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  1. Half of Michigan bumblebee species dropped by 50 percent or more2019/01/16
    Bees are disappearing. You might have heard that colony collapse disorder of European honeybees can nearly wipe out a hive. But native bees are also in trouble. There are several kinds of bumblebees in Michigan. A recent survey found during the last 20 years, there were a dozen that were fairly common.
  2. Great Lakes at risk during partial federal government shutdown2019/01/11
    The partial federal government shutdown could have wide-ranging consequences for the Great Lakes. There already are some problems, but things could get worse if the shutdown drags on.
  3. Half the trees in Michigan cities could be killed 2018/12/07
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  4. An efficient furnace can pay for itself in savings2018/11/12
    Soon, you’ll start seeing your energy bills start to rise each month because of the cold weather. That’s never fun. But, you might be paying a lot more than necessary to heat your home. We decided to look into whether a new efficient furnace adds up to much in the way of energy savings.
  5. PFAS causes 'Do not eat the fish' advisories2018/10/09
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  6. PFAS: How much do residents trust state officials?2018/10/05
    UPDATE: This story was updated at 3:53 p.m. This week, the Environment Report is looking at industrial chemicals called per- and polyfluoralkyl substances – or PFAS. People all over Michigan have questions about these chemicals that are being found in their drinking water.
  7. PFAS: What are the possible health risks?2018/10/04
    This week, we’re looking at PFAS chemicals: they're industrial chemicals that have contaminated water sources around the state. PFAS chemicals are used to make a lot of products stain and water resistant.
  8. PFAS: Why are we suddenly hearing about this?2018/10/02
    There have been more news stories in recent months about water contamination from a group of industrial chemicals. PFAS chemical pollution seems to have come out of nowhere. That’s not exactly true. PFAS contamination has been known to be a problem. What's different is we’re discovering the problem is bigger than imagined.
  9. PFAS: What is this stuff?2018/10/01
    In recent months, the State of Michigan has found several places where drinking water and fish are contaminated by a class of chemicals called PFAS. This pollution is coming from a variety of sources.
  10. Why this 2010 approval of a multi-million gallon Great Lakes water diversion is drawing new scrutiny2018/09/21
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  11. Bicyclists ask motorists to do the Dutch Reach2018/09/11
    Riding a bike to work might be good for the environment, but automobile drivers are still getting used to the idea of sharing the road.
  12. 100 years since the return of elk to Michigan2018/09/04
    The elk is an important Michigan symbol. It’s even on our state flag. But have you ever seen an elk in the wild in Michigan? Did you even know there are elk in Michigan?
  13. Tiny stickers help scientists learn about monarch butterfly migration2018/08/30
    The monarch butterflies that are emerging right now in Michigan have a long trip ahead of them.
  14. Agencies investigating whitefish decline in the Great Lakes2018/08/28
    Lake whitefish are the most important commercial fish species in Michigan. But in the last decade, state biologists say fishers are harvesting about a third of what they used to get. The catch dropped to 1.7 million pounds last year, down from five million pounds in the early 2000s. Agencies across the Great Lakes are trying to learn more about the population decline.
  15. Why house sparrows can eat starch: the evolution of city wildlife2018/08/23
    The creatures that live with us in cities – things like spiders, owls, lizards and mice – are evolving over time. A new set of studies in a special issue of the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B looks at all kinds of organisms that thrive in cities and how city life affects the ways they evolve.
  16. Most Americans approve of genetic engineering that benefits human health, but not other uses2018/08/21
    Many Americans are ok with genetic engineering of animals if it benefits human health. But a lot of people oppose other uses of the technology. Those are the findings of a new Pew Research Center survey .
  17. New clues to a disease affecting Michigan rattlesnakes2018/08/16
    We have a rattlesnake in Michigan called the eastern massasauga. It’s listed as a threatened species under the Endangered Species Act. One of the threats it’s facing is a disease called snake fungal disease, and it can kill the snakes. Researchers have figured out some clues about how the pathogen affects the snakes.
  18. China doesn’t want most of our plastics or junk mail anymore… so now what?2018/08/14
    The global market for recycling has changed dramatically over the last year, and it’s already trickling down to what happens at the curb.
  19. We're using less water as a nation, but Michigan still ranks 10th2018/08/09
    Water use in the U.S. has dropped to its lowest level in about 45 years. But the U.S. Geological Survey found 12 states accounted for more than 50% of the total water withdrawals in the U.S. – and Michigan ranks 10th on that list.
  20. Scientists creating meteotsunami warning system for the Great Lakes2018/08/07
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The Environment Report
Michigan Radio's "The Environment Report" hosted by Rebecca Williams explores the relationship between the natural world and the everyday lives of people in Michigan. New episodes every Tuesday and Thursday.

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