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  1. 40 Years a Yankee Stadium Vendor2022/04/06
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  2. The Creative Mind of Michael Hearst2022/03/30
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  3. Styling from the Inside Out2022/03/23
    [Editor's Note: All month, FUV is celebrating Women's History Month, including with some encore presentations of "Cityscape." This episode is from May 29, 2019.]

    Can changing your wardrobe change your life? Dawnn Karen thinks so. The New York City-based fashion psychologist is our guest on this week's "Cityscape."
  4. Woman Pilot that History Forget Inspires Novel2022/03/16
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  5. All the Ladies2022/03/09
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  6. America's Most Storied Woman2022/03/02
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  7. Inside NYC's Mysterious Bookshop2022/02/23
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  8. NYC, I Like Your Style2022/02/16
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  9. In the Shadow of the Bridge2022/02/09
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  10. A Bronx Tale of Race and Ethnicity2022/02/02
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  11. Kindness as a Prescription for Happiness2022/01/26
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  12. New Book Captures Jewish Teen Life Pre-Holocaust2022/01/19
    Our guest this week is author and New Yorker cartoonist Ken Krimstein. He joins us to talk about his new graphic narrative called “When I Grow Up.” It brings to life the accounts of six Eastern European Jewish youths right before the start of World War II. It was long thought the Nazis destroyed the autobiographies, but they were discovered in 2017 hidden away in a Lithuanian church cellar.
  13. After touring with Beyoncé, Bassist Divinity Roxx Steps into the Spotlight with a Children's Album2022/01/05
    She toured with Beyoncé and Victor Wooten, but now bassist Divinity Roxx is stepping into the spotlight with her first family music album. It’s called Ready, Set Go!

    Divinity is our guest on this week’s show to talk about her new album, as well as her two new picture books, life on the road with Beyoncé and more.
  14. Stories from the Pandemic2022/01/05
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  15. Turning the Page on Reading Accessibility2021/12/22
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  16. Welcome to Lilyville2021/12/16
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  17. Coney Island Baby2021/12/15
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  18. Building Brooklyn: We've Been Here Before2021/12/08
    In this episode of Building Brooklyn, we hear the story of Canarsie in reverse, from the racial unrest in the 1990s, to the anti-integration school boycotts in the 1960s, the community of Canarsie's Black residents in the 19th century, all the way back to Brooklyn's first residents, the Native Lenape people, who gave the neighborhood its name.
  19. Building Brooklyn: Eighth Avenue2021/11/24
    Brooklyn is constantly changing. This episode takes a look at the changes on just one street in one neighborhood: Eighth Avenue in Sunset Park, which many call Brooklyn's Chinatown. In the early 1990s, BPL and the Museum of Chinese in America collected oral histories about Sunset Park. We dive back into that archive, with help from Professor Tarry Hum, urban planner and former Sunset Parker.
  20. Building Brooklyn: Finntown2021/11/22
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  21. Building Brooklyn: Women on the Waterfront2021/11/17
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  22. Building Brooklyn: Like Coming Home2021/11/10
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  23. The Beat Goes on at Brooklyn Recording Studio2021/11/03
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  24. One Photographer's Commitment to Telling the Story of 9/112021/10/27
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  25. An 'Epic' Return to the Stage2021/10/20
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  26. Hummingbears & Wish Trees & Gorillas, Oh My!2021/10/13
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  27. Reframing Justice Reform2021/10/06
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  28. Dan + Claudia Zanes Sing Through Troubled Times2021/09/29
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  29. Matchmaker Matchmaker Make Me a Match2021/09/22
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  30. NYC's Natural Wonders2021/09/15
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  31. When Life's a Drag2021/09/03
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  32. Comedy During Covid2021/09/01
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  33. Digging into the World of Gems and Minerals2021/08/25
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  34. Waxing Poetic about the GWB2021/08/16
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  35. A Fiesta with Flor Bromley2021/08/09
    Family music artist Flor Bromley lives in New York, but is native to Peru. Her new album, Pachamama., focuses on her indigenous roots and fuses native music with popular genres.

    Bromley is our guest on this week’s Cityscape to talk about her latest work and her musical journey overall.
  36. Battling Overdose Deaths Amidst COVID-192021/08/02
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  37. 'Smell Well and Smell Often'2021/07/21
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  38. Changing Lives on Staten Island2021/07/08
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  39. Theatre For All2021/07/06
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  40. Creating Community Through Food Halls and Markets2021/06/25
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  41. Only 21 Left, The Push to Preserve Lesbian Bars2021/06/24
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  42. Beer Here!2021/06/23
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  43. Tracy Bonham., From Anger to Joy2021/06/16
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  44. Meet the Sausage Queen2021/06/09
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  45. Four Decades of Evolution in NYC2021/06/02
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  46. "Zachary Schmackary" Talks the Cookie Biz2021/05/26
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  47. Back in the Bronx with Marty Kleinman2021/05/05
    Whoever said you can’t go home, hasn’t met Marty Kleinman. The Bronx-born storyteller returned to his home borough after spending several decades in Queens, Manhattan and Brooklyn. Kleinman is out with a new collection of short stories called A Shoebox Full of Money, inspired by his life in and away from the Bronx. He joins us on this week's Cityscape to talk about it.
  48. Alex Branson: 'The Baby Singer'2021/04/28
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  49. QPL at 1252021/04/27
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  50. The First Latina Rockette's New Act2021/04/21
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  51. Artists Look Back for a Path Forward2021/04/14
    Many artists have been struggling throughout the pandemic. On this week’s Cityscape, we’re exploring the history of a program that helped artists through another challenging time in our history -- the 1970s economic crisis.

    Our guests say the Comprehensive Employment and Training Act (CETA) could serve as a model to help artists rebound from this time of hardship.
  52. The Ripple Effects of a Pandemic on Nonprofits2021/04/07
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  53. Knitting and Crafting Through the Pandemic2021/03/31
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  54. Kickin' It Old School! 2021/03/24
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  55. Growing Up Bank Street2021/03/17
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  56. The Power of Breath2021/03/10
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  57. Exploring 'The North Atlantic Cities'2021/02/24
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  58. Picking up the Pieces2021/02/17
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  59. Lessons in Fyütchology2021/02/10

    Our guest this week is a social justice musician who uses hip-hop and visual storytelling to educate upcoming generations. He goes by the name of Fyütch. Fyütch is from Gary, Indiana, but he now calls New York City home. He joins us to talk about what brought him to the Big Apple, how he arrived at his stage name, and the message behind his music.

  60. A Life in Wax2021/02/03
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  61. Classic Cuts and Artifacts 2021/02/03

    "COVID Hair, Don’t Care." That might be true for a lot of people, but barbershops are still open for folks who want to have a fresh clean look for that next Zoom meeting.

    On this week’s show, we’re checking in with one New York City barbershop that offers a history lesson with a trim.

    The NYC Barbershop Museum is a place for classic cuts and barbering artifacts.
  62. Stanford White in Detail 2021/01/27
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  63. All the Ladies2021/01/20
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  64. High and Low Tea in Brooklyn2021/01/13
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  65. Juror Conducts Post-Trial Examination of Societal Ills2021/01/06
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  66. A Who's Who of Manhattan's UWS2020/12/30
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  67. You Should Know Their Names2020/12/23
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  68. Foundation Aims to Shed Light on Inequities in Maternal Mortality2020/12/16
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  69. Older Adults and COVID-192020/12/09
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  70. Meet the Owner of Café Con Libros2020/12/02
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  71. A 19th Century State of Mind2020/11/23
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  72. Beat of the Boroughs2020/11/13
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  73. Finding Humor in the Pandemic2020/11/11
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  74. Here's to Horology!2020/11/04

    In the midst of the coronavirus pandemic, no doubt many people want to turn back the hands of time, or perhaps move them forward. In either case, on this week’s Cityscape, we’re paying careful attention to time with a guy who knows a whole lot about it: Nick Manousos, Executive Director of the Horological Society of New York .
  75. Dorothy Parker's Ashes Find a Home in the Bronx2020/10/28
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  76. Rooted in the Hood2020/10/21
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  77. Dress Your Best Life2020/10/14
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  78. COVID-19 and the Workplace2020/10/07
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  79. NYC's Oldest Candy Store Pivots in the Pandemic2020/09/30
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  80. Breaking the Bronze Ceiling2020/09/23
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  81. Banding Together for Struggling Street Vendors2020/09/16
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  82. Giving Ex-Offenders a Second Chance2020/09/09
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  83. Child of 9/11 Pens Memoir2020/09/02
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  84. 'With Every Lick" A Moment of Normalcy 2020/08/24
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  85. Resting Place for the Dead, Respite for the Living2020/08/17
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  86. On the Farm2020/08/07
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  87. On Location Tours Goes Virtual 2020/08/05
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  88. House of Yes: 'Fun is not Cancelled' 2020/07/29
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  89. Nightlife in the Pandemic2020/07/22
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  90. Parallels Between COVID-19 and HIV/AIDS2020/06/29
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  91. Checking In at the Mount Vernon Hotel2020/06/23
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  92. Parks and the Pandemic 2020/06/23
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  93. NYC's Long Intermission2020/06/22
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  94. Teaching in the Age of Coronavirus2020/06/08
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  95. From Prison to Pandemic2020/06/02
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  96. Jane Motorcycles Rides Through the Pandemic2020/06/01
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  97. VOA-GNY CEO Discusses COVID-19 Response2020/05/18

    Since the late 1800s, Volunteers of America has been working to assist many of New York City’s most vulnerable populations. And that effort continues today in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.

    Cityscape host George Bodarky talked with President and CEO of Volunteers of America-Greater New York, Tere Pettitt, via Zoom.
  98. In Conversation: Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams2020/05/13
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  99. Flushing Town Hall's Virtual Doors Are Open2020/05/13
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  100. Tour Guides Idled By Pandemic2020/05/11
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  101. Girl Scouts Help in COVID-19 Battle2020/05/06
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  102. 125 Year-old Music School Navigates Today's Crisis2020/04/29
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  103. Leadership in a Pandemic 2020/04/22
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  104. Empty Sidewalks Cripple Street Vendors2020/04/15
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  105. The Arts and the Pandemic2020/04/07
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  106. Meet the Mag Men2020/03/18
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  107. Brooklyn's Grammy-Winning Music Therapist2020/03/11
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  108. Strike a Chord: 'Unlonleying' the Planet2020/03/04
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  109. 'Fry Bread' Celebrates Native Heritage2020/02/26
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  110. In Conversation with Author-Cartoonist Bob Eckstein2020/02/19
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  111. Ending the AIDS Epidemic in NY2020/02/12
  112. New Life for Obsolete Religious Buildings2020/02/05
  113. In the Shadow of the Bridge2020/01/29
  114. The Rethinking of Foster Care2020/01/22
  115. 'Culturally Responsive' Education in NYC Schools2020/01/15
  116. Unlocking the Mysteries of Newborn Childhood Diseases2020/01/08
  117. Countdown to the Count2020/01/01
  118. NYC Photog Captures Vanishing Single-Story Buildings2019/12/25
  119. Inside NYC's Mysterious Bookshop2019/12/18
  120. Author Takes the Road Less Traveled2019/12/11
  121. Caring for Caregivers2019/12/04
  122. Faith Unites Against Hate in NYC2019/11/27
  123. A Bronx Tale of Race and Ethnicity 2019/11/20
  124. Strike a Chord: Emergency Preparedness2019/11/13
  125. B-Ball in NYC2019/11/06
  126. Coming of Age in Coney Island2019/10/23
  127. America's Most Storied Woman2019/10/16
  128. Artist Works to Preserve History of NYC's Lesbian Bars2019/10/09
  129. A Peek Inside New York City's Oldest Bookstore2019/10/02
  130. Tickling Steinway Piano History2019/09/25
  131. Kindess as a Prescription for Happiness2019/09/18
  132. Walk with Frank: Raising PTSD Awareness2019/09/04
  133. Bullet Space: 'We're Still Kickin!'2019/08/28
  134. Women Shaping Today's Food World2019/08/21
  135. Nonnas in the Kitchen2019/08/14
  136. The Making of the AMNH2019/08/07
  137. Bronx Graffiti Artist Promotes Vision Protection2019/07/31
  138. 40 Years a Yankee Stadium Vendor2019/07/24
  139. Urban Park Rangers at 402019/07/17
  140. Summertime in Central Park2019/07/10
  141. Q&A with NYC's Sustainability Chief2019/07/03
  142. A New Book Uncovers Brooklyn's Queer Past2019/06/19
  143. Father Up2019/06/12
  144. Brooklyn Photographer Captures 'Unseen' NYC2019/06/05
  145. Styling from the Inside Out2019/05/29
  146. Locker Room Talk with CEO Travis Hollman2019/05/22
  147. 200 Years of Bicycling History in NYC2019/05/15
  148. Dishing It Up With Celebrity Caterer Mary Giuliani 2019/05/08
  149. Brooklyn Man Battles Deadly Infection 2019/05/01
  150. Established 1884: Inside Garber Hardware2019/04/24
  151. Inside America's Oldest Apothecary2019/04/17
  152. Seven at Sea2019/04/10
  153. Meet Brooklyn Mom and Grammy Winner Lucy Kalantari 2019/04/03
  154. Going to the Chapel and We're...2019/03/27
  155. A New Chapter Begins for Longtime Lower Manhattan Arts Group2019/03/20
  156. A NYC Pharmacy Unlike the Rest2019/03/13
  157. Strike a Chord: Retired Maestro Helps Other Older Adults Stay Active2019/03/06
  158. Within These Walls2019/02/27
  159. The Statues of Central Park2019/02/20
  160. The Evolution of the Snowman and More with Cartoonist Bob Eckstein2019/02/13
  161. Woman Pilot That History Forgot Inspires New Novel2019/02/06
  162. The Legacy of Brooklyn's First Black Elected Official2019/01/30
  163. In the Shadow of Genius2019/01/23
  164. The Five Borough Backlot2019/01/16
  165. New York Rising: From the 17th Century to the Skyscraper Age2019/01/09
  166. Treating Gun Violence Like a Disease2019/01/02
  167. The Other Side of Stigma2018/12/26
  168. Meet the Pizza Cousins2018/12/26
  169. 'Tis the Season: Christmastime in NYC2018/12/19
  170. Kid Comedians2018/12/12
  171. Locks and Keys2018/12/05
  172. Clairvoyant or Con Artist? 2018/11/28
  173. A Visit to Bonnie Slotnik's Rare and Vintage Cookbook Shop2018/11/21
  174. Strike a Chord: Autism Acceptance2018/11/14
  175. Photographing NYC2018/11/07
  176. 75 Years Later: The Rescue of the Danish Jews2018/10/24
  177. Meet Dr. Laser: The 'Accidental Holographer' 2018/10/17
  178. The Lucky Charm On 57th Street2018/10/10
  179. What's the Buzz About?2018/10/03
  180. What Makes a Man?2018/09/26
  181. Hidden History of Queens2018/09/12
  182. Grieving 9/11 Seventeen Years Later2018/09/05
  183. She's Lazy and She Loves to Eat2018/08/29
  184. Pigeon Palooza2018/08/22
  185. The King of Snagging2018/08/15
  186. Once in Harlem2018/08/08
  187. Yo Soy Taino!2018/08/01
  188. Tenement Museum Preserves Historic Trash2018/08/01
  189. A Hospital for Feathered Patients2018/07/25
  190. An Inside View of NYC's Luxe Housing Market2018/07/18
  191. Strike a Chord: Don't Throw it Out!2018/07/04
  192. The Not So Concrete Jungle2018/06/27
  193. The Cityscape Egg-stravaganza2018/06/13
  194. NYC Theater Company Presents an All-Yiddish 'Fiddler'2018/06/06
  195. Beyond the Polish2018/05/30
  196. Revolutionary New York2018/05/23
  197. Bronx Native Helps Underserved Individuals Launch Careers2018/05/16
  198. It's In The Family2018/05/09
  199. Trending in the NYC Food Scene2018/04/25
  200. On Deck: April 18th 20182018/04/18
  201. The New Abolitionists2018/04/18
  202. Save America's Clocks2018/04/11
  203. Taking LGBTQ History Out of the Closet2018/04/04
  204. Bow Wow NYC2018/03/28
  205. Public Gardens of NYC2018/03/21
  206. Remnants of the Past2018/03/14
  207. Strike a Chord: Children in Foster Care2018/03/07
  208. The Sole of NYC2018/02/28
  209. Well, Hello, Dolly!2018/02/21
  210. Yiddish Language and Theater in NYC2018/02/14
  211. From Lock Up to Lunges:2018/02/07
  212. They, Themself and Schmerm 2018/01/31
  213. For Rent!2018/01/24
  214. Oddities in NYC2018/01/17
  215. Is The Doctor In?2018/01/03
  216. Feline Tales2017/12/30
  217. If These Walls Could Talk: Bronx Historical Homes2017/12/20
  218. Teaching Matters 2017/12/13
  219. Suicide Prevention2017/12/06
  220. Strike a Chord: Battling Drug Addiction2017/11/29
  221. A Second U 2017/11/22
  222. Education Through Music2017/11/15
  223. The World of Ballet2017/11/08
  224. Horology 1012017/11/01
  225. Boroughs of the Dead2017/10/25
  226. It's a Small World2017/10/18
  227. New York City's Relationship with the UN2017/10/11
  228. Bronx History 1012017/10/04
  229. A Museum in Brooklyn Works to Shed New Light on the Holocaust 2017/09/27
  230. #WildlifeNYC2017/09/20
  231. The Big History of Little Italy2017/09/13
  232. Meet the Van Dusens, One of Manhattan's Oldest Families2017/09/06
  233. Biting into the History of the Hot Dog2017/08/30
  234. The Sand, Surf, History and Culture of Brighton Beach 2017/08/23
  235. Mommy Talk2017/08/16
  236. Romancing the Stone in NYC2017/08/02
  237. A Visit to the Rockefeller's Kykuit2017/07/26
  238. The Structure of Design2017/07/19
  239. Fresh Starts: Life After Prison2017/07/12
  240. Strike a Chord: Healthy Kids2017/06/28
  241. Mysterious Islands of NYC2017/06/21
  242. Here's the Scoop: Ice Cream in NYC2017/06/14
  243. Life Interrupted2017/06/07
  244. Norman Bel Geddes: The 20th Century's Leonardo da Vinci2017/05/24
  245. A City Seen2017/05/17
  246. Peter Gethers Serves Up Touching Tribute to his Mom2017/05/10
  247. French Filmmaker Becomes Taxi Driver2017/05/03
  248. Rolling on the Bronx River2017/04/26
  249. The Evolution of American Culture2017/04/19
  250. The Entrepreneurial Spirit2017/04/12
  251. Toyland2017/04/05
  252. The Unique and Exotic2017/03/29
  253. Tattooed New York2017/03/22
  254. The Magic of Harry Houdini2017/03/15
  255. Coping with Loss2017/03/08
  256. Tea and Chocolate2017/03/01
  257. Life as a Zeckendorf2017/02/22
  258. Monday Night Magic2017/02/15
  259. Cats and Dogs!2017/02/01
  260. Dancers Among Us2017/01/25
  261. The Changing Face of the South Bronx2017/01/17
  262. Networks of New York2017/01/11
  263. Playing it Forward2017/01/04
  264. Manhattan Churches2016/12/21
  265. The Curious and Wondrous2016/12/14
  266. The Poetry of Everyday Life2016/12/07
  267. The Sounds of Success: An Interview with Joel Beckerman 2016/11/30
  268. The World's Greatest Bookstores2016/11/23
  269. Con men, Hustlers and the Black Market2016/11/16
  270. Multigenerational Family Dynamics2016/11/09
  271. Strike a Chord: Veterans Returning Home2016/11/02
  272. Gangs of Chinatown2016/10/26
  273. The Making of an Urban Wonderland2016/10/19
  274. The Power of Collaboration2016/10/12
  275. Seinfeld's Soup Nazi Gives Up the Soup2016/10/05
  276. Media Mogul Nely Galán on How to Go Big!2016/09/28
  277. Coming of Age in the Chelsea Hotel2016/09/21
  278. Finding Your True Essence: An Interview with Kute Blackson2016/09/19
  279. 9/11 15 Years Later: Tuesday's Children2016/09/07
  280. Underwater New York 2016/08/31
  281. Exploring the History of the Bowery2016/08/30
  282. Unexpected Gardens and Birds in NYC2016/08/24
  283. Addiction in the Legal Profession2016/08/17
  284. The Power of the Bath2016/08/10
  285. The Bowery Boys2016/07/28
  286. Operation Backpack2016/07/27
  287. The Secrets of Green-Wood Cemetery2016/07/20
  288. Strike a Chord: The Healing Power of the Arts2016/06/22
  289. The Brooklyn Experience2016/06/15
  290. Central Park's Trees and Landscapes2016/06/08
  291. Becoming Grandma2016/06/01
  292. Celebrating 125 Years of the NYBG2016/05/25
  293. New York's Yiddish Theater2016/05/18
  294. Life Beyond Baseball with the '86 Mets2016/05/11
  295. The Legacy of Jane Jacobs2016/04/27
  296. NYC Before Sunrise2016/04/20
  297. A Walk Along St. Marks Place2016/04/06
  298. The Power of Maps2016/03/30
  299. NYC From a Toddler's Perspective2016/03/23
  300. NYC Through the Lens2016/03/16
  301. The Doctor is In2016/03/09
  302. Strike a Chord: Mentoring At-Risk Youth2016/03/02
  303. One-Food Wonders2016/02/24
  304. A Slice of NYC2016/02/10
  305. Conscious Living2016/01/27
  306. NYPD Green2016/01/27
  307. Spin Cycle2016/01/20
  308. Savoring Gotham 2016/01/13
  309. NYC Storefronts2016/01/06
  310. First Times2015/12/30
  311. Everything NYC2015/12/16
  312. Gowanus: Brooklyn’s Curious Canal2015/12/09
  313. Homelessness in NYC 2015/12/02
  314. The Con Men: Hustling in New York City2015/11/25
  315. Culinary Conversations2015/11/18
  316. Exploring the Underground 2015/11/11
  317. Strike a Chord: Family Caregivers 2015/11/04
  318. Painting Central Park2015/10/28
  319. Women and War2015/10/21
  320. Unlocking the Doors to NYC's Most Impressive Sites2015/10/14
  321. Everything Bagels2015/10/07
  322. Interior Landmarks: Treasures of New York 2015/09/30
  323. Medical Marijuana2015/09/23
  324. Are Libraries Still Relevant? 2015/09/16
  325. Bar Life2015/09/09
  326. One Righteous Man2015/08/26
  327. A Peek Inside NYC's Social Clubs2015/08/19
  328. Guide to the Bronx 2015/08/12
  329. Bitter Bronx 2015/07/22
  330. A Chat with Sesame Street's "Maria" 2015/07/15
  331. Coffee and Tea 2015/07/08
  332. Independence Day 2015/07/01
  333. Strike a Chord: Kids Making a Difference2015/06/24
  334. "Seeing Home"2015/06/17
  335. Exploring Red Hook2015/06/10
  336. 50 Years of New York City Landmarks 2015/05/27
  337. Wildlife in the Concrete Jungle2015/05/20
  338. Mom and Pop Shops2015/05/13
  339. On the Water2015/04/29
  340. What are We Touching and Eating, Exactly? 2015/03/25
  341. Just Kids from the Bronx2015/03/18
  342. Digging into Pizza2015/03/11
  343. Strike a Chord: Access for All2015/03/04
  344. Tawking the Tawk2015/02/18
  345. From Drug Kingpin to Fitness Entrepreneur2015/02/04
  346. The Knish2015/01/28
  347. Remembering the Garment District's Heyday2015/01/10
  348. Cityscape: The Bronx Remembered2014/12/27
  349. Outdoor and Underground "Art Galleries" in NYC2014/12/17
  350. Family, Togetherness and Tradition2014/12/10
  351. The Wonderful World of Toys, Games and Dolls2014/12/03
  352. Cityscape: The Essence of NYC Past and Present2014/11/29
  353. Diving into Desserts2014/11/19
  354. Cityscape: Comic Relief and Getting A Laugh in NYC2014/11/15
  355. Strike a Chord: Teen Suicide Prevention2014/11/03
  356. Oh When the Saints...2014/10/31
  357. Demystifying Death2014/10/25
  358. All About Elevators2014/10/24
  359. Cityscape: In the Kitchen2014/09/06
  360. Cityscape: Haunted NYC2014/08/13
  361. Cityscape: Urban Appetites of Yesteryear2014/08/09
  362. Cityscape: NYC in Film2014/07/26
  363. Cityscape: Footprints in New York2014/07/12
  364. Cityscape: Manhattan Classic 2014/07/05
  365. Strike A Chord: A Greener New York City2014/06/28
  366. Urban Monk2014/06/14
  367. Street Harassment2014/06/07
  368. Scams2014/05/31
  369. Buskers2014/05/17
  370. Mother's Day2014/05/10
  371. Lost and Found2014/05/03
  372. A Best Of2014/04/23
  373. Behind the Mask2014/04/08
  374. Exploring the Issues Behind Wrongful Convictions2014/04/05
  375. The Tall and the Short of It2014/03/29
  376. Kitty Genovese, 50 Years Later2014/03/01
  377. Presidential History2014/02/15
  378. Survival2014/01/25
  379. Handmade2014/01/18
  380. Shhh!2014/01/04
  381. Indoors2013/12/21
  382. Strike A Chord: Food Pantries and Soup Kitchens2013/11/09
  383. Fall into Darkness2013/11/02
  384. Childhood Dreams2013/08/31
  385. Getting to Know Queens2013/08/17
  386. NYC's Vietnam Veterans2013/08/03
  387. Typewriters, Atari, and 1800's X-rays2013/07/20
  388. Our Twist on the Pretzel2013/07/13
  389. Cityscape: Pigeons - Love 'em or Hate 'em?2013/06/29
  390. Strike a Chord: Combatting the Stigma of Mental Illness2013/06/22
  391. Cityscape: Private Lives in the Big City2013/06/01
  392. Glenn Close and Family Battle Stigma of Mental Illness2013/05/25
  393. Cityscape: Typhoid Mary2013/05/18
  394. A Show About Moms2013/05/11
  395. NYC for Kids2013/04/27
  396. Cityscape: Broadway Tails2013/04/13
  397. Cityscape: Struggling to "Make It" in NYC2013/04/06
  398. Cityscape: A Hare Raising Editon 2013/03/30
  399. From Broadway Publicist to Prisoners' Rights Advocate2013/03/23
  400. Striking a Chord for Emergency Housing2013/03/16
  401. A New York Noodle Story2013/03/09
  402. The Centennials 2013/02/23
  403. The Measure of Manhattan2013/02/16
  404. New York Then and Now2013/01/19
  405. Health Disparities in NYC2013/01/12
  406. New York Natives vs. Transplants2013/01/05
  407. Rebuilding the Rockaways2012/12/29
  408. Keeping Teens on the Straight and Narrow2012/12/15
  409. Let There Be Light2012/12/08
  410. Drunk Driving Issues2012/12/01
  411. Rebuilding After the Storm2012/11/24
  412. Strike a Chord: After-School Programs2012/11/17
  413. Sandy Aftermath2012/11/03
  414. Drunk Driving Issues2012/11/01
  415. Cityscape: The Halloween Edition2012/10/27
  416. Presidential Politics2012/10/20
  417. Art in Unlikely Places2012/10/13
  418. Looking Down on NYC2012/10/06
  419. Exploration and Adventure in NYC2012/09/01
  420. NYC's "Other" Islands2012/08/18
  421. Cityscape: Keeping Teens on the Straight and Narrow2012/08/11
  422. Cityscape: Chalk it Up!2012/08/04
  423. Cityscape: In the Hamptons2012/07/21
  424. Strike a Chord: Electoral Engagement2012/06/23
  425. NYC Band Sings To Raise Animal Awareness2012/06/16
  426. The Bookie's Son2012/06/02
  427. NYC Foodies of Yesterday and Today2012/05/26
  428. An Interview With NYC's Parks Commissioner2012/05/19
  429. Smallpox, Vaccination and Civil Liberties in NYC2012/05/12
  430. Going Beyond the Pink Ribbon2012/05/05
  431. Stories of an Upper Manhattan Childhood2012/04/28
  432. The Ultimate Recylers2012/04/07
  433. A 19th Century State of Mind2012/03/31
  434. Portals to NYC's Past2012/03/24
  435. Irish Immersion2012/03/17
  436. Broadway Battles Bullying2012/03/10
  437. Strike a Chord: Animal Welfare2012/03/03
  438. Birds of a Feather2012/02/25
  439. Fading Ads of New York City 2012/02/18
  440. A Modern Guide to Manners2012/02/11
  441. Bronx Defense Attorney Sings the Blues2012/02/04
  442. Books, Books, Books!2012/01/07
  443. Strike a Chord: Financial Literacy2011/11/12
  444. By Nightfall2011/09/24
  445. Diving into the Gowanus2011/09/17
  446. 9/11: Ten Years Later2011/09/10
  447. Noo Yawk Tawk2011/08/27
  448. Creative Minds2011/08/20
  449. In The Village2011/08/06
  450. The People's Palace2011/07/30
  451. The Archaeology of Home2011/07/09
  452. Strike a Chord: Neighborhood Parks2011/06/11
  453. The Stories Behind the Storefronts2011/06/04
  454. Stories of Addiction 2011/05/28
  455. The Hobby Shop2011/05/14
  456. Happy Mom's Day!2011/05/07
  457. Escaping Domestic Violence2011/04/30
  458. Opa! Greek in NYC2011/03/26
  459. Strike a Chord: Seniors2011/03/19
  460. The Triangle Fire: 100 Years Later2011/03/12
  461. The Inevitable2011/03/05
  462. Warm and Cozy2011/02/26
  463. Cold As Stone2010/12/18
  464. The Diviest Dives2010/12/11
  465. Strike A Chord: Music Education 2010/10/30
  466. Who's the Boss?2010/10/16
  467. Union Square's Universe2010/10/09
  468. Open House New York2010/10/02
  469. 911 Birthdays2010/09/11
  470. 9/11 Health Perspective2010/09/04
  471. Pests in the City2010/08/28
  472. Obesity in NYC2010/07/24
  473. Grandpa Had a Long One2010/07/17
  474. Coming Out From Behind the Badge2010/06/26
  475. Read All About It2010/06/05
  476. Teens in Trouble2010/05/29
  477. The Lindsay Years2010/05/08
  478. Complaints in the City2010/05/01
  479. Understanding Alcoholism2010/04/10
  480. NYC After Dark2010/03/27
  481. Affordable Housing2010/03/20
  482. The Commuters2010/02/27
  483. Preserving the Past2010/02/20
  484. Artists and Pranksters2010/01/30
  485. Let's Go!2010/01/23
  486. Small Spaces2010/01/09
  487. A New Year and Old Loves2010/01/02
  488. Die Laughing2009/12/26
  489. The Singing Nuns2009/12/19
  490. Strike a Chord2009/12/12
  491. At the Movies2009/12/05
  492. Miracles and Soul Food2009/11/21
  493. The Cronkite Files2009/11/07
  494. Spooky Town2009/10/31
  495. Inheriting the City2009/10/24
  496. The Recipe Club2009/10/17
  497. "America's Best Idea"2009/09/26
  498. The Collectors2009/09/19
  499. Homecomings2009/09/12
  500. The Healing Sticks2009/09/05
  501. Petty Crimes2009/08/29
  502. Call Me Daddy2009/08/22
  503. Locally Grown2009/08/01
  504. Land of Lost Souls2009/07/25
  505. Feast Your Eyes (and ears)2009/07/18
  506. Francophilia2009/07/11
  507. The Independence Day Show2009/07/04
  508. Stonewall: 40 Years Later2009/06/27
  509. Dear Dad...2009/06/20
  510. The Secret City2009/06/13
  511. Magic Plants2009/06/06
  512. The Waterfront2009/05/23
  513. The Class of 20092009/05/16
  514. Mannahatta2009/05/09
  515. Window on the Park2009/05/02
  516. The Men in Blue2009/04/25
  517. Mysteries Underground2009/04/18
  518. Alvin Ailey at 502009/04/11
  519. Supers in the City2009/04/04
  520. The Liar Show2009/03/28
  521. In Like a Lion...2009/03/21
  522. The Grand Concourse2009/03/07
  523. Human Trafficking2009/02/28
  524. Food Matters2009/02/21
  525. Why We Love NYC2009/02/14
  526. Showtime at the Apollo2009/01/24
  527. No Job? No Prob!2009/01/03
  528. Gastropolis2008/12/27
  529. The Holiday Edition2008/12/20
  530. Dogs, Cats and Hamsters2008/12/13
  531. At The Theater2008/12/06
  532. Remembering the Troops2008/11/29
  533. House Calls2008/11/22
  534. Feast on This2008/11/15
  535. Twisted Head2008/11/08
  536. Courthouse Confessions and The Big Race2008/11/01
  537. The Moon and the Stars2008/10/18
  538. Politics and the Economy2008/10/11
  539. Oktoberfest2008/10/04
  540. Waiter Rant2008/09/27
  541. Bad Seeds in the Big Apple2008/09/20
  542. Shakespeare's Return2008/09/13
  543. Outside the Pink or Blue Box2008/09/06
  544. Islands in the City2008/08/30
  545. Free NYC2008/08/23
  546. Gangs and Bottles2008/08/16
  547. The Memory Maker -- Playland2008/08/09
  548. Night of Rage2008/08/02
  549. The Gift of Life2008/07/26
  550. The Great White Way2008/07/19
  551. An Unlikely Cat Lady2008/07/12
  552. Reading and Writing2008/06/28
  553. Lifting the Veil: Weddings2008/06/21
  554. Housing with a Twist2008/06/14
  555. In the Hamptons2008/05/31
  556. Twins and Doppelgangers2008/05/24
  557. Mommalicious2008/05/10
  558. A Walk in the Park2008/04/19
  559. Ellis Island2008/04/12
  560. Drunk Driving -- The Risks2008/03/29
  561. I Am Not My Breast Cancer2008/03/22
  562. Living with OCD2008/03/15
  563. Threatened NYC2008/03/08
  564. Ellington Boulevard2008/02/23
  565. Living Large2008/02/16
  566. Love and Politics2008/02/09
  567. Odd Jobs2008/02/02
  568. The Whistler2008/01/26
  569. When Doctors Become Patients2008/01/19
  570. Growing Old in NYC2008/01/12
  571. Untying the Knot2007/12/29
  572. Winter Solstice2007/12/22
  573. The Facts about Phobias2007/12/15
  574. Coping with Loss2007/12/01
  575. Ethel Merman -- A Life2007/11/24
  576. Unearthing NYC2007/11/17
  577. On Your Mark...2007/11/03
  578. Creepy Tales2007/10/27
  579. In the Market2007/10/20
  580. Dough2007/10/13
  581. Teens and Drug Abuse2007/10/06
  582. Dishing Dirt on Allergies2007/09/29
  583. Bronx Noir2007/09/22
  584. Your Ad Here !2007/09/15
  585. Tracking Progress in Lower Manhattan2007/09/08
  586. NYC's Best Bars2007/09/01
  587. Bark Fest2007/08/25
  588. Great Escapes2007/08/11
  589. An Interview with Author Pete Hamill2007/07/28
  590. City of Water2007/07/21
  591. Summer Reading2007/07/14
  592. A Living Lens2007/07/07
  593. The Beauty of Madness2007/06/30
  594. Blind in NYC2007/06/23
  595. Branching Out2007/06/16
  596. Horsing Around in NYC2007/06/09
  597. Another Mother2007/06/07
  598. Musical Abilities2007/05/23
  599. Understanding Alzheimer's2007/05/19
  600. That's So Ghetto!2007/05/12
  601. Working the Street2007/05/05
  602. Cleaning Up The Clutter2007/04/28
  603. Reflecting on Earth Day2007/04/21
  604. High Rise Low Down2007/04/14
  605. Religion in NYC2007/04/07
  606. "Dry Manhattan"2007/03/31
  607. Rollin' on the River2007/03/24
  608. The Golden Years in NYC2007/03/17
  609. The YouTube Age2007/03/10
  610. Powering Up2007/03/03
  611. Trash Talk2007/02/24
  612. From NY to DC?2007/02/10
  613. Parking in NYC2007/02/03
  614. On the Town -- Times Square2007/01/27
  615. Slavery -- Past and Present in NYC2007/01/20
  616. "Through the Children's Gate"2007/01/13
  617. Give Me Your Tired...2007/01/06
  618. Holiday Hoopla2006/12/23
  619. The Festival of Lights2006/12/16
  620. Hidden NY2006/12/09
  621. Taxi, Taxi !!!2006/12/02
  622. To Shop or Not to Shop2006/11/25
  623. Museum Hopping2006/11/18
  624. NYC Food2006/11/11
  625. For The Birds2006/11/04
  626. Halloween Special2006/10/28
  627. Culture Shock2006/10/14
  628. Stuck In The Past2006/10/07
  629. Gone To New York2006/09/30
  630. NYC Landmarks2006/09/23
  631. Chinatown, 5 years later: An Audio Diary2006/09/09
  632. The Volunteers2006/09/02
  633. Morry's Camp and More...2006/08/26
  634. War Stories from the Homefront2006/08/19
  635. Strivers Row2006/08/05
  636. Meet the Astors2006/07/22
  637. Get On The Bus2006/07/01
WFUV's award-winning, weekly public affairs program. Host George Bodarky covers New York City issues from the humorous to the sobering; whether it's an examination of local hipsters, homelessness or historic architecture. "Cityscape gives me 30 minutes to focus on a particular issue, to really delve into it," says Bodarky. "I love to walk," he says. "I will just walk around Manhattan and discover new neighborhoods, new communities, and to me that's the best thing... Much of what I bring to the show is a new experience to me that I hope resonates with the listeners as well."

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