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  1. Seattle City Council could lose its solution to homelessness crisis2018/06/12
    The city of Seattle appears to be doing an about-face on the new employee head tax on businesses. The City Council approved the tax unanimously a month ago to generate money for affordable housing and homeless services.
  2. Bearing pain - and new life - 'Like a Mother'2018/06/12
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  3. Amanda Morgan: 'I don't think there's a dancer out there like me'2018/06/12
    You can’t miss Pacific Northwest Ballet’s Amanda Morgan. For one thing, at five-feet, ten-inches she’s one of the tallest women onstage. But more obvious is Morgan’s race. While more than 20 percent of PNB dancers are people of color, she is the only black ballerina in the company right now.
  4. Off with the head tax: Seattle councilmembers back off controversial plan2018/06/11
    It only took the Seattle City Council four weeks to double-back on their vote to tax big businesses in order to pay for affordable housing and homelessness services.
  5. Weekend recap: Remembering Anthony Bourdain2018/06/11
    Bill Radke remembers chef and TV host Anthony Bourdain with our panel, Andrea Otanez , journalist and lecturer in journalism and and communications at the University of Washington, and, Hsiao-Ching Chou , former food editor at the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and author of the cookbook, "Chinese Soul Food: A Friendly Guide For Homemade Dumplings, Stir Fries, Soups and More."
  6. Motherhood, through thick and thin2018/06/11
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  7. How hundreds of asylum seekers ended up at a SeaTac prison2018/06/11
    Kim Malcolm talks with immigration attorney Jorge Baron about the experiences of asylum seekers who are being jailed at the Federal Detention Center in SeaTac. Baron is executive director of the Northwest Immigrants Rights Project.
  8. Gentrification looms ahead for South Park. These businesses are trying to stay put2018/06/11
    Seattle’s South Park neighborhood sits on the bank of the polluted Duwamish river, flanked by industry and split in two by Highway 99. This is a neighborhood uniquely steeped in Hispanic culture and occupied by people with a deep passion for community. It’s also a neighborhood staring down the barrel of change.
  9. Supreme Court gives tribes a victory over Washington state in salmon case2018/06/11
    A tie in the U.S. Supreme Court may cost Washington state $2 billion. The court split 4-4 Monday in a long-running court battle between tribes and the state over salmon-blocking road culverts.
  10. Immigrant moms in SeaTac prison 'could hear their children screaming'2018/06/10
    The dozens of moms jailed in SeaTac didn’t realize what was happening when they were torn from their children.
  11. Week in Review: Howard Schultz, Miss America, Oprah on Orcas2018/06/08
    Starbucks says goodbye Howard Schultz. Orcas Island says hello Oprah Winfrey. Google says we're done running political ads in Washington state, and Miss America says you don't have to wear a swimsuit to wear the crown.
  12. When it comes to Native issues, is Bob Ferguson any better than Trump?2018/06/08
    You know the drainage pipes you sometimes see sticking out from underneath a road? They're called culverts. And they're creating a division between Washington tribes and state attorney general Bob Ferguson. The sovereign nations claim that Ferguson is failing to uphold their treaty rights; in response, he's escalated the lawsuit to the Supreme Court of the United States.
  13. Do it for the 'gram - just not on local hiking trails2018/06/08
    Springtime in Seattle means your social media feeds are probably filling up with shots of pristine alpine lakes, breathtaking summits, and gorgeous old-growth forests. There your friends are, posing with a vast expanse of emptiness behind them. Just outside the frame, though, teeming hordes of others are also trying to pretend they're the only ones in the wild.
  14. At least 60 immigrant moms torn from kids jailed in SeaTac2018/06/08
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  15. During the Big One, the Space Needle will sway. But your office may crumble2018/06/07
    A big earthquake could hit Seattle in the next 50 years. That got KUOW listener Derek Hanson wondering: What would happen to our most prominent landmark?
  16. Despite good intentions, still no plan for zero youth detention in King County2018/06/07
    Zero youth detention. It's King County's white whale, a promise and a term batted around without much explanation of what it even means.
  17. Take psychedelics (not too many), change your mind2018/06/07
    Perhaps it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the author of “The Botany of Desire” chose to experiment with and write about psychedelic drugs. They are edible after all. Still, like many people, Michael Pollan wasn’t exactly keen to fool around with mind-altering experiences.
  18. Despite complaints, most of Seattle likes those neon-colored rental bikes2018/06/07
    Complaints have poured in over the yellow, green and orange bikes that have sprouted like mushrooms across Seattle, yet 74 percent of Seattleites have a favorable opinion of the rapidly expanding bike share program, according to a Seattle Department of Transportation survey.
  19. Spoiler alert: 'There Are No Grownups'2018/06/07
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  20. Dear Anxiety, you are 10 times the taste, the touch, the smell2018/06/06
    I am 18 years old, and I have a condition where I am very hyper aware of things. I have ADHD and anxiety, so my attention span is very limited. I'm not really sure how to describe anxiety, but I know the feeling.
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