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  1. A Math Teacher's Life Summed Up By The Gifted Students He Mentored2019/04/07
    A biologist at Harvard was chatting with a colleague about a mentor who pushed him to do harder math problems. It turns out the colleague had the same mentor — and so did many others.
  2. Tension And Anxiety In Border Cities After Trump Threatens Closure2019/04/06
    President Trump has since backed off his threat, but as border officials scramble to deal with an unprecedented flow of migrants, there are disruptions at the border and increasingly long wait times.
  3. Rohingya Settle In For The Long Haul, Even As Bangladesh Wants Refugees To Go Home2019/04/05
    Bangladesh wants a million Rohingya refugees to go back to Myanmar. But 18 months after most of them fled violence, they are too afraid to go back and are making new lives for themselves in camps.
  4. Bad Diets Are Responsible For More Deaths Than Smoking, Global Study Finds2019/04/03
    Some 11 million deaths annually are linked to diet-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease, a study finds. Researchers say that makes diet the leading risk factor for deaths around the world.
  5. A Shortage Of Shippers For Badly Needed Supplies Of Food And Medicine To Venezuela2019/04/02
    Shipments from friends and family in South Florida have been a lifeline for Venezuelans. But, after months of economic and political turmoil, getting supplies to Venezuela has become more difficult.
  6. 'Time To Act': Venezuelans Who Fled To Colombia Are Eager To Oust Maduro2019/03/29
    Tensions are building at Colombia's border with Venezuela, where former Venezuelan forces and migrants are taking refuge. Many are eager for a revolution back home.
  7. India Claims Successful Test Of Anti-Satellite Weapon2019/03/27
    New Delhi says it destroyed one of its own satellites in orbit, making India only the fourth country to test such a weapon.
  8. Doubts Rise About Evidence That U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Were Attacked2019/03/25
    Nearly two years after the U.S. said diplomats in Cuba had been injured in a series of "health attacks," many scientists say there's still no proof anyone was injured.
  9. 'My Heart Was Broken': Mourners In New Zealand Bury Victims Of Mosque Shootings2019/03/22
    A week after a gunman killed 50 people at two mosques in Christchurch, New Zealand, friends and family have been gathering for funerals and to listen to the Muslim call to prayer.
  10. Surrounded By Military Barracks, Skiers Shred The Himalayan Slopes Of Indian Kashmir2019/03/20
    Kashmir, disputed between India and Pakistan, is the site of a decades-long insurgency. It is also a winter sports haven. During recent airstrikes and shelling, a ski station remained open.
  11. How Canada Gets Squeezed Between China And The U.S.2019/03/19
    Canada is under pressure from the two rival powers over the Meng Wanzhou extradition case.
  12. Traditional Irish Recipes To Try This St. Patrick's Day2019/03/17
    Irish cuisine has more to offer than just corned beef and cabbage. Award-winning Irish Chef and food writer Darina Allen shared a few of her favorite recipes.
  13. EU Struggles To Rein In Hungary's Hard-Line Government2019/03/16
    The center-right European People's Party faces off with its Hungarian partners that keep bashing Brussels and migrants.
  14. Freed From ISIS, Few Yazidis Return To Suffering Families, Many Remain Missing2019/03/14
    As ISIS loses territory and captives are rescued, broken Yazidi families hold out hope that their loved ones could still return.
  15. Where Will Your Plastic Trash Go Now That China Doesn't Want It?2019/03/13
    Last year, China drastically cut back its imports of plastic waste to recycle. Now the U.S. and other wealthy nations must figure out what to do with their discards.
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