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NPR: What Would Rob Do? Podcast

  1. Not Annoying Your Pregnant Wife...What What Would Rob Do?2010/05/07
    In a few months Rob and his wife Anna are expecting their second child, which means that Rob has to do his best to not annoy Anna during her last trimester. Rob discusses with NPR's Mike Pesca Anna's preferences on everything from pillow choices to optimal distance from smelly foods.
  2. Publicity Do's & Don'ts for a First Time Author...WWRD2010/04/29
    Faking an accent to be your own publicist? Dressing up in costume during a book signing? These are things an author should NOT do to get the word out. As the What Would Rob Do? book comes to market, Rob talks over promotional perils with NPR's Jacki Lyden, author of Daughter of the Queen of Sheba, and also relates tips from author/publisher/publicist, Ken Siman.
  3. Pranking Part II...Worst Chili Ever Aftermath2010/04/09
    In part II on Rob's series on pranking he shares with NPR's Felix Contreras how his plot to have his friend Dan Pashman eat chili laced with pickle juice and gefilte fish played out. Rob also discusses which prank shop novelties worked best and which ones were a bust.
  4. Pranking Someone...What Would Rob Do?2010/04/01
    Every April Fool's Day some wise guy pulls a prank that makes you feel like a doofus. This year Rob hopes to be that guy. In Part I of this podcast, Rob heads to NYC and visits Bob Pinzon, owner of Abracadabra Superstore. Pinzon helps Rob pick the best gags to prank his friend Dan Pashman of the food podcast The Sporkful.
  5. Hard to Pronounce Names...What Would Rob Do?2010/03/24
    It's pretty hard to screw up the name Rob, three letters, one syllable, pretty straight forward. But if you have a name of Nigerian origin like Rob's NPR, colleague Sonari Glinton, that's a different story. Rob and Sonari talk about techniques for both learning how to pronounce uncommon names, and the etiquette for teaching others how to say your name correctly.
  6. March Madness Brackets...What Would Rob Do?2010/03/15
    Each year Rob meticulously fills out his bracket for the men's college basketball tournament and each year he gets crushed by some newbie who made their picks based on team colors. To improve his standings, Rob talks over his selection strategy with NPR's Mike Pesca, who has graciously allowed Rob to join his pool this year.
  7. Making The Ultimate Party Mix...What Would Rob Do?2010/03/11
    The music you pick for an evening with friends can either be the engine for a great party or the buzz kill that makes everyone leave early. Rob talks about how to set the mood with NPR Song of the Day curator Stephen Thompson and shares what he learned from DJ Z-Trip (aka the godfather of mashups) and Everlast from the band House of Pain.
  8. Eating With Your Conscience...What Would Rob Do?2010/02/25
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  9. Surviving the DMV...What Would Rob Do?2010/02/11
    Going to the DMV can be an agonizing experience consisting of long waits, snippy customer service, and capped off with a horrible driver's liscence photo. Rob talks with NPR's Tamara Keith about how to maximize your DMV experience and shares tips from Jason King, Director of Communications and Public Relations for the American Association of Motor Vehicle Administrators.
  10. Choosing A Bumper Sticker...What Would Rob Do?2010/01/21
    Bumper stickers are a great way to promote a cause, support a political philosophy or just give fellow drivers a chuckle. But choosing the wrong one can lead to frowns, honks, and even the occassional middle finger. Rob talks to NPR's Mike Pesca about how to choose the right sticker. He also shares advice from Mike Culver, owner of the website bumperart.com.
What Would Robert Do?
What Would Robert Do? discusses various scenarios of everyday life from the perspective of Rob--a guy in his late 20s who loves to explore the codes of life, blending knowledge with wit and humor.

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