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  1. Amid Climate And Housing Crises, Cities Struggle To Place Housing Near Transit2020/02/16
    San Bernardino County, Calif., is creating a commuter train that reaches the small city of Redlands. While good for the environment, some residents worry it will undo the city's slow growth measures.
  2. EPA Announces Cleanup Deal For One Of The Biggest Superfund Sites In The U.S.2020/02/16
    The Trump administration is taking credit for finalizing cleanup of one of America's biggest and most infamous Superfund sites: Butte, Montana. But the reality is more complicated.
  3. Scientists Fear Sheer Size Of Australia Bushfires Will Slow Ecological Recovery2020/02/16
    Rains have put out the last of the fires in Australia's New South Wales. Biologist Lesley Hughes tells NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro about damage in the burned areas and whether regeneration is possible.
  4. Virginia Offers New Plan To Protect Migratory Birds After Federal Rollback2020/02/16
    A Virginia construction project threatens nesting sea birds. Now, the governor has announced he will protect the birds in light of Trump Administration rollbacks to the Migratory Bird Treaty Act.
  5. Protests Against Gas Pipeline Project Halt Rail Traffic Across Canada2020/02/15
    Protests by indigenous peoples against a planned gas pipeline have shut down rail traffic across eastern Canada, causing chaos for shippers and travelers.
  6. Every Wildfire In New South Wales, Australia Is Now Under Control2020/02/14
    The fires that burned for months over much of eastern Australia have finally been brought under control, helped by days of intense rain. But recovery remains a long-term effort.
  7. High Avalanche Danger Out West Affects Transportation And Ski Areas2020/02/12
    A prolific two weeks of avalanches in Western states closed major highways and ski resorts. It's putting pressure on avalanche forecasters and safety crews as mountains see larger-than-usual crowds.
  8. Critics Blast Proposed Changes To The National Environmental Policy Act2020/02/12
    The Trump administration wants to defang the National Environmental Policy Act. At a public hearing in Denver, the law's defenders faced off with federal officials and business interests.
  9. Beer Waste Helps Montana Town Save Money On Water Treatment2020/02/12
    Brewery waste, fed at the right time at the right dosage to a wastewater treatment plant's bacteria, can be used to treat water. One Montana town is doing just that.
  10. Proposals To Ban Fracking Could Hurt Democrats In Key States2020/02/11
    Some Democratic presidential candidates want to ban fracking to help address climate change. That attracts young people, but may alienate swing voters in key oil and gas states like Pennsylvania.
  11. Critics Say Proposed Copper Mine In Minnesota Threatens Pristine Water2020/02/11
    A company in northern Minnesota wants to build an underground copper mine near a federally protected wilderness with crystal clear drinking water. Which jobs are more key: mining or tourism?
  12. Colorado Voters Are Set To Decide If Wolves Should Be Reintroduced To The State2020/02/11
    In November, Coloradans are set to vote on whether to return wolves to the state. The ballot initiative may be the first time voters in any state could force reintroduction of an endangered species.
  13. A Warm Winter Means Headaches For Beekeepers2020/02/10
    Honeybees normally settle in their hives and rest over winter. But this season has been unusually warm — and that's a challenge for beekeepers.
  14. Climate Change Threatens Alaska Census Count2020/02/09
    Rising temperatures are forcing some Alaska Native villages to consider relocating to higher ground. Climate change is also complicating an accurate count for the 2020 census more complicated.
  15. Tourism Worries And Few Takers As More Utah Land Offered For Drilling, Mining2020/02/09
    The Trump administration opened lands within the former bounds of two Obama-designated National Monuments for resource extraction, but with low demand and high costs, industry is staying away for now.
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