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  1. Oregon Senate GOP Leader Weighs In On Fire District And Walkout2019/08/12
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  2. Stories Of Southern Oregon: Jackson County Stockmen's Association2019/08/12
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  3. Hacking And Hoping For The Big Time In The Bush Leagues2019/08/12
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  4. Eugene Stops Glyphosate Use On City Property2019/08/09
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  5. Curious: How We Talk About The Microbiome2019/08/09
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  6. Genes And Germs And Forces That Shape You2019/08/09
    "That's just me, that's who I am." Ever say that? Some of us are completely sure of who we are, some of us search all of our lives for a good answer to "why am I like this?" Scientist and author Bill Sullivan can help answer that question. But it's a long-ish answer that includes things like DNA, environment, even microbes.
  7. How Hot Flashes Became A Musical Subject2019/08/08
    Writers and composers have created musicals about all kinds of subjects, why not "the change?" You mean...? Yep. "Menopause the Musical" travels the country, reminding women of a certain age what they're going through, and educating the rest of the population about the ups and downs. MTM plays Redding August 14-15, with songs set to tunes from the 60s, 70s, and 80s.
  8. Britt Orchestra Delivers New Work For Old Movie2019/08/08
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  9. Exchange Exemplar: It's True About All Work And No Play2019/08/08
    Stop wishing there were more hours in a day, says Alex Soojung-Kim Pang. You don't need more time to work, you need more time to rest. Even Charles Darwin, for all his revolutionary thinking, only worked about four hours a day. That's just one example in Pang's book Rest: Why You Get More Done When You Work Less . The author made the case for less work and more play in a 2016 visit.
  10. Training Tribal Youth To Protect The Desert2019/08/07
    The Oregon Natural Desert Association takes a variety of approaches to protecting Oregon's desert lands. The approaches now include training descendants of the desert's original inhabitants to help in the protection processes. The Tribal Stewards Program launched this summer with members of the Warm Springs, Siletz, and Navajo tribes.
  11. Tweets And Debates And More: Signals & Noise2019/08/07
    Never a dull moment in the media biz, especially in a summer of blockbuster movies, racist tweets, and presidential candidate debates. Once a month we invite two members of the Communication faculty at Southern Oregon University to discuss happenings in the media. We're not complaining, but hoo boy, there's a lot to talk about, especially since we define media broadly, from cyberspace to books.
  12. Make Mine Metal: "How to Give Up Plastic"2019/08/07
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  13. Eureka Embarks on "Go Zero" Campaign2019/08/06
    Garbage, trash, rubbish... pick your term. Now imagine reducing what we throw there, even further than we already have. That's the challenge the City of Eureka is placing before its citizens: the idea that NOTHING is wasted and ends up in a landfill. Go Zero Eureka is a campaign to push for a zero-waste community.
  14. Crater/Waldo Lakes To Receive Oregon Waterway Protection2019/08/06
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  15. The Growing Tide Of Dam Removals2019/08/06
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  16. Oregon Insurance Regulators Recommend Steps Before Disaster2019/08/05
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  17. A Half-Century After The Clean Air Act: "Choked" Worldwide2019/08/05
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  18. Uninsured Population Grows Despite ACA2019/08/02
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  19. Summer Under The Hood: The Squeaky Wheel2019/08/02
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  20. How Mosquitoes Altered History (Several Times)2019/08/02
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