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MPR: Midmorning Podcast (Hour 2) with Kerri Miller

  1. Is the painkiller Fentanyl more dangerous than heroin?2018/06/19
    MPR News Host Kerri Miller spoke with Dr. Charles Reznikoff addiction specialist at Hennepin Healthcare and Dr. Traci Green associate professor of emergency medicine at Boston Medical Center, about how the crisis has evolved over the last year.
  2. Questions surround immigration tactics2018/06/19
    Politicians and voters alike are expressing concern with the Trump administration's so-called "zero-tolerance" policy at the U.S.-Mexico border. What will this mean for immigration legislation?

    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke to Politico immigration reporter Ted Hesson on what to expect out of Washington D.C.
  3. How a SCOTUS decision will affect public sector unions2018/06/19
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  4. What do new tariffs mean for American businesses and consumers?2018/06/18
    Earlier this year President Donald Trump announced tariffs on steel and aluminum. Now Canada, Mexico and Europe have said they will retaliate. So what does that mean for American businesses and consumers?

    Two guests joined host Kerri Miller to discuss. Pradnya Joshi is the editor of trade and agriculture at Politico. Mary Lovely is a senior fellow at the Peterson Institute.
  5. Political Junkie on tit-for-tat tariffs2018/06/18
    President Donald Trump is striking out at China and Canada with tariffs, attempting to level the playing field for U.S. producers.

    Host Kerri Miller spoke with Political Junkie Ken Rudin about trade policy and more.
  6. The secret to growing an edible garden2018/06/18
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  7. Some breast cancer patients may no longer need chemotherapy2018/06/13
    Women diagnosed with breast cancer often have a combined treatment of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation. Now a new nine-year study published in the New England Journal of Medicine determined that for some women, chemo can be replaced with a hormone-blocking drug treatment.
  8. Taking depression out of the darkness2018/06/11
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  9. Political Junkie: G7, North Korea and Pardons2018/06/11
    Ken Rudin, host of the Political Junkie podcast joins MPR News Host Kerri Miller each Monday to discuss the latest news from Washington. This week they discussed President Trump's performance at the G7 summit, what to look for in the President's meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, and Mr. Trump's strategy on the use of presidential pardons.
  10. How do presidential pardons work?2018/06/11
    Pirates, prize fighters and disgraced politicians have all been pardoned. Today on MPR News two legal scholars join MPR News host Kerri Miller for a conversation about who earns a presidential pardon and why?
  11. How family trauma can be both devastating and transformative2018/06/07
    Poet Gregorgy ardlo joined MPR host Kerri Miller for a conversation about the ways in which trauma can both shatter and fortify a family's bonds.
  12. What can be done about Minnesota's rising homelessness rates?2018/06/07
    Host Kerri Miller talked to Cathy ten Broeke, director to Prevent and End Homelessness at Minnesota Interagency Council on Homelessness, about our current state of homelessness. They were joined by Ehren Stover-Wright, research director, Institute for Community Alliances to look at his agency's work in Des Moines, Iowa.
  13. Minnesota Democrats grappling with the domino effect2018/06/06
    James Farnsworth is a political activist and student at the University of Minnesota. He joined Katharine Tinucci, senior vice president of MZA Company, and the former campaign manager for Mark Dayton, and MPR News Host Kerri Miller for a conversation about how Democrats feel about the party chaos.
  14. Tackle workplace conflict with wisdom and grace2018/06/06
    A happy work life can make for a happy life all around. MPR News Host Kerri Miller spoke with two workplace-advice columnists about how to make the most out of careers.

    Rob Walker writes the column "Workologist" in The New York Times and Alison Green writes the Ask A Manager column for The Cut. Below is some of their advice.
  15. What it took to get to Pluto2018/06/05
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  16. How Frey plans to fix Minneapolis' affordable housing crisis2018/06/05
    He spoke with MPR's Kerri Miller Tuesday morning, and said he plans to use several techniques to fix the city's housing crisis. One is inclusionary zoning.
  17. What SCOTUS has to say about wedding cake2018/06/05
    MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to Anthony Winer who is a professor at the Mitchell Hamline School of Law about what conclusions can be drawn from the court's ruling.
  18. Who has oversight of ICE?2018/06/04
    MPR News Host Kerri Miller spoke with the former acting head of U.S Immigration and Customs Enforcement, John Sandweg and Linus Chan, Associate Clinical Professor of Law at the University of Minnesota, about how ICE has historically operated and what types of changes have been made since President Trump took office.
  19. Political Junkie: Trump tweets that he can pardon himself2018/06/04
    President Trump made headlines this morning by tweeting that he has the power to pardon himself. Ken Rudin, the host of the Political Junkie podcast talked about how presidents have used that power in the past.
  20. Many Midwest GOP supporters ambivalent about Trump2018/06/04
    After the 2016 presidential election, Washington Post Reporter Dan Balz traveled across the upper Midwest speaking with supporters of President Trump about their reactions to his presidency so far.
  21. Study shows Hurricane Maria's death toll is over 4,0002018/05/31
    After conducting a house by house survey the Harvard T.H. Chan School of Public Health found that over 4,600 people died as a result of the hurricane and the residual lack of access to health care.

    Latino USA editor Julio Ricardo Varela has been following the death toll closely and spoke with MPR News reporter Euan Kerr about the significance of these findings.
  22. A family torn apart by radicalization in 'Two Sisters'2018/05/31
    How do people become radicalized? Journalist and author Asne Seierstad wanted to find out, so she followed two young women who went to Syria to support ISIS.
  23. Counter stories: How should corporations react to racism?2018/05/31
    In this episode Counter Stories host take a look at how corporations handle race and racism.
  24. Ramadan in Minnesota2018/05/30
    MPR reporter Brandt Williams spoke withJenan Mohajir, director of Student Leadership at Interfaith Youth Core in Chicago, and Hanadi Chehabeddine, a public speaker whose work focuses on dismantling misconceptions about Islam, to learn more about them month-long holiday.
  25. Americans say government is broken. Can it be fixed?2018/05/30
    Journalist Steven Brill wanted to find out why so many Americans have lost faith in their government. He talked to MPR News Senior Producer, Stephanie Curtis about what he learned while writing his new book, "Tailspin: The people and Forces Behind America's Fifty-Year Fall--and Those Fighting to Reverse It."
  26. When white people call the cops on people of color2018/05/29
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  27. Political Junkie talks North Korea summit2018/05/29
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin talked to MPR News host Chris Farrell about the on-again-off-again North Korea and all the latest news from Washington DC.
  28. Why is Congress rolling back bank regulations?2018/05/29
    The world was in the middle of a financial crisis 10 years ago. When the economy stabilized the 2010 Dodd-Frank law was passed to prevent another major financial meltdown. So why did Congress just vote to roll back some of those Dodd-Frank rules?

    MPR news host Chris Farrell talked to 3 guests for perspectives on the new financial rules.
  29. Minnesota's renewable energy revolution2018/05/24
    This week on Climate Cast, host Paul Huttner and his guests assessed the state of Minnesota's renewable energy economy, infrastructure, and the potential for accelerated growth.

    Plus, a climate fiction story and an update on the shrinking Colorado River.
  30. The legacy of lynching: A chance to remember, a chance to heal2018/05/24
    In this episode Counter Stories the team looks at U.S. history of lynching, and how the trauma of this crime continues to affects people of color.
  31. President Trump cancels North Korean summit2018/05/24
    Hours after North Korea said that it destroyed its nuclear test site, President Trump called off his meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un. What happens next? Host Stephanie Curtis spoke to journalist and expert, Jean Lee.
  32. With USA out of the World Cup, who should you root for?2018/05/23
    Host Euan Kerr talked about the footie with authors of "Men in Blazers, Encyclopedia Blazertannica" Robert Bennett and Michael Davis. Then, Euan spoke to Megan Ryan, who covers Minnesota United FC and Major League Soccer for the Star Tribune, and Wes Burdine, who hosts a soccer podcast, and will be opening up a soccer-themed bar in St. Paul this summer.
  33. Mind over age: Learning new skills later in life isn't impossible2018/05/23
    Psychologist and professor Dayna Touron's work suggests, it's not that the mind loses its ability to remember, people feel less confident about using it. She and Jean Seils, a guitar and ukulele teacher at the MacPhail center for music, joined host Chris Farrell to talk about learning new skills later in life.
  34. Dayton torpedoes GOP tax, budget bills; no special session2018/05/23
    DFL Gov. Mark Dayton on Tuesday vetoed the main work of the Republican-led Legislature this year and vowed not to call a special session to work things out, saying, "They had their chance." MPR's politics reporter Brian Bakst joined host Euan Kerr to talk about the vetoes.
  35. Career advice for recent college grads2018/05/22
    Graduates are in luck--the job market is the best it's been in a decade. So how can they take advantage of that?

    MPR News host Chris Farrell spoke with Georgene Huang, founder and CEO of fairygodboss.com and Caroline Kitchener, the author of "Post-Grad: Five Women and Their First Year out of College." They provided these six tips for recent graduates.
  36. Coming to terms with history2018/05/22
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  37. DFL and GOP leaders talk about the 2018 Legislative Session2018/05/21
    DFL and GOP leaders talk about the 2018 Legislative Session. Rep. Melissa Hortman, Sen. Tom Bakk, Speaker Kurt Daudt and Sen. Paul Gazelka joined the program.
  38. Political Junkie on primaries, Mueller and trade2018/05/21
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin discussed recent primaries, the Robert Mueller investigation and trade negotiations with MPR News host Chris Farrell.
  39. Why did the farm bill fail?2018/05/21
    The farm bill used to be an example of bipartisan legislation? So why didn't it pass this time?
  40. Want to save your marriage? Learn how to fight with these 12 tips2018/05/17
    Brides Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images
    What's the secret to a successful relationship? Two marriage and family experts say it all comes down to how you fight. Clinical psychologist and author, Daphne de Marneffe and director of the Marriage and Family Therapy Program at the University of Minnesota, Bill Doherty had 12 tips for perfecting the art of constructive conflict.
  41. Why teachers are demanding change2018/05/16
    MPR Host Kerri Miller asked two education scholars why this movement is happening now.

    Guest: Jon Shelton, assistant professor, democracy and justice studies at the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay.

    Guest: Richard Ingersoll, professor of education and sociology at the University of Pennsylvania.
  42. In #MeToo movement, low-wage and blue collar workers say 'don't forget about us'2018/05/15
    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke with journalists Susan Chira about her reporting on current and former female employees of Ford's Chicago automotive plants. Together with Karla Altmayer, a lawyer and co-founder of Chicago-based Healing to Action, they discussed how to change the culture in industries that are male dominated, and workplaces in which women struggle to wield any kind of power.
  43. Author Sara Zaske on the German art of raising self-reliant kids2018/05/14
    When journalist and new mother Sara Zaske moved to Germany, she noticed that her new friends had a very different approach to parenting and a big emphasis on teaching their kids self-reliance.
  44. Political Junkie on North Korea2018/05/14
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin discusses President Trump's positive polling on international affairs.
  45. Five tips to help kids become adventurous eaters2018/05/11
    Milo Fleming, a top three finalist for "Top Chef, Jr." in January 2018; Ed Jenkins, the host of the web series, "Lalo's Lunchbox," and Tricia Armstrong, a speech pathologist at Children's Hospitals and Clinics of Minnesota, where she specializes in working with infants and children with feeding difficulties, joined the program to talk about what to do to make kids adventurous eaters.
  46. Author Kate Bowler on finding faith and hope after an incurable cancer diagnosis2018/05/10
    Kate Bowler is an Assistant Professor at Duke Divinity School and the author of "Everything Happens for a Reason: And other Lies I've Loved." She spoke with MPR News Host Kerri Miller about experience. This is a rebroadcast.
  47. What we can learn from the Mt. Kilauea eruption2018/05/09
    MPR News host Kerri Miller talked to two volcano experts about the science of lava and volcanoes, and lots of listeners weighed in on Twitter with their own volcano stories.
  48. Families, cops push bill requiring 'hands-free' driving2018/05/09
    Greg Tikalsky spoke to Kerri Miller about his battle to get drivers to put the phone down after he lost his father to a distracted driver.
  49. Author Simon Winchester on precision engineering2018/05/09
    Our world runs on precision: from the computers we use to the vehicles we drive, we rely on perfectly balanced measurements and time increments.
  50. What's changed since the Parkland shooting?2018/05/08
    In the wake of the deadly school shooting in Florida last February, several state legislatures have had passed new gun control bills, but Minnesota's lawmakers haven't responded as quickly.
  51. Changing America's view of Muslim women2018/05/08
    Meet generation M: young, independent Muslim women who are changing the way Americans perceive them. Today on MPR News, two women joined Kerri Miller for a conversation about what it's like to be a young, Muslim woman in America today:

    b Blair Imani is the executive director Equality for HER

    b Ikhlas Saleem co-hosts the Identity Politics podcast.
  52. Political Junkie on presidential lawyers2018/05/07
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin analyzed what President Trump's new lawyer Rudy Giuliani may or may not have said over the weekend.
  53. What to know about the Mueller investigation2018/05/07
    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke to Politico senior investigative reporter, Josh Meyer and George Washington University law professor Randall Eliason about what strategies Robert Mueller and President Trump's legal teams might take as the special counsel investigation continues.
  54. What would it take to make housing more affordable?2018/05/07
    Rent and home prices are surging in the metro. What ideas are being proposed to bring those costs down? Kerri Miller spoke to several guests to try to tackle this issue.
  55. New host of 'The Takeaway' has covered American diversity for years2018/05/03
    Tanzina Vega has reported on America's changing demographics for CNN and The New York Times. She starts hosting "The Takeaway" on Monday, May 7.
  56. Go on, get your hands dirty: Your gardening questions, answered2018/05/03
    MPR News host Kerri Miller recently sat down with Julie Weisenhorn, a horticulturalist and extension educator at the University of Minnesota, to help answer some of those pressing planting questions.
  57. Christian colleges at odds with evolving values of students2018/05/03
    MPR News host Kerri Miller led a discussion about whether Christian colleges are welcoming young Christians who may hold different views.
  58. Can we still separate the art from the artist?2018/05/02
    In April 2018, actor Bill Cosby was found guilty of three counts of sexual assault against Andrea Constand, a woman he mentored. Does that mean we can't enjoy watching reruns of the Cosby Show or I Spy anymore?
  59. David Fahrenthold on using instincts and persistence to investigate Trump2018/05/02
    As part of MPR's Broadcast Journalist Series, MPR executive news editor Mike Edgerly interviewed David Fahrenthold at the University of St. Thomas on April 30, 2018.
  60. How can scientists improve their communication?2018/05/01
    cientists are not often trained in the art of communication. So how can they get their work out into the world?

    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke about science and story telling to Peter Doherty--professor of immunology at the University of Melbourne, Australia and winner of the Nobel Prize in 1996. She also talked to Juli Trtnj, director of NOAA's climate and heat health program.
  61. What can we learn about de-escalation from Toronto officer?2018/05/01
    When a Toronto mass murder suspect threatened a police officer with a gun, the officer holstered his own weapon and de-escalated the situation. What can we learn about police tactics from his example? David Thomas is an associate professor at Florida Gulf Coast University and a former police officer. Yasmeen Krameddine is director of research and development at Pro Training
  62. Major electronic file upgrade at Mayo2018/04/30
    MPR's Catharine Richert joined to the program to explain what this means for the clinic.
  63. Which state is best for millennials, Wisconsin or Minnesota?2018/04/30
    Wisconsin is putting out ads in Minnesota and Chicago, trying to encourage millennials to move to their state. Host Kerri Miller was joined by Bridgit Bowden,a reporter from Wisconsin Public Radio and Matt Lewis the director of Make It MSP.
  64. What can music tell us about activism and protest movements?2018/04/30
    Music can't change the world, but it can motivate a generation to protest as it did during the Vietnam War era. History is filled with protest songs that speak to our troubled past and present. Kerri Miller spoke with rapper Brother Ali about this as well as NPR hip-hop reporter, Rodney Carmichael.
  65. Political Junkie on the White House Correspondent's Dinner2018/04/30
    Political Junkie Ken Rudin joined the program to talk about the White House Correspondent's Dinner and Michelle Wolf's comments about Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
  66. Part two: Are all Democrats liberal elites and are all Republicans rich?2018/04/26
    When we hear "Democrat" or "Republican," certain labels come to mind: Democrats are "lefties," God-hating, welfare-loving, socialists. Republicans are racist, sexist, and anti-government. But how accurate are these stereotypes?

    Host Kerri Miller spoke with four guests about how stereotypes are unhelpful to open political conversations. This is the second of two parts.
  67. Part one: Are all Democrats liberal elites and are all Republicans rich?2018/04/26
    When we hear "Democrat" or "Republican," certain labels come to mind: Democrats are "lefties," God-hating, welfare-loving, socialists. Republicans are racist, sexist, and anti-government. But how accurate are these stereotypes?

    Host Kerri Miller spoke with four guests about how stereotypes are unhelpful to open political conversations. This is the first of two parts.
  68. Novel connects characters through the magnificent trees they cherish2018/04/25
    A group of strangers band together to protect the new remaining trees and in the process, find out that the trees are communicating with each other. "The Overstory" is set in a world where, as novelist Richard Powers writes, trees have this to say about humans:

    "Your kind never sees us whole. You miss the half of it, and more. There's always as much below ground as above."
  69. A surge of women are running for office2018/04/25
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  70. Should the U.S. back out of the Iran nuclear deal?2018/04/25
    Iran's president has made it very clear he won't renegotiate. President Trump has called the Iran nuclear deal "the worst deal ever." Why does he dislike it so much? And what would happen if he backed out of it? Nahal Toosi, foreign affairs correspondent for Politico, joined MPR News host Kerri Miller to discuss.
  71. A story of apathy in 'Red Clocks'2018/04/24
    Author Leni Zumas explores what it would be like if everyone gave up the fight for reproductive rights. MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke to Zumas about "Red Clocks," some of which she based on her own experiences trying to conceive a son as a single mother.
  72. Ruling on Line 3 leaves both sides seeing benefits2018/04/24
    A state administrative law judge recommended that state regulators approve the so-called Line 3 project - but only if the new pipeline is built along the same route as the current line. Reporter Dan Kraker spoke with host Kerri Miller about what that means for proponents and opponents of the pipeline.
  73. Will SCOTUS rule on gerrymandering in Texas?2018/04/24
    On Tuesday the U.S. Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments in a Texas redistricting case. At issue is whether state house and congressional maps intentionally discriminated against minority voters in Texas.

    MPR News host Kerri Miller spoke to Matt Ford of The New Republic about gerrymandering.
  74. What it means to be displaced2018/04/24
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  75. For native students in Morris, finding ways to excel in a place of trauma2018/04/23
    A conversation with Native American students at the University of Minnesota Morris.
  76. How successful is American-style diplomacy?2018/04/23
    MPR News guest host Stephanie Curtis spoke to foreign policy staff writer Emily Tamkin and staff writer at The Atlantic, Uri Friedman about America's current style of diplomacy.
  77. Counter Stories: Is the arrest of two black men at Starbucks an isolated incident?2018/04/19
    The hosts are skeptical that bias training will change hearts and minds ingrained in racism.
  78. How does the BBC World Service cover the U.S. for the rest of the world?2018/04/19
    Mary Hockaday joined MPR News executive news editor Mike Edgerly to talk about how her team picks which stories to cover each day, how they contend with the proliferation of fake news, and how the BBC covers the U.S. in the Donald Trump era.
  79. Photographer's lens is focused on climate change2018/04/19
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  80. Prosecutor: No criminal charges from Prince death probe2018/04/19
    Host Mike Edgerly spoke with Dr. Charles Reznikoff and attorney Susan Gaertner about these developments.
  81. Do Black owned banks and credit unions help create wealth in the African American community?2018/04/18
    A new Minnesota-based, black-owned credit union is hoping to change this. MPR host Chris Farrell spoke with two guests on credit unions and the importance of diversity: Me'Lea Connelly is the director at the Association for Black Economic Power and Mike Schenk is the vice president of research and policy analysis at the Credit Union National Association.
  82. Expert: Tax deadline's a good time for deep dive into finances2018/04/18
    Tax filing time is a reminder to review your finances and recommit to those New Year's financial resolutions, personal finance expert Lynnette Khalfani-Cox said Wednesday in an interview with MPR News economics commentator Chris Farrell.
  83. Why are we seeing so many mergers and acquisitions in 2018?2018/04/18
    MPR news host, and Marketplace senior contributor, Chris Farrell looked at antitrust laws with Lina Khan, director of Legal Policy with the Open Markets Institute.
  84. Young writer explores the intersection of 'black, female and feminist'2018/04/17
    Morgan Jerkins' collection of essays, "This Will Be My Undoing" explores what it means to be young, black, female and feminist.
  85. Trump joins other countries in attacking Syria2018/04/17
    On Friday the U.S., Britain and France launched military strikes into Syria following an apparent chemical attack on civilians from President Bashar Assad's forces. What did the strike accomplish and what does it mean for the conflict in Syria?

    Amanda Sloat is a senior fellow in the Brookings Center on the United States and Europe. She spoke with host Kerri Miller about the attack.
  86. When should Alzheimer's be diagnosed?2018/04/17
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  87. A story of addiction and creativity with author Leslie Jamison2018/04/16
    "That sense of being touch with something dark and deep was part of the lure [of addiction]," Jamison told host Kerri Miller when talking about her book, "The Recovering: Intoxication and its Aftermath." They were also joined by Dr. Joseph Lee
  88. Political Junkie on third parties and James Comey2018/04/16
    Ken Rudin said he could hardly blink during the interview between Comey and George Stephanopoulos.
  89. Have we arrived anew at a need for a third party?2018/04/16
    Both Democrats and Republicans have seen major splinters in their party since the 2016 election. Does that mean that third parties will have a better shot at success in this year's midterms? Reed Galen and Kathryn Pearson joined the discussion.
  90. How consumers can protect themselves from big banks2018/04/12
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  91. Ask Nancy Cassutt anything2018/04/12
    MPR's Executive director for News and Programming took audience calls about how the newsroom's editorial system works.
  92. How should the U.S. be involved in Syria?2018/04/12
    President Trump this week threatened to send missiles into Syria. But how should the U.S. be involved in Syria? Firas Maksad director of the Arabia Foundation joined host Kerri Miller.
  93. Speaker of the House won't seek re-election2018/04/11
    MPR News Host Kerri Miller spoke with Domenico Montanaro, NPR's lead editor for politics and digital audience, about how this shakeup will be felt beyond Congressional leadership.
  94. Decline in hunters is bad news for conservation2018/04/11
    The money from hunting and fishing licenses go conservation efforts across the state. Two guests joined host Kerri Miller to discuss this dilemma. Meadow Kouffeld-Hansen is a conservationist, hunter and faculty member at Itasca Community College. Paul Telander is the chief of the Wildlife section of the Fish and Wildlife division of the DNR.
  95. Immigration myths2018/04/11
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  96. Speaker of the House Paul Ryan announces retirement2018/04/11
    University of Minnesota's Kathryn Pearson joined the program to talk about Ryan's legacy and what this means for the Republican party in the age of Trump.
  97. A true story about schizophrenia2018/04/10
    Writer Sandra Allen received a fat manila envelope in the mail one day, filled with a stack of yellowed paper about a half inch thick. Allen had always heard about "crazy" Uncle Bob, but the manuscript they read that day opened up a window into the complex mind of someone living with mental illness. Allen joined host Kerri Miller to talk about their book, "A Kind of Mirraculas Paradise."
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