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Amateur Traveler Podcast (iTunes enhanced) | travel for the love of it

  1. AT#713 - Travel to Brittany France2022/06/18

    Hear about things to do when you travel to the Brittany region of France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kristin Montgomery from GrowingGlobalCitizens.com about this less-touristed corner of the country.
  2. AT#805 - Travel to Queretaro, Mexico2022/06/11

    Hear about things to do when you travel to Queretaro, Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to Ray Blakney about his adopted Mexican home.
  3. AT#804 - Travel to Hanoi and Northern Vietnam2022/06/04

    Hear about travel to northern Vietnam as the Amateur Traveler talks to Paul B. Kennedy from VietnamTravelWithUs.com about the country he has adopted as home.
  4. AT#803 - Travel to Death Valley National Park2022/05/28

    Hear about travel to Death Valley National Park in California as the Amateur Traveler talks to former park ranger Jeff Ohlfs about the largest of the national parks in the continental United States.
  5. AT#802 - Travel to the South of Iceland2022/05/21

    Hear about travel to the South of Iceland as the Amateur Traveler talks to hotelier Friðrik Pálsson about his native land.
  6. Everything-Everywhere - King Tutankhamun2022/05/19

    A sample episode of my friend Gary Arndt's Everything-Everywhere podcast
  7. AT#801 - Tennessee Road Trip2022/05/14

    Hear about a Tennessee Road Trip as the Amateur Traveler talks to Stephanie Craig from HistoryFanGirl.com about a recent family trip across the Volunteer State.
  8. AT#800 - Travel to Alaska in Winter2022/05/07

    Hear about travel to Alaska in winter as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sherry Ott from OttsWorld.com about the state that has captured her heart.
  9. AT#711 - Travel to Bosnia (Repeat)2022/04/30

    Hear about travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kenan from Highlander Adventures about his country.
  10. AT#799 - Travel to Yosemite National Park2022/04/23

    Hear about travel to Yosemite National Park and the region as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer and California native Jill Robinson about her experiences in the park.
  11. AT#798 - Travel to Cyprus2022/04/16

    Hear about travel to Cyprus as the Amateur Traveler talks to Audrey Scott and Daniel Noll of UncorneredMarket.com about their active Cyprus itinerary.
  12. AT#797 - Travel to Wellington, New Zealand2022/04/09

    Hear about things to do in Wellington, New Zealand as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kate from KateAbroad.com about her former home.
  13. AT#796 - Travel to Antigua and Barbuda2022/04/02

    Hear about travel to the island nation of Antigua and Barbuda as the Amateur Traveler talks to former park ranger Jeff Ohlfs about his recent trip.
  14. AT#795 - Travel to Guatemala2022/03/26

    Hear about traveling to Guatemala as the Amateur Traveler talks to Susan Metenosky from brooklyntropicali.com about this Central American country that keeps drawing her back.
  15. AT#794 - Texas Hill Country Road Trip2022/03/19

    Hear about a Texas Hill Country Road Trip as the Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Desrosiers from the Attempt Adventure Podcast about his home state.
  16. AT#793 - Travel to the Coast of Morocco2022/03/12

    Hear about travel to the Atlantic coast of Morocco from Casablanca, thru Essaouira, to Agadir as the Amateur Traveler talks to Amanda Ponzio-Mouttaki from marocmama.com about this country she calls home.
  17. AT#792 - Travel to Tenerife2022/03/05

    Hear about a one-week itinerary for Tenerife as the Amateur Traveler talks to Justin Barnes from justinandcrystal.com about the Spanish island he called home.
  18. AT#791 - Travel to Abruzzo, Italy2022/02/26

    Hear about travel to the region of Abruzzo in Italy as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jackie Parsons about an area where she leads hiking and culinary tours.
  19. AT#790 - Travel to the Quebec Maritime2022/02/19

    Hear about travel to Quebec Maritime as the Amateur Traveler talks to Margarita Ibbott from DownShiftingPro.com about her recent trips to Quebec's maritime "thumb".
  20. AT#789 - Travel to Estonia2022/02/12

    Hear about travel to Estonia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Betty Reed from BettyReedWrites.com about her recent trip to this Baltic country.
  21. AT#788 - Travel to Amsterdam2022/02/05

    Hear about travel to Amsterdam in the Netherlands as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jessica from AWanderlustForLife.com about her adopted home.
  22. AT#787 - Travel to Saint Croix2022/01/29

    Hear about travel to St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kat Roy and Phil Shantz from stayingafloatblog.com about their trip to this tropical island.
  23. AT#786 - Travel to Laos2022/01/22

    Hear about a vacation in Laos on the Mekong River and in Luang Prabang as the Amateur Traveler talks to Alexis Rubenstein aka @redstonealexis.
  24. AT#785 - Travel to Togo2022/01/15

    Hear about travel to Togo as the Amateur Traveler talks to Philipp Muders about this small West African country.
  25. AT#784 - Travel to Zaragoza, Spain2022/01/08

    Hear about travel to Zaragoza as the Amateur Traveler talks to Cat Driver about this historic but under-visited region of Spain.
  26. AT#783 - Travel to Mendocino, California2022/01/01

    Hear about travel to the Mendocino coast in California as the Amateur Traveler talks to Brooke Herron who is a travel blogger and wine industry expert.
  27. AT#691 - Travel to Bulgaria (repeat) 2021/12/25

    Hear about travel to Bulgaria as the Amateur Traveler talks to Tom and Patty Burkett about their road trip from Sofia to the Black Sea.
  28. AT#782 - Travel to Chiapas, Mexico2021/12/18

    Hear about travel to the state of Chiapas in Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to Shelley from TravelMexicoSolo.com about this beautiful tropical region.
  29. AT#781 - Travel to Gujarat, India2021/12/11

    Hear about travel to Gujarat, India as the Amateur Traveler talks again to James Schomburgk about festivals, temples and Asiatic lions.
  30. AT#780 - Travel to Ladakh and Kashmir India2021/12/04

    Hear about an itinerary for Ladakh and Kashmir as the Amateur Traveler talks to Agnes Simigh from voiceofguides.com about these less visited regions of India.
  31. AT#779 - Maine Windjammer Cruise2021/11/27

    Hear about a Maine Windjammer as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Sharon Kurtz about her recent experience sailing the coast of Maine on the Lewis R. French.
  32. AT#778 - Travel to The Kimberley in Western Australia2021/11/20

    Hear about travel to The Kimberley region of Western Australia, Broome, and the Gibb River Road as the Amateur Traveler talks to James Schomburgk about this unique destination.
  33. AT#777 - Travel to Munich, Germany2021/11/13

    Hear about travel to Munich, Germany as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dan from the Zipping Around the World podcast about his recent trips to the capital of Bavaria.
  34. AT#776 - Travel to Ghana2021/11/06

    Hear about travel to Ghana as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jacky Habib from JackyHabib.com about this African country that she fell in love with.
  35. AT#775 - Travel to Bermuda2021/10/30

    Hear about travel to the island of Bermuda as the Amateur Traveler talks to Victoria Heinz about a place where she has spent many special vacations.
  36. AT#774 - Travel to the Island of Mallorca, Spain2021/10/23

    Hear about travel to the Island of Mallorca in Spain as the Amateur Traveler talks to Erin Carey from Roam Generation PR about Mallorca and the time she spent anchored off this beautiful island.
  37. AT#773 - Travel to Montreux and the Swiss Riviera2021/10/16

    Hear about travel to Montreux and the Swiss Riviera as the Amateur Traveler talks to Chantal Patton from GrowingUpWithoutBorders.com about her adopted home country.
  38. AT#684 - Travel to Berlin, Germany (repeat)2021/10/09

    Hear about travel to Berlin as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dan Noll and Audrey Scott from uncorneredmarket.com about the city they now call home.
  39. AT$772 - Travel to Oahu, Hawaii2021/10/02

    Hear about the best things to do in Oahu as the Amateur Traveler talks to Denny and Nikki from dennyandnikki.com about this Hawaiian Island they recently called home.
  40. AT#771 - Travel to Sabah, Malaysia2021/09/25

    Hear about travel to places of interest in Sabah as the Amateur Traveler talks to Howard Stanton from the Tampat Do Aman eco-adventure lodge about his adopted country.
  41. AT#770 - Travel to Adelaide, Australia2021/09/18

    Hear about travel to Adelaide as the Amateur Traveler talks to James Schomburgk about places to visit in South Australia, his home.
  42. AT#769 - Travel to Western Ireland2021/09/11

    Hear about travel to Western Ireland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Adam Ryan about his beautiful country.
  43. AT#768 - Travel to New Hampshire2021/09/04

    Hear about travel to New Hampshire as the Amateur Traveler talks to Cathy Merrifield from NothingButNewEngland.com about her home state.
  44. AT#667 - Travel to Sri Lanka (Repeat)2021/08/28

    Hear about travel to Sri Lanka as the Amateur Traveler talks to Mike Powers of SmallOfTheRoad.blogspot.ca about his recent trip to the island nation.
  45. AT#767 - Travel to the New Zealand Northland2021/08/21

    Hear about travel to the Northland in New Zealand as the Amateur Traveler talks to Heather Markel from HeatherBegins.com about the country where she spent the pandemic.
  46. AT#766 - Rafting the Grand Canyon2021/08/14

    Hear about Rafting the Grand Canyon as the Amateur Traveler talks to patrons of the show Robin Perry and Randy Rohrer about this bucket list trip.
  47. AT#765 - Driving the Blue Ridge Parkway2021/08/07

    This episode of Amateur Traveler is sponsored by Expedia‘s flagship travel show Out Travel The System. Learn where to stay, what to do, and how to live like a local.
  48. AT#764 - Sailing the Caribbean on the Windstar Star Breeze2021/07/31

    Hear about travel to the Caribbean on the Windstar Sea Breeze as the Amateur Traveler talks about small ships cruising to St Maarten, Barbados, St Lucia, and Antigua.
  49. AT#763 - Travel to Croatia2021/07/24

    Hear about travel to Croatia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kate McCulley from AdventurousKate.com who recently won an award from Croatia for her writing about the country.
  50. AT#762 - Travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina2021/07/17

    Hear about things to do when you travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina as the Amateur Traveler talks to digital nomad Rax Suen from NomadsUnveiled.com.
  51. AT#656 - Travel to Slovenia (Repeat)2021/07/10

    Hear about travel to Slovenia as Chris Christensen (the Amateur Traveler) talks about his solo road trip through western Slovenia as a guest of the Slovenia Tourism board.
  52. AT#761 - Travel to Cleveland, Ohio2021/07/03

    Hear about things to do when you travel to Cleveland as the Amateur Traveler talks to Daniel Carcioppolo who was born and raised in the city.
  53. AT#760 - Travel to the French Pyrenees2021/06/26

    Hear about travel to the Pyrenees Mountains in France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Penny Walker from conciergepyrenees.com about the area she now calls home.
  54. AT$759 - Travel to Western Georgia (the country)2021/06/19

    Hear about travel to the western part of the Republic of Georgia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Emily Lush from wander-lush.org about the country she now calls home.
  55. AT#758 - Travel to Benin2021/06/12

    Hear about travel to the West African country of Benin as the Amateur Traveler talks to Rachel Decoste who traveled there as part of a journey to discover her roots.
  56. AT#757 - Travel to Western Tanzania2021/06/05

    Hear about travel to western Tanzania to Katavi National Park and Mahale Mountains National Park as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jen Curran from globeandtribe.com about these less visited destinations.
  57. AT#756 - Travel to Florida's Space Coast2021/05/29

    Hear about travel to Florida's Space Coast as the Amateur Traveler talks to Stacey Marmolejo about the area of the coast near Cape Canaveral.
  58. AT#755 - Travel to the Galapagos Islands, Ecuador2021/05/22

    Hear about travel to the Galapagos Islands as Chris Christensen, the Amateur Traveler himself, talks about a live-aboard cruise of the Galapagos Islands on Quasar Expeditions M/V Evolution.
  59. AT#754 - Travel to the Great Bear Rainforest, British Columbia2021/05/15

    Hear about travel to the Great Bear Rainforest in British Columbia as the Amateur Traveler talks to award-winning photographer Susan Portnoy about her visit to this remote and beautiful corner of Canada.
  60. AT#655 - Canal Cruising in France (Repeat)2021/05/08

    Here about a trip on the Canal du Midi in the south of France including the medieval city of Carcassonne. What cruising on a luxury hotel barge is like.
  61. AT#753 - Travel to Big Bend National Park and Southwestern Texas2021/05/01

    Things to do and see in Big Bend National Park, Big Bend Ranch State Park, Alpine, and Marfa, Texas. This is an area of open space, mountains, and desert along the U.S.'s southern border.
  62. AT#752 - Travel to Jordan2021/04/24

    Jordan is a country with crusader castles, canyoneering, the lost city of Petra, Roman ruins, Bedouin camps, deserts, and the Dead Sea.
  63. AT#751 - Travel to Rome, Italy2021/04/17

    Hear about travel to Rome, Italy as the Amateur Traveler talks to Gary Arndt from Everything-Everywhere.com about travel to the eternal city.
  64. AT#750 - Travel to the Azores2021/04/10

    Hear about travel to the Azores as the Amateur Traveler talks to Maria Lawton from Azorean Green Bean about these Portuguese islands that her family has called home for 500 years.
  65. AT#749 - Travel to Calgary and the Canadian Rockies2021/04/03

    Hear about travel to Calgary, Alberta, and vacations from Calgary as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jody Robbins from Travels with Baggage about the area she calls home.
  66. AT#748 - Travel to Guadeloupe2021/03/27

    Hear about Carnival in Guadeloupe and more as the Amateur Traveler talks to Mickela Mallozzi from the PBS show Barefeet with Mickela Mallozzi about her visit to these Caribbean islands.
  67. AT#747 - Travel to Guadalajara, Mexico2021/03/20

    Hear about travel to Guadalajara Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to food, travel, and surf enthusiast Paul Hudson about the city he calls home.
  68. AT#746 - Driving the Dalton Highway in Alaska2021/03/13

    Hear about driving the Dalton Highway from Fairbanks to the Arctic Ocean as the Amateur Traveler talks to Erick Smith about his journey.
  69. AT#745 - Travel to Nicaragua2021/03/06

    Hear about travel to Nicaragua as the Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Cobb who spent 14 years in the country.
  70. AT#744 - Travel to Central Oregon2021/02/27

    Hear about travel to Bend and Central Oregon as the Amateur Traveler talks to Catherine Ryan Gregory from To & Fro Fam about this adventure travel playground.
  71. AT#743 - Travel to the Yamaguchi Prefecture, Japan2021/02/20

    Hear about travel to the Yamaguchi Prefecture of Japan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Dr. Corinne Devine who is stationed there with the U.S. Navy.
  72. AT#742 - Hadrian's Wall Walking in Northern England2021/02/13

    Hear about walking Hadrian's Wall as the Amateur Traveler talks to Larissa Milne from Changes in Longitude about their 10-day trek of this old Roman Wall across Northern England.
  73. AT#741 - Travel to the Tohoku Region of Japan2021/02/06

    Hear about travel to the Tohoku Region of Japan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sandra Thomas-Comenole from the Behavior Economics in Marketing Podcast about her travels in the region.
  74. AT#740 - Travel to Mysore, India2021/01/30

    Hear about travel to Mysore, India as the Amateur Traveler talks to Rahul Iyer about the city of palaces in the Indian highlands.
  75. AT#739 - Travel to Vancouver, British Columbia2021/01/23

    Hear about travel to Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada as the Amateur Traveler talks to David Brodie from the Travel In 10 podcast about his hometown.
  76. AT#738 - Travel to Slovakia2021/01/16

    Hear about travel to Slovakia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Anna Fay and Peter Dlhopolec from the Spectacular Spectator and the Spectacular Slovakia Podcast about this beautiful country in Central Europe.
  77. AT#737 - Travel to Massachusetts2021/01/09

    Hear about travel to Massachusetts as the Amateur Traveler talks to Henry Suski about the state where he was born and where he has traveled his entire life.
  78. AT#736 - Travel to French Polynesia2021/01/02

    Hear about travel to French Polynesia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Caleb Sedam about his recent trip to the islands of Tahiti, Bora Bora, and Rangiroa.
  79. AT#735 - Amazon River Cruise in Peru and Colombia2020/12/26

    Hear about travel to the Amazon River in Peru and Colombia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Will Conway from the Baggage Claim Podcast about his slow boat journey from Leticia, Colombia to Iquitos, Peru.
  80. AT#734 - Travel to Lithuania2020/12/19

    Hear about visiting Lithuania as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jay from JayWay Travel about this beautiful country on the Baltic Sea.
  81. AT#733 - Travel to Fernando de Noronha, Brazil2020/12/12

    Hear about travel to the island of Fernando de Noronha off the coast of Brazil as the Amateur Traveler talks to Nina from TheGlobeTrottingAccountant.com about the "Galapagos of Brazil".
  82. AT#732 - Travel to the Virginia Coast2020/12/05

    Hear about travel to the Virginia Coast (Williamsburg, Jamestown, Yorktown, Norfolk, Virginia Beach) as we talk to Michelle Rao from The Traveling Chzhed YouTube channel about her area.
  83. AT#731 - Travel to the Monterey Peninsula, California2020/11/28

    Hear about things to do in Monterey, Pacific Grove, Carmel, and the rest of the Monterey Peninsula in Calfornia as Chris the Amateur Traveler and return guest Jeff Ohlfs talk about this terrific vacation spot.
  84. AT#730 - Travel to Bangkok, Thailand2020/11/21

    Hear about travel to Bangkok, Thailand as the Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Desrosiers from the Ear Goggles Podcast about his adopted hometown.
  85. TA#729 - Travel to Houston, Texas2020/11/14

    Hear about travel to Houston, Texas as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kerwin McKenzie of passrider.com, cruisinaltitude.com, discoveringhouston.net about his adopted home town and the 4th largest city in the USA.
  86. AT#728 - Travel to Egypt2020/11/07

    Hear about travel to Egypt as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sally Elbassir from PassportAndPlates.com about this unique and wonderful country.
  87. AT#727 - Travel to Kanchanaburi, Thailand2020/10/31

    Hear about travel to the province of Kanchanaburi, Thailand as the Amateur Traveler talks to Michael Desrosiers from the Ear Goggles Podcast about this historic and beautiful region.
  88. AT#726 - Travel to Wales2020/10/24

    Hear about travel to Wales in the United Kingdom as the Amateur Traveler talks to Pip Jones from pipandthecity.com, walesbucketlist.com, and the Travel Goals Podcast about her home country.
  89. AT#725 - Travel to Bogota, Colombia2020/10/17

    Hear about things to do when you travel to Bogota, Colombia as the Amateur Traveler talks to ex-pat Lauren Pelky from wanderluluu.com who calls the city home.
  90. AT#628 - Travel to Singapore (Repeat)2020/10/10

    Hear about travel to the island, city, and country of Singapore as the Amateur Traveler talks to Ashley Hall who lives there.

  91. AT#724 - Travel to Northwestern Colorado2020/10/03

    Hear about a road trip to Dinosaur National Monument and Rocky Mountain National Park as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sam and Mina Oppenheim about this part of their western road trip.
  92. AT#723 - Travel to Friuli Venezia Giulia, Italy2020/09/26

    Hear about travel to the region of Friuli Venezia Giulia in Italy as the Amateur Traveler talks to Audrey and Manlio from TravelsWithAudrey.com about Manlio's home region.
  93. AT#722 - Travel to Turkmenistan2020/09/19

    Hear about travel to the Central Asian country of Turkmenistan as the Amateur Traveler talks to Justin Barnes from justinandcrystal.com about this country that gets only 7,000 visitors a year.
  94. AT#721 - Travel to Oaxaca2020/09/12

    Hear about traveling to Oaxaca, Mexico as the Amateur Traveler talks to Susan Metenosky from brooklyntropicali.com about the city she now calls home.
  95. AT#720 - Driving the Carretera Austral, Chile2020/09/05

    Hear about travel driving the Carretera Austral in Chile as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel journalist and guidebook author Steph Dyson about a country she literally wrote the book on.
  96. AT#719 - Travel to Kerala, India2020/08/29

    Hear about a 2-week itinerary for Kerala, India travel as the Amateur Traveler talks to Mariellen Ward from BreatheDreamGo.com and IndiaForBeginners.com about this popular tropical destination.
  97. AT#718 - Travel to Malta2020/08/22

    Hear about sightseeing in the island nation of Malta as the Amateur Traveler talks to Michelle and Nikki from cheekypassports.com about their native country.
  98. AT#717 - Travel to Iowa2020/08/15

    Hear about travel to Iowa as the Amateur Traveler talks to Sara Broers from travelwithsara.com about her home state.
  99. AT#716 - Travel to Nebraska2020/08/08

    Hear about travel to Nebraska as the Amateur Traveler talks to Gina Imm about her home state.
  100. AT#715 - Travel to Penang Malaysia2020/08/01

    Hear about travel to Penang, Malaysia as the Amateur Traveler talks to Ruth about the city she called home for about a year.
  101. AT#714 - Travel to Comoros2020/07/25

    Hear about travel to Comoros as the Amateur Traveler talks to Fiona Jones about this small island nation off the coast of Africa.
  102. AT#713 - Travel to Brittany France2020/07/18

    Hear about things to do when you travel to the Brittany region of France as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kristin Montgomery from GrowingGlobalCitizens.com about this less-touristed corner of the country.
  103. AT#613 - Travel to Alabama (Repeat)2020/07/11

    Hear about travel to Alabama as the Amateur Traveler talks to travel writer Larry Bleiberg about his adopted home state.
  104. AT#712 - Travel to Devon and Cornwall, England2020/07/04

    Hear about what to do in Plymouth, England, Devon, and Cornwall as the Amateur Traveler talks to Ryan Duffield about his home region in southwestern England.
  105. AT#711 - Travel to Bosnia2020/06/27

    Hear about travel to Bosnia and Herzegovina as the Amateur Traveler talks to Kenan Ćatović from Highlander Adventures about his country.
  106. AT#710 - Travel to Lebanon2020/06/20

    Hear about things to do when you travel to Lebanon as the Amateur Traveler talks to Vanessa Hobeika about her native country of Lebanon.
  107. AT#709 - Travel to Paraguay2020/06/13

    Hear about things to do when you travel to Paraguay as the Amateur Traveler talks to Angel Hernandez about the South American country he called home for a decade.
  108. AT#708 - Travel to Uruguay2020/06/06

    Hear about travel to Uruguay as the Amateur Traveler talks to Karen Higgs from guruguay.com about her adopted country of 20 years.
  109. AT#707 - Travel to Oslo Norway2020/05/30

    Hear about travel to Oslo, Norway as the Amateur Traveler talks to Jason from ZeroToTravel.com about his adopted hometown.
  110. AT#706 - South Dakota National Parks2020/05/23

    Hear about travel to the National Park of South Dakota as the Amateur Traveler talks to Gary Arndt from Everything-Everywhere.com about the other Sunshine State.
  111. AT#705 - Travel to Saudi Arabia2020/05/16
  112. AT#704 - Walking the South Downs Way in England2020/05/09
  113. AT#703 - Travel to Tbilisi and Eastern Georgia2020/05/02
  114. AT#702 - Travel to Senegal and The Gambia2020/04/25
  115. AT#701 - Travel to West Virginia2020/04/18
  116. AT#700 - Arizona National Parks2020/04/11
  117. AT#699 - Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro2020/04/04
  118. AT#698 - Travel to Costa Rica2020/03/28
  119. AT#697 - Travel to the Alsace Region of France2020/03/21
  120. AT#696 - Travel to Asheville, North Carolina2020/03/14
  121. AT#695 - Travel to Ecuador2020/03/07
  122. AT#694 - Travel to Northern Pakistan2020/02/29
  123. AT#693 Oregon Coast Road Trip2020/02/22
  124. AT#692 - Travel to Yunnan, China2020/02/15
  125. AT#691 - Travel to Bulgaria2020/02/08
  126. AT#690 - Travel to Tainan, Taiwan2020/02/01
  127. AT#689 - Travel to Namibia (Sossusvlei and Namib-Naukluft National Park)2020/01/25
  128. AT#688 - Travel to the Mississippi Gulf Coast2020/01/18
  129. AT#687 - Travel to Switzerland2020/01/11
  130. AT#686 - Travel to Moldova2020/01/04
  131. AT#589 - Travel to Lombok, Indonesia (Repeat)2019/12/28
  132. AT#685 - Travel to Krabi, Thailand2019/12/21
  133. AT#684 - Travel to Berlin2019/12/14
  134. AT#683 - Travel to Saint Lucia2019/12/07
  135. AT#682 - Virunga National Park in the Democratic Republic of the Congo2019/11/30
  136. AT#681 - Travel to Chennai India2019/11/23
  137. AT#680 - Travel to the Canary Islands2019/11/16
  138. AT#679 - Canada's Dempster Highway2019/11/09
  139. AT#573 - Travel to the Yukon Territory (Repeat)2019/11/02
  140. AT#678 - Travel to to Porto, Portugal2019/10/26
  141. AT#677 - Travel to Nagoya, Japan2019/10/19
  142. AT#676 - Travel to La Rochelle, France2019/10/12
  143. AT#675 - Kansas Road Trip2019/10/05
  144. AT#579 - Travel to Istanbul, Turkey (Repeat)2019/09/28
  145. AT#674 - Travel to the Le Marche Region of Italy2019/09/21
  146. AT#673 - Travel to Kenya2019/09/14
  147. AT#672 - Kumano Kodo Trail in Japan2019/09/07
  148. AT#671 - Travel to Lafayette, Louisiana2019/08/31
  149. AT#670 - Africa Overland - Johannesburg to Victoria Falls2019/08/24
  150. AT#669 - Best California State Parks2019/08/17
  151. AT#668 - Travel to Lima Peru2019/08/10
  152. AT#667 - Travel to Sri Lanka2019/08/03
  153. AT#666 - Travel to Saskatchewan2019/07/27
  154. AT#665 - National Parks in and near Washington D.C.2019/07/20
  155. AT#664 - Danube River Cruise2019/07/13
  156. AT#663 - Travel to Southwest Colorado2019/07/06
  157. AT#662 - Travel to the Piedmont Region of Italy2019/06/29
  158. AT#661 - Travel to the Algarve, Portugal2019/06/22
  159. AT#660 - Travel to Manchester England2019/06/15
  160. AT#659 - Travel to Wyoming2019/06/08
  161. AT#552 - Travel to Northern Italy (replay)2019/06/01
  162. AT#658 - Travel the Northern Mississippi River Valley2019/05/25
  163. AT#657 - Travel to Bath, England2019/05/18
  164. AT#656 - Travel to Slovenia2019/05/11
  165. AT#655 - Canal Cruising in France2019/05/04
  166. AT#654 - Travel to Curaçao2019/04/27
  167. AT#653 - Travel to Thailand2019/04/20
  168. AT#652 - Alaska National Parks2019/04/13
  169. AT#651 - Travel to Sicily in Italy2019/04/06
  170. AT#650 - Travel to Rajasthan, India2019/03/30
  171. AT#550 - Travel to Tokyo, Japan (replay)2019/03/23
  172. AT#649 - Travel to Bali2019/03/16
  173. AT#648 - Route 66 Road Trip2019/03/09
  174. AT#647 - Travel to Phoenix, Arizona2019/03/02
  175. AT#646 - Travel to the United Arab Emirates (UAE)2019/02/23
  176. AT#645 - Travel to The Island of Samos, Greece2019/02/16
  177. AT#644 - Travel to Idaho2019/02/09
  178. AT#643 - Travel to Serbia2019/02/02
  179. AT#642 - Travel to Guangzhou, China2019/01/26
  180. AT#641 - Travel to New Zealand2019/01/19
  181. AT#640 - Travel to Chad2019/01/12
  182. AT#639 - Botswana Safari2019/01/05
  183. AT#638 - Travel to Beijing, China2018/12/29
  184. AT#549 - Travel to Scotland (Repeat)2018/12/22
  185. AT#637 - Visiting Universal Orlando Resort2018/12/15
  186. AT#636 - Travel to Hong Kong2018/12/08
  187. AT#635 - Travel to New York's Hudson Valley2018/12/01
  188. AT#634 - Travel to Mauritius2018/11/24
  189. AT#633 Travel to Seoul, South Korea2018/11/17
  190. AT#632 - Travel to Central Europe (Prague, Krakow, Budapest)2018/11/10
  191. AT#631 - Travel to Patagonia in Chile2018/11/03
  192. AT#630 - Travel to Boston, Massachusetts2018/10/27
  193. AT#629 - Travel to the Big Island of Hawaii2018/10/20
  194. AT#628 - Travel to Singapore2018/10/13
  195. AT#627 - Travel to Minas Gerais, Brazil2018/10/06
  196. AT#626 - The Liberation Route Europe (WWII)2018/09/29
  197. AT#625 - Travel to Langkawi Malaysia2018/09/22
  198. AT#624 - Travel to Los Angeles, California2018/09/15
  199. AT#623 - Switzerland UNESCO Sites2018/09/08
  200. AT#622 - Travel to San Francisco, California2018/09/01
  201. AT#621 - Travel to Pittsburgh and Western Pennsylvania2018/08/25
  202. AT#620 - Sail the Virgin Islands2018/08/18
  203. AT#619 - Travel to Valencia, Spain2018/08/11
  204. AT#618 - Travel to Western Australia2018/08/04
  205. AT#617 - Travel to Southern Florida - Miami, The Everglades, The Florida Keys, Key West2018/07/28
  206. AT#616 - Travel to the Island of Sumatra, Indonesia2018/07/21
  207. AT#615 - Travel to the Coffee Region of Colombia2018/07/14
  208. AT#614 - Travel to Qingdao, China2018/07/07
  209. AT#613 - Travel to Alabama2018/06/30
  210. AT#612 - Travel to the Crystal Coast of North Carolina2018/06/23
  211. AT#611 - Basque Spain2018/06/16
  212. AT#610 - Travel to Guna Yala, Panama2018/06/09
  213. AT#609 - Travel to Shanghai, China2018/06/02
  214. AT#512 - Travel to Cambodia (repeat)2018/05/26
  215. AT#608 - Travel to Jamaica2018/05/19
  216. AT#607 - Travel to Budapest, Hungary2018/05/12
  217. AT#606 - Travel to Denmark2018/05/05
  218. AT#605 - Travel Along the Volga River in Russia2018/04/28
  219. AT#604 - Travel to Montenegro2018/04/21
  220. AT#603 - Travel to Mongolia2018/04/14
  221. AT#602 - Travel to Merida and the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico2018/04/07
  222. AT#601 - Travel to the Island of Crete in Greece2018/03/31
  223. AT#600 - Travel to Chengdu, China2018/03/24
  224. AT#599 - Travel to Madagascar2018/03/17
  225. AT#598 - Travel to Brooklyn, New York2018/03/10
  226. AT#597 - Travel to Chicago, Illinois2018/03/03
  227. AT#596 - Travel to Tucson, Arizona2018/02/24
  228. AT#595 - Travel to Columbus and Central Ohio2018/02/17
  229. AT#594 - Travel to Joshua Tree National Park2018/02/10
  230. AT#593 - Travel to Bhutan2018/02/03
  231. AT#592 - Travel to Northern Flanders (Belgium)2018/01/27
  232. AT#591 - Travel to Rwanda2018/01/20
  233. AT#590 - Travel to India with the Amateur Traveler2018/01/13
  234. AT#589 - Travel to Lombok, Indonesia2018/01/06
  235. AT#588 - Travel to New Caledonia2017/12/30
  236. AT#480 - United States UNESCO World Heritage Sites (replay)2017/12/23
  237. AT#587 - Travel to Quebec2017/12/16
  238. AT#586 - Travel to Belize2017/12/09
  239. AT#585 - Travel to Northern Chile2017/12/02
  240. AT#584 - Travel to Belarus2017/11/25
  241. AT#583 - Travel to Albuquerque, New Mexico2017/11/18
  242. AT#527 - Travel to Napa and Sonoma, California (replay)2017/11/11
  243. AT#582 - Travel to Providence, Rhode Island2017/11/04
  244. AT#581 - Travel to Kiev, Ukraine2017/10/28
  245. AT#580 - Travel to Mexico City, Mexico2017/10/21
  246. AT#579 - Travel to Istanbul, Turkey2017/10/14
  247. AT#578 - Road Trip in Southern New Brunswick2017/10/07
  248. AT#577 - Travel to Barbados2017/09/30
  249. AT#576 - Travel to Washington State2017/09/23
  250. AT#575 - Travel to Albania2017/09/16
  251. AT#574 - Cruise to the Western Mediterranean on Holland America's Westerdam2017/09/09
  252. AT#573 - Travel to the Yukon Territory2017/09/02
  253. AT#572 - Travel to the Lofoten Islands of Norway2017/08/26
  254. AT#571 - Travel to Uzbekistan2017/08/19
  255. AT#570 - Travel to Sofia, Bulgaria2017/08/06
  256. AT#569 - Travel to Brazil2017/07/29
  257. AT#568 - Hiking the Camino Ronda in Northern Spain2017/07/22
  258. AT#567 - Travel to the Hebrides in Scotland2017/07/15
  259. AT#566 - Travel to Algeria2017/07/08
  260. AT#565 - Travel to Madrid, Spain2017/07/01
  261. AT#564 - Road Trip in Central Mexico2017/06/24
  262. AT#563 - Travel to The Seychelles2017/06/17
  263. AT#562 - Travel to Northern Arizona2017/06/10
  264. AT#561 - Travel to Nanjing, China2017/06/03
  265. AT#560 - Travel to Baja Sur and the Sea of Cortez in Mexico2017/05/27
  266. AT#441 - Travel to Poland (replay)2017/05/22
  267. AT#454 - Travel to Mumbai, India (repeat)2017/05/13
  268. AT#559 - Travel to Baden-Württemberg in Germany2017/05/06
  269. AT#558 - UNESCO World Heritage Sites of Israel and Palestine2017/04/29
  270. AT#557 - Travel to the Sea Islands of Georgia and South Carolina2017/04/22
  271. AT#556 - Travel to Loja and Southern Ecuador2017/04/15
  272. AT#555 - Travel to Northeastern Netherlands2017/04/08
  273. AT#554 - Travel to Gdansk, Poland2017/04/01
  274. AT#553 - Travel to the Kenai Peninsula, Alaska2017/03/25
  275. AT#552 - Travel to Northern Italy (Mantua, Verona, Padua)2017/03/18
  276. AT#551 - Travel to Zambia2017/03/11
  277. AT#550 - Travel to Tokyo, Japan2017/03/04
  278. AT#549 - Travel to Scotland2017/02/25
  279. AT#473 - Cruising Southeastern Alaska on Un-Cruise (repeat)2017/02/18
  280. AT#548 - Travel to Northern Vietnam2017/02/11
  281. AT#547 - Road Trip to British Columbia National Parks2017/02/04
  282. AT#546 - Travel to Geneva, Switzerland2017/01/28
  283. AT#545 - Travel to Oklahoma City2017/01/21
  284. AT#544 - Travel to Ethiopia2017/01/14
  285. AT#543 - Travel to Perak, Malaysia2017/01/08
  286. AT#542 - Travel to Oman2016/12/31
  287. AT#317 - Travel to India (repeat)2016/12/24
  288. AT#541 - Travel to Republic of Georgia2016/12/17
  289. AT#540 - Travel to Kyoto and the Kansai Region of Japan2016/12/10
  290. AT#539 - Travel to Cape Town, South Africa2016/12/03
  291. AT#538 - Travel to Milwaukee, Wisconsin2016/11/26
  292. AT#537 - Travel to Sydney, Australia2016/11/19
  293. AT#536 - Travel to Bordeaux, France2016/11/12
  294. AT#535 - Travel to Jasper, Alberta2016/11/06
  295. AT#534 - Travel to Micronesia (Kiribati, Tuvalu, Nauru)2016/10/29
  296. AT#533 - Travel to Eastern Taiwan2016/10/22
  297. AT#423 - Travel to Jordan (repeat)2016/10/15
  298. AT#532 - Travel to Helsinki, Finland2016/10/08
  299. AT#531 - Travel to Patagonia in Argentina2016/10/01
  300. AT#530 - Travel to Qatar2016/09/24
  301. AT#529 - Travel to the Finger Lakes in New York2016/09/17
  302. AT#528 - Travel to Tibet2016/09/10
  303. AT#527 - Travel to Napa and Sonoma, California2016/09/03
  304. AT#526 - Travel to Richmond, Virginia2016/08/27
  305. AT#525 - Baltic Cruise with Viking Ocean2016/08/20
  306. AT#524 - Hiking the Peaks of the Balkans (Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro)2016/08/13
  307. AT#523 - Travel to North Dakota2016/08/06
  308. AT#522 - Travel to the Dordogne Region of France2016/07/23
  309. AT#406 - Travel to the Russian Far East (repeat)2016/07/17
  310. AT#521 - Travel to Greenland2016/07/09
  311. Travel to Turks and Caicos - Episode 5202016/07/02
  312. AT#519 - Road Trip Through Luther Land and the Heart of Germany2016/06/25
  313. AT#399 - Travel to Flanders in Belgium (repeat)2016/06/18
  314. AT#518 - Travel to the Island of Kauai2016/06/11
  315. AT#517 - Travel to the Danube Delta, Romania2016/06/04
  316. AT#516 - Travel to Sardinia, Italy2016/05/28
  317. AT#515 - Travel to Far West China (Xinjiang)2016/05/21
  318. AT#514 - Naples and the Amalfi Coast, Italy2016/05/14
  319. AT#513 - Travel to the United Arab Emirates2016/05/07
  320. AT#512 - Travel to Cambodia2016/04/30
  321. AT#511 - Travel to Cincinnati, Ohio2016/04/23
  322. AT#510 - Travel to Provence, France2016/04/16
  323. AT#509 - Cruising to Cuba2016/04/02
  324. AT#508 - Travel to Dallas, Texas2016/03/26
  325. AT#507 - Travel to Buffalo, New York2016/03/19
  326. AT#506 - Travel to Basel, Switzerland2016/03/12
  327. AT#505 - Travel to Mozambique2016/03/05
  328. AT#504 - Travel to Auvergne, France2016/02/27
  329. AT#503 - Travel to Utah's National Parks2016/02/20
  330. AT#502 - Travel to Seattle, Washington2016/02/13
  331. AT#501 - Travel to Barcelona, Spain2016/02/06
  332. AT#500 - Travel to the Maldives2016/01/30
  333. AT#499 - Travel to Guizhou China2016/01/23
  334. AT#498 - Travel to Indianapolis, Indiana2016/01/16
  335. AT#497 - Travel to the Westfjords of Iceland2016/01/09
  336. AT#496 - Travel to Remote Alaska2016/01/02
  337. AT#495 - Travel to the Dominican Republic2015/12/19
  338. AT#494 - Travel to San Diego, California2015/12/12
  339. AT#493 - Travel to the Aeolian Islands2015/12/05
  340. AT#492 - Trekking the Annapurna Circuit in Nepal2015/11/28
  341. AT#491 - Travel to El Salvador2015/11/21
  342. AT#490 - Travel to Moscow2015/11/14
  343. AT#489 - Travel to Croatia2015/11/07
  344. AT#488 - Travel to Northern Romania2015/10/31
  345. AT#487 - Travel to Queens, New York2015/10/18
  346. AT#486 - River Cruise on Portugal's Douro River with Viking River Cruise2015/10/11
  347. AT#485 - Travel to Northern South Korea2015/10/03
  348. AT#484 - Travel to Mackinac Island (and Michigan's Upper Peninsula)2015/09/19
  349. AT#483 - Travel to Cameroon2015/09/12
  350. AT#482 - Hiking the Camino de Santiago in Spain2015/09/05
  351. AT#481 - Travel to Santa Barbara, California2015/08/29
  352. AT#481 - Travel to Santa Barbara, California2015/08/29
  353. AT#480 - United States UNESCO World Heritage Sites2015/08/22
  354. AT#479 - Hike Japan's Nakasendo Trail2015/08/15
  355. AT#478 - Travel to Kyrgyzstan2015/08/08
  356. AT#477 - Travel to Hyderabad, India2015/08/01
  357. AT#476 - Travel to New Orleans, Louisiana2015/07/25
  358. AT#475 - Travel to the Philippines2015/07/18
  359. AT#474 - Ontario Road Trip2015/07/11
  360. AT#473 - Cruising Southeastern Alaska on Un-Cruise2015/07/04
  361. AT#472 - Travel to Atlanta, Georgia2015/06/27
  362. AT#471 - Travel to Austin, Texas2015/06/20
  363. AT#470 - Travel to Hamburg, Germany2015/06/13
  364. AT#469 - Travel to Munich Germany2015/06/06
  365. AT#468 - Travel to Southern Morocco2015/05/23
  366. AT#467 - Travel to Louisville, Kentucky2015/05/16
  367. AT#466 - Travel to Namibia's Skeleton Coast2015/05/09
  368. AT#465 - Travel to the Czech Republic2015/05/02
  369. AT#464 - Travel to the Tennessee Valley (Tennessee, Alabama)2015/04/25
  370. AT#463 - Travel to the Cayman Islands2015/04/11
  371. AT#462 - Travel to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania2015/04/04
  372. AT#461 - Travel to North Carolina2015/03/28
  373. AT#460 - Cruising Around Cape Horn in South America2015/03/21
  374. AT#459 - Travel to Tel Aviv, Israel2015/03/14
  375. AT#458 - Volunteer Travel with Peace Corp Director Carrie Hessler-Radelet2015/03/07
  376. AT#457 - Travel to the Island of Cebu in the Philippines2015/02/21
  377. AT#456 - Hiking the Kings Trail (Kungsleden) in Swedish Lapland2015/02/14
  378. AT#455 - Travel to Haiti2015/02/07
  379. AT#454 - Travel to Mumbai, India2015/01/31
  380. AT#453 - Travel to Guanajuato and San Miguel de Allende, Mexico2015/01/24
  381. AT#452 - Travel to Delaware2015/01/17
  382. AT#451 - Travel to Seville, Spain2015/01/10
  383. AT#450 - Travel to Little Rock, Arkansas2015/01/03
  384. AT#449 - Travel to the Mainland of Greece2014/12/21
  385. AT#448 - Travel to Lisbon, Portugal2014/12/13
  386. AT#447 - Travel to the Island of Madeira2014/12/06
  387. AT#446 - Travel to Canberra, Australia2014/11/29
  388. AT#445 - Travel to Fiji2014/11/22
  389. AT#444 - Travel to Northern Australia2014/11/15
  390. AT#443 - Travel to New York City with Pauline Frommer2014/11/08
  391. AT#442 - Travel to Slovakia2014/11/01
  392. AT#441 - Travel to Poland2014/10/25
  393. AT#440 - Travel to Vermont2014/10/19
  394. AT#439 - Travel to West Sweden2014/10/04
  395. AT#438 - Travel to Baltimore, Maryland2014/09/27
  396. AT#437 - Canada's UNESCO World Heritage Sites2014/09/20
  397. AT#436 - Travel the Silk Road in China's Gansu Province2014/09/13
  398. AT#435 - Travel to Iran2014/09/06
  399. AT#434 - Travel to Luxembourg2014/08/30
  400. AT#433 - Travel to the Democratic Republic of the Congo2014/08/23
  401. AT#432 - Travel to Salzburg, Austria2014/08/09
  402. AT#431 - Travel to Orlando, Florida2014/08/02
  403. AT#430 - Travel to Charleston, South Carolina2014/07/26
  404. AT#429 - Travel on a South African Safari2014/07/19
  405. AT#428 - Travel to Paris, France2014/07/12
  406. AT#427 - Travel to Lazio, Italy2014/07/05
  407. AT#426 - Travel to Tasmania, Australia2014/06/28
  408. AT#425 - Travel to South Tyrol, Italy2014/06/22
  409. AT#424 - Travel to Memphis, Tennessee2014/06/14
  410. AT#423 - Travel to Jordan2014/06/07
  411. AT#422 - Travel to Lassen National Park, California2014/06/01
  412. AT#421 - Travel to the Western Sahara, (Morocco)2014/05/24
  413. AT#420 - Hike the Lycian Way in Turkey2014/05/17
  414. AT#419 - Travel to Denver, Colorado2014/05/10
  415. AT#418 - Travel to Winnipeg, Manitoba2014/05/03
  416. AT#417 - Travel to Saint Helena2014/04/27
  417. AT#416 - Travel to Southwest England2014/04/19
  418. AT#415 - Travel to Riga, Latvia2014/04/13
  419. AT#414 - Travel to Nova Scotia2014/04/06
  420. AT#413 - Travel to Dusseldorf, Germany2014/03/29
  421. AT#412 - Travel to Mazatlan, Mexico2014/03/22
  422. AT#411 - Travel to Arctic Manitoba2014/03/15
  423. AT#410 - Travel to Indonesia and the Island of Komodo2014/03/08
  424. AT#409 - Travel to Mobile, Alabama2014/03/01
  425. AT#408 - Travel to Sudan2014/02/22
  426. AT#407 - Travel to Montana2014/02/15
  427. AT#406 - Travel to the Russian Far East2014/02/09
  428. AT#405 - Travel to The Pantanal, Brazil2014/01/31
  429. AT#404 - Travel to Southern Alberta in Canada2014/01/25
  430. AT#403 - Travel to the Island of Socotra and Yemen2014/01/18
  431. AT#402- Travel to the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean2014/01/11
  432. AT#401 - Travel to Vieques, Puerto Rico2014/01/04
  433. AT#400 - Travel to Panama2013/12/21
  434. AT#399 Travel to Flanders in Belgium2013/12/14
  435. AT#398 - Travel to New Jersey2013/12/07
  436. AT#397 - Travel to Morocco2013/11/30
  437. AT#396 - Travel to Belfast, Northern Ireland2013/11/24
  438. AT#395 - Travel to Ottawa, Ontario2013/11/17
  439. AT#394 - Travel to Rio de Janeiro, Brazil2013/11/09
  440. AT#393 - Travel to Arequipa, Peru2013/11/02
  441. AT#392 - Trekking in Ecuador’s Quilotoa Loop2013/10/26
  442. AT#391 - Travel to Baton Rouge, Louisiana2013/10/19
  443. AT#390 - Travel to Ireland2013/10/12
  444. AT#389 - Travel to Andalucia, Spain2013/10/06
  445. AT#388 - Travel to the Island of Shikoku, Japan2013/09/24
  446. AT#387 - Travel to Macedonia2013/09/15
  447. AT#386 - Travel to the Windward Islands of the Lesser Antilles in the Caribbean2013/09/08
  448. AT#385 - Travel to the Republic of the Congo2013/08/31
  449. AT#384 - Travel to Vienna, Austria2013/08/24
  450. AT#383 - Travel to the Navajo Nation (Arizona)2013/08/17
  451. AT#382 - Travel to Azerbaijan 2013/08/10
  452. AT#381 - Travel to the Isle of Man2013/08/03
  453. AT#380 - Travel to Kansas City (Kansas and Missouri)2013/07/27
  454. AT#379 - Travel to Belarus2013/07/20
  455. AT#378 - Travel to Buenos Aires, Argentina2013/07/13
  456. AT#377 - Travel to South Australia2013/06/29
  457. AT#376 - Travel to Western Norway2013/06/22
  458. AT#375 Travel to Amsterdam in the Netherlands2013/06/15
  459. AT#374 - Travel to Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon), Vietnam2013/06/08
  460. AT#373 Travel to Slovenia2013/05/25
  461. AT#372 - Travel to Stockholm, Sweden2013/05/18
  462. AT#371 - Travel to Victoria Falls (Zimbabwe, Zambia)2013/05/11
  463. AT#370 - Travel to Fort Worth, Texas2013/05/04
  464. AT#369 - Travel to Bucharest, Romania2013/04/27
  465. AT#368 - Travel to Extremadura, Spain2013/04/20
  466. AT#367 - Travel to Toulouse, France2013/04/13
  467. AT#366 - Travel to Vanuatu2013/04/06
  468. AT#365 - Travel to the South Side of Chicago, Illinois2013/03/30
  469. AT#364 - Travel to Japan2013/03/23
  470. AT#363 - Travel to Puerto Rico2013/03/16
  471. AT#362 - Travel to The Guianas - French Guiana, Suriname, and Guyana2013/03/09
  472. AT#361 - Travel to North Korea2013/03/02
  473. AT#360 - Volunteer Travel in Uganda2013/02/23
  474. AT#359 - Travel to London, England part 22013/02/16
  475. AT#358 - Travel to Perth, Australia2013/02/09
  476. AT#357 - Travel to Samoa2013/02/03
  477. AT#356 - Travel to Santa Fe, New Mexico2013/01/28
  478. AT#355 - Travel to Guatemala2013/01/12
  479. AT#354 - Travel to Myanmar2013/01/05
  480. AT#353 - Travel to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast2012/12/22
  481. AT#352 - Travel to London, England2012/12/15
  482. AT#351 - Travel to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador2012/12/09
  483. AT#350 - Travel to The Hill Towns of Southern Tuscany2012/12/03
  484. AT#349 - Travel to Peru2012/11/24
  485. AT#348 - Travel to Uganda2012/11/17
  486. AT#347 - Travel to Kenya2012/11/10
  487. AT#346 - Travel to Medellin Colombia2012/11/03
  488. AT#345 - Travel to Great Smoky Mountains National Park and Western North Carolina2012/10/27
  489. AT#344 - Travel to Lord Howe Island, Norfolk Island, Christmas Island2012/10/20
  490. AT#343 - Travel to Cambodia2012/10/06
  491. AT#342 - Travel to Tajikistan2012/09/29
  492. AT#341 - Travel to New Zealand's South Island2012/09/15
  493. AT#340 - Travel to the Microstates of Europe (Andorra, Liechtenstein, Monaco, San Marino)2012/09/08
  494. AT#339 - Travel to Costa Brava, Spain2012/09/01
  495. AT#338 - Travel to Las Vegas, Nevada2012/08/18
  496. AT#337 - Travel to Segovia and Toledo Spain2012/08/11
  497. AT#336 - Travel to Serbia and Kosovo2012/08/05
  498. AT#355 - Solo (International) Travel as a Woman with Janice Waugh2012/07/31
  499. AT#334 - Travel to Yorkshire, England2012/07/22
  500. AT#333 - Travel to The Island of Java in Indonesia2012/07/16
  501. AT#332 - Trekking Around Mont Blanc, France2012/07/07
  502. AT#331 - Travel to the Islands of Kyushu, Japan2012/06/30
  503. AT#330 - Travel to Connecticut2012/06/23
  504. AT#329 - Travel to Savannah, Georgia2012/06/09
  505. AT#328 - Adventure Travel in Costa Rica2012/06/02
  506. AT#327 - Travel to Sun Valley, Idaho2012/05/26
  507. AT#326 - Travel to Belgium2012/05/12
  508. AT#325 - Travel to the Twin Cities of Minnesota (St Paul and side trips)2012/05/05
  509. AT#324 - Travel to the Twin Cities of Minnesota (Minneapolis)2012/04/28
  510. AT#323 - Travel to Lithuania2012/04/21
  511. AT#322 - Travel to Puglia (Apulia) in Italy2012/04/14
  512. AT#321 - Travel to Umbria, Italy2012/03/31
  513. AT#320 - Travel to the Island of Lanai, Hawaii2012/03/24
  514. AT#319 - Travel to the Yunnan Province of China2012/03/17
  515. AT#318 - Travel to Southern Israel2012/03/11
  516. AT#317 - Travel to India2012/02/25
  517. AT#316 - Travel to Catalina Island off California2012/02/18
  518. AT#315 - Cruise Barge Canals in England and Wales2012/02/11
  519. AT#314 - Travel to Trinidad and Tobago2012/02/04
  520. AT#313 - Travel to Bolivia2012/01/28
  521. AT#312 - Travel to Bulgaria2012/01/21
  522. AT#311 - Travel to Northern Queensland, Australia2012/01/15
  523. AT#310 - Travel to San Antonio. Texas2012/01/08
  524. AT#309 - Travel to Bangladesh2011/12/31
  525. AT#308 - Travel to the Champagne Region of France2011/12/24
  526. AT#307 - Travel to Kazakhstan2011/12/17
  527. AT#306 - Travel to Dublin, Ireland2011/12/10
  528. AT#305 - Travel to Tampa, Florida2011/12/03
  529. AT#304 - Travel to The RIng of Kerry in Ireland2011/11/26
  530. AT#303 - Travel to St. Kitts2011/11/12
  531. AT#302 - Travel to St. Augustine, Florida2011/11/07
  532. AT#301 - Travel to Chihuahua, Mexico with Photographer Ralph Velasco2011/10/29
  533. AT#300 - Travel to Quebec, Canada2011/10/23
  534. AT#299 - Travel to European Russia2011/10/02
  535. AT#298 - Travel to Lake Tahoe in California and Nevada2011/09/24
  536. AT#297 - Travel to Kyoto, Japan2011/09/17
  537. AT#296 - Travel to Newfoundland, Canada2011/09/10
  538. AT#295 - Travel to Oklahoma with Robert Reid from Lonely Planet2011/09/03
  539. AT#294 - Travel to Spain's Canary Islands2011/08/27
  540. AT#293 - Travel to Northern Iraq2011/08/13
  541. AT#292 - Travel to Losotho2011/08/07
  542. AT#291 - Travel to Honduras2011/07/31
  543. AT#290 - Travel to the Azores, Portugal2011/07/23
  544. AT#289 - Travel to Nigeria2011/07/16
  545. AT#288 - Travel to Rome with Andy Steves2011/07/10
  546. AT#287 - Travel to Alaska2011/07/03
  547. AT#286 - Travel to Southern South Korea2011/06/25
  548. AT#285 - Travel to St. Louis, Missouri2011/06/18
  549. AT#284 - Travel to Wiltshire in England2011/06/11
  550. AT#283 - Travel to Gibraltar2011/06/04
  551. AT#282 - Travel to the Guangxi region of China2011/05/28
  552. AT#281 - Travel to Sydney, Australia2011/05/21
  553. AT#280 - Travel to England's Lake District2011/05/14
  554. AT#279 - Travel to Cyprus2011/05/08
  555. AT#278 - Travel to the Four Corners Region in the American SouthWest2011/04/30
  556. AT#277 - Travel to Charlottesville, Virginia2011/04/24
  557. AT#276 - Travel to Southern Taiwan2011/04/17
  558. AT#275 - Travel to Normandy in France 2011/04/09
  559. AT#274 - Adventure Travel in Botswana2011/04/02
  560. AT#273 - Travel to Lebanon2011/03/26
  561. AT#272 - Volunteer Travel to West Africa (Sierra Leone & Liberia)2011/03/19
  562. AT#271 - Travel to Bodrum, Turkey2011/03/12
  563. AT#270 - Travel to Brooklyn in New York City2011/03/05
  564. AT#269 - Pamplona Spain - The Running of the Bulls and the San Fermin Fiesta2011/02/26
  565. AT#268 - Travel to Albania2011/02/19
  566. AT#267 - Travel to Corsica, France2011/02/12
  567. AT#266 - Travel to Los Angeles, California - part 22011/02/05
  568. AT#265 - Travel to Los Angeles, California - part 12011/01/29
  569. AT#264 - Travel to Aspen, Colorado2011/01/22
  570. AT#263 - Travel to Northwest Argentina2011/01/15
  571. AT#262 - Travel to Bosnia2011/01/08
  572. AT#261 - Travel to Melbourne, Australia2011/01/01
  573. AT#260 - Biking Spain's Camino di Santiago2010/12/25
  574. AT#259 - Travel to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania2010/12/18
  575. AT#258 - Travel to Xi'an, China2010/12/11
  576. AT#257 - Travel to Glacier National Park and Western Montana2010/12/04
  577. AT#256 - Travel to the West Bank / Palestinian National Authority2010/11/27
  578. AT#255 - Photo Tour of Egypt2010/11/20
  579. AT#254 - Cruising the Rhine River2010/11/06
  580. AT#253 - Hurtigruten Cruise to the Coast of Norway2010/10/30
  581. AT#252 - Travel to the Black Hills of South Dakota2010/10/23
  582. AT#251 - Travel to Papua New Guinea2010/10/16
  583. AT#250 - Travel to the Gulf Coast of Florida2010/10/02
  584. AT#249 - Travel to Milan, Italy2010/09/25
  585. AT#248 - Travel to Toronto, Ontario2010/09/18
  586. AT#247 - Travel to Chile2010/09/11
  587. AT#246 - Travel to Northern Ohio2010/09/04
  588. AT#245 - Travel to Miami, Florida2010/08/28
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  590. AT#243 - Travel to Namibia2010/08/14
  591. AT#242 - Day Trips from Florence, Italy2010/08/07
  592. AT#241 - Travel to Mali2010/07/31
  593. AT#240 - Travel to New Zealand's North Island2010/07/24
  594. AT#239 - Travel to Prince Edward Island in Canada2010/07/10
  595. AT#238 - Travel to the Cook Islands2010/07/03
  596. AT#237 - Travel to Bali in Indonesia2010/06/19
  597. AT#236 - Travel to Michigan2010/06/12
  598. AT#235 - UNESCO World Heritage Sites2010/06/05
  599. AT#234 - Travel to Ghana2010/05/29
  600. AT#233 - Travel to Hong Kong2010/05/22
  601. AT#232 - Travel to Montenegro2010/05/15
  602. AT#231 - Travel to Taiwan2010/05/08
  603. AT#230 - Travel to Portland, Oregon2010/05/01
  604. AT#229 - Travel to Northern Virginia2010/04/24
  605. AT#228 - Travel to Yemen2010/04/17
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  610. AT#224 - Travel to Hiroshima and the Chugoku Region of Japan2010/03/20
  611. AT#223 - Rafting Down the Grand Canyon, Arizona2010/03/13
  612. AT#222 - Travel to Borneo2010/03/06
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  621. AT#213 - Travel to Berlin and Prague in December2010/01/02
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  623. AT#211 - Travel to Johannesburg, South Africa2009/12/12
  624. AT#210 - Travel to the Ancient Capitals of Thailand2009/12/05
  625. AT#209 - Travel to Eastern Germany2009/11/28
  626. AT#208 - Travel to Turin and Bologna (or Eating our way through Italy)2009/11/21
  627. AT#207 - Travel to the Tyrol (Tirol) Region of Austria2009/11/16
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  629. AT#205 - Travel to Nepal and Everest2009/10/31
  630. AT#204 - Travel to Iceland2009/10/24
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  634. AT#200 - Travel to Wisconsin2009/09/19
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  644. AT#191 - Adventure Travel to Venezuela2009/07/11
  645. 4 Year Anniversary2009/06/29
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  655. AT#180 - Cruise to the Falklands, South Georgia, and Antarctica2009/04/11
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  661. Special Announcement - Lonely Planet Awards Voting2009/02/27
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  743. AT#98 - Travel to The Netherlands and Belgium2007/07/21
  744. AT#97 - Travel to The Seychelles (and Dubai)2007/07/01
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  763. AT#78 - Travel to Philadelphia2007/02/04
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  766. AT#75 - Authors of "Europe From a Backpack"2007/01/13
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  770. AT#71 - Travel to Liverpool, England2006/12/16
  771. AT#70 - Bicycle Travel in Tuscany, Italy2006/12/10
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  794. AT#47 - Travel to Las Vegas, Nevada2006/06/17
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