society has often labeled poor people as being "less fortunate." But listener-commentator, Fr. Daniel Weir says fortune has little to do with poverty. He says it's all about privilege.
  21. Commentary: Where's My Invitation?2008/12/30
    The inauguration of a new president is three weeks away. Listener-Commentator Joe Marren says he's anxiously waiting by his mailbox for his invitation.
  22. Commentary: Christmas Eve2008/12/23
    This time of year, more than any other, brings back warm memories. Listener-Commentator Mary Burich says she fondly remembers some of her childhood Christmas celebrations.
  23. Commentary: And So This Is Christmas2008/12/16
    As she walked around her Elmwood village neighborhood last year at this time, listener-commentator Lisa Forrest says she was reminded of a John Lennon holiday classic.
  24. Commentary: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished2008/12/09
    These have been trying times, even for the most savvy of investors, including our listener-commentator Anthony Ogorek.
  25. Commentary: Aunt Mickey's Books2008/12/02
    One's book collection provides a glimpse into our very lives -- what interests us, what are our passions. Listener-Commentator Alex Livingston reflects on his Aunt Mickey's life now that he has been given part of her collection.
  26. Commentary: Obama's Metro Focus Long Overdue2008/11/25
    There are several high-profile local advocates who are pushing regionalism. Now, says listener-commentator Bruce Fisher, they'll soon have an ally in Washington.
  27. Commentary: College Admissions2008/11/18
    Listener-Commentator Keith Frome is a respected Buffalo area educator. He's written a book titled "How's My Kid Doing" that answers questions from parents about their child's education. From time to time, we're sharing excerpts from the book in our commentary segment. One parent writes, "What does my child need to do to get into a really good university? And how early should we start preparing?"
  28. Commentary: Blame WKBW2008/11/11
    The late 1960s and early '70s were a time of some pretty bad music. But Listener-Commentator Jim Nolan admits he actually liked some of what he heard while growing up in Snyder.
  29. Commentary: A Confounding Election2008/10/23
    Presidential elections of the past have our listener-commentator Bruce Mitchell reflecting on what course he'll choose two weeks from today.
  30. Commentary: In Praise of the Elite2008/10/15
    The term "elite" is heard often in our political discourse. If you're elite, you're out of touch with the concerns of the average American. Listener-Commentator Paul Reitan wonders why that is.
  31. Commentary: A Visit to a "Hockey Stick" Farm2008/10/07
    The Buffalo Sabres open their new season on Friday. It's always an exciting time of year for one of our resident hockey experts. But this year is somewhat bitter sweet as he ponders the future of the wooden hockey stick.
  32. Commentary: Part-Time Adjunct Instructors2008/09/30
    Most colleges and universities in the nation use at least a few part-time adjunct professors to teach students. But Listener-Commentator Andrew Sachs says that practice is unfair, both to the adjunct and students alike.
  33. Commentary: Football School2008/09/23
    Courses that teach women about the intricacies of football are increasingly popular. Listener-Commentator Ed Adamczyk says he took the course he taught recently a step further and actually took his students onto a nearby football field to run some plays.
  34. Commentary: Improbable Stories, Unimaginable Lives2008/09/16
    Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama oftens talks about his improbable road to his party's nomination. And that has listener-commentator Charles Pierson contemplating the improbable stories of his own life.
  35. Commentary: Middle Class Morass2008/09/09
    Info (Show/Hide)
  36. Commentary: Bored in School2008/08/12
    Listener-Commentator Keith Frome is a respected Buffalo area educator who was once headmaster of the Elmwood-Franklin School. He's written a book titled "How's My Kid Doing" that answers questions from parents about their child's education.
  37. Commentary: Thank You Joe Gardella2008/08/05
    In the spirit of a popular movie from the 1980s, who you gonna call when you're dealing with a hazardous materials crisis? In the case of listener-commentator and Orchard Park Town Supervisor Mary Travers Murphy, the call was made to one of this area's most qualified experts on toxic waste.
  38. Commentary: Threat to Hospital Report Cards2008/07/29
    For the past 12 years, the Niagara Health Quality Coalition has issued hospital report cards. It has gained the reputation as an independent voice helping consumers make choices about hospitals and doctors.
  39. Commentary: University Heights2008/07/22
    Some University Heights residents are voicing their concerns about the escalation of violent crime after an elderly man was shot by two robbers. Listener-Commentator Jenny Hartnett says these troubles should not bring an end to the neighborhood, but instead rekindle civic duty to bring it back to life.
  40. Commentary: Forged in Buffalo2008/07/15
    Summer is a time for barbecues. Listener-commentator Jim Nolan shares his enthusiasm for a made-in-Buffalo grill that he remembers from his childhood in Snyder.
  41. Commentary: A Northern View of the Confederate Flag in Tampa2008/07/01
    As the nation celebrates Independence Day this Friday, listener-commentator Bruce Fisher says it's time for the Confederate flag to be permanently retired from public display in this country.
  42. Commentary: Banko Recalls Chilling Experience with Russert2008/06/25
    Tim Russert's death continues to bring a flood of memories and stories about the now legendary broadcaster. Some of those stories go back to his roots in South Buffalo, long before his career in broadcasting. Commentator and fellow South Buffalo native Steve Banko tells us about his memories as Russert's first boss.
  43. Commentary: Remembering Tim Russert2008/06/18
    A private funeral service will be held in Washington Wednesday for Buffalo native and broadcast journalist Tim Russert. Listener-Commentator Christina Abt says Western New Yorkers felt connected to Russert because of his love of home, family and country.
  44. Commentary: The Customer Is King2008/06/17
    American Axle continues to have a presence in the Buffalo area following the recent ratification of a new contract by the company's workers. But listener-commentator Anthony Ogorek says the loss of the Tonawanda forge plant as part of the agreement is yet another example of the changing face of manufacturing.
  45. Commentary: Coffee with a Conscience2008/06/03
    As you listen to the pleasant sound of that songbird outside your window this morning, listener-commentator Christopher Hollister says your choice of coffee may have an impact on that bird's ultimate survival.
  46. Commentary: Will Spring Bring Renewal This Year?2008/05/13
    Spring is a time for renewal and optimism. Listener-Commentator Bernadette Ruof says she won't let the troubles we face this spring deter her spirit of renewal.
  47. Commentary: The Orwell Awards2008/04/29
    Hello. It's time again to honor the political hypocrites in our midst with this year's George Orwell Awards, inspired by Animal Farm and 1984. Even as we speak the golden piglets wallow in the mud in the ceremonial pig pen, just waiting to sully the hands of the eminently deserving.
  48. Commentary: Tired2008/04/22
    Tuesday is the presidential primary in Pennsylvania. The outcome may be very important to the Democratic candidates Barack Obama and Hillary Rodham Clinton. But listener-commentator Paul Wieland says he's opting out of the presidential campaign and the war in Iraq.
  49. Commentary: Waterboarding2008/04/15
    Anyone who has ever accidentally inhaled a bit of water at the beach or in the backyard swimming pool knows that waterboarding is torture. I find it stunning that anyone could think otherwise.
  50. Commentary: Good Things Come to Those Who Wait2008/04/08
    It's always nice to be vindicated, something that Listener-Commentator Christina Abt she experienced years after she criticized an American corporate icon.
  51. Commentary: Labeling Voting Groups2008/04/01
    Throughout this presidential campaign, political pundits have proclaimed that the working class supports Hillary Rodham Clinton or that young, college educated people are backing Barack Obama. But listener-commentator Carole McNall cautions against making such broad generalizations.
  52. Commentary: Private Contractors in Iraq2008/03/18
    This week marks the fifth anniversary of the start of the war in Iraq. Listener-Commentator Paul Reitan has offered a number of commentaries on the war since it began. Today, he expresses his concern about the use of private contractors in Iraq and just who they're accountable to.
  53. Commentary: Presidential Oratory2008/03/04
    Presidential primaries are being held Tuesday in Ohio, Texas, Rhode Island and Vermont. There's been a lot of talk in recent days about the words of the candidates and the speeches they deliver. Listener-Commentator Bruce Fisher looks back at some masterful orators.
  54. Commentary: Honor the Peacemakers2008/02/26
    A new federal courthouse is being built in downtown Buffalo. Some are saying it should be named after such Buffalo area war heroes as "Wild Bill" Donovan or Matt Urban. But listener-commentator Steve Banko suggests naming the courthouse after someone who was devoted to peace.
  55. Commentary: A Very Special Teacher2008/02/19
    Many of us have that special teacher we remember from our youth. Listener-Commentator Amy Ludwig VanDerwater said her sixth-grade teacher continues to influence her life in many ways.
  56. Commentary: A Better Way of Selecting Our Presidents2008/02/04
    It's Super Tuesday. Primaries are being held in two dozen states, including New York. But listener-commentator Gary Earl Ross says there has to be a better way to elect our presidents.
  57. Commentary: Test of Memory2008/01/15
    As the U-S population ages, the number of people we encounter who are suffering from Alzheimer's Disease increases. Listener-Commentator Lisa Forrest, a college librarian, shares the story of her recent encounter with a woman who wanted help for her "memory test."
  58. Commentary: Keeping Those New Years Resolutions2008/01/08
    The new year is already a week old. And for many of you, your New Year's resolutions have already been broken. For those of you still holding on to them, listener-commentator Tony Billoni has some advice.
  59. Commentary: Chris Collins Era Begins2008/01/02
    Wednesday is the first day on the job for new Erie County Executive Chris Collins. Listener-Commentator Anthony Ogorek assesses Collins' recent election and his prospects for turning around county government.
  60. Commentary: What's It All About?2007/12/27
    It's been many years since Listener-Commentator Cheryl Fisher was in Law School. She recently returned to speak to students in her role as president of the Bar Association of Erie County -- an experience that she says reminded her about what the law is all about.
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