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MPR: Midmorning Podcast (Hour 2) with Kerri Miller

  1. What it took to get to Pluto2018/10/17
    Planetary scientist Alan Stern joined MPR News host Kerri Miller to discuss his new book, "Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto," which he co-authored with David Grinspoon.
  2. Voices from the Bayou2018/10/16
    From the Larose Civic Center in Louisiana, Kerri Miller spoke to a gathering of engineers, educators, shrimpers, tribal leaders and others about their ideas, programs and progress for improving quality life along the last miles of the Mississippi.
  3. Advice for breaking with a linear career path2018/10/15
    MPR news host Kerri Miller spoke with two people who made dramatic changes to their own careers about how to made it work. This is a rebroadcast.
  4. General Mills CEO: 'Perfection is not the goal'2018/10/11
    Jeff Harmening sat down with host Kerri Miller to talk about innovation, leadership, and climate change.
  5. Why is child care so expensive?2018/10/11
    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with two child care experts about ways to fix the child care shortage and how to make care more affordable. This is a rebroadcast.
  6. Smart money practices to save for college2018/10/10
    Higher ed is getting more and more expensive. Are you ready to send your child off to college?
  7. The future of the Supreme Court2018/10/10
    Justice Brett Kavanaugh's hearing touched on partisan issues. How will the battle over his confirmation affect public faith in the court?
  8. This American Moment: Eligible voters who don't vote2018/10/09
    Author and historian Carol Anderson believes America is at a fork in its history.
  9. Political Junkie: 'It seems to get worse and worse'2018/10/08
    Ken Rudin talked about how Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings have torn apart the Senate and the Supreme Court.
  10. Author Leif Enger on story-light, character-heavy fiction2018/10/08
    Author Leif Enger on story-light, character-heavy fiction
  11. 'White Kids,' a book about privilege and raising children2018/10/08
    How do white families think about race is influencing the rest of the country? A sociologist found out.
  12. Does the public still have faith in the Supreme Court?2018/10/04
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  13. Prince before the rain: 'Piano & a Microphone 1983'2018/10/03
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  14. Dessa and 'My Own Devices'2018/10/03
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  15. How Kavanaugh might affect the midterms2018/10/02
    Voters are paying attention to Brett Kavanaugh's nomination hearings. How will the hearings affect the 2018 midterms?
  16. Political Junkie talks Kavanaugh2018/10/02
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin talks about how the Kavanaugh nomination process may affect the midterms.
  17. What it will take to de-stigmatize mental health in sports2018/10/02
    Minnesota Vikings' Everson Griffen is just one of many professional athletes that have dealt with mental health concerns, but how are leagues like the NFL working to assist their athletes?
  18. Older workers need jobs too2018/09/27
    Are good jobs available to the 55 plus crowd?
  19. Three takes on President Trump's U.N. speech2018/09/26
    President Trump gave a speech at the U.N. on Tuesday, touting the merits of sovereignty. But what are his views on other areas of foreign policy, including China, Iran, and climate change?
  20. There's a science to teaching children to read2018/09/26
    Host Kerri Miller spoke to two education experts on scientifically-based practices that help teachers effectively teach reading to students.
  21. What will happen with Kavanaugh?2018/09/24
    President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court has been accused of sexual assault. What impact will that have on his nomination to the highest court in the country?


    Molly Reynolds, Brookings Fellow in governance studies.

    Wendy Schiller, chair of political science at Brown University.
  22. Outside money pouring into Minnesota's congressional races2018/09/24
    Outside donors are targeting Minnesota because of local competitive races that could lead to control of the House and Senate said reporter Briana Bierschbach. There are four congressional seats up for grabs and a tight senate race.
  23. Political Junkie: 'There are so many things at stake' in the Kavanaugh hearings2018/09/24
    Ken Rudin discussed the week's politics with host Kerri Miller.
  24. If Rosenstein is fired, here's what will happen2018/09/24
    On Monday news organizations were reporting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might resign or be fired. So what would happen if he did step down?
  25. Draining the swamp2018/09/20
    President Trump has been promising to "drain the swamp" since before he was elected. But what does he mean when he says this? And is he living up to his word? On Thursday, MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke about the "swamp" with two guests. Josh Gerstein is a reporter with Politico. Danielle Brian is the executive director of the Project on Government Oversight.
  26. The best way to a $15 minimum wage for St. Paul2018/09/20
    Two guests talked about how St. Paul can go about raising the minimum wage without hurting business.
  27. 5 in 5: "Casual," "Bad Blood" and more2018/09/20
    Stephanie Curtis shared her five favorite things in five minutes: The Hulu show "Casual"; the book, "Bad Blood"; the article "Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong"; the poet Danez Smight; and The Tesla Quartet.
  28. How the #MeToo era might make a difference in who our next SCOTUS justice is2018/09/19
    This is not the first time a SCOTUS nominee has been accused of sexual misconduct. But this accusation comes in the #MeToo era. Will things end differently for Brett Kavanaugh than they did for Clarence Thomas?
  29. Author Shannon Gibney spoke with host Kerri Miller about her latest "Dream Country"2018/09/19
    Shannon Gibney spoke with host Kerri Miller about her latest "Dream Country."
  30. Polling shows Democrats have edge with Independents2018/09/19
    Kathryn Pearson from the University of Minnesota spoke to MPR News host Kerri Miller about the MPR/Star Tribune political poll.
  31. Where have the millennial feminists gone?2018/09/18
    Is the "feminist" label still relevant relevant?
  32. Apprenticeships need industry buy-in to succeed2018/09/18
    Businesses in Minnesota offer training and education to attract employees, but there needs to be industry-wide support.
  33. How cancer research is revolutionizing treatment2018/09/17
    Oncologists approach cancer treatment in new ways with more moderate and personalized therapies.
  34. Political Junkie: Kavanaugh vote likely on Thursday2018/09/17
    Ken Rudin said that even with the recent accusations, the Judiciary Committee will still vote.
  35. Why don't more Americans have flood insurance?2018/09/17
    Most Americans don't have flood insurance. Who will cover rebuilding costs post-hurricane Florence?
  36. Counter Stories: The shooting of Botham Shem Jean2018/09/13
    Counter Stories is our regular conversation about race, identity and social justice.
  37. 'Hapless and helpless:' Life in higher education2018/09/13
    "I am making fun of the most weird aspects of higher ed," said Julie Schumacher, author of "The Shakespeare Requirement."
  38. What would happen if big banks competed with payday lenders?2018/09/13
    U.S. Bank launched a short-term loan program to help clients in need of emergency cash. Is it a good option for consumers in dire need of cash flow?
  39. Republicans split over criminal justice reform2018/09/12
    President Trump is getting conflicting advice on prison reform.
  40. Political humor in the age of Trump2018/09/11
    The Trump era of American politics is full of robust, unprecedented rhetoric. How is political humor affected?
  41. Stopping evictions before they happen2018/09/11
    Who is at risk of eviction and what is being done to prevent homelessness?
  42. 'Housegirl' is a story of immigration and assimilation2018/09/11
    English and Ghanian culture collide in Michael Donkur's new novel, "Housegirl."
  43. Should medical school be tuition-free?2018/09/10
    There is a shortage of doctors and physicians in the U.S. Meanwhile, the cost of medical school tuition has skyrocketed. New York University recently announced they would offer free tuition to their medical students. Should more universities follow suit?
  44. Political Junkie on America's obsession with the anonymous op-ed2018/09/10
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  45. The best of jobs, the worst of jobs2018/09/03
    Bob Collins and Stephanie Curtis were at the Minnesota State Fair talking about work, careers and bosses.
  46. Tim Walz and Jeff Johnson debate at the State Fair2018/08/31
    Democratic gubernatorial candidate Tim Walz and Republican candidate Jeff Johnson faced off in an MPR News debate at the Minnesota State Fair.
  47. Demystifying NPR: Ombudsman sits down with host Tom Crann2018/08/30
    The NPR ombudsman Elizabeth Jensen acts as a link between NPR and its audience.
  48. What's being done to secure the 2018 midterm elections?2018/08/29
    American intelligence agencies tell us the Russian government tried to intervene in the 2016 presidential election. But what are we doing to prevent that kind of meddling in the midterms and beyond?
  49. Longtime defender of Minnesota's wildlife ending career2018/08/29
    After 44 years as a defender of Minnesota's most beloved and threatened wildlife, Carrol Henderson still has a full set of projects on his plate.
  50. Last year Minnesota hosted the Superbowl. This year can they play in one?2018/08/28
    The Minnesota Vikings were one game out of the Super Bowl last season. Staffed with new quarterback Kirk Cousins, they're expected to be among the NFL's best. Is it too early to start making Super Bowl predictions?
  51. Parenting without fear: How to raise children and not go nuts2018/08/28
    Parenting has changed, and children have changed. Preserve your sanity and listen to some experts talk about the best way to parent into today's society.
  52. What gentrification looks like in the Twin Cities2018/08/27
    What does gentrification look like for people and businesses in Minneapolis and St. Paul?
  53. Answering your questions on the Mueller probe2018/08/27
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  54. Remembering Senator McCain's impact on immigration2018/08/27
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  55. Improving the way health care workers talk about death2018/08/23
    End of life care prompts a lot of difficult decision; figuring out how to start a conversation about death shouldn't be one of them. yet for many, conversations about care at the end of life aren't starting early enough
  56. The history of McCarthyism2018/08/21
    This weekend, President Trump compared Mueller's probe to McCarthyism. But what was McCarthyism? And how does it compare to our current historical moment?

    MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to historian Elizabeth Cobbs - a professor of American history at Texas A&M University - about McCarthyism and populism.
  57. Why we can't look away from the end of the world2018/08/21
    Jason Mott's novels capture dark, unforgiving situations: the dead returning, a new world war, a deadly epidemic. Why do we have a taste for those stories?
  58. Why we (and the President) distrust intelligence officials2018/08/21
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  59. Political Junkie: The latest on Mueller and state races2018/08/20
    Ken Rudin discussed White House lawyer Don McGahn's cooperation with Robert Mueller and the surprising results of last week's primary.
  60. The Congressional makeup post-primaries2018/08/20
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  61. The habit of democracy2018/08/20
    What hallmarks make a democracy a democracy? And what institutions and habits keep countries from moving into totalitarianism?

    MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to two experts about democratic practices and about whether a democracy can whither from disinterest.
  62. How the #MeToo movement is playing out in politics2018/08/16
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  63. Breaking down the QAnon conspiracy2018/08/16
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  64. The cultural importance of cult movies2018/08/16
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  65. Why are women athletes still paid less than men?2018/08/15
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  66. America is growing more diverse. Why aren't newsrooms?2018/08/14
    MPR guest host Marianne Combs spoke with two journalists about why this is a persistent issue and what newsrooms are doing to fix it.
  67. Political Junkie: Primaries in Minnesota and beyond2018/08/14
    Primaries are often boring, but not this year. Ken Rudin explained why with host Marianne Combs
  68. Churches are closing, attendance is falling, why?2018/08/14
    Jean Hopfensperger is writing about this issue in an occasional series for the Star Tribune called "Test Of Faith: The Unchurching Of America." She spoke with host Marianne Combs to talk about her reporting and the shuttering of churches in Minnesota. They were also joined by Natalia Terfa, Associate Pastor of Prince at Peace Lutheran Church in Brooklyn Park.
  69. Secretary of State on primary day2018/08/14
    Secretary of State Steve Simon spoke about how voting is Minnesota's primary elections is going.
  70. Are black suspects treated differently by police?2018/08/14
    Host Marianne Combs looked at police de-escalation training. Joining her were two guests: Mike Quinn, former St. Paul police officer, now police trainer at International Ethics and Leadership Training Bureau, and Washington Post investigative reporter Kimbriell Kelly.
  71. What will the pope's death penalty decision mean for U.S. law?2018/08/14
    MPR News host Marianne Combs spoke with two experts to understand the history of the death penalty and Americans' view of it. Joseph Capizzi is an associate professor of moral theology at The Catholic University of America and Griffin Hardy is the communications manager for the Ministry Against the Death Penalty.
  72. Fatigue among protesters, a shared burden and concern2018/08/09
    MPR's Brandt Williams looked at the impact of protest fatigue. He was joined by Resmaa Menakem, trauma specialist, David Meyers, sociologist at University of California and Executive Director of Arts Us.
  73. Rochester is changing, are mayoral and city council candidates prepared?2018/08/08
    MPR senior reporter Catharine Richert joined Kerri Miller for a discussion about how this fall's election is just as much about choosing a vision for the city as it is picking a mayoral and city council candidates.
  74. Trump is flexing his muscles in the Midwest, is it working?2018/08/08
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  75. Does the First Amendment protect 3-D printed guns?2018/08/07
    Are the blueprints for guns coming to a 3-D printer near you? Right now the answer is still uncertain. MPR News Host Kerri Miller spoke with Robert Spitzer and Paul Barrett about the legal uncertainty surrounding 3-D printed guns.
  76. Lebron James I promise school2018/08/06
    Do celebrity sponsored schools offer more assistance to children living in poverty?
  77. Audio queens: A discussion about women in audio technology2018/08/02
    MPR News host Kerri Miller led a panel discussion with three women working in different audio engineering fields to talk about what got them interested, what their experience has been like, and why women are still outnumbered in the field. She spoke to Veronica Rodriguez, Katharine Horowitz and Rhaelee Gronholz.
  78. Counter Stories: Police who shot Thurman Blevins won't face charges2018/08/02
    Counter Stories is our regular conversation on MPR News by people of color--for people of color, and everyone else. The team discusses recent news through the lens of race, identity, social justice and culture.
  79. Drug prices are rising, what can be done?2018/08/01
    President Trump has publicly called for drug companies to lower their prices. Would regulations help consumers or hinder production of new products?
  80. 'What Black Voters Want'2018/08/01
    Atlantic reporter Vann Newkirk explored what black voters in swing states will be looking for this fall in a recent article for The Atlantic. He joined host Kerri Miller along with brilliant corners Research & Strategies president Cornell Belcher to discuss his reporting.
  81. How do corporate contracts impact state economies?2018/07/31
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  82. NAACP on Blevins' shooting2018/07/31
    Minneapolis NAACP president Leslie Badue talked to MPR's Chris Farrell about the fatal police shooting of Thurman Blevins.
  83. Poverty in America is expensive2018/07/31
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  84. Political Junkie on immigration policy and practice2018/07/30
    MPR guest host Chris Farrell spoke with Political Junkie Ken Rudin about the latest in immigration, how current policies might impact the upcoming midterm elections, and more.
  85. Analysis of the Thurman Blevins tape2018/07/30
    Saybrook University presidential fellow, Dr. Ginger Charles looked at the police footage of the Thurman Blevins shooting and discussed deescalation with host Chris Farrell.
  86. Justice for sexual assault survivors2018/07/30
    Minnesota law enforcement has long overlooked sexual assault cases. How can that change? MPR guest host Chris Farrell spoke with Abby Honold, a rape survivor and student at the University of Minnesota, Paul Schnell, police chief in Inver Grove Heights and former Sex Crimes Investigator in St. Paul, and Brandon Stahl, criminal justice reporter at the Star Tribune.
  87. Is socialism making a comeback?2018/07/30
    MPR host Chris Farrell finds out why are millennial falling in love with socialism. Chris wass joined by Cathy J. Cohen Professor of Political Science and Chair of the Department of Political Science at the University of Chicago.
  88. How much does the language we speak shape our identity?2018/07/26
    Our identities are formed in so many different ways: by the people around us, the books we read and by the work we do. MPR host Kerri Miller explored culture and language with Anatoly Liberman, professor of languages at the University of Minnesota and author of "Word Origins and How We Know Them."
  89. Advice for breaking with a linear career path2018/07/26
    MPR news host Kerri Miller spoke with two people who made dramatic changes to their own careers about how to made it work. Jeffrey Scott, managing partner at Me&I LLC and Barbara Hagerty, author of "Life Reimagined: The Science, Art, and Opportunity of Midlife" and contributing editor at The Atlanti.c
  90. DFL governor candidate Tim Walz shares his views2018/07/25
    First District DFL congressman Tim Walz is running in a primary against two other gubernatorial candidates. Kerri Miller spoke to him about the big issues Minnesota is facing.
  91. Are we prepared for the next pandemic?2018/07/25
    The author of "I Contain Multitudes: The Microbes Within Us" spoke with host Kerri Miller about the next, inevitable, outbreak of disease and what it'll take to survive it.
  92. DFL governor candidate Erin Murphy shares her views2018/07/24
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  93. What you're giving up when you skip a home inspection2018/07/24
    Certified home inspector John Trostle on why home inspections are important and what first-time home buyers should ask.
  94. Why aren't more millennials voting?2018/07/23
    MPR host Kerri Miller spoke with Khalilah Brown-Dean, associate professor of political science at Quinnipiac University, and Mary Kate Cary, Senior fellow for presidential studies at the University of Virginia's Miller Center and former speechwriter for President George H.W. Bush.
  95. GOP governor candidate Jeff Johnson shares his views2018/07/23
    Johnson, who participated in a wide-ranging interview with MPR's Kerri Miller on Monday, is serving his last term on the Hennepin County Board. He's the final sprint of a heated, Aug. 14 primary race for governor against former Gov. Tim Pawlenty.
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