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  1. Tommy John III, @PitchingNinja, Sportswriter Romance2018/06/22
    Tommy John is famous for the surgery that saved his pro baseball career. Now his son, Tommy John III, is rallying against the overuse of that surgery in younger ballplayers. Also this week on Only A Game, the saga of the @PitchingNinja Twitter account. And a story of romance and rivalry between two Bay Area sports writers. Join us!
  2. Ray Allen's Holocaust Education, George Carlin On Sports, Sin And Baseball2018/06/15
    Ray Allen is known as an NBA sharpshooter. This week on Only A Game, he talks about another aspect of his life: his quest to learn more — and educate others — about the Holocaust. Also, Kelly Carlin — daughter of comedian George Carlin — tells stories of her father's interest in sports. And, a story of forbidden baseball fandom on the week's holiest day. Join us!
  3. Chinese Player-Translator, Jesse Eisenberg, World Cup Woes2018/06/08
    Saiyuan Bian, a basketball player from China, has had dreams of playing pro basketball since he was a child. This week on Only A Game, Bian's journey to the pros as a player-translator. Also, actor Jesse Eisenberg reveals the true cause behind the Phoenix Suns' 1993 NBA Finals collapse. And, reflections on U.S. Soccer's elimination from the 2018 World Cup with former coach Bruce Arena. Join us!
  4. Overdue Stanley Cup Ring, Vegas Hockey Pioneers, USA Surf Coach2018/06/01
    Former Boston Bruin Chris Hayes receives his 1972 Stanley Cup ring ... 46 years later. That's coming up this week on Only A Game. Also, the story of the true pioneers of Las Vegas ice hockey. And, USA surfing coach Joey Buran's journey from king of the surfing world to life as a pastor.
  5. Role Models: Kareem And Wooden, Jessie Graff And Xena, Ray Flynn And Jackie Robinson2018/05/25
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  6. Football Pioneer, Ron Guidry, Onion Vs. Secretariat2018/05/18
    Fred Spiksley was a star footballer for Sheffield Wednesday from 1891-1903. He was also a womanizer and a gambler. This week on Only A Game, the story of a flawed football hero who helped spread the game all over the world. Also, the game that changed the course of pitcher Ron Guidry's career. And, how a horse named Onion upset Secretariat in 1973.
  7. Two Journeys From Sports To Hollywood — And A Hike Gone Wrong2018/05/11
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  8. Hoops Coach Makes Amends, Don Cherry's Championship, NYMA Baseball2018/05/04
    Former college basketball coach Rus Bradburd believed he'd wronged one of his recruits. This week on Only A Game, the story of Bradburd's efforts to re-connect with his former player in a time of great need. Also, Don Cherry never coached a team to a championship — at least, that's what most people think. And a tale of batting practice that almost went horribly wrong. Join us!
  9. Ryan Leaf, Safe Sport Act, Barnstorming Soccer Pioneers2018/04/27
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  10. Iceland Vs. Mighty Ducks, Sled Dog Racer, Vertical Runner2018/04/20
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