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PRI's The World - Geo Quiz Podcast

  1. Some of this country's biggest celebrities are economists — really2014/12/09
    For this Geo Quiz, we're looking for the country whose economists are treated like rock stars.
  2. Can you name the West Coast city where a Buddhist shrine turned a neighborhood around?2014/11/26
    In the American city we want you to name, a Buddha statue purchased at a hardware store managed to turn an eyesore of a street corner into a shrine and gathering place.
  3. This country has passed Scotland in the world whisky ranks. Can you name it?2014/11/18
    The country we want you to name for this week's Geo Quiz has produced a single malt that beat Scotland in the unofficial world whisky ranks.
  4. Name a South American city that has a thriving Asian fusion food scene2014/11/07
    The latest food trend out of this city combines Asian flavors with South American staples. For this week's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the name of that South American city.
  5. Which American city could potentially adopt a canal system to combat rising tides?2014/10/31
    In this North American city, rising tides could mean trouble — in a hundred years, at least. That's why a group of sustainability experts have drafted a plan that adapts to rising sea levels rather than fighting them. The key is canals. For this week's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the city which could someday become North America's very own Venice.
  6. This South American city is home to the 'world's tallest squat'2014/10/24
    In the heart of a South American city, a 45-story abandoned skyscraper has become a haven for squatters. For this week's Geo Quiz, we're looking for the city where this tower is located. Can you name it?
  7. The music of this European region is unexpectedly popular in Mexico2014/10/10
    The folk music of this region in the southeast of Europe has influenced a new musical scene in Mexico, of all places. Can you name it?
  8. Which country, aside from Scotland, manufactures most of the world's bagpipes?2014/10/03
    When you think of Scotland, it's likely you think of kilts, haggis, and — of course — bagpipes. Scots produce most of the world's bagpipes, but there's a country that comes in close second. Can you name it?
  9. This tiny Scottish island is an unplugged getaway — can you name it? 2014/09/12
    Scotland has been buzzing with news about the upcoming independence referendum. But one Scottish island won't be getting any updates on the latest referendum news — at least on their smartphones. That's because there's no cell service. Can you name this unplugged island?
  10. Which New York City borough will soon be home Sergei Dovlatov Way?2014/08/29
    Sergei Dovlatov was a Russian author who wrote about the absurdity of life. Now, he's being honored with a street name in New York City. Can you name which borough the street is in?
PRI's The World: Geo Quiz
The Geo Quiz from PRI's The World challenges your knowledge of people and places, geography and culture. Created by journalists in the newsroom, each Geo Quiz question comes with its own answer, a fascinating report or interview that reveals a mystery location.

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