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  1. College Football's Future, Judo At A Japanese Internment Camp, Urban Meyer2018/08/24
    Despite growing evidence about the dangers of football, the number of colleges offering the sport isn't shrinking. In fact, it's growing. This week on Only A Game, we look at the morality of college football and the future of the sport. Plus, the story of an LAPD sergeant who brought LA kids to a Japanese internment camp during World War II for judo tournaments. Join us!
  2. The Story Of Women's Baseball, Uptown YWCA, Fight Doctor2018/08/17
    If you live in the U.S., you might think that boys play baseball and girls play softball. But that wasn't always the case. This week on Only A Game, a look at the height of women's baseball — and the story of its decline. Plus, a Minnesota author writes a love letter to her gym. And the story of Linda Dahl, the daughter of Syrian immigrants who grew up to become a fight doctor. Join us!
  3. Savannah Bananas, Sportswriting Dreams, Ken 'Hawk' Harrelson2018/08/10
    Baseball wasn't big in Savannah, Georgia. Until the Bananas came to town. This week on Only A Game, the Savannah Bananas owners share the tumultuous origin story of baseball's wackiest team. Plus, Wanda Fischer wanted to be a sportswriter. Until a Big Leaguer suggested otherwise. And Ken "The Hawk" Harrelson looks back on seven decades of baseball. Join us!
  4. Tiger Woods, Allegations At UW, NBA Vs. St. Lawrence2018/08/03
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  5. Only A Game Celebrates 25 Years With Bill Littlefield2018/07/27
    After 25 years, Bill Littlefield is retiring as host of Only A Game. On this week's episode, Bill shares some of his favorite memories and stories from hosting the show. There's the legend of candlepin bowling, a dog named Moses and some retirement advice from Willie Mays. Join us!
  6. Sports And The Military, Links Golf Quest, Paintball Origin2018/07/20
    Giant flags, flyovers and camo jerseys are now common at sporting events. But that wasn't always the case. This week on Only A Game, the story of two veterans who are questioning the growing militarization of sports. Also, an avid golfer plays 111 rounds throughout Britain in just 57 days. And an ages-old argument leads to the first paintball match. Join us!
  7. Smash Mouth's 'All Star,' Swimming + Eating Myth, 'The Super Fight'2018/07/13
    The song "All Star" by Smash Mouth became a sports anthem, but it wasn't written for sports fans — and it almost didn't exist. This week on Only A Game, the origin of the 1999 hit. Also, we take a dive into the classic myth of fatal swimming cramps. And The Super Fight: a fantasy heavyweight bout featuring two all-time greats ... and an old computer. Join us!
  8. LeBron's Legacy In Akron, Gaddafi's Hockey Sponsorship, Marathon Swimmer2018/07/06
    On July 1, LeBron James announced he would leave the Cleveland Cavaliers to join the Los Angeles Lakers. This week on Only A Game, the Akron, Ohio native's lasting impact on his hometown. Also, after racking up dept, a German hockey team turns to a dictator for help. And, the story of a world-record-holding marathon swimmer who started her career at age 46. Join us!
  9. England's Imaginary '94 World Cup Bid, Egyptian Soccer, Iowa Girls' Hoops2018/06/29
    England failed to qualify for the 1994 World Cup. This week on Only A Game, we revisit the fictional BBC radio drama that imagined a different fate for the English side. Also, the journey to break a curse over Egyptian soccer. And, how six-on-six girls' high school basketball became the pride of Iowa. Join us!
  10. Tommy John III, @PitchingNinja, Sportswriter Romance2018/06/22
    Tommy John is famous for the surgery that saved his pro baseball career. Now his son, Tommy John III, is rallying against the overuse of that surgery in younger ballplayers. Also this week on Only A Game, the saga of the @PitchingNinja Twitter account. And a story of romance and rivalry between two Bay Area sports writers. Join us!
Only A Game
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