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On Point with Tom Ashbrook Podcast

  1. Despite Abundance Of Craft Beer, Wine And Spirits Are Slowly Taking Over2018/08/10
    You might not know it from the craft brew pubs everywhere, but Americans are drinking more wine and spirits — slowly pushing aside beer. We'll find out why.
  2. Week In The News: Mueller, Midterms, Manafort And More2018/08/10
    Mueller. Midterms. Manafort's trial continues. Iran sanctions reimposed, and the trade war with China escalates. Our news roundtable takes it all in.
  3. The Story Of The Democratic Party, As Told By New Podcast 'The Wilderness'2018/08/09
    The way forward for the Democratic Party. Jon Favreau's popular new podcast, "The Wilderness," explores how the Democrats lost their way and how to bounce back.
  4. With PepsiCo's Indra Nooyi Stepping Down, A Look At The Status Of Female CEOs2018/08/09
    PepsiCo CEO Indra Nooyi is stepping down. With the number of female CEOs dropping, we'll take a hard look at the glass ceiling to the C-suite.
  5. 'Ticker': The History Of The Artificial Heart2018/08/08
    The inside story behind the long quest to build an artificial human heart.
  6. What These Wildfires Say About Climate Change2018/08/08
    We go to California, where the largest wildfire in the state's history rages. As big parts of the West burn, what the fires say about climate change?
  7. 20 Years Of 'The Miseducation Of Lauryn Hill'2018/08/07
    Celebrating 20 years of the groundbreaking album, "The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill."
  8. Inside The Iran Sanctions2018/08/07
    Automobiles, gold, steel. The Trump administration reimposes financial sanctions on Iran, with those on oil to come. Where might this hard-line policy lead?
  9. Are Millennials Really So On The Move?2018/08/06
    Millennials by the numbers. Do all those assumptions about their wanderlust and fear of commitment hold up? Are they really so different from everyone else?
  10. This Week In The News: What To Watch For2018/08/06
    Top reporters share what they're watching for in the week ahead in Washington and around the globe.
  11. The Summer Of Documentaries2018/08/03
    Documentaries are making a splash this summer at the movie box office. From "RBG" to "Three Identical Strangers," we've got your front-row seat.
  12. Week In The News: Manafort Trial, Trade War With China, Fake Facebook Accounts2018/08/03
    Manafort on trial. Escalating trade war with China. Facebook and fake accounts. The news roundtable dives in.
  13. Another Look At Fat's Bad Rap2018/08/02
    The Big Mac is turning 50, and fat is still getting a bad rap. But the right mix of high-fat foods might be the ticket to a healthy diet. We'll weigh the evidence and options.
  14. Health Care, And The Price Tag On Bernie Sanders' 'Medicare For All' Plan2018/08/02
    Did a conservative think tank just give Bernie Sanders the evidence for his "Medicare for All" plan? We'll ask them and Sanders.
  15. Why We Need Bees2018/08/01
    What's the buzz? We'll look at the wonders of bees and worries they're at risk of disappearing.
  16. The Facts And Future Of Trump's Economy2018/08/01
    The Trump administration weighs a big tax cut for the rich, with no vote in Congress. We'll add it all up.
  17. A Failure To Solve Black Homicides2018/07/31
    The victims of the vast majority of unsolved murders are African-American. We'll look at roadblocks and efforts to change that.
  18. Trump Labels News Media 'Enemy Of The American People'2018/07/31
    A president like no other has changed the way the media covers the White House. Is it dangerous? Is it fair?
  19. Grades Are In: Evaluating Education Secretary Betsy DeVos2018/07/30
    What's Education Secretary Betsy DeVos been up to lately? The correct answer is: plenty. We'll look at the report card.
  20. Previewing This Week In News2018/07/30
    We'll kick off the week with a look at what's to come in Washington and around the globe.
  21. Living And Writing The American South2018/07/27
    Life and culture in the American South. We'll talk with native daughter and author Julia Reed about her new book "South Toward Home."
  22. Week In The News: Trump-Cohen Latest, Reuniting Migrant Families, Heat Wave2018/07/27
    The Trump-Cohen tapes. Deadline to reunite migrant families. A sizzling global heat wave. The roundtable dives in.
  23. Extreme Heat Wave Sweeps The Globe2018/07/26
    A dangerous and deadly heat wave grips the globe. We'll look at where and why it's happening.
  24. Trump's Bailout For Farmers, Amid Ongoing Tariff Talk2018/07/26
    President Trump tweets, "Tariffs are the greatest," but they're hurting farmers, so Trump is bailing them out. What does this tell us about his trade war?
  25. U.S. Colleges: A Front Line For International Spying2018/07/25
    Maria Butina is the latest accused Russian spy to infiltrate an American university. Investigative journalist Daniel Golden, author of "Spy Schools," has the story.
  26. The Age Of The 3D-Printed Gun2018/07/25
    Coming soon — printing your own gun on a 3D printer. Is it the end of gun control?
  27. 'Theybies': Letting Children Decide Their Gender2018/07/24
    Is your baby a boy or a girl? Maybe, it's a "theyby." We'll look at raising children without a gender designation.
  28. Endangered Species Act Under Attack2018/07/24
    The Trump administration proposes major changes to endangered species attentions. Critics call it a "death sentence for polar bears."
  29. Memoir 'Cancerland' Illuminates Stories Of Hope, Loss And Life With The Disease2018/07/23
    An intimate look at cancer from a doctor deep in the trenches. The soulful memoir is called "Cancerland."
  30. The Week Ahead: What To Watch For In Washington And The World2018/07/23
    Top reporters open their notebooks and share what they're watching for in the week ahead in Washington and the world.
  31. Bringing People Together With Books, In Cleveland And Beyond2018/07/20
    A novel idea that started in Cleveland to bringing people together through book clubs. It's gone global.
  32. Week In The News: Helsinki Summit, Trump Walkbacks, Suspected Russian Spy Jailed2018/07/20
    The Summit crisis. President Trump in his own words. Suspected Russian spy jailed in the U.S. The roundtable dives in.
  33. Racism, Discrimination And Calling The Police On Black People2018/07/19
    Disturbing stories this summer about white people calling the police on black people for cutting the grass or using the swimming pool. What's going on?
  34. With Political Tensions High, How Should Party Candidates Proceed?2018/07/19
    So, here we are. How are political strategists from both parties advising their candidates in this highly charged political moment?
  35. Striking Out: What's Gone Wrong For Baseball?2018/07/18
    Baseball's All-Stars batter up, but America's pastime is striking out in some big ways. We'll cover the bases.
  36. In Midweek News: Trump-Putin Summit, Mueller Probe, Russia-NRA Arrest2018/07/18
    We just can't wait until Friday. Join us for a special midweek edition of the news roundtable.
  37. Reopening The Case Of Emmett Till2018/07/17
    Something in Timothy Tyson's 2017 book "The Blood of Emmett Till" led the Justice Department to reopen its probe into the 1955 lynching.
  38. Election Interference Takes Center Stage At Trump-Putin Press Conference2018/07/17
    In a Monday press conference, Trump did not attempt to push back on Russian President Vladimir Putin's assertion that Russia did not interfere with the 2016 election.
  39. Iowa's Poor Water Quality Goes South2018/07/16
    Iowa's water pollution problem is getting worse and the impact is felt all the way to the Gulf of Mexico.
  40. High Stakes In Helsinki As Trump And Putin Meet2018/07/16
    The eyes of the world are on Helsinki for the Trump-Putin summit. We're watching, too.
  41. Week In The News: Kavanaugh Nominated, Fiery FBI Agent Hearing, Tension At NATO2018/07/13
    A Supreme Court nominee. Trump at NATO. Daring rescue of the Thai soccer team. The roundtable dives in.
  42. Can Gentrification Be A Good Thing?2018/07/13
    Gentrification, is a dirty word for many people, but there are some upsides when better-off newcomers arrive. Is there a way to make it work for everyone?
  43. The Promise And Mystery Of The Grand Canyon2018/07/12
    Rafting the Grand Canyon is a wondrous adventure, but the first time, 150 years ago, no one knew what the canyon was like.
  44. The Latest Challenges Facing Obamacare2018/07/12
    The Trump administration takes another swipe at Obamacare. At stake are billions in payments to insurers with sicker customers.
  45. 'All The Single Ladies' Living Alone2018/07/11
    Women living alone. The numbers are up and so is their happiness. We'll unpack reasons why and why they're liking it
  46. What To Expect From The NATO Summit2018/07/11
    Uneasy allies on the edge await President Trump at the NATO summit in Brussels. We'll look at the high stakes.
  47. How Russia Undermined American Democracy2018/07/10
    The depth of Russian interference in U.S. elections is deeper and darker than you know. A top reporter who has covered it all, reveals the chilling facts.
  48. President Trump Nominates Brett Kavanaugh To Supreme Court2018/07/10
    A nominee for the seat of swing voter Anthony Kennedy. We'll unpack President Trump's pick for the next Supreme Court Justice.
  49. Are We There Yet? A History Of The Family Road Trip2018/07/09
    We hit the gas pedal on classic moments of the family road trip. We'll talk with the author of the new book "Don't Make Me Pull Over!"
  50. What We're Watching In The Week Ahead2018/07/09
    Top reporters open their notebooks share what they're watching for in the week ahead.
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