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On Point with Tom Ashbrook Podcast

  1. Week In The News: Trump Meets With Democrats, Cohen's Sentencing, Theresa May And More2018/12/14
    Top Democrats go face-to-face with Trump. Prison time for Michael Cohen. Trump's border wall and U.S.-Mexico talks. Vivian Salama, Olivier Knox and Jack Beatty join David Folkenflik.
  2. 'The Guardians And The War On Truth': Journalism In Today's World2018/12/14
    Freedom of the press. Reporters face jail, violence or worse — how can they be safe? And how can the truth get out? David Folkenflik speaks with journalists who have been in the arena, Jason Rezaian, Janine di Giovanni and Joel Simon.
  3. Arctic Warming Pushes The Region — And Planet — Into Uncharted Territory2018/12/13
    Warming in Arctic raises fears of a "rapid unraveling" of the region. Reindeer numbers crash by half. We’ll confront the climate emergency in the Arctic. George Divoky and Karen Frey join Meghna Chakrabarti.
  4. 'It's Not Always Enough To Lean In': Michelle Obama, Sheryl Sandberg And The Workplace2018/12/13
    Five years ago Facebook’s Sheryl Sandberg told women to ‘lean in.’ Now, many women, including Michelle Obama, say it just doesn’t work. Katherine Goldstein, Kathleen Gerson and Anna Dapelo-Garcia join Meghna Chakrabarti.
  5. Upheaval In France: Will Macron's Promise Of Relief Satisfy Protesters?2018/12/12
    France rocked by violent demonstrations against a fuel tax hike and economic woes. Will President Macron’s promise of relief be enough? Melissa Bell, Laura Haim and Mark Vail join Meghna Chakrabarti.
  6. Stock Market Distress Signal: How Low-Cost Index Funds Are Taking Over2018/12/12
    Sounding the alarm on index funds. How their runaway success has reshaped power and accountability in boardrooms and on Wall Street. John Coates, Todd Gormley and Michelle Singletary join Meghna Chakrabarti.
  7. What The Wisconsin Political Power Play Means For American Democracy2018/12/11
    The Wisconsin GOP’s lame-duck power grab — what the political slugfest means for democracy. Shawn Johnson and David Leonhardt join Jane Clayson.
  8. 'Maria By Callas': The Legendary Opera Singer's Life In Her Own Words2018/12/11
    We talk with the director of a new documentary about the life of Maria Callas, to this day one of the most electrifying singers in opera. Tom Volf, music historian Gregor Benko and Carmen Giannattasio join Jane Clayson.
  9. Week Ahead: John Kelly's Departure, Mueller Probe, Kushner And Saudi Arabia2018/12/10
    We'll kick off the week with a look at what's to come in Washington and around the globe. Top reporters Ben White, Jennifer Williams and James Hohmann join Meghna Chakrabarti.
  10. Uber, Lyft ... And Now Waymo: The Self-Driving Car Service Hits The Road2018/12/10
    There’s now an app to hail a self-driving taxi. We’ll look behind the wheel at the technology and safety concerns. Andrew Hawkins, Rob Antoniak, Missy Cummings and Dave Ferguson join Meghna Chakrabarti.
On Point
Go behind the headlines: From the economy and health care to politics and the environment – and so much more – On Point hosts Meghna Chakrabarti and David Folkenflik speak with newsmakers and real people about the issues that matter most. On Point is produced by WBUR for NPR.

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