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MPR: Midmorning Podcast (Hour 2) with Kerri Miller

  1. This American Moment: Keeping faith in times of uncertainty2018/12/11
    MPR News host Kerri Miller sat down with author Anne Lamott for the season finale of our election season series, "This American Moment."
  2. Political Junkie: Mueller's Russia investigation2018/12/10
    Ken Rudin broke down the week's political news including the Russia investigation and the Cohen investigation
  3. Understanding the U.S.'s role in global climate reform2018/12/10
    The U.S. has pulled out of the Paris Climate Agreement. But the rest of the world is still working to combat climate change and this week thousands of experts are meeting in Poland to figure out how exactly countries will meet their emissions goals.
  4. Debating issues with science2018/12/06
    A course at University of Minnesota is holding mock trials with science and facts at the center of the conversations.
  5. 'The Faithful Spy': Telling the story of World War II through the eyes of a conscientious objector2018/12/06
    John Hendrix is the author of "The Faithful Spy: Dietrich Bonhoeffer and the Plot to Kill Hilter," a new illustrated novel telling the story of the rise of Hitler and one man's attempt to stop him.
  6. Leaders who unite us2018/12/05
    Our country is painfully divided. There was a time when we looked to our leaders to unite us. But what about now? Is there anything or anyone that could unite America?
  7. Consolidation of power2018/12/05
    In Wisconsin and Michigan outgoing GOP lawmakers are working to limit the authority of incoming newly-elected Democrats. What does this mean for democracy? What does it say about how divided we are as a nation?
  8. This American Moment: Addressing implicit bias2018/12/04
    MPR News host Kerri Miller sat down with social psychologist Mahzarin Banaji to continue the series, "This American Moment."
  9. The health care system is tough, especially for black women2018/12/03
    The American health care system is difficult to navigate for anyone. But it's especially difficult for black women.
  10. The writings of George H.W. Bush2018/12/03
    George H.W. Bush never wrote a memoir but letters and speeches give a glimpse into what could have been a riveting memoir. Carlos Lozada, the Washington Post's nonfiction book critic, wrote a piece about what could have been in Bush's memoir
  11. Bush's impact on the presidency2018/12/03
    With the death of President George H.W. Bush people are taking a look back at his time in office and the legacy he left behind. Tim Walch, director emeritus of the Hoover Presidential Library, joined MPR News host Kerri Miller to discuss Bush's time in office.
  12. Political Junkie: Understanding the Bush presidency2018/12/03
    The passing of President George H.W. Bush has a lot of people remembering the Bush presidency. Political Junkie Ken Rudin joins MPR News host Kerri Miller to talk about the impact Bush had on the presidency and the country at large.
  13. The White House through Ayesha Rascoe's eyes2018/12/03
    Ayesha Rascoe has been covering the White House since 2016. She was there for President Obama's final year in office, and has since been covering the Trump White House. Rascoe talked with MPR News host Cathy Wurzer as part of MPR's Broadcast Journalist Series.
  14. What does it mean to be a patriot?2018/11/29
    What does it mean to be a patriot? Does it involve the pledge of allegiance? Serving in the armed forces or public office? Voting? Who gets to define patriotism and how does patriotism differ from nationalism?
  15. Trade skills are in high demand2018/11/29
    There's a high demand for more skilled-trades training and programs at Minnesota tech colleges and universities. Where is the demand coming from?
  16. Developing meaningful rituals for secular people2018/11/28
    We're all familiar with the rituals surrounding religious life: weddings, funerals, holidays and baptisms. But what about rituals for secular people?
  17. Motherhood and the art of timing2018/11/28
    Age may be just a number, but when it comes to giving birth it's a consequential one. A new report outlines how things like education, geography, and politics have a major impact on the age when women become mothers for the first time--and why that age matters so much to that mother's career trajectory and her earning potential.
  18. Creating a space for diversity in music2018/11/27
    Although music is considered universal, there isn't always a ton of diversity in all genres. What can be done to create a space for everyone in all kinds of music?
  19. Limiting your social media consumption2018/11/26
    Social media can be addictive--how can you set boundaries from your online engagement? MPR News reporter Catharine Richert hosts.
  20. Political Junkie: Trump's feud with Chief Justice Roberts2018/11/26
    MPR News reporter Catharine Richert sat down with Ken Rudin to round up the week's political news.
  21. What resources exist after you've been evicted2018/11/26
    Eviction is a life altering event--what resources exist to help evicted tenants land back on their feet after being pushed out of their homes? MPR News reporter Brandt Williams hosts.
  22. Your suggestions for 2018's Word of the Year2018/11/23
    Oxford Dictionary declared "toxic" as 2018's word of the year. U of M language professor Anatoly Liberman had some other ideas. So did our callers.
  23. How millennials are lowering the national divorce rate2018/11/21
    Between 2008 and 2016 the national divorce rate has dropped a whopping 16 percent. At least 8 percent of that drop can be attributed to millennials. What are millennials doing differently?
  24. Talking Volumes with Alexander McCall Smith2018/11/21
    Prolific author Alexander McCall Smith stopped by the Fitzgerald Theater to chat with MPR News host Kerri Miller about writing, kilts, airports, and so much more.
  25. Chip Conley on being a 'modern elder'2018/11/20
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  26. 'I Come From Arizona': How theater can help children engage in challenging conversations2018/11/20
    Hard conversations with young children can be challenging. Carlos Murillo's "I Come From Arizona," provides a platform to kickstart difficult conversations with young children. MPR Producer Jeffrey Bissoy hosts.
  27. New science on why short bursts can be as effective as long bouts of exercise2018/11/20
    A new physical activity guidelines says that Americans need get off their chairs and move around more. MPR News host Kerri Miller looks at how you can apply the new guidelines into your busy lives.
  28. This American Moment: Pushing climate change reform across political divides2018/11/20
    Former South Carolina Congressman Bob Inglis was once a climate-science denying Republican. He now thinks very differently, and has said his refusal to treat climate science as accurate was more motivated by politics than by scientific evidence. Inglis talked to MPR News host Kerri Miller about religion, climate, and politics.
  29. Rochester draws talented couples to the area, but can they retain them?2018/11/19
    The Destination Medical Center is at the center of a big push to attract more talent to Rochester. As more specialized workers move to the area and bring along their highly educated spouses--are there enough places for these "trailing spouses" to work? MPR reporter Catharine Richert shares what she found in her reporting.
  30. The mental health care shortage reaches Minnesota2018/11/19
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  31. Political Junkie talks Khashoggi2018/11/19
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin discusses Trump's response to the killing of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.
  32. With STD cases on the rise, can educators step in?2018/11/15
    The number of chlamydia, gonorrhea and syphilis cases reached a record high in Minnesota last year. MPR News host Kerri Miller and two sex educators talked about the potential sources behind the recent spike and what can be done in the classroom to help buck the trend.
  33. Fact checking the vote count2018/11/15
    There are unresolved midterm elections in Florida, Georgia and elsewhere. The President has expressed concerns with the recount process. So what's actually happening in those states? MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to a reporter to fact check the vote count.
  34. Tracing women's anger through history2018/11/15
    Kerri Miller sat down with Rebecca Traister to talk about her new book "Good and Mad: The Revolutionary Power of Women's Anger."
  35. How to talk about racism with children2018/11/14
    Racism can be one of the most difficult subjects to talk about. But how can parents talk about racism with their children. MPR News host Kerri Miller discussed this topic with two experts.
  36. How do we treat opioid addiction?2018/11/14
    An estimated 30,000 people died from opioid overdoses in the U.S. in 2017. With so many people being affected what is being done to treat addiction? MPR News host Kerri Miller will sit down with two experts to try and answer those questions.
  37. This American Moment with Adam Hamilton2018/11/13
    MPR News host Kerri Miller sat down with pastor Adam Hamilton to continue the series, This American Moment.
  38. What are Minnesotans getting from their high-taxes?2018/11/13
    Minnesota is among one of the highest taxed states in the country, but what are Minnesotans gaining from them in return?
  39. Midterm voters wanted better healthcare, now what?2018/11/12
    Healthcare was a big motivator for voters in the midterm elections. With democrats regaining control of the House, what does that mean for the future of the ACA?
  40. Veteran unemployment2018/11/12
    For veterans, transitioning from the military to civilian life can be difficult. And translating their military experience to a civilian resume is one of the many challenges they face. MPR News host Kerri Miller lead a discussion on veteran employment.
  41. #MeToo and the midterms2018/11/08
    Are women more swayed by gender or party? MPR News Host Kerri Miller was joined by a reporter and a psychologist to try and answer that question
  42. Sessions resigns2018/11/08
    Jeff Sessions has resigned at President Trump's request. What does that mean for the Attorney General's office and the Mueller investigation?
  43. What happened in the U.S. House and Senate?2018/11/07
    Three political science professors chatted with MPR News host Kerri Miller about the makeup of the House and Senate after the midterm elections.
  44. This American Moment: Restoring the public's faith in science and expertise2018/11/06
    When it comes to solving some of the biggest issues of our day, how do our leaders weigh evidence-based solutions versus protecting the bottom line?
  45. Breaking bread with political opposites2018/11/06
    On election day we took a break from politics to discuss how breaking bread with people who have differing viewpoints can help build community and increase understanding
  46. Your voting questions, answered2018/11/05
    New MPR News Host Angela Davis spoke with an elections official about what voters can and can't do on election day. She spoke with Hennepin County Elections Manager Ginny Gelms.
  47. Voters likely to cast ballots along party lines2018/11/05
    Kathryn Pearson from the University of Minnesota said that even with civil debates and voter guides, voters stick to one party when heading to the polls.
  48. What local Democrats and Republicans are saying about the midterms2018/11/05
    MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to two experts about the local campaigns and what people are anticipating will happen on election night.
  49. Races to watch in Minnesota: Senate and governor2018/11/05
    MPR News political reporter Brian Bakst stopped by to talk about the Housley/Smith race for U.S. Senate and we heard highlights of their Sunday evening debate moderated by MPR's Cathy Wurzer. Then he talked about the candidates for governor, Tim Walz (DFL) and Jeff Johnson (GOP).
  50. Pollsters talk about Iowa, Wisconsin and Minnesota2018/11/05
    On Election eve host Kerri Miller turned to pollsters from around the region, including Brad Coker of Mason Dixon Polling to talk about Minnesota; Barry Burden from the University of Wisconsin-Madison to talk about Gov. Scott Walker's re-election bid and other races in Wisconsin; and Ann Selzer, who runs her own polling organization in Iowa, called Selzer and Company.
  51. Outside Money in Campaigns2018/11/01
    There is a lot of money being spent on Minnesota's midterm elections. Candidates have spent about 134 million so far and about half of that is outside money. Where's that money coming from? Who's it going to?
  52. Talking Volumes with Sally Field2018/10/31
    MPR News host spoke with actress Sally Field about her new memoir "In Pieces."
  53. The power of the incumbent2018/10/31
    Normally, incumbent candidates raise more money and benefit from name recognition. But these midterms could be different
  54. The economy and the midterms2018/10/30
    Unemployment is low. Economic growth is high. Consumer confidence is up. Will the robust economy pay off for Republicans on election day?
  55. Interfaith groups united against hate2018/10/30
    In light of the shooting at the Tree of Life synagogue MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with Rabbi Marcia Zimmerman and Urza Ghazi about interfaith solidarity in the face of hatred.
  56. Why investing in preschoolers is a good economic bet2018/10/30
    Why toddlers and preschoolers may be the key to economic growth.
  57. Young voters are key to midterm2018/10/29
    Both Democrats and Republicans are doubling efforts to gain young voter support. How much power do young people wield in this year's midterms?
  58. The ins and outs of high deductible healthcare plans2018/10/29
    Many people opt for a high deductible plan when choosing insurance. But what's the actual cost of such a plan? MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with two experts to deconstruct the ins and outs of high deductible plans.
  59. Is single payer the solution or the long shot?2018/10/25
    Single-payer health care has been floated by some progressive Democrats as a solution to a broken health care system. Republicans warn the system brings increased costs with few benefits.
  60. Health care costs are dipping2018/10/24
    Two guests joined host Kerri Miller to discuss the dip in premiums. Renee Crchlow is the director of advocacy and policy at the University of Minnesota. Katherine Hempstead is a senior policy advisor for the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.
  61. Health care costs are dipping2018/10/24
    Premiums are dropping, what's the cause?
  62. Fact-checking the migrant caravan situation2018/10/24
    Thousands of migrants from Central American are marching north towards the U.S. Who are they and what are they leaving behind?
  63. Immigration and the midterm elections2018/10/23
    MPR News host Kerri Miller sat down with two guests to talk+ about immigration and the midterms. Alan Gomez, an immigration reporter for USA Today and Andy Aoki, political science chair at Augsburg University.
  64. Curating a space to examine young American Muslim identity2018/10/23
    This is another installment in the series "This American Moment" featuring Ikhals Saleem.
  65. Checking in on the race for AG in Minnesota2018/10/23
    Who has a best shot of taking the seat? On Tuesday, Larry Jacobs of the Humphrey School of Public Policy joined the show with host Kerri Miller to discuss.
  66. Political Junkie: How campaigns are using funding2018/10/22
    MPR News host Kerri Miller and Ken Rudin sat down to talk about campaign financing and early voting.
  67. How early voting is changing our elections2018/10/22
    MPR News host Kerri Miller sat down with MPR News reporter Mark Zdechlik, Kat Calvin and Kent Kaiser to talk about how early voting is changing our elections.
  68. Key issues ahead of midterm elections2018/10/22
    MPR News host Kerri Miller sat down with Sharon A. Navarro and Philip Chen to talk through the big issues in Texas, Wisconsin, and the country as a whole.
  69. The cultural importance of cult movies2018/10/18
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  70. What it took to get to Pluto2018/10/17
    Planetary scientist Alan Stern joined MPR News host Kerri Miller to discuss his new book, "Chasing New Horizons: Inside the Epic First Mission to Pluto," which he co-authored with David Grinspoon.
  71. Voices from the Bayou2018/10/16
    From the Larose Civic Center in Louisiana, Kerri Miller spoke to a gathering of engineers, educators, shrimpers, tribal leaders and others about their ideas, programs and progress for improving quality life along the last miles of the Mississippi.
  72. Advice for breaking with a linear career path2018/10/15
    MPR news host Kerri Miller spoke with two people who made dramatic changes to their own careers about how to made it work. This is a rebroadcast.
  73. General Mills CEO: 'Perfection is not the goal'2018/10/11
    Jeff Harmening sat down with host Kerri Miller to talk about innovation, leadership, and climate change.
  74. Why is child care so expensive?2018/10/11
    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with two child care experts about ways to fix the child care shortage and how to make care more affordable. This is a rebroadcast.
  75. Smart money practices to save for college2018/10/10
    Higher ed is getting more and more expensive. Are you ready to send your child off to college?
  76. The future of the Supreme Court2018/10/10
    Justice Brett Kavanaugh's hearing touched on partisan issues. How will the battle over his confirmation affect public faith in the court?
  77. This American Moment: Eligible voters who don't vote2018/10/09
    Author and historian Carol Anderson believes America is at a fork in its history.
  78. Author Leif Enger on story-light, character-heavy fiction2018/10/08
    Author Leif Enger on story-light, character-heavy fiction
  79. Political Junkie: 'It seems to get worse and worse'2018/10/08
    Ken Rudin talked about how Brett Kavanaugh's confirmation hearings have torn apart the Senate and the Supreme Court.
  80. 'White Kids,' a book about privilege and raising children2018/10/08
    How do white families think about race is influencing the rest of the country? A sociologist found out.
  81. Does the public still have faith in the Supreme Court?2018/10/04
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  82. Prince before the rain: 'Piano & a Microphone 1983'2018/10/03
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  83. Dessa and 'My Own Devices'2018/10/03
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  84. What it will take to de-stigmatize mental health in sports2018/10/02
    Minnesota Vikings' Everson Griffen is just one of many professional athletes that have dealt with mental health concerns, but how are leagues like the NFL working to assist their athletes?
  85. Political Junkie talks Kavanaugh2018/10/02
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin talks about how the Kavanaugh nomination process may affect the midterms.
  86. How Kavanaugh might affect the midterms2018/10/02
    Voters are paying attention to Brett Kavanaugh's nomination hearings. How will the hearings affect the 2018 midterms?
  87. Older workers need jobs too2018/09/27
    Are good jobs available to the 55 plus crowd?
  88. Three takes on President Trump's U.N. speech2018/09/26
    President Trump gave a speech at the U.N. on Tuesday, touting the merits of sovereignty. But what are his views on other areas of foreign policy, including China, Iran, and climate change?
  89. There's a science to teaching children to read2018/09/26
    Host Kerri Miller spoke to two education experts on scientifically-based practices that help teachers effectively teach reading to students.
  90. If Rosenstein is fired, here's what will happen2018/09/24
    On Monday news organizations were reporting Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might resign or be fired. So what would happen if he did step down?
  91. Outside money pouring into Minnesota's congressional races2018/09/24
    Outside donors are targeting Minnesota because of local competitive races that could lead to control of the House and Senate said reporter Briana Bierschbach. There are four congressional seats up for grabs and a tight senate race.
  92. Political Junkie: 'There are so many things at stake' in the Kavanaugh hearings2018/09/24
    Ken Rudin discussed the week's politics with host Kerri Miller.
  93. What will happen with Kavanaugh?2018/09/24
    President Trump's pick for the Supreme Court has been accused of sexual assault. What impact will that have on his nomination to the highest court in the country?


    Molly Reynolds, Brookings Fellow in governance studies.

    Wendy Schiller, chair of political science at Brown University.
  94. 5 in 5: "Casual," "Bad Blood" and more2018/09/20
    Stephanie Curtis shared her five favorite things in five minutes: The Hulu show "Casual"; the book, "Bad Blood"; the article "Everything You Know About Obesity Is Wrong"; the poet Danez Smight; and The Tesla Quartet.
  95. The best way to a $15 minimum wage for St. Paul2018/09/20
    Two guests talked about how St. Paul can go about raising the minimum wage without hurting business.
  96. Draining the swamp2018/09/20
    President Trump has been promising to "drain the swamp" since before he was elected. But what does he mean when he says this? And is he living up to his word? On Thursday, MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke about the "swamp" with two guests. Josh Gerstein is a reporter with Politico. Danielle Brian is the executive director of the Project on Government Oversight.
  97. Polling shows Democrats have edge with Independents2018/09/19
    Kathryn Pearson from the University of Minnesota spoke to MPR News host Kerri Miller about the MPR/Star Tribune political poll.
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