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Engines Of Our Ingenuity Podcast

  1. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2663: Horacio Alger2017/10/12

    Episode: 2663 Horatio Alger. Today, a Horatio Alger story.
  2. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1410: Homo Technologicus2017/10/11

    Episode: 1410 Homo Technologicus. Today, a chicken-and-egg question.
  3. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2660: Inside the Machine2017/10/10

    Episode: 2660 Computers, Brains, and the Church-Turing Thesis. Today, inside the machine.
  4. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1408: The Tortoise and The Hare2017/10/09

    Episode: 1408 Fast game, slow game, and Stone Age population dynamics. Today, a Paleolithic story of the tortoise and the hare.  
  5. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1407: A Matter of Size2017/10/06

    Episode: 1407 A matter of size: scaling laws among living species. Today, a matter of size.
  6. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3145: The World Wide Web2017/10/05

    Episode: 3145 Making the World Wide Web Come To Life. Today, we browse.
  7. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1406: Medieval Age of Reasoning2017/10/04

    Episode: 1406 The end of the medieval age of reason. Today, a brief bright era in medieval Europe.
  8. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2657: Derangements and the Number e2017/10/03

    Episode: 2657 Pierre de Montmort, derangements, and the number e. Today, derangements.
  9. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1404: Prerequisites2017/10/02

    Episode 1404: Prerequisites seen as a reflection of the structure of science. Today, let's talk about the prerequisite course.
  10. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1403: Vanishing Sea Otters2017/09/29

    Episode: 1403 Vanishing sea otters: only one piece of a long food chain. Today, let's take a quick trip through a long food chain.  
  11. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3144: The Birth of the Internet2017/09/28

    Episode: 3144 Forebear of the internet, ARPANET. Today, who is that on the line?
  12. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1402: Franklin and de Chaumont2017/09/27

    Episode: 1402 Ben Franklin and Le Ray de Chaumont's house in Paris. Today, Ben Franklin, revolution, and a house in Paris.
  13. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2652: Descartes The Scientist2017/09/26

    Episode: 2652 Descartes, the Scientist. Today, an extended postscript.
  14. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3143: Hidden Reality2017/09/25

    Episode: 3143 In which physics decides that a reality we cannot fathom lies behind what we know and see. Today, hidden reality.
  15. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1401: Roosevelt, Remington, and the West2017/09/22

    Episode: 1401 Theodore Roosevelt and Frederic Remington defining the West. Today, Roosevelt and Remington go West.  
  16. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3142: Search Engine Optimization2017/09/21

    Episode: 3142 Internet Search Engine Optimization. Today, a truly mammoth engine.
  17. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1400: Inured To Change2017/09/20

    Episode: 1400 Trying to catch the flavor of the past. Today, a look back.
  18. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2644: Camping and Creature Comforts2017/09/19

    Episode: 2644 Camping and Creature Comforts. Today, taking it with you.
  19. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1399: The Circus2017/09/18

    Episode: 1399 The passing of the classical circus. Today, we go to a circus.
  20. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3141: Greenhouse Gases2017/09/15

    Episode: 3141 An analysis of greenhouse gases and climate change. Today, a closer look at greenhouse gases.
  21. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2651: American Women’s Suffrage and Alice Paul2017/09/14

    Episode: 2651 American Women’s Suffrage and Alice Paul. Today, we march.
  22. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3140: Temperature Underground2017/09/13

    Episode: 3140 A look at how the temperature varies underground. Today, the temperature beneath our feet.
  23. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2647: The Give and Take of Internet Shopping2017/09/12

    Episode: The Give and Take of Internet Shopping. Today, getting to know you.
  24. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1398: Back To The Beginning2017/09/11

    Episode: 1398 Back to the Beginning: First we commit. Then we see. Today, a process within a process.
  25. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1396: An Engineer Named Calder2017/09/08

    Episode: 1396 An engineer named Calder. Today, an engineer takes up sculpture.  
  26. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2646: On Being the Right Size2017/09/07

    Episode: 2646 J. B. S. Haldane's "On Being the Right Size." Today, on being the right size.
  27. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1395: Worst Airplanes2017/09/06

    Episode: 1395 The World's Worst Aircraft: learning what constitutes bad. Today, the worst airplanes ever built!
  28. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3139: Maryam Mirzakhani2017/09/05

    Episode: 3139 Maryam Mirzakhani: A life in Mathematics. Today, let's talk about the Iranian-American mathematician Maryam Mirzakhani.
  29. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1393: Inventing the Telegraph2017/09/04

    Episode: Early inventions of the electric telegraph. Today, we look at ninety years of electric telegraphy before Morse.
  30. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1392: Fog In The Woods2017/09/01

    Episode: 1392 The nature of fog and of redwood trees. Today, fog in the forest.
  31. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2643: P ≠ NP (OR IS IT?)2017/08/31

    Episode: 2643 P ≠ NP (or is it?): an important problem in complexity theory. Today, an educated guess.
  32. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1391: The Johnstown Flood2017/08/30

    Episode: 1391 The Johnstown Flood. They didn't see it coming. Today, a dam breaks.
  33. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2640: The Singing Nun2017/08/29

    Episode: 2640 Joy and Tragedy in the Life of the Singing Nun. Today, joy and tragedy.
  34. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1390: Crossing the English Channel2017/08/28

    Episode: 1390 Crossing the English Channel, by water, air, and tunnel. Today, we try to cross the English Channel.
  35. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1389: Regrowing Our Forests2017/08/25

    Episode: 1389 The supply of wood: trouble along the Equator, good news to the North. Today, some good news and some bad.
  36. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2639: The Space Needle2017/08/24

    Episode: 2639 The Seattle World’s Fair and the Space Needle. Today, a landmark in the clouds.
  37. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1388: A Short Discourse On Tunneling2017/08/23

    Episode: 1388 A short history of tunneling. Today, let's tunnel our way through history.
  38. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2636: Admiral Michael Mullen and Mathematics2017/08/22

    Episode: 2636 Admiral Michael Mullen and Mathematics. Today, leading the charge.
  39. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1387: The Wooden Ships of Mallows Bay2017/08/21

    Episode: 1387 The ghost fleet of wooden ships in Mallows Bay. Today, a fleet of sunken ships.
  40. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3138: Messines Explosion2017/08/18

    Episode: 3138 The once-greatest man-made explosion in the Battle of Messines Ridge. Today, a very big explosion.
  41. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2630: Determinism and the Many Worlds Interpretation2017/08/17

    Episode: 2630 Determinism and the many worlds interpretation of quantum mechanics. Tomorrow, and tomorrow, and tomorrow.
  42. The Engines of Our Ingenuity 1386: Franklin’s Glass Armonica2017/08/16

    Episode: 1386 Benjamin Franklin invents the glass armonica -- no mouth organ, this. Today, singing wine glasses.
  43. The Engines of Our Ingenuity 2627: The Bohr-Einstein Debates2017/08/15

    Episode: 2627 Clash of the Titans: The Bohr-Einstein Debates. Today, a clash of titans.
  44. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1385: Bushnell’s Submarine2017/08/14

    Episode: 1385 How David Bushnell built his submarine for the Colonial Army. Today, a new look at a Colonial technology.
  45. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1384: The Samurai Sword2017/08/11

    Episode: 1384 The samurai sword and quality control through ritual. Today, let's talk about ceremony and technology.
  46. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2623: Thomas Carlyle’s Past and Present2017/08/10

    Episode: 2623 Thomas Carlyle and he Working of Free Markets. Today, economic salvation.
  47. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1383: Owning Time2017/08/09

    Episode: 1383 In which we invent the watch and take possession of time. Today, we look at time as a new possession.  
  48. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2622: Watson2017/08/08

    Episode: 2622 Watson: A computer system that plays Jeopardy!. Today, Jeopardy!.
  49. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1382: Symphysiotomy2017/08/07

    Episode: 1382 Symphysiotomy: Surgery and the clockwork mind of Rationalism. Today, clockwork and surgery.
  50. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1380: Indian Telegraph2017/08/04

    Episode: 1380 William O'Shaughnessy and India's telegraph system. Today, telegraphy comes to India.
  51. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3137: The Rite of Spring2017/08/03

    Episode: 3137 Igor Stravinski's The Rite of Spring. Today, a Russian revolution.
  52. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3136: Of Lamps and Whales2017/08/02

    Episode: 3136 The Whale Oil Myth: The unrelated collapse of whaling and rise of petroleum. Today, did big oil save the whales?
  53. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2618: Søren Kierkegaard2017/08/01

    Episode: 2618 Søren Kierkegaard: Christian Existentialist. Today, an exit.
  54. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1379: Frank and Peter Griffin2017/07/31

    Episode: 1379 Frank and Peter Griffin: teaching calculus. Today, an obituary brings back memories.
  55. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1378: S. S. Edmund Fitzgerald2017/07/28

    Episode: 1378 The wreck of the S.S. Edmund Fitzgerald; "Only a lake!" Today, just a lake!
  56. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2614: Pixels2017/07/27

    Episode: 2614 Engineering Pictures Made of Pixels. Today, painting with pixels.
  57. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1377: Ben Franklin and Music2017/07/26

    Episode: 1377 Benjamin Franklin writes about music and electricity. Today, Ben Franklin talks about music.
  58. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2611: Kepler’s Somnium2017/07/25

    Episode: 2611 Early science fiction: Kepler’s Somnium. Today, a dream.
  59. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1376: Frere Jacques2017/07/24

    Episode: 1376 Frère Jacques: The canonical hours and mechanical clocks. Today, religious practice and the mechanical clock.
  60. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3135: Fujita in Brookings2017/07/21

    Episode: 3135 Nabuo Fujita returns in peace to Brookings, OR, after have waged war there. Today, a war comes to an end.
  61. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2608: Maria Telkes2017/07/20

    Episode: 2608 Maria Telkes: Solar Energy Pioneer. Today, here comes the sun.
  62. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1375: Newton vs. Leibniz2017/07/19

    Episode: 1375 Leibniz, Newton, and the great calculus dispute. Today, we throw Leibniz's cat into the super collider.
  63. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2606: More Beautiful Books2017/07/18

    Episode: 2606 More Beautiful Books: revisiting books by the foot. Today, the measure of a book.
  64. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1373: Pittsburgh in 18162017/07/17

    Episode: 1373 Pittsburgh in 1816. Today, let's visit embryonic Pittsburgh.
  65. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1372: The Paige Compositor2017/07/14

    Episode: 1372 Mark Twain and the Paige Compositor. Today, meet the man who bankrupted Mark Twain.
  66. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2603: Correlation2017/07/13

    Episode: 2603 Correlation and Risk: When more egg baskets don't help. Today, eggs and baskets.
  67. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2599: Strange Attractors and Imagery2017/07/12

    Episode: 2599 The Art of Attraction: Imagery from Strange Attractors. Today, the art of attraction.
  68. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1365: 17762017/07/11

    Episode: 1365 Colonial America, 1776: A new nation of glorious amateurs. Today, we visit Colonial America.
  69. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1371: Soapy Sam and Huxley2017/07/10

    Episode: 1371 The great evolution war at Oxford in 1860. Today, we join the first major battle in a long war.
  70. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1370: Anno Domini 13702017/07/07

    Episode: 1370 Anno Domini 1370: So much going on just below the surface. Today, the story behind an arbitrary date.
  71. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3134: Mathematical Monsters2017/07/06

    Episode: 3134 Henri Poincaré and Mathematical Monsters. Today, we get very, very kinky.
  72. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1369: Fokker’s Interrupter Mechanism2017/07/05

    Episode: 1369 Fokker and the machine gun interrupter mechanism. Today, we meet a nice young man and his killing machines.
  73. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3133: Juan Pujol García2017/07/04

    Episode: 3133 Juan Pujol García: the Liar Who Helped Win D-Day. Today, a great big liar saves the day.
  74. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1368: Baron Grimthorpe2017/07/03

    Episode: 1368 Edmund Beckett, Lord Grimthorpe: of clockwork and convervatism. Today, clocks for the rich and clocks for the poor.
  75. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1367: Struggling With Abstraction2017/06/30

    Episode: 1367 Struggling with abstraction in schools and in public. Today, we think about thinking abstractly.
  76. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3132: Kitchen Gadgetry2017/06/29

    Episode: 3132 Gadgets in the American Kitchen. Today, gadgets galore.
  77. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1366: Rain, Steam, and Speed2017/06/28

    Episode: 1366 Rain, Steam, and Speed: Turner's vision of modern times. Today, a painting tells the coming of rail.
  78. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2598: The Three Body Problem2017/06/27

    Episode: 2598 Henri Poincaré, the three body problem, and chaos. Today, three bodies.
  79. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1364: Radar2017/06/26

    Episode: 1364 Our radar warning of the Pearl Harbor attack. Today, devastation follows when we don't trust a new technology.
  80. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1363: Man The Measure2017/06/23

    Episode: 1363 Man the measure -- man the meter. Today, let's ask what meters measure.
  81. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3131: Jean Cavailles2017/06/22

    Episode: 3131 Jean Cavaillès: War Hero and Philosopher. Today, in the line of duty.
  82. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1362: Flying Across The Atlantic2017/06/21

    Episode: 1362 The first twenty years of transatlantic flights. Today, we fly the Atlantic.
  83. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3130: A War of Concrete2017/06/20

    Episode: 3130 A War of Concrete: The Mulberry Harbors and the Invasion of Normandy. Today, a portable port saves the day.
  84. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1361: The Crawler Transporter2017/06/19

    Episode: 1361 NASA's Crawler Transporter: Largest land transport vehicle. Today, we ride the world's largest land vehicle.
  85. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1360: Cleaning Ourselves2017/06/16

    Episode: 1360 A brief history of bathing ourselves. Today, let's bathe.
  86. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2596: Golf Club Grooves2017/06/15

    Episode: 2596 Golf Club Grooves: How small changes in technology can cause controversy. Today’s episode is brought to you by the letters U and V.
  87. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1359: Windmills2017/06/14

    Episode: 1359 The Windmill: A device that has come, gone, and which may come again. Today, let's tilt at windmills.
  88. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3129: What Went Wrong on D-Day2017/06/13

    Episode: 3129 What Went Wrong on D-Day: The Paradox of the Allies' Greatest Campaign. Today, when things go terribly wrong.
  89. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1358: William Minor and the OED2017/06/12

    Episode: 1358 William Minor helping us to understand language from an insane asylum. Today, a great dictionary and an asylum for the criminally insane.
  90. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1356: Betting On Science2017/06/09

    Episode: Betting on science. It's been going on for a long time. Today, let's bet on science.
  91. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3128: Lincoln-Douglas Debates2017/06/08

    Episode: 3128 The Lincoln-Douglas Debates and Lincoln-Douglas Debating. Today, up for debate.
  92. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1355: George Squire2017/06/07

    Episode: 1355 Major General George Squire, Muzak, and struggling to be generous. Today, a story about altruism and Muzak.
  93. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2594: Ptolemy’s Geographia2017/06/06

    Episode: 2594 Mapping the World: Ptolemy’s Geographia. Today, a man and a map.
  94. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1357: Testing Airplane Propellers2017/06/05

    Episode: 1357 An airplane propeller test facility, twelve years before the Wright Brothers. Today, we test airplane propellers, 12 years before the Wright brothers flew.
  95. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1353: Small Towns2017/06/02

    Episode: 1353 In which we visit a small town. Today, let's visit a small town.
  96. Engines of Our Ingenuity 3127: The Long and The Short of Elevators2017/06/01

    Episode: 3127 The Long and The Short Of Elevators. Today, the way to the top.
  97. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1351: M. & Mme Blanchard2017/05/31

    Episode: 1351 Balloonists Jean-Pierre and Marie Blanchard, the first barnstormers. Today, we join George Washington at a balloon ascent.
  98. Engines of Our Ingenuity 2591: Instant Runoff Voting2017/05/30

    Episode: 2591 Instant runoff voting and the Academy Awards. Today, what’s best?
  99. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1350: Amerigo Vespucci2017/05/29

    Episode: 1350 Vespucci and the naming of America. Today, we name America.
  100. Engines of Our Ingenuity 1348: Castel Del Monte2017/05/26

    Episode: 1348 Castel del Monte: in which Frederick II plays with geometry. Today, we wonder why a castle was built.
Engines of Our Ingenuity

The story of technological progress is one of drama and intrigue, sudden insight and plain hard work. Let’s explore technology’s spectacular failures and many magnificent success stories.

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