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  1. Presenting: Pop Culture Happy Hour, on Spotify's corporate ad game, 'Wrapped' 2021/12/30
    Our friends at NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast take a look Spotify's annual end-of-year event, and viral sensation, 'Wrapped.' In 2019 the service started pairing its year-end listening data with eye-catching and extremely shareable graphics. But, when the algorithm curates so much of our listening experience... are we just creating a perpetual feedback loop?
  2. How Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan created Merge Records2021/12/29
    In this special episode from NPR's How I Built This with Guy Raz, Laura Ballance and Mac McCaughan talk about how, as college students in the late '80s, they created one of the most influential indie labels of all time, Merge Records
  3. The prophecies of Radiohead's 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac,' 20 years later2021/12/28
    Our friends at NPR's Throughline podcast take a deep dive into the Radiohead albums Kid A and Amnesiac , examining the ways the band confronted the monsters around us and within us at the dawn of a new millennium.
  4. Viking's Choice 2021: Cassettes rule everything around me2021/12/27
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  5. Back to the cabin2021/12/24
    When we held our first holiday extravaganza in 2012 (at a snow-covered cabin in the woods), nearly all of the guests we'd invited canceled. For 2019, we decided to return to the cozy cabin where it all began. What could possibly go wrong?
  6. A holiday cruise2021/12/23
    From 2018, hosts Bob and Robin decide to get away from it all with a holiday cruise to Bermuda. But nature inevitably runs its course and the gang finds itself stuck in the swirling vortex of the mystical Bermuda Triangle, desperate for some sort of passage back home.
  7. Journey to the North Pole2021/12/22
    In this holiday episode originally aired in 2016. Bob and Robin take a train ride to the North Pole in hopes of rediscovering the true spirit of the season. Along the way they meet some special friends, including Kacey Musgraves, Connor Oberst, Japanese Breakfast and more.
  8. A holiday in space2021/12/21
    Through a series of unexpected events, we find ourselves hurtling through outer space, on an urgent musical mission. Join us as we take a rocket ride to the stars, grow homesick for the holidays, and find comfort from a few special guests and friends, including Angel Olsen, Rivers Cuomo of Weezer, our favorite spaceman (Dan Deacon, of course), and more. This episode originally aired in 2014.
  9. A holiday party for the ages2021/12/20
    Originally aired in 2012, our first holiday special landed us at a remote cabin in the woods where we (trust us!) held a party for the ages. The guest list for our night of music and tall tales included Kishi Bashi, Dan Deacon, Carrie Brownstein, Nellie McKay and more.
  10. How HBO's 'Insecure' changed the sound and scope of Black music 2021/12/17
    The groundbreaking HBO series, which just ended a five-year run, provided a platform for showcasing great, unknown Black artists and recast expectations for what R&B, rap and hip-hop can be.
  11. The best songs and albums we missed in 20212021/12/15
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  12. Presenting: Alt.Latino's picks for the best singles of 20212021/12/12
    On this special episode, the Alt.Latino team discusses the best Latin music singles of 2021.
  13. Poll results: NPR listeners pick the top albums of 20212021/12/10
    See what our listeners picked as the top 20 albums released in 2021.
  14. Presenting: Alt.Latino's look back at the best albums of 20212021/12/05
    Each year NPR's Alt.Latino crew parses through hundreds of new Latin music releases in the hopes of finding the best of the genre. On this episode they share just a few of their favorites that stood out in 2021.
  15. Lil Nas X on 'MONTERO,' NPR Music's song of the year2021/12/03
    A conversation with the singer, rapper, social-media sensation, and fashion icon about his groundbreaking pop banger "MONTERO (Call Me By Your Name)."
  16. Jazmine Sullivan unspools her 'Heaux Tales,' NPR Music's album of the year2021/12/01
    The singer reveals the stories and inspiration behind her breathtaking album. Released in January, Heaux Tales held our gaze throughout the year, becoming NPR Music's pick for the best album of 2021.
  17. New Music Friday: The top 5 albums out on Nov. 262021/11/26
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  18. New Mix: Beach House, Jasmyn, Mckenna Grace, more2021/11/23
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  19. New Music Friday: The top 7 albums out on Nov. 192021/11/19
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  20. New Mix: Big Thief, Pinegrove, FACESOUL, Maia Friedman, more2021/11/16
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  21. New Music Friday: The top 6 albums out on Nov. 122021/11/12
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  22. New Mix: Jónsi, Julie Doiron, Rokia Koné, David Keenan, more2021/11/09
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  23. New Music Friday: The top 8 albums out on Nov. 52021/11/05
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  24. The Best Music of October: NPR Staff Picks2021/11/01
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  25. New Music Friday: The top 10 albums out on Oct. 292021/10/29
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  26. New Mix: Quinn Christopherson, mehro, Anjimile, IDLES, more2021/10/26
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  27. New Music Friday: The top 8 albums out on Oct. 222021/10/22
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  28. Let It Be? No, Let's Remix The Beatles2021/10/19
    Producer Giles Martin talks about a new 5-disc deluxe version of Let It Be , one of The Beatles' most complicated albums. Hear his remixed version of the album plus never-before-heard banter and outtakes.
  29. Presenting 'It's Been A Minute': Pop music's 'Latin Explosion' of 19992021/10/18
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  30. New Music Friday: The top 6 albums out on Oct. 152021/10/15
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  31. New Mix: Mitski, Cate Le Bon, Big Thief, Shamir, more2021/10/13
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  32. Presenting 'It's Been A Minute': Reassessing Janet Jackson's 'Control' and legacy2021/10/11
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  33. New Music Friday: The top 10 albums out on Oct. 82021/10/08
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  34. Presenting 'It's Been A Minute': The Lasting Legacy Of 'Soul Train'2021/10/06
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  35. The Best Music of September: NPR Staff Picks2021/10/04
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  36. New Music Friday: The top 7 albums out on Oct. 12021/10/01
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  37. New Mix: Le Ren, Wet Leg, Ustad Saami, NoSo, More2021/09/29
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  38. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Sept. 242021/09/24
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  39. New Mix: alt-J, Loney Dear, Amythyst Kiah, Bnny, More2021/09/22
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  40. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Meet Our Winner2021/09/20
    In the seventh and final episode of Top Shelf, hear from the 2021 Tiny Desk Contest winner, Neffy: a rising singer-songwriter from Arlington, Va., with a breathtaking, soulful, inimitable voice.
  41. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Sept. 172021/09/17
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  42. New Mix: Tiny Desk Contest Winner Neffy, Snail Mail, My Morning Jacket, More2021/09/15
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  43. New Music Friday: The Top 11 Albums Out On Sept. 102021/09/10
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  44. New Mix: Andy Shauf, 79rs Gang, Opium Moon, More2021/09/08
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  45. New Music Friday: The Top 7 Albums Out On Sept. 32021/09/03
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  46. The Best Music Of August: NPR Staff Picks2021/09/01
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  47. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Our Favorite 2021 Entries, Episode 62021/08/30
    Before we announce this year's winner, we're asking our judges to share their favorite entries in a weekly livestreamed series. In this episode, last year's winner, Linda Diaz, shares her picks.
  48. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Aug. 272021/08/27
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  49. New Mix: Big Thief, George Harrison, Circuit Des Yeux, Hand Habits, More2021/08/25
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  50. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Our Favorite 2021 Entries, Episode 52021/08/23
    Before we announce this year's Tiny Desk Contest winner, we're asking our judges to share their favorite entries in a weekly livestreamed series. In this episode, Jewly Hight shares her picks.
  51. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Aug. 20 2021/08/20
    NPR Music picks the best new albums out this week, including new releases by Lorde, Sturgill Simpson, Deafheaven and more.
  52. Guest DJ: Rodrigo Amarante2021/08/18
    The great Brazilian-born, now Los Angeles-based musician has just put out Drama , his first solo album in seven years. We also hear music that changed his life, including songs from The Smiths and Gilberto Gil.
  53. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Our Favorite 2021 Entries, Episode 42021/08/16
    Before we announce this year's Tiny Desk Contest winner, we're asking our judges to share their favorite entries in a weekly livestreamed series. In this episode, John Morrison shares his picks.
  54. New Music Friday: Aug. 132021/08/13
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  55. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Our Favorite 2021 Entries, Episode 32021/08/09
    Before we announce this year's Tiny Desk Contest winner, we're asking our judges to share their favorite entries in a weekly livestreamed series. In this episode, Tobe Nwigwe shares his picks.
  56. New Music Friday: Aug. 62021/08/06
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  57. The Best Music Of July: NPR Staff Picks2021/08/03
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  58. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Episode 2 With Phoebe Bridgers2021/08/02
    Before we announce this year's Tiny Desk Contest winner, we're asking our judges to share their favorite entries in a weekly livestreamed series. In this episode, Phoebe Bridgers shares her picks.
  59. New Music Friday: July 302021/07/30
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  60. New Mix: Steady Holiday, Ada Lea, Wet Leg, More2021/07/28
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  61. Tiny Desk Contest Top Shelf: Our Favorite 2021 Entries, Episode 12021/07/26
    Before we announce this year's Tiny Desk Contest winner, we're asking our judges to share their favorite entries in a weekly livestreamed series. First up: Tiny Desk producer Bobby Carter.
  62. New Music Friday: July 232021/07/23
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  63. New Mix: Soccer Mommy, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy, Nils Frahm, More2021/07/20
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  64. New Music Friday: July 162021/07/16
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  65. New Mix: Courtney Barnett, Ben Gibbard And Tycho, Sparks, More2021/07/13
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  66. New Music Friday: July 92021/07/09
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  67. New Mix: Aldous Harding, Clairo, Matthew E. White, More2021/07/07
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  68. New Music Friday: July 22021/07/02
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  69. Brandi Carlile On The Radical Vulnerability Of Joni Mitchell's 'Blue'2021/06/29
    Brandi Carlile has become one of Joni Mitchell's greatest interpreters. NPR Music's Ann Powers talks with the singer-songwriter about her life with Blue, conversations with James Taylor and the gift Joni gave her.
  70. New Music Friday: June 252021/06/25
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  71. The Best New Artists Of 2021 (So Far)2021/06/23
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  72. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On June 182021/06/18
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  73. New Mix: Lorde, Pokey LaFarge, The Go! Team, Azure Ray, More2021/06/15
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  74. New Music Friday: The Top 6 Albums Out On June 112021/06/11
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  75. New Mix: Jomoro With Sharon Van Etten, Naia Izumi, Laura Stevenson, More2021/06/09
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  76. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On June 42021/06/04
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  77. The Best Music Of May: NPR Staff Picks2021/06/01
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  78. New Music Friday: The Top 6 Albums Out On May 282021/05/28
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  79. New Mix: Sharon Van Etten & Angel Olsen, Mdou Moctar, Angélique Kidjo, More2021/05/25
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  80. New Music Friday: The Top 6 Albums Out On May 21 2021/05/21
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  81. New Mix: Sleater-Kinney, Lowland Hum Reimagining Peter Gabriel, More2021/05/18
    1. Sleater-Kinney: "Worry With You," from Path of Wellness
    2. Billie Marten: "Human Replacement," from Flora Fauna
    3. Sleepersound: "Silence Otherwise," from Idle Voices
    4. Green-House: "Peace Piece," from SC25
    5. Lowland Hum: "In Your Eyes," from So Low
    6. Briars of North America: "Sala," from Supermoon
  82. New Music Friday: The Top 7 Albums Out On May 142021/05/14
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  83. Tiny Desk Contest Family Hour2021/05/13
    We brought together all six Tiny Desk Contest winners for some music and conversation. Hear the songs that earned them a ticket to the Tiny Desk, plus their advice for entering the Contest.
  84. New Mix: Torres, The Laura Marling Project LUMP, Rodrigo Amarante And More2021/05/12
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  85. Dawn Richard Documents Her Mother's Dreams2021/05/09
    WNXP's Jewly Hight shares a conversation with electronic dance artist Dawn Richard and her mom Debbie. Her new album, Second Line , grew out of Dawn's desire to better understand where her mom came from and what matters to her.
  86. New Music Friday: The Top 7 Albums Out On May 72021/05/07
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  87. The Best Music Of April: NPR Staff Picks2021/05/03
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  88. New Music Friday: April 302021/04/30
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  89. New Mix: Manchester Orchestra, Ballaké Sissoko, Faye Webster, More2021/04/27
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  90. New Music Friday: The Top 6 Albums Out On April 232021/04/23
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  91. New Mix: Lucy Dacus, Producer George Martin's Secret 'Ray Cathode' Project, More2021/04/20
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  92. New Music Friday: The Top 6 Albums Out On April 162021/04/16
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  93. New Mix: Sufjan Stevens, Phish's Page McConnell, Squirrel Flower, More2021/04/14
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  94. New Music Friday: April 92021/04/09
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  95. New Mix: Rhiannon Giddens, A Jay Som-Palehound Collaboration, First Aid Kit, More2021/04/06
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  96. New Music Friday: The Top 7 Albums Out On April 22021/04/02
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  97. The Best Music Of March: NPR Staff Picks2021/03/31
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  98. Sara Watkins Reimagines Childhood Music On Beautiful New Album 2021/03/29
    The singer and fiddler shares the stories and inspiration behind her sweetly affecting record, Under The Pepper Tree in this conversation with All Songs Considered host Bob Boilen.
  99. New Music Friday: March 262021/03/26
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  100. The Animated Craft Of Julien Baker2021/03/24
    "Somebody's like, 'Beeps are the new cowbell,' and I agree!" Julien Baker unpacks the experimentation of her new album, Little Oblivions , with Torres' Mackenzie Scott.
  101. New Mix: Kishi Bashi, Toumani Diabaté, Madi Diaz, More2021/03/23
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  102. New Music Friday: March 192021/03/19
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  103. New Mix: Lucy Dacus, Ben Howard, Cautious Clay, Kelli Scarr & More2021/03/17
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  104. New Music Friday: March 122021/03/12
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  105. SXSW 2021 Preview2021/03/10
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  106. Peter Stampfel's Mammoth '20th Century In 100 Songs'2021/03/08
    An absolute eccentric, Peter Stampfel picked one favorite song for every year of the 20th century, then performed and recorded them all for an enormous collection.
  107. New Music Friday: March 52021/03/05
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  108. The Best Music Of February: NPR Staff Picks2021/03/02
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  109. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Feb. 262021/02/26
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  110. New Mix: José González, Bonnie 'Prince' Billy & Matt Sweeney, Charlie Hickey, More2021/02/23
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  111. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out On Feb. 192021/02/19
  112. New Mix: Tune-Yards, Tōth, Buzzy Lee, More2021/02/17
  113. New Music Friday: Feb. 122021/02/12
  114. New Mix: Julien Baker, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah, BONZIE And More2021/02/09
  115. New Music Friday: Feb. 52021/02/05
  116. The Best Music Of January: NPR Staff Picks2021/02/01
  117. New Music Friday: Jan. 292021/01/29
  118. New Mix: Margo Price, The Iceland Symphony Orchestra, Hand Habits, More2021/01/26
  119. New Music Friday: Jan. 222021/01/22
  120. New Mix: Steady Holiday, Nora Brown, Bernice And More Discoveries2021/01/19
  121. New Music Friday: Jan. 152021/01/15
  122. New Mix: Courtney Barnett And Vagabon, Shame, Buke And Gase, More2021/01/12
  123. Viking's Choice 2020: The Year In Loud, Weird And Wonderful2021/01/06
  124. A Holiday Party For The Ages, From All Songs Considered2020/12/25
  125. The All Songs Considered Holiday Cruise2020/12/24
  126. The All Songs Considered Journey To The North Pole2020/12/23
  127. Bob And Robin's Holiday In Space2020/12/22
  128. Bob And Robin's Excellent Holiday Adventure2020/12/21
  129. Poll Results: NPR Listeners Pick The Top Albums Of 20202020/12/18
  130. Let's Celebrate Beethoven's 250th2020/12/15
  131. The Top 5 Songs Of 20202020/12/11
  132. The No. 1 Album Of 2020: SAULT's 'Untitled (Black Is)'2020/12/08
  133. The Camouflage Assassin: Mac Phipps2020/12/01
  134. The Best Music Of November 20202020/11/30
  135. New Music Friday: Nov. 272020/11/27
  136. New Mix: Steve Earle, Big Thief's Buck Meek, Katy Kirby, More2020/11/24
  137. Sylvan Esso Launch New Podcast, 'Shaking Out The Numb'2020/11/23
  138. New Music Friday: Nov. 202020/11/20
  139. Stream New Music From Lavender Diamond, A Jay Som-Chastity Belt Collaboration, More2020/11/17
  140. New Music Friday: The Top 10 Albums Out On Nov. 132020/11/13
  141. The Passionate Calm Of Ólafur Arnalds2020/11/10
  142. New Music Friday: Nov. 62020/11/06
  143. Hear Joni Mitchell's Previously Unreleased Early Recordings2020/11/05
  144. NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of October2020/11/02
  145. New Music Friday: Oct. 302020/10/30
  146. Wayne Coyne On Drugs And The Flaming Lips' 'American Head'2020/10/27
  147. New Music Friday: The Top 10 Albums Out On Oct. 232020/10/23
  148. New Mix: MILCK, The Weather Station, Mary Lattimore, More2020/10/20
  149. New Music Friday: Oct. 162020/10/16
  150. New Mix: Luluc, The Antlers, Squirrel Flower, More2020/10/13
  151. New Music Friday: Oct. 92020/10/09
  152. New Mix: Maren Morris, Sam Amidon, Palberta, Gulfer, More2020/10/06
  153. New Music Friday: Oct. 22020/10/02
  154. NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of September2020/10/01
  155. New Mix: Fleet Foxes, Kurt Vile With John Prine, Shamir, Beabadoobee, More2020/09/29
  156. New Music Friday: Sept. 252020/09/25
  157. Yusuf Cat Stevens On Remaking 'Tea For The Tillerman' 50 Years Later2020/09/22
  158. New Music Friday: Sept. 182020/09/18
  159. Stream New Music From Kevin Morby, Adrianne Lenker, Jeff Tweedy, Cautious Clay, More2020/09/15
  160. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out Sept. 112020/09/11
  161. New Mix: The Front Bottoms, Joe Wong, Afel Bocoum, Asaf Avidan And More2020/09/09
  162. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out Sept. 42020/09/04
  163. NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of August2020/09/01
  164. New Music Friday: The Top 8 Albums Out Aug. 282020/08/28
  165. Hear The First Ever 'All Songs Considered' Podcast, From 20052020/08/25
  166. New Music Friday: August 212020/08/21
  167. New Mix: Ólafur Arnalds, First Aid Kit, More2020/08/18
  168. New Music Friday: August 142020/08/14
  169. The Airborne Toxic Event's Mikel Jollett Recounts His Astonishing Life Story2020/08/11
  170. New Music Friday: August 72020/08/07
  171. NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of July2020/08/04
  172. New Music Friday: July 312020/07/31
  173. New Mix: Angel Olsen, Shirley Collins, More2020/07/28
  174. New Music Friday: July 242020/07/24
  175. New Mix: Sylvan Esso, The Psychedelic Furs, TRISHES, More2020/07/21
  176. New Music Friday: July 172020/07/17
  177. New Mix: Snoh Aalegra, MXXWLL, Golda May, More2020/07/14
  178. New Music Friday: July 102020/07/10
  179. New Mix: Sufjan Stevens, Bill Callahan, Fenne Lily, Lonnie Holley And More2020/07/07
  180. New Music Friday: July 32020/07/03
  181. NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of June2020/07/01
  182. New Music Friday: June 262020/06/26
  183. The Best New Artists Of 2020 (So Far)2020/06/23
  184. New Music Friday: The Top 7 Albums Out On June 192020/06/19
  185. New Mix: H.E.R., Shamir, Gracie And Rachel, More2020/06/17
  186. New Music Friday: June 122020/06/12
  187. Music For Right Now2020/06/10
  188. New Music Friday: Run The Jewels2020/06/05
  189. NPR Music's No. 1 Albums And Songs Of May 2020/06/01
  190. New Music Friday: May 292020/05/29
  191. Artists We Love Cover Songs They Love2020/05/26
  192. New Music Friday: May 222020/05/22
  193. New Mix: Memorable Musical Discoveries, From Muzz To Lou Canon2020/05/19
  194. New Music Friday: May 152020/05/15
  195. Kraftwerk's Remarkable Journey — And Where It Took Us2020/05/14
  196. Little Richard's Life In 10 Songs2020/05/11
  197. New Music Friday: May 82020/05/08
  198. New Mix: Big Thief, Serpentwithfeet, Chris Funk, More2020/05/05
  199. New Music Friday: May 12020/05/01
  200. The Best Of April, 20202020/04/30
  201. New Mix: Khruangbin, Lucinda Williams, Protomartyr, More2020/04/28
  202. New Music Friday: April 242020/04/24
  203. New Mix: Bright Eyes, Jónsi, Nils Frahm, More2020/04/22
  204. The Wit, Wisdom And Awe Of Fiona Apple's 'Fetch The Bolt Cutters'2020/04/20
  205. New Music Friday: April 172020/04/17
  206. New Mix: More Music For The Here And Now2020/04/14
  207. New Music Friday: April 102020/04/10
  208. John Prine's Life In 10 Songs2020/04/09
  209. Radiohead's Ed O'Brien Talks About His New Album, 'Earth'2020/04/07
  210. New Music Friday: April 32020/04/03
  211. Old Songs, New Meanings2020/03/31
  212. New Music Friday: March 272020/03/27
  213. Roger And Brian Eno Reveal How They Made Their Tranquil New Album Together2020/03/24
  214. New Music Friday: March 202020/03/20
  215. What We'll Miss At SXSW This Year2020/03/16
  216. New Music Friday: March 132020/03/13
  217. New Mix: Car Seat Headrest, Anna Calvi, Wire, More2020/03/11
  218. New Music Friday: March 62020/03/06
  219. New Mix: Dirty Projectors, Radiohead's Ed O'Brien, African Head Charge, More2020/03/03
  220. New Music Friday: Feb. 282020/02/28
  221. New Mix: Jay Som, Moon Hooch, Ada Lea, More2020/02/25
  222. New Music Friday: Feb. 212020/02/21
  223. Breathe Deeply: Music To Quiet The Mind And Inspire2020/02/19
  224. New Music Friday: Feb. 142020/02/14
  225. The Love Song I Wish I'd Written2020/02/12
  226. New Music Friday: Feb. 72020/02/07
  227. New Mix: Tré Burt, Sevdaliza, The Homesick, Deserta, More2020/02/04
  228. New Music Friday: Our Top 10 Albums Out On Jan. 312020/01/31
  229. Tank And The Cubans: A Week In Havana2020/01/30
  230. New Mix: Koffee, Diet Cig, Waxahatchee, Half Waif, More2020/01/28
  231. New Music Friday: Our Top 8 Albums Out On Jan. 242020/01/24
  232. Pinegrove, Pinenuts And Pinetabs: A Conversation with Evan Stephens Hall2020/01/23
  233. New Mix: Dan Deacon, Soccer Mommy, M. Ward, Khruangbin And Leon Bridges, More2020/01/22
  234. New Music Friday: Jan. 172020/01/17
  235. Our Top Discoveries From globalFEST 20202020/01/14
  236. New Music Friday: Jan. 102020/01/10
  237. What 'All Songs Considered' Sounded Like 20 Years Ago2020/01/07
  238. Viking's Choice: The Year In The Loud And The Weird2019/12/31
  239. The All Songs Considered Holiday Extravaganza, 20192019/12/23
  240. Poll Results: NPR Listeners Pick The Top Albums Of 20192019/12/17
  241. All Songs Considered: The Year In Music 20192019/12/09
  242. Interview: Raphael Saadiq2019/12/05
  243. Interview: Sheryl Crow2019/12/04
  244. A Conversation With Jeff Lynne Of ELO2019/12/03
  245. The 2010s: NPR Listeners Pick Their Top Songs Of The Decade2019/11/27
  246. The 2010s: A Music-Making Evolution And Revolution2019/11/25
  247. New Music Friday: Nov. 222019/11/22
  248. New Mix: Jesca Hoop, Lee 'Scratch' Perry, Esmé Patterson, More2019/11/19
  249. New Music Friday: Nov. 152019/11/15
  250. The 2010s: Latinx Music Before And After 'Despacito'2019/11/14
  251. Serenity Now: Music And A Conversation With Joan Shelley2019/11/12
  252. New Music Friday: Nov. 82019/11/08
  253. Interview: Angel Olsen And John Congleton On How They Made 'All Mirrors'2019/11/06
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