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Michigan Radio: Jack Lessenberry: Jack's Take Podcast

  1. Michigan's legislature is punishing the poor2018/04/19
    The Michigan legislature is unwilling to properly fix the roads or repair the rest of our crumbling infrastructure. But there is something they are eager to do: Make life more difficult for poor people who qualify for Medicaid under the Healthy Michigan plan.
  2. Michigan State needs cultural, systemic change2018/04/13
    You might think the worst was now over for Michigan State. Larry Nassar is in prison, presumably for life. The university president who failed to get control of the scandal has been driven out of office, and one of the most powerful political figures in Michigan history is in charge of cleaning up the mess and moving on.
  3. Democrats face bitter fight for attorney general nomination2018/04/11
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  4. Guns in schools? The Supreme Court has said schools have some choice in the matter.2018/04/10
    The Michigan Supreme Court will hear oral arguments tomorrow in what seems certain to be the highest-profile case it will hear this year. The question is whether the state’s public schools can, regardless of what the legislature says, outlaw or otherwise restrict guns in schools. Currently, state law allows someone with a concealed pistol permit to enter a school with an openly holstered gun.
  5. Politics without decency2018/04/09
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  6. Keep an eye on the race in Michigan's 8th Congressional district2018/04/06
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  7. When the law is an ass2018/04/05
    There’s little doubt that the most appalling part of the Snyder administration has been the laughably misnamed Michigan Department of Environmental Quality. You have to give the MDEQ this: It never misses an opportunity to show that it doesn’t care about the environment, or what the citizens of Michigan think, unless they happen to be executives of large corporations.
  8. Whitmer's plan to rebuild Michigan2018/04/04
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  9. Romney McDaniel’s disgraceful tweet2018/04/03
    George Romney was only governor of Michigan for six years, but he was one of the most important figures in our modern political history. He was the moving force behind our current State constitution. He had the brains to recognize that a modern industrial state needed a state income tax, and the guts to fight to get one enacted.
  10. As college costs rise, low-income students hurt the most2018/04/02
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  11. Play ball. But not this early.2018/03/30
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  12. When the internet becomes deadly2018/03/29
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  13. MSU’s worsening nightmare2018/03/28
    In a way, the news that the longtime dean of Michigan State University’s College of Osteopathic Medicine has been charged with criminal sexual conduct may be even worse than the revelations about Larry Nassar . MSU’s line all along has been that Nassar, the former sports medicine doctor who molested hundreds of women, was an anomaly.
  14. Journalism’s dilemma in the age of Trump2018/03/27
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  15. The Great Lakes, the budget, and you2018/03/26
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  16. Calley needs Snyder's endorsement, even if it hurts his bid for governor2018/03/22
    Once upon a time, there was a Republican governor of Michigan who enthusiastically endorsed his lieutenant governor as his successor. The governor was very popular. His lieutenant governor was also respected and well-liked. He was good-looking and had an impressive background as a lawyer, FBI agent, and president of Eastern Michigan University.
  17. Dropping pennies into potholes2018/03/21
    Governor Rick Snyder was all relentlessly positive smiles yesterday when he signed a bill adding $175 million dollars to this year’s state’s road repair budget. “There are roads that actually will get fixed because of this investment. You are going to see a lot of barrels in every corner of Michigan because of this,” the governor added.
  18. Another view of the guns and schools debate2018/03/19
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  19. Why Michigan Radio matters 2018/03/16
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  20. Engler looks quite unsympathetic during House testimony2018/03/16
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Jack Lessenberry
Every weekday, Michigan Radio political analyst Jack Lessenberry offers up his perspective on the latest political news in Michigan.

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