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  1. The Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie2009/12/02

    At long last we're back from our travels.... or should that be travails?
  2. The Caledonian Hotel, Brechin2009/04/24
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  3. The Caledonian Hotel, Brechin2009/03/28

    We're back in The Caledonian Hotel with a new player on the block, all the way from Galicia in Spain ........................
  4. The Star Inn, Friockheim2008/11/30

    It wasn't our first night in Friockheim, but it was the first time we'd recorded it for the Angus Sessions - long overdue!
  5. The Caledonian Hotel, Brechin2008/11/10

    It was quite a quiet night...........
  6. The Caledonian Hotel, Brechin2008/10/19

    This episode sees a return to the world-famous Caledonian Hotel in Brechin.

    Just watch you don't turn up on a weekday afternoon when there's a funeral party in!!
  7. Chapter & Verse, Forfar2008/09/01

    A return to the Chapter & Verse as part of The Hairst.
  8. Chapter & Verse, Forfar2008/08/05

    Live from the Chapter & Verse in Forfar, part of The Hairst - http://www.thehairst.co.uk/
  9. The Stag, Arbroath2008/06/16

    A WILD sessions with Aff the Cuff in The Stag in Arbroath..............

Podcasting in .m4a format, Angus Sessions represents some of the best folk and traditional music around in pubs in Angus, Scotland. The music draws on Scottish and Irish fiddle and pipe tunes and there's a good smattering of folk songs, both old and contemporary from across the world.

Sessions featured include: Aboukir Hotel, Carnoustie; Caledonian Hotel, Brechin; Clova Hotel, Glen Clova; and Three Bellies Brae Bar in Kirriemuir The podcast is live and raw, with minimal editing so as to best capture the feeling of a REAL session.

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