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  1. In A Break From Recent Precedent, North Korean Anniversary Parade Features No ICBMs2018/09/09
    NPR's Mary Louise Kelly says of Sunday's parade, "If you were trying to decipher the messaging, it was maybe an effort not to antagonize."
  2. Where Are The Most Viruses In An Airport? Hint: It's Probably Not The Toilet2018/09/08
    Scientists looked for respiratory viruses on surfaces throughout an international airport.
  3. Singing In The Shower To Help Save Cape Town's Water 2018/09/07
    In late 2017, the South African city — hit by a historic drought — faced the possibility it would have to shut off its water supply within six months. A musical challenge helped avert that disaster.
  4. Her Father Gave Her The Courage To Speak Out Against 'Honor Killings'2018/09/04
    Khalida Brohi grew up in tribal Pakistan, where her 14-year-old cousin was murdered by an uncle after she refused an arranged marriage. Her new memoir is I Should Have Honor.
  5. President Trump's Description of What's 'Fake' Is Expanding2018/09/02
    Over the course of Trump's presidency there has been an upward trend in tweets declaring everything from news to books "fake" or "phony."
  6. Insulin's High Cost Leads To Lethal Rationing2018/09/01
    Alec Raeshawn Smith was 23 when diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes and 26 when he died. He couldn't afford $1,300 per month for his insulin and other diabetes supplies, so he tried to stretch the doses.
  7. German Farmers Struck By Drought Fear Further Damage From Climate Change2018/08/31
    High temperatures and a severe drought have hit food production in Germany and left many farmers there wondering what they can do to survive climate change.
  8. Canadian Officials Say The Unwinding Of NAFTA Is Not Their Biggest Trade Concern2018/08/29
    After reaching a new trade agreement with Mexico, the Trump administration is increasing pressure on Canada. NPR's Ailsa Chang speaks with Rona Ambrose, a member of Canada's NAFTA Advisory Council.
  9. Venezuelans Are Continuing To Leave Their Country By Any Means Necessary2018/08/28
    As hyperinflation, food and medicine shortages and joblessness have worsened, Venezuelans are leaving in record numbers. Many South American countries have tightened their borders to stem the influx.
  10. U.N. Human Rights Probe: Top Myanmar Generals Should Face Genocide Charges2018/08/27
    A United Nations-mandated Fact-Finding Mission issued a scathing report documenting Myanmar security forces' violence against the country's ethnic Rohingya Muslim population last year.
  11. 200 Nicaraguans Claim Asylum Daily In Costa Rica, Fleeing Violent Unrest2018/08/26
    For over four months, Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega has responded forcefully to nationwide protests. As many as 23,000 are seeking refuge next door.
  12. Forced To Flee Myanmar, Rohingya Refugees Face Monsoon Landslides In Bangladesh2018/08/25
    This week marks a year since hundreds of thousands of Rohingya fled attacks in Myanmar. As refugees, they now live in huge camps in Bangladesh, with difficult conditions made worse by monsoon rains.
  13. A Brief Reunion And A Heartbreaking Final Goodbye For A Separated Korean Family2018/08/24
    Families from South and North Korea met in North Korea this week for family reunions after a three year hiatus.
  14. Some Of The Oldest Ice In The Arctic Is Now Breaking Apart2018/08/23
    A massive ice pack that normally clings to northern Greenland's coastline is splitting apart and floating out to sea. Climate change is to blame, scientists say.
  15. Ancient Bone Reveals Surprising Sex Lives Of Neanderthals 2018/08/22
    Genomic sequencing reveals new evidence of interbreeding among different groups of our ancient relatives. A scientist calls the find "almost too lucky to be true."
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