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  1. Correcting The Historical Record2019/11/15
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  2. The Ground Floor: He Can Pickle That2019/11/15
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  3. Making The Web Truly Democratic2019/11/15
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  4. How Place Names Get Assigned And Changed In Oregon2019/11/14
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  5. Savor: The Return Of The Fermentistas2019/11/14
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  6. Exchange Exemplar: A Columbine Mother Remembers2019/11/14
    The mass murder at Columbine High School was hard to experience even from a great distance. It was an issue right in in Sue Klebold's home. Not only did she lose her son, he was one of the two people who planned and carried out the act of carnage. She tells the story of life torn apart and rebuilt in the book A Mother’s Reckoning: Living in the Aftermath of Tragedy .
  7. Thoughts On Kurds From An Ashland Teacher2019/11/13
    Anyone who did not already know a few things about the Kurds learned a few more when President Trump withdraw military protection for them. Timothy Dolan of Ashland is very familiar with Kurdistan and its people, having worked as a university teacher there. He has been watching with interest as the states around the stateless Kurds take action.
  8. Highs, Lows, And Headscratchers: Signals & Noise For November2019/11/13
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  9. What It Takes to Build "Strong Towns"2019/11/13
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  10. Jackson County Gets New Youth Shelter2019/11/12
    The teen years are always tough. Homelessness, family crisis and other social ills can make those years even more challenging. Hearts With A Mission has been providing faith-based family services for a number of years in Jackson and Josephine Counties. The organization is nearing completion of a new youth shelter to give teens in crisis a safe place to go.
  11. The Perplexing Case Of Barred Owl vs Spotted Owl2019/11/12
    They look alike, they live in the same areas, and they have even mated upon occasion. But barred owls and spotted owls do not generally co-exist, and that's a problem for the meeker spotted owl, already present on the federal endangered species list.
  12. Epic Garlic Fight Gets TV Documentary, Ashland Visit2019/11/12
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  13. Discrimination at Health Care Facilities2019/11/11
    Visiting a health care provider is often stressful. But people of color and LGBTQ people often get an added dose of insensitivity and outright discrimination. That's according to a new preliminary report from the California Pan-Ethnic Health Network .
  14. Stories Of Southern Oregon: From Scotland With Love2019/11/11
    Some of the many vineyards that dot the region grow grapes where pear trees stood until recently. Not so with Troon Vineyard in the Applegate Valley. What was once a cattle ranch became a vineyard in the early 70s, at the hands of Scottish immigrant Dick Troon.
  15. The Keenest Observers: Love & Song2019/11/11
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  16. Pesticide Spraying on Roadsides2019/11/08
    You've probably seen private landowners posting homemade "NO SPRAYING" signs along the roadways that border their properties. Now some residentes are seeking to make that the rule for all roadways in Jackson and Josephine Counties.
  17. cUriOus: People, Landscapes & Wildfire2019/11/08
    Wildfire has become a part of every westerner's life. But how are we adapting as communities? That's a question a team of researchers, led by University of Oregon landcape architecture professor Bart Johnson , hopes to answer. His team has started a multi-year project to help understand how social networks in the west interact and collaborate to manage widfire risk.
  18. How Hoarders Can Reduce The Clutter2019/11/08
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  19. Josephine County Recycling2019/11/07
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  20. The Pile Of Problems That Led To The Camp Fire2019/11/07
    November 8th marked the one-year anniversary of the Camp Fire. When the smoke finally cleared, most of the town of Paradise, California was gone, and 85 people were dead. A number of factors, both long-term and immediate, led to the fire and its enormous devastation. Mark Arax pointed these out in a piece earlier this year in California Sunday magazine.
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