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  1. An Engineering Wunderkind's Ocean Plastics Cleanup Device Hits A Setback2019/01/05
    Four months into its testing phase, the Ocean Cleanup's plastic-catching device isn't catching as much plastic as intended.
  2. American General Walks Around Downtown Baghdad For First Time In Years2019/01/04
    For the first time in years, a U.S. general walked the streets of downtown Baghdad with his Iraqi counterparts on Friday.
  3. How China's Space Ambitions Fit Into Its Larger Geopolitical Strategy2019/01/03
    China's astronomical ambitions are not purely scientific. NPR's Mary Louise Kelly talks with U.S. Naval War College Professor Joan Johnson-Freese about China's larger geopolitical strategy.
  4. When Her Family Left Vietnam, She Carried A Backpack Full Of Rice During The Journey2019/01/02
    When Loan Pham left Vietnam with her family for asylum in the U.S., she brought a backpack of rice with her. She shares the story of her journey for the series What They Took With Them.
  5. North Korean Leader Kim Jong Un Kicks Off New Year With Address And A Warning To U.S.2019/01/01
    In his New Year's Day address, Kim Jong Un said he's committed to denuclearization, but warned North Korea will take a "new path" if the U.S. maintains sanctions against his country.
  6. U.S.-South Korea Forces Agreement Set To Expire With No New Deal In Place2018/12/31
    President Trump wants South Korea to pay more for the U.S. troops based there. The current agreement expires Monday as the negotiations continue.
  7. DR Congo Votes In Long-Delayed Election2018/12/30
    President Joseph Kabila long resisted giving up power, but the Democratic Republic of Congo voted Sunday in a presidential election meant to usher in the country's first democratic transfer of power.
  8. What 3 Deaths Among Thousands Tell Us About Afghanistan In 20182018/12/30
    Thousands of civilians, soldiers and police were killed this year in suicide attacks, bombings and airstrikes. The lives and deaths of three Afghan men shed light on the challenges the country faces.
  9. Fallout Grows As Partial Government Shutdown Drags On Into New Year2018/12/29
    There's no end in sight for the spending standoff that has forced the shutdown of about a quarter of the federal government. The longer the shutdown continues, the more services will be affected.
  10. In China's Push For High-Tech, Hackers Target Cutting-Edge U.S. Firms2018/12/28
    U.S. law enforcement says China is racing to become a world leader in the most advanced technologies, and that's driving intellectual property theft directed at a broad range of U.S. industries.
  11. Under Bolsonaro, Same-Sex Couples In Brazil Fear They'll Lose The Right To Marry2018/12/26
    Retired army captain Jair Bolsonaro will be inaugurated as Brazil's president on New Year's Day. His homophobic record and far right views alarm LGBT Brazilians who fear losing the right to marry.
  12. Raqqa Reacts To Troop Withdrawal2018/12/25
    In Raqqa, where many streets are still filled with rubble from the battle to force out ISIS a year ago, people are shocked and worried about the U.S. decision to pull out of Syria.
  13. Some Syrians React To U.S. Withdrawal With Worry, Fear2018/12/24
    Syrians who've allied with U.S. forces in the fight against ISIS are now worried about their security and future after President Trump's sudden decision to withdraw troops from the country.
  14. Is Santa Real? A Doubting Brother And The Gift Of A Mother's Voice2018/12/23
    As a kid, NPR editor Bruce Auster loved to record his family talking. A snippet of tape captured by chance on a long-ago December night marked a moment before cancer changed everything for his family.
  15. Trinidad Faces Humanitarian Crisis As More Venezuelans Come For Refuge 2018/12/18
    Tens of thousands of Venezuelans have fled to the Caribbean country in recent years. Now Trinidad's government is adopting a harder line toward the newcomers.
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