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Only A Game Podcast

  1. Latest: The Equipment Show2017/12/29
    This week on Only A Game, we're talking about stuff. Sports stuff. Stories about the sports bra, a bow, a cappuccino machine and other equipment having to do with sports — or, at least, equipment used by athletes.
  2. Latest Show: The Gift Of Hockey, Althea Gibson, World Bicycle Relief2017/12/22
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  3. Latest Show: History Of The Forward Pass2017/12/15
    In 1905, college football faced a crisis. Injuries were piling up, and games were, frankly, boring. The forward pass helped solve both problems. This week on Only A Game, we chronicle the roles of Harvard Stadium and Teddy Roosevelt in making the forward pass legal, quarterbacks Benny Friedman and Sammy Baugh who brought it to prominence and the moments that immortalized the play. Join us!
  4. Latest Show: The Players' League, Betty Robinson, 'Great Halifax Explosion'2017/12/08
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  5. Latest Show: Ryder Cup History, Photos Of 'The Climbers,' Badminton Becky2017/12/01
    For decades, the Ryder Cup was monotonous and unpopular. This week on Only A Game, how the Ryder Cup has become one of golf's most emotional and intense events. Plus, a photographer's journey to the Italian Alps to track down a climbing legend. And, how an American living in China went from hating sports to playing badminton six days a week.
  6. Latest Show: Thanksgiving Leftovers2017/11/24
    This week on Only A Game, a smorgasbord of "leftover" stories that didn't fit it into past episodes. A world-record paddler takes a detour to meet a rock star. A future boxing champ learns to take a punch on the streets of Brooklyn. An American basketball player bakes bread "with" Van Morrison. NBA journeyman Jason Collins gets some advice from President Obama. And more. Join us!
  7. Latest Show: Syracuse 8, 'Sports Miracles,' 80-Game Losing Streaks2017/11/17
    At the height of the civil rights movement, football players at Syracuse University stood up for racial equality. This week on Only A Game, the story of the Syracuse 8. Also, a former toy company executive collects "sports miracles" and shares an almost-miracle of his own. And, learning how to win from a football coach who lost every game he played in high school and college. Join us!
  8. Veterans Day Show: Stories Of Athletes Who Served2017/11/10
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  9. Latest Show: Undocumented Runner, Remote Coxswain, Rod Carew's Heart2017/11/03
    A year ago, we told the story of Jose Reza, a teenager who fled cartel violence in Mexico. Jose is now a college runner. This week on Only A Game, we have an update on Jose. Also, a blind rower gets the chance to go out on her own, thanks to a new invention. Plus, the story behind a heart transplant between pro athletes. Join us!
  10. Latest Show: Auto Racing Dangers, Fixing Ballgames, NYC Hoops2017/10/27
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Only A Game
An award-winning weekly sports magazine hosted by veteran NPR commentator Bill Littlefield.

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