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  1. EPA Chief Pledges To Severely Cut Back On Animal Testing Of Chemicals2019/09/10
    Alternative tests are emerging, the agency says, such as computer modeling and tissue studies of cells grown in the lab. Environmental advocates say the move is too quick, and disregards human health.
  2. In Measure Overhauling Energy Policy, Ohio Pivots Away From Green Energy2019/09/10
    While most states are embracing green energy plans, Ohio appears to be doing the opposite. A new law props up struggling coal plants and trims support for renewable energy forms.
  3. Saving California's Kelp Forest May Depend On Eating Purple Sea Urchins2019/09/09
    Purple sea urchins are devouring the kelp forest off California's coast. To help the forest survive, researchers are trying to make these urchins a delicacy on menus at seafood restaurants.
  4. Current Marine Heat Wave Reminds Scientists Of 'The Blob'2019/09/09
    A marine heat wave off the West Coast is causing ocean temperatures to rise from Alaska to California. Scientists say it looks a lot like the warm water mass they nicknamed the blob five years ago.
  5. Antigua And Barbuda Prime Minister Gaston Browne On Rebuilding After A Hurricane2019/09/08
    Hurricane Irma devastated the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda two years ago. NPR's Lulu Garcia-Navarro talks with the country's prime minster, Gaston Browne, about rebuilding and climate change.
  6. Chip-And-Ship Forest Clearing May Help Prevent Wildfire Disasters 2019/09/08
    Large-scale forest thinning in northern Arizona to prevent wildfires is behind schedule. But a new program is taking low-value logs and shipping them across the Pacific to markets in Asia.
  7. Dorian's Floodwaters Trapped Hundreds In The Outer Banks Until Boat Rescuers Arrived2019/09/07
    One islander who was saved described Dorian this way: "It was like being in Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome mixed with The Wizard of Oz ," she said. "The noise, the intensity was just outrageous."
  8. Former NOAA Official On Trump's Alabama Hurricane Threat2019/09/07
    NPR's Michel Martin speaks with Monica Medina, a former official for the NOAA, about the controversy surrounding president Trump's assertion that Alabama had been in the path of Hurricane Dorian.
  9. Opinion: Earth Has Survived Extinctions Before, It's Humans Who Are Fragile2019/09/07
    Earth has experienced cataclysmic life-destroying events before. NPR's Scott Simon reflects on what this means for humans in the midst of climate change.
  10. Cleaning Up Abandoned Wells Proves Costly To Gas And Oil Producing States2019/09/06
    Abandoned gas and oil wells dot many states. These orphaned sites need to be capped and cleaned up, but doing so is difficult when the responsible companies have gone bankrupt.
  11. Friday News Roundup - Domestic2019/09/06
    Hurricane Dorian threatens the eastern United States after devastating the Bahamas. And Texas loosens its gun safety laws after a deadly shooting.
  12. Charleston's Storm Preparations2019/09/06
    The communities that might be most prepared for a storm like Dorian are also ones that are the most vulnerable to sea level rise. Because of climate change, Charleston floods on a regular basis.
  13. Book: 'The Geography Of Risk'2019/09/05
    NPR's Ari Shapiro talks with Gilbert Gaul about his book, The Geography of Risk , which examines the cost of hurricanes in recent years and why federal tax dollars are covering more of those costs.
  14. Dorian Pummels Charleston, S.C.2019/09/05
    Hurricane Dorian spent part of the day just off the coast of Charleston, S.C. The city was pounded by rain and wind.
  15. After Dorian, Bahamian PM Minnis Challenged With Relocating Homeless2019/09/05
    NPR's Mary Louise Kelly speaks with Bahamian Prime Minister Hubert Minnis about what is known about the extent of the destruction from Hurricane Dorian in the Bahamas, and next steps for his country.
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