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PRI's The World - Geo Quiz Podcast

  1. Some of this country's biggest celebrities are economists — really2014/12/09
    For this Geo Quiz, we're looking for the country whose economists are treated like rock stars.
  2. Can you name the West Coast city where a Buddhist shrine turned a neighborhood around?2014/11/26
    In the American city we want you to name, a Buddha statue purchased at a hardware store managed to turn an eyesore of a street corner into a shrine and gathering place.
  3. This country has passed Scotland in the world whisky ranks. Can you name it?2014/11/18
    The country we want you to name for this week's Geo Quiz has produced a single malt that beat Scotland in the unofficial world whisky ranks.
  4. Name a South American city that has a thriving Asian fusion food scene2014/11/07
    The latest food trend out of this city combines Asian flavors with South American staples. For this week's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the name of that South American city.
  5. Which American city could potentially adopt a canal system to combat rising tides?2014/10/31
    In this North American city, rising tides could mean trouble — in a hundred years, at least. That's why a group of sustainability experts have drafted a plan that adapts to rising sea levels rather than fighting them. The key is canals. For this week's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the city which could someday become North America's very own Venice.
  6. This South American city is home to the 'world's tallest squat'2014/10/24
    In the heart of a South American city, a 45-story abandoned skyscraper has become a haven for squatters. For this week's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the city where this tower is located. Can you name it?
  7. The music of this European region is unexpectedly popular in Mexico2014/10/10
    The folk music of this region in the southeast of Europe has influenced a new musical scene in Mexico, of all places. Can you name it?
  8. Which country, aside from Scotland, manufactures most of the world's bagpipes?2014/10/03
    When you think of Scotland, it's likely you think of kilts, haggis, and — of course — bagpipes. Scots produce most of the world's bagpipes, but there's a country that comes in close second. Can you name it?
  9. This tiny Scottish island is an unplugged getaway — can you name it? 2014/09/12
    Scotland has been buzzing with news about the upcoming independence referendum. But one Scottish island won't be getting any updates on the latest referendum news — at least on their smartphones. That's because there's no cell service. Can you name this unplugged island?
  10. Which New York City borough will soon be home Sergei Dovlatov Way?2014/08/29
    Sergei Dovlatov was a Russian author who wrote about the absurdity of life. Now, he's being honored with a street name in New York City. Can you name which borough the street is in?
  11. Name the city in China where Confucius lived?2014/08/26
    For this Geo Quiz, we're looking for the famous city in China where Confucius lived. Here's a hint: It's located in the eastern coastal province of Shandong.
  12. Fancy a joust? Name the German state that hosts a medieval-style jousting tournament2014/08/08
    Unless you frequent Renaissance fairs, you might not get to witness many jousting matches. But if you're in the south of Germany, you might just get the chance. Prince Luitpold hosts a yearly medieval-style festival in his castle — can you name the German state he reigns over?
  13. Name the lost landmass that once bridged the UK and Europe2014/08/01
    8,000 years ago, the United Kingdom and the European mainland was connected by a landmass in The North Sea until a series of natural events buried it underwater. Can you name it?
  14. It was once the world's most important political border — now it's a bike path2014/07/30
    The once frightening and desolate border that separated western Europe from the Communist countries is taking on a new role. The Iron Curtain is now a 5,000-mile network of bicycle paths that go past guard towers, barbed wire fences and other historical landmarks from the Cold War.
  15. What Caribbean island is known for its traditional bread dish, roti?2014/07/25
    For this Geo Quiz, we're talking food — and we hope you like it hot. We're looking for the Caribbean island that popularized the spicy bread dish known as roti. Can you name it?
  16. US military rules have kept the names of 74 sailors off the Vietnam Veterans Memorial2014/07/16
    Congress is re-opening a chapter of the Vietnam War and a heated debate. Back in the summer of 1969 during the war, a US Navy destroyer cruising the South China Sea collided with an Australian aircraft carrier.The USS Frank E. Evans was cut in half, killing 74 US sailors. None of their names are on the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.
  17. Name a Mexican city famous for its hot peppers 2014/06/23
    The capital of the Mexican state of Veracruz has a big reputation for its hot chili peppers. But which was named first, the famous hot peppers, or the city?
  18. In a Scotland village, skipping rocks is more than just a hobby. It’s a tourist attraction2014/06/16
    The picturesque village of Ermatingen in northern Switzerland has acquired a reputation for being a boring holiday resort. So the locals decided to liven things up a bit by holding a "world stone skimming championship." Only problem was, an island in Scotland already holds an annual competition by that name, and it has a limitless supply of skimming stones.
  19. Which World Cup team are you cheering for and why?2014/06/11
    Maybe you're among the lucky soccer fans travelling to Brazil to experience World Cup 2014 — or more likely you're watching as many of the the beautiful games as you can on cable. In any case there are 32 teams representing 32 countries that have earned the right to compete in Brazil. So how do you pick a World Cup team to cheer for?
  20. This way to a bowl of sancocho 2014/06/04
    Sancocho may originally have come from the Canary Islands, the cluster of Spanish islands off the coast of West Africa. But now there are variations of sancocho throughout Latin America in Puerto Rico and Colombia for instance.
  21. One show in the United Arab Emirates is turning poets into millionaires2014/06/03
    An amateur poet won $1.3 million on a TV talent show called "Million's Poet" in the United Arab Emirates last week. The show, compared to "American Idol" for poetry, ended its sixth season. As literary prizes go, the only thing that comes close to this amount of money is the Nobel Prize for Literature with $1.2 million.
  22. What do bikinis, Tarzan and 'Life of Pi' have in common?2014/05/21
    Piscine Molitor was a stylish, art deco swimming pool in Paris. After riding the high life for decades, it closed in 1989. But it reopened this week with new management and amenities. This is exciting news for Claude Weill, who has lived across from the pool all his life.
  23. Which came first? Mexico's famous drink, or the town that distills it?2014/05/15
    For today's Geo Quiz, we asked a man whose family has been growing agave cactus for four generations to tell us the origin of the name Tequila. The liquor is made by baking and distilling the cactus.
  24. This African country is home to a chimpanzee rescue center2014/05/05
    Can you name the West African country that borders the Central African Republic and is home to a 200-acre chimpanzee rescue center? It's located near the Sanaga River and home to 72 chimpanzees, many orphaned by illegal traders in bush meat.
  25. It's puny, it's purple, it's Putnisite. So where was the new mineral discovered?2014/04/29
    It's not every day that mineralogists discover something never seen before. And it's a pretty safe bet it won't be showing up in jewelry.
  26. The country's name means hippo and its capital translates to crocodile's back2014/04/28
    Here's a Geo Quiz that comes straight from a listener and someone who loves geography and Africa in just about equal measure. Bill Moseley is a former Peace Corp volunteer and now a professor of geography at Macalester College.
  27. Find the geographic link between the Crimean War and blues guitar?2014/04/08
    How did a 19th century military siege influence traditional fingerpicking blues guitar?
  28. Name a largely Arab American city where hookah smoking is on the rise2014/04/02
    Despite all the warnings about tobacco and lung cancer, it's not easy to stop teenagers from smoking. And in one large American city that's home to a large Arab American community, health officials say teen smoking is on the rise. But it's not cigarettes luring young smokers there. It's the hookah or shisha--the kind of waterpipe popular throughout the Middle East.
  29. Restoring a once mighty river that has slowed to a trickle2014/03/26
    Can you name the river that rises in a US state at the western edge of the Great Plains and travels 1,400 miles, passes through five US states and Mexico, and is being celebrated for an agreement between the two countries that includes environmental benefits for the first time ever?
  30. Snowshoeing and snow snaking are favorites at the Arctic Winter Games2014/03/20
    Thursday's Geo Quiz comes from listener Tori Tragis who's at the Winter Games. Not the ones in Sochi, Russia. These are the Arctic Winter Games. So where are they taking place?
  31. Want to know one of Crimea's best-kept secrets? Nude beaches2014/03/18
    There's a place we want you to name in The World's snap Geo Quiz for Tuesday. It's a bay on the shores of the Black Sea. And it's famous for — get this —its nude beaches.
  32. Lawmakers in this European country are considering a 'pink quota' to achieve gender parity in politics2014/03/07
    There's a country in Europe where a new prime minister has helped put gender parity on the agenda. But the country's female lawmakers want him to go much further.
  33. This Canadian artist prefers to snap sounds — not photos2014/03/05
    The next time you travel, try recording sounds instead of taking pictures. That's a friendly tip from Toronto-based sound artist Jorge Ayala who came up with our flash Geo Quiz.
  34. Can you name this Olympic skier and his snowless country?2014/02/13
    Yohan Goncalves Goutt is the first-ever Olympic skier representing East Timor —the small island nation in Asia. But do you know what East Timor is officially called at the Olympics? That's our flash Geo Quiz for you today.
  35. An American teacher in India enjoys the traditions of a Bengali wedding2014/02/05
    In which city in West Bengal, India, would you find a traditional wedding ceremony where a bride covers her face with a betel leaf and where guests blow on a conch shell to celebrate the couple?
  36. Can you name the place where 2 of my favorite treats, palatschinken and palinkas, are from?2014/01/23
    This country is so dear to my heart. It's home to two of my favorite treats, palatschinken and palinkas. Can you name this country in Central Europe?
  37. Bottlenose Dolphins Whistling On A First Name Basis2014/01/23
    We're looking for a firth, not a fourth or fifth, but a firth in Scotland. It's Scotland's largest firth, a triangle shaped inlet of the North Sea. It's home to dolphins that use signature whistles to greet or contact other individual dolphins.
  38. Sydney Harbour Bridge offers tourists an unusual birds' eye view2013/12/24
    Imagine standing on an exposed steel girder of a bridge 440 feet above Sydney Harbour to get a spectacular view of sunrise over the Pacific. Phil Roach, a climb leader with BridgeClimb Sydney, takes tourists up for the bird's eye view a few times every day.
  39. In this city, you can see a presidential palace in one direction and the largest tent in the world in the other2013/12/20
    The capital of Kazakhstan is a modern city rising from a largely-rural, largely-Soviet countryside. But it still has its quirks. For example, climb to the top of the new Bayterek and in one direction you can see the presidential palace. In the other, though, you'll see the world's largest tent.
  40. Can you name the five remaining communist countries in the world?2013/12/10
    If you know the five countries that still call themselves communist, can you say which one is hewing most closely to Marxist principles?
  41. Take a ride on one of the world's most extreme zip lines2013/12/09
    It's more than a mile above ground, more than a mile long, and hurtles you at speeds of 80 miles an hour or more. Oh, and then there's the sunlight hitting the Himalayas all around you.
  42. World Quiz — Where's a post office with a view... of penguins?2013/11/21
    Name a place -- discovered in 1904 -- where you can find the southernmost working post office (open to tourists) in the world. It was set up by the British as a base during WWII, then operated as a British research station until 1962. Designated Historic Site No. 61 under the Antarctic Treaty, today it's one of the most popular tourist destinations in Antarctica.
  43. This is how close we got to the King of the Jungle2013/11/15
    Can you name the geographical formation that stretches the entire length of Kenya, from north to south of Kenya and on which the great migration of the Masai Mara takes place?
  44. Of the following US states: Connecticut, Nebraska, and California, which ones fall entirely south of Canada’s southernmost border?2013/11/08
    Ben Leeds Carson is a composer living in Santa Cruz, California who listens to The World. He remembered a quiz that his geologist father used to ask on long cross-country drives. Here it is:
    Of the following US states: Connecticut, Nebraska, and California, which ones fall entirely south of Canada’s southernmost border?
  45. Hyundai looks to put an unceremonious end to in-car cigarette lighter jacks2013/10/02
    The Korean automaker Hyundai plans to eliminate the old-fashioned cigarette lighter socket in their newest vehicles, replacing it with a USB jack. Paul Eisenstein, editor of TheDetroitBureau.com says the innovation may not fly with many drivers who like to charge gadgets ranging from GPS systems to radar detectors — and even hair dryers.
  46. The coolest video you will ever see of the tallest church on earth2013/10/01
    Watch a computer do what humans have been trying to do for the last 144 years — finish Barcelona's Sagrada Familia.
  47. Bicyclists in crowded Indian city fight to take back the streets2013/09/30
    Can you name an Indian city where authorities recently banned bicycles, along with hand carts and other non-motorized vehicles, from key roads and streets during the day.
  48. I never thought twice about my Barilla pasta, until now2013/09/27
    So what would cause you to boycott your favorite pasta brand? Host Marco Werman of PRI's The World says Barilla is finding out after saying it won't use gays in its ads.
  49. Artists' sand silhouettes depict war dead from Normandy invasion2013/09/25
    How do you honor the 9,000 soldiers and civilians who died during the World War II invasion of Normandy, France? One group of artists is turning to the sand to create The Fallen.
  50. Expat Hipsters Not Winning Friends in Berlin2013/09/23
    Berlin has become a magnet for painters, musicians and designers since the fall of The Wall more than two decades ago. But they've also created tension, as locals bemoan what they call their hipster attitudes - and the rising rents that have come with the coolness.
  51. German Hipsters Not Winning Friends in Berlin2013/09/23
    Our Geo Quiz takes us to a trendy neighborhood of Berlin. Berlin has become a magnet for artists since the fall of The Wall.
  52. Art Nabbed a Parking Spot in Ireland's Busiest City2013/09/20
    You've heard about Parking Day, right? Well, the idea is to reclaim open space one parking spot at a time to demonstrate that cities are for people, not just for trucks and cars. Do you think this will go over well in one of Ireland's busiest cities?
  53. Where in the World has the Hottest Temperature Been Recorded?2013/09/19
    It seems like an easy question, where in the world has the hottest temperature been recorded? Well think again. There's actually been a lot of dispute. It's rumored to have even caused some bar fights.
  54. Extreme Bullfighting in Spain – Activism vs Tradition2013/09/18
    In Spain there is a festival held every year called Toro de la Vega that involves a bull chased by many men, some on horseback, others on feet, all armed with spears.
  55. You'll Never Guess the Home of Japan's New Home Run King2013/09/16
    Baseball fans in Japan have a new home run king. He's Wladimir Balentien, who hit his 56th and 57th home runs of the season Sunday. The 29-year-old Belentien currently plays for the Tokyo Yakult Swallows. But here's what we want to know: where is he from?
  56. Holy Ship! Triple E – The Biggest Container Ship in the World2013/09/09
    Holy Ship! The world's largest-ever container ship made its maiden voyage this summer. The Triple E is over a thousand feet long and can carry 9,000 of the largest shipping containers. And more Triple Es are in the works.
  57. British Beekeepers Warned Asian Hornets are Coming2013/09/06
    Beekeepers in England, Scotland and Wales are on alert for an invasion of Asian Hornets. Tim Lovett of the British Beekeepers Association predicts a small number of aggressive Asian Hornets will soon cross the English Channel.
  58. Japanese Sushi Restaurant in NYC Bans Tipping2013/09/05
    A popular Japanese sushi restaurant in New York is raising eyebrows with its policy forbidding tips. Sure enough, Merry White, professor of Japanese history and culture at Boston University says tips are nowhere to be found in contemporary Japan.
  59. Residents of Istanbul Neighborhood Take A Colorful Stand2013/09/04
    We're looking for the name of a historic neighborhood in Istanbul for our Geo Quiz. It's a place where one resident decided to freshen up a drab-looking set of stairs by painting them with bright colors.
  60. Buford, Wyoming Renames Itself: 'Delicious Filter Coffee Town'2013/09/03
    A North Vietnamese businessman who last year bought the tiny town of Buford, Wyoming, has launched his international coffee business there. Pham Dinh Nguyen is hoping traditional Vietnamese style coffee will catch on.
  61. What Would You Do If You Spotted Your Stolen Bike On Craigslist?2013/08/30
    That's exactly what happend to Kayla Smith, a bartender in Vancouver. A thief stole her $1000 Masi road bike. A friend spotted it the next day on Craigslist. But she didn't call the Mounties. She set-up her own ambush.
  62. Putumayo: Colombian Roots of a World Music Label2013/08/27
    Dan Storper is the founder and CEO of Putumayo World Music. He speaks to anchor Marco Werman about the origins of his record label's name, the Putumayo region of Colombia.
  63. Danish Archaeologists Find Traces of Beowulf Legend2013/08/26
    The great feasting hall depicted in the English epic poem Beowulf may be located under a field in east Denmark. Tom Christensen, curator of Denmark's Roskilde Museum has been leading the archaeological investigation.
  64. Remembering Florin Cioaba: 'King of the Roma'2013/08/23
    Romania's Roma people figure in our Geo Quiz.
  65. Cuban Baseball Players Reunite on a Florida Field2013/08/22
    Let's talk baseball. Cuba's most famous baseball team, the Industriales, are set to play some of their former teammates who defected from Cuba. So for our Geo Quiz--can you guess where this baseball reunion will take place?
  66. A Call for Medical Marijuana Research in the Caribbean2013/08/20
    For our Geo Quiz--we're looking for one of the largest island nations in the Caribbean. The island's tropical climate is just right for growing sugarcane, bananas, citrus trees, and marijuana, or what the locals call "ganja.
  67. Piddle or Puddle? A Curious Little English River2013/08/19
    Today's Geo Quiz sends us searching for a small river in southwest England along the English Channel coast. It's a place that inspired Ogden Nash in 1959 to write a poem called 'Paradise for Sale,' all about a farm in the valley of old and storied river.
  68. A Summer Beach With A View Of The Eiffel Tower2013/08/16
    Where in the world can you sit on a beach and still enjoy a view of the Eiffel Tower? Imagine walking down to the Seine River this time of year, and seeing palm trees, umbrellas, lounge chairs and sand beaches lining the riverbank.
  69. North Korea's Planned Ski Resort Takes A Fall2013/08/15
    Would you ski in North Korea? Could you ski in North Korea? As it turns out, North Korea is moving forward on a plan to build its first ski resort in Kangwon Province.
  70. Hungarian Mountain Bikers Go Underground2013/08/14
    Our Geo Quiz takes us to the site of the Underworld Cup of Hungary. The event attracts hundreds of mountain bikers who enjoy the thrill of racing through a maze of dark, narrow tunnels in an abandoned limestone mine on the outskirts of Hungary's capital.
  71. New Facebook App Created to Save Europe's Ash Trees2013/08/13
    Today's Geo Quiz is about an effort to solve one of Europe's most vexing environmental challenges through a new Facebook app.
  72. Egypt's Vision for Expansion Along the Nile Delta2013/08/12
    For the Geo Quiz, we're looking for a place in lower Egypt where one man has visions of expanding a town to accommodate a crowded population. It's in the eastern part of the Nile Delta and is a rich and fertile area.
  73. Getting Inked: The Story Behind Traditional Maori Tattoos2013/08/09
    Tattoos take many forms and have a history going back thousands of years. But in which country would you most likely find a tattoo style called moko?
  74. The Quest for Magical, Nutty Tasting Cheese from Northern Spain2013/08/08
    Today's Geo Quiz features Michael Paterniti, author of the new book, 'The Telling Room: A Tale of Love, Betrayal, Revenge, and the World's Greatest Piece of Cheese.'
  75. Anyone Up For A Game of Hnefatafl?2013/08/07
  76. Roma in Northern Hungary Have Their Water Supply Cut Off2013/08/06
  77. Millions Endure Record Heat Wave in China's Financial Center2013/07/31
    A heatwave is affecting parts of eastern China with no relief in sight. Daytime temperatures have soared as high as 105 degrees making it the hottest July in over a century.
  78. Explorer to Navigate Uncharted River in Canada's Hudson Bay Lowlands2013/07/30
    As part of an upcoming Royal Canadian Geographic Society expedition. Canadian graduate student Adam Shoalts will venture to Canada's remote Hudson Bay Lowlands to navigate an uncharted river.
  79. Transplant Patients Compete in Olympic-like Games2013/07/29
    The World Transplant Games are undeway. Team USA manager Gary Green says the competition features athletes from around the world who have a new lease on life thanks to organ transplants. But where are the games being held?
  80. A Perfect Climate is Key to Yemen's Sough-After Honey2013/07/26
    Wadi D'uan, a valley in Yemen, is where the world's most sought-after honey can be found. Its hot and dry climate, along with short flowering season of local plants help produce the rich, aromatic honey.
  81. The Latest Beach Attire: Anti-Shark Wetsuits2013/07/25
    Marine scientists and swimwear designers in Western Australia have teamed up to design anti-shark attack wetsuits. In tests with tiger sharks. the wetsuits for surfers and divers seem to distract and confuse the sharks in the moments before they attack.
  82. Long Lost Spanish Fort Discovered in Great Smoky Mountains2013/07/24
    Archaeologists have just discovered the remains of a Spanish fort from 16th century explorers. University of Michigan archaeologist Robin Beck says Fort San Juan represents the earliest known European fort in the interior of what is now the United States.
  83. South American Country Turning Coca-Cola Green2013/07/24
    It's a hot summer day, and you're looking to grab something to quench that thirst? A lot of people reach for the iconic Coca-Cola. But in one Latin American country, that iconic label's turning green.
  84. US Navy Jettison Bombs Near the Great Barrier Reef2013/07/22
    A US-Australian military exercise called Talisman Saber figures in our Geo Quiz.
  85. Hot New Anthem Contest for Volcanic Caribbean Nation2013/07/19
    Since the population of the island we want you to name was mostly evacuated or relocated to the northern region there has been an ongoing process of re-establishing a national identity. And that includes finding a national anthem. Can you name the island?
  86. Duct Tape Surfing2013/07/18
    Pascale Honore thought her surfing days were over when she was paralyzed 18 years ago. But this year, avid surfer Tyron Swan thought better of that, and decided to try to simply duct tape Pascale to his back and hang ten.
  87. Tour de France: Up and Down a Mountain; and Again2013/07/17
    For the Geo Quiz, we want you to name the spot of a popular ski resort in the French Alps. Cyclists in the Tour de France will have to climb the mountain where the resort is located twice, in the same day.
  88. Michael Jackson Statues Draw Adoration … and Ire2013/07/16
    Geo Quiz: We're looking for a statue of the late Michael Jackson that sits outside a soccer stadium in England. The team was recently sold and locals want the statue removed. The old owner says the statue must stay. Where is the statue located?
  89. Group Protests 'Demonization' of Pot by Planting Marijuana Seeds All Over German Town2013/07/15
    Our Geo Quiz heads to a German university town that's in full bloom these days. Marijuana plants have sprouted up all over the town, courtesy of an anonymous group that calls itself, A Few Autonomous Flower Children.
  90. A Blue Planet with Molten Glass Rain and Supersonic Winds2013/07/12
    Friday's Geo Quiz brings us far from home: 63 light years away. There's a giant, hot, blue planet there with some extreme weather that scientists were able to visually observe this week.
  91. Legendary Vancouver Strip Club Goes Gourmet2013/07/11
    Geo Quiz: We're looking for the name of a Vancouver club. It's been known for decades as the go-to strip bar for celebrities, sports stars and musicians. It's now a culinary destination.
  92. Isolated Long Lost Kingdom of the Himalayas2013/07/10
    For the Geo Quiz, we're looking for a long lost kingdom. No, it's not El Dorado, the mythical city of gold that was supposedly somewhere in the Western Hemisphere. The Lost Kingdom we want you to name is a real place in the Himalayan mountains.
  93. Stand Up Paddleboarding on 'The Lake Isle of Innisfree'2013/07/08
  94. Greenwich Villages Around the World2013/07/05
    For the Geo Quiz, we're looking for London's "Greenwich Village", which is famous for designer shops,the Crown pub, and the Cambridge Theater.
  95. Smoke And Fire Around The World2013/07/04
    For the Geo Quiz, we are looking for a place where locals enjoy coconut-crusted ice cream balls grilled shish kebab-style over blistering hot charcoal.
  96. First Responders: A Civil War History Lesson2013/07/03
    Kyle Wichtendahl says the Union Army tested out medical ideas on the battlefield that spread internationally and laid the groundwork for modern combat medicine.
  97. A Chance to See the Real Chinese Imperial Palace2013/07/02
    Geo Quiz: For his next international vacation, listener Zach Turner from Austin, Texas by way of KUT, is bound for China.
  98. Japanese Pigeon Makes Emergency Landing in Canada2013/07/01
    For Monday's Geo Quiz, we're getting lost. Imagine going more than 4,000 miles in the wrong direction. That's what happened to a racing pigeon who took off in Sapporo, Japan, and came in for a landing in a Canadian town in British Columbia.
  99. Flying Scotsman Trying to Break the World Human-Powered Land Speed Record on a Homemade Bike2013/06/28
    The town we're looking for in Friday's Geo Quiz lies about halfway between Reno, Nevada, and Salt Lake City, Utah. It's where the World Human Powered Speed Challenge is due to take place in September.
  100. What's for Lunch? Fresh Seafood from Northumberland Strait Off Nova Scotia2013/06/27
    Our Geo Quiz takes us to the provincial capital of Nova Scotia for a chat with Renee Lavallee, the chef at the waterfront Shack Oyster Bar where we ask what's for lunch?
  101. Namibia's Coastal Desert Named Newest World Heritage Site2013/06/26
    The desert region we want you to name for our Geo Quiz is one of the most sought after tourism destinations in Namibia.
  102. International Origami Artists Push the Boundaries2013/06/25
  103. Calgary, Alberta Mounts Massive Flood Cleanup2013/06/24
    Calgary, the largest city in the Canadian province of Alberta, is carrying out massive clean up operations after major flooding. Jen Gerson, Alberta correspondent for Canada's National Post, says the flooding also puts Calgary's Stampede, at risk.
  104. Lazy Summer with Slow Creatures: A Costa Rican Adventure at a Sloth Sanctuary2013/06/21
    Geo Quiz: 15-year-old California teenager Cosette Madeleine will travel this summer with her family to visit a sloth sanctuary in Central America. Can you name the Central American nation where she's headed?
  105. Sartorial Alert: What Was Missing at the G8 Summit?2013/06/20
    Something was different at this year's G8 summit. The Geo Quiz is exploring what and why.
  106. African Cyclists Compete in First Ever Tour of Democratic Republic of Congo2013/06/19
    The first ever Tour of DRC kicked off this week. Cycling teams from nine mostly African countries are competing in the 500 mile race across parts of the Democratic Republic of Congo to promote national unity.
  107. Fancy Hats and High Heels for Ireland's Renowned Horse-Racing Festival2013/06/18
    Today's Geo Quiz features an Irish city that has hosted a summer horse racing festival going back as far as the 1860's.
  108. Pacific Island Takes on Soccer's Best Teams2013/06/17
    A French Polynesian island is home to a soccer team playing in the Confederations Cup in Brazil this week. This team of underdogs are facing some of the world's best in an international soccer tournament. Can you name it?
  109. Pirate Joe's in Canada Sued by Trader Joe's2013/06/14
    In Friday's Geo Quiz, we're looking for a Canadian city, where Mike Hallatt has opened up a store dedicated to reselling Trader Joe's popular products.
  110. Mozart's Violin And Viola Tour US for First Time Ever2013/06/13
    For today's Geo Quiz, we're following the path of a famous stringed instrument, from its normal home in Austria to, well, just down the hallway from our studios here at WGBH.
  111. Acceleration and Agility, Not Speed, Secret to Cheetah Success2013/06/12
  112. Medici Children Suffered from Malnutrition During Italian Renaissance2013/06/10
  113. Syrian Vintner Carries On in a Time of War2013/06/07
  114. Why China has Fallen for Fixies2013/06/06
  115. iDodge Tax Flash Mob Protest at the Apple Store in London2013/06/05
  116. A Rare Dialect Spoken in Alaska2013/06/04
  117. Ireland's New Stamp Features a 224 Word Short Story2013/06/03
  118. Scientists Debate the Prospects for Bringing Woolly Mammoth Back to Life2013/05/31
  119. 360 Degree Street View of the Galápagos Archipelago2013/05/30
  120. World's Biggest Flag Unfurled in Romania2013/05/29
  121. Volcano on Argentina and Chile Border Prompts Red Alert2013/05/28
  122. Canadian Scientist Regenerates Long Frozen Arctic Plants2013/05/27
  123. Ecuador's Satellite Involved in Space Fender Bender2013/05/24
  124. Coffee Leaf Rust Plant Disease Threatens Central American Crops2013/05/23
  125. Chinese Dissident Ai Weiwei's New Musical Protest2013/05/22
  126. NOAA Surveys US Coastal Waters for Leaking Shipwrecks2013/05/21
  127. With an Aroma of Rotting Flesh, Indonesian Corpse Flower Blooms in Ohio2013/05/20
  128. The Tribes of Rio's Ipanema Beach2013/05/17
  129. Whatever Happened to all of the Moon Rocks?2013/05/16
  130. Canadian Apple Farmer Uses Helicopter to Save Crops from Frost2013/05/15
  131. Ancient Mayan Pyramid Bulldozed, Mostly Reduced to Rubble for Use as Road Fill2013/05/14
  132. Man Half Swallowed by Hippo Lives to Tell Tale2013/05/13
  133. Searching for a Female Mangarahara Cichlid2013/05/10
  134. The Amazon Water Lily, Queen Victoria and the British Empire2013/05/09
  135. Euro Protection for a Centuries Old Traditional Scottish Pudding2013/05/08
  136. Belgian Town Awash with Stolen Cash: What Would You Do?2013/05/07
  137. A Final Resting Place for the Homeless in Denmark2013/05/06
  138. Iron Man 3: Blockbuster in China, Not Coming Soon to a Theater Near You2013/05/03
  139. Choco Pie, South Korea's Equivalent of a Moon Pie2013/05/02
  140. Equality From the Ground Up: Streets in Berlin Must Be Named After Men and Women Equally2013/05/01
  141. The New Latin American Dutch Queen Máxima2013/04/30
  142. Ancient Chinese Art in the New World2013/04/29
  143. Making Lots of Noise at Brazil's World Cup2013/04/26
  144. The Return of Nightingales to Berlin2013/04/25
  145. Clean Shoes, Folk Dancing, Liza Umarova: Things to Love About Chechen Culture2013/04/24
  146. 'King's Song' Not Fit for a King?2013/04/23
  147. Fastest Growing Wine Producing Region in the World2013/04/15
  148. Next Stop! Parisian Metro Station to be Named for French Chanteur2013/04/11
  149. Australia's 'Magnetic' Termites2013/04/10
  150. West Africa Native Gorgui Dieng's Roots on Display in Louisville Win2013/04/09
  151. An American Target Within Reach of a North Korean Missile?2013/04/08
  152. In Search of the Living Fossil Fish, the Coelacanth2013/04/05
  153. Landlocked Country in South America Sues Neighbor to Get Coastline Back2013/04/04
  154. Madonna to Sell Painting 'Three Women at the Red Table' to Support Girls Education2013/04/03
  155. Thriving Microbial Life in the Planet's Deepest Oceanic Trench2013/04/02
  156. Bidding for Tuna at the Biggest Fish Market in the World2013/04/01
  157. Rio's Sports Stadium Closed for Urgent Repairs2013/03/28
  158. The Most Welcoming, and Least Welcoming Countries Around the World2013/03/27
  159. Iraq's Ancient Mesopotamian Capital2013/03/26
  160. The Tale of Juan Mendoza, Bolivian Hero and Aviator2013/03/25
  161. Iran Native and Oregon Ducks Power Forward Arsalan Kazemi2013/03/22
  162. International Cuisine in Louisiana2013/03/19
  163. 13 Skeletons Unearthed in London Could Shed Light on the Plague2013/03/15
  164. Proxy Marriage: International Couples Getting Hitched Online2013/03/14
  165. Greenland's Future At Stake in Elections2013/03/12
  166. CT Scans Reveal Ancient Mummies with Heart Disease2013/03/11
  167. Locusts: Agricultural Menace and Kosher Snack2013/03/08
  168. 2013 Gaza Marathon Canceled After Hamas Bans Women2013/03/05
  169. London's Highgate Cemetery: Why the Grave of President Lincoln's Chiropodist has Become a Tourist Destination2013/03/04
  170. Pufferfish Anyone? The Deadliest Meal in the World2013/03/01
  171. The Case of the Great Train Robbery2013/02/28
  172. 'Crotches Kill': Canadian Campaign to Stop Distracted Driving2013/02/27
  173. Baku's Terminology Commission Ditching Russian-Origin First Names2013/02/26
  174. A Boost for Electrical Vehicles in Northern Europe2013/02/25
  175. Karaoke Used to Support State Propaganda2013/02/21
  176. New Contraception Law in the Philippines Shows Catholic Church's Diminished Influence2013/02/19
  177. Why Did Iran Ban Pistachio Exports?2013/02/15
  178. Olympic Wrestlers Fight to Save Their Sport2013/02/14
  179. Change and Tradition in Myanmar's Mandalay2013/02/12
  180. Remembering Zhuang Zedong, Hero of Ping Pong Diplomacy2013/02/11
  181. Lost and Found at India's Kumbh Mela2013/02/08
  182. Where Chefs Eat2013/02/07
  183. US Post Office's Southernmost Branch at Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station2013/02/06
  184. How Libya Reclaims its Forgotten Past2013/02/04
  185. PuSh Performance Takes Audience Members on Sightseeing Tour Blindfolded2013/01/31
  186. Surfer Garrett McNamara Catches Monster Portuguese Wave2013/01/30
  187. Exploring Cuba on a Motorcycle2013/01/29
  188. Expedition Across Frozen Siberian Frontier2013/01/28
  189. Brazil's Favelas Becoming 'Cool' Tourist Destinations2013/01/25
  190. Crocodiles On The Loose in South African River2013/01/24
  191. Brunost Cheese Burns, Makes Headlines in Scandinavia2013/01/22
  192. The Sound of Birds, Whales, Elephants, Frogs, Published Online2013/01/21
  193. Garlic Smuggling Hits Sweden2013/01/17
  194. Kita Nago: Walking Across Haiti for Unity2013/01/16
  195. Russian Couple on Trial for Allegedly Spying on NATO, EU2013/01/15
  196. One Scandinavian Nation Remembers Johnny Cash's Prison Concert2013/01/14
  197. Uzbekistan's First Daughter Gulnara Karimova Tweets with Journalist2013/01/10
  198. Swiss Town Hopes To Keep Lamp Burning2013/01/09
  199. Wildfires Scorch Australia2013/01/08
  200. A Greek Island of Longevity2013/01/07
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