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This I Believe: Podcast

  1. Ron Wooley: A Stack of Rocks2018/06/11
    How do you memorialize someone whose ashes were spread in the ocean? Teacher Ron Woolley honors his father by stacking stones at the seashore every time he goes for a swim. His tribute may not be permanent, but Woolley believes his love for his dad is. Listen to more This I Believe episodes at thisibelieve.org.

  2. Kate Debiec: Finding My Father in a Small World2018/06/04
    Kate Debiec's father had a knack for making friends with strangers quickly. After her father passed away, Ms. Debiec realized the importance of the legacy he had left her.

  3. Jeff Sloan: The Best Education in the World2018/05/28
    From the moment Jeff Sloan became a father, his priorities shifted as he felt the weight of his new responsibilities. What he didn't realize on Day One was how much he would learn about himself and about life through being a dad. Hundreds more This I Believe episodes at thisibelieve.org.

  4. Ahmad Zaki Abu Shadi: The Secrets of Life2018/05/21
    From the 1950s This I Believe series, Egyptian-born Ahmad Zaki Abu Shadi tells how he left his homeland to gain spiritual and intellectual liberty. The artist and scientist believed freedom was a synonym for life itself, and a precious treasure deserved by all. More 1950s and contemporaryThis I Believe programs at thisibelieve.org.

  5. Scott Saalman: Swing-shift Kisses2018/05/14
    Scott Saalman, of Jasper, Indiana, learned much about love from observing his parents' daily kiss goodbye.

  6. Julie Sellers: Passing the Baton2018/05/07
    As an adoptive mother, Julie Sellers knows there is another woman somewhere in the world to whom she owes a debt of gratitude for giving her the life—and the family—she has. Explore more This I Believe programs at thisibelieve.org.

  7. Kimberly Trevisani: Pieces of Me2018/04/30
    When a close friend was diagnosed with cancer, Kim Trevisani thought of all the little things her friend would miss while in the hospital. Today, Kim has come to appreciate the little moments of her daily routine, because those small details are what make up her life.

  8. Colleen Shaddox: Jazz is the Sound of God Laughing2018/04/23
    As a child, Colleen Shaddox loved hearing her uncle play jazz piano. Now her son is developing a love for the music that she believes unites her family even in the most troubling of times.

  9. Connie Spittler: Pink Moments2018/04/16
    Many people revel in the beauty of a familiar landscape. For Connie Spittler, it’s Arizona’s Catalina Mountains when the setting sun illuminates them. Spittler believes making time to embrace nature gives her the strength to face life’s challenges.

  10. John Updike: Testing the Limits of What I Know and What I Feel2018/04/09
    Pulitzer Prize winning novelist John Updike explores the roots of his beliefs and finds them grounded in religious faith, the ideals of democracy and in the power of creative writing.

  11. Frederic Reamer: The Real Consequences of Justice2018/04/02
    NPR listener and social work professor Frederic Reamer finds his belief in justice tested every time he faces criminals and victims at parole board hearings in his home state of Rhode Island.

  12. Margaret Mead: A New Control Of Destiny2018/03/26
    Margaret Mead says she can’t separate what she believes as a person from what she believes as an anthropologist. And she believes humans beings, as part of a greater biological whole, have a responsibility to everyone else on the planet. From Edward R. Murrow's original This I Believe series. For more This I Believe programs, please visit thisibelieve.org.

  13. Helen Hayes: A Morning Prayer In A Little Church2018/03/19
    From 1952, Oscar-winning actress Helen Hayes explains that in spite of her theatrical success, it took the death of her daughter to teach her the interdependence of humanity and the need for more compassion. For more This I Believe programs, please visit thisibelieve.org.

  14. Helen Keller: The Light of a Brighter Day2018/03/12
    Helen Keller learned to communicate through the eyes and ears of others after a fever left her deaf and blind as an infant. The author, activist and lecturer discusses her vision of faith and how it gives her hope for the future of mankind. For more This I Believe programs, please visit thisibelieve.org.

  15. Pearl Buck: Roll Away the Stone2018/03/05
    For Women's History Month, we listen to an essay from Edward R. Murrow's original This I Believe radio series. Even in the face of possible nuclear war, Nobel Prize-winning writer Pearl S. Buck finds her faith in humanity to be stronger than ever, and believes that cooperation can solve the world’s problems. For more This I Believe programs, please visit thisibelieve.org.

  16. Ralph Bunche: Nana Lit the Beacons2018/02/26
    Nobel Peace Prize winner Ralph Bunche had a "poor and hard life," having lost both of his parents as a young child. But he was raised by his grandmother, a woman of principle, who taught Bunche the simple lessons that became the foundation of his beliefs. From Edward R. Murrow's 1950s This I Believe radio series. For more This I Believe programs, please visit thisibelieve.org

  17. Walter White: All Or Nothing2018/02/19
    Long-time NAACP Executive Secretary and civil rights activist Walter White was inspired by his parents as well as Jesus and Gandhi to believe in upholding moral principals and committing to human equality. From Edward R. Murrow's 1950s radio series "This I Believe." For more 1950s This I Believe programs, please visit thisibelieve.org.

  18. Louise V. Gray: What We Tried To Do2018/02/12
    In college, playwright Louise V. Gray had a passionate romance with another young writer. Then just before their wedding, the relationship faltered and they went their separate ways. Now years later, Gray is still grateful for that time with her lover.

This I Believe: Podcast
People from all walks of life describe their personal philosophies in a brief essay.

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