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Another Heaven;

  1. Another Heaven; Episode 20 {August 24, 2009} 2009/08/24
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  2. Another Heaven; Episode 19 {April 30, 2009} 2009/05/01

    {Episode 19} DJ.Tee
    We're back to our regular DJing ;D
    And we also have a new addition to the AH; family! Tee! Please give her a warm welcome ^^
    & Enjoy the show~
    Thanks so much for listening!

    Artists in this episode;
    Super Junior
    2NE1 feat. Big Bang
  3. Another Heaven; Episode 18 {March 5, 2009}2009/03/05

    {Episode 18} DJ Computer.

    Thank you for your support. Enjoy!
    Please leave comments we appreciate your feedback. :)
    Requests are also welcomed.
    (Regular DJs will return in Spring)

    Artists in this episode;
    LEO feat. Hyun Joon of SS501
    Jang Geun Suk
    Abingdon boys school
  4. Another Heaven; Episode 17 {February 20, 2009} 2009/02/20

    {Episode 17} DJ Computer.

    Another Heaven;is announcing it's first contest!
    Please comment here or at the I-tunes page with your name and email in order for a chance to win a ticket to the Victory concert!
    Thank you for listening!

    Artists in this episode;
    May Doni
    Jessica H.O.
    Ayumi Hamasaki
  5. Another Heaven; Episode 16 {February 8, 2009} 2009/02/09
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  6. Another Heaven; Episode 15 {October 19, 2008} 2008/10/20

    {Episode 15} Feat DJ T+Jini
    We're backk~
    Enjoy this long one!

    Thank you loyal AH;listeners, stay tuned!

    Artists in this episode;
    Big Bang
    Seo Taiji
    Epik High
    Dong Bang Shin Ki
  7. Another Heaven; Episode 14 {December 24, 2007}2007/12/24

    {14th episode}
    A gift from AH; to you...

    Christmas mix 07.

    Happy Holidays everyone!

    Artists in this episode;
    Xing Star
    Fly To The Sky
    Jang Ri In
    Rumble Fish
    Cheon sang Ji Hee The Grace

  8. Another Heaven; Episode 13 {Sept 8, 2007}2007/09/09

    {Episode 13}
    Feat DJ Sky! She did a wonderful job so please enjoy her episode~

    Artists in the episode;
    Big Bang
    Crystal Kay
    Fly to the Sky
  9. Another Heaven; Episode 12 {August 28, 2007}2007/08/28

    {12th episode}
    Hey everyone! See we didn't let you down^^v
    This episode is a bit short but we tried our best!
    This one has 3 DJs (; DJ T, DJ Kai, & DJ Jini.

    Artists in this episode;
    Dong Bang Shin Ki
    Big Bang
  10. Another Heaven; Epi 11{August 22, 2007}2007/08/22

    {11th episode}
    Sorry our DJs have been busy this summer!
    But we will make it up to you with more episodes! ^_^
    For now please enjoy this new one ;) with another new DJ added to the crew, Rosa! Thank you for listening. Enjoy!

    Artists in this episode;
    Super Junior
    MNI Min Jae {Coffee Prince OST}
    200 pounds of beauty OST
  11. Another Heaven; Episode 7 {August 15, 2006}2006/08/15

    {Episode 7}
    DJ; Mir

    Hey fellow listeners!
    thanks for waiting for me to "debut" hehe i'm Dj Mir #SE7EN!!

  12. Another Heaven; Episode 6 {August 7, 2006}2006/08/08

    {Episode 6}

    DJ; Jazzy Rayne

    This episode features songs from anime. ANIME BLOCK ~

    It was nice to be featured as a DJ. I hope this will countinue growing strong, Keep up with the good work Jini-chan and friends

    THANK YOU <3
  13. Another Heaven; Epi 2 {June 16, 2006}2006/06/16

    {Second episode} DJ;Trangie. This is my first time doing this, so yea, its a whole new thing for me. In this episode, you get to hear the lastest songs from various artists such as Se7en, Shinhwa, Super Junior. Hope you all enjoy this one. Leave a comment.
  14. Another Heaven; Epi 1 {June 10, 2006}2006/06/16

    {First Episode} DJ: Jini.

    Excuse my voice o_x very tired when it was recorded.
    But enjoy it anyway =P

    Episode's artists;
    Dong Bang Shin Ki

    Super Junior

    Lee Junki


    Dir en Grey

    If you have any requests please do request away. Please leave a comment as well <3
Another Heaven;
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Eonyoo- epi 3
Lulu- epi 4
Yukari- epi 5
Jazzy Rayne- epi 6
Mir- epi 7
Yuki, Jazzy Rayne, & Jini- epi 8
No DJs. Ultimate Remix Myx- epi 9
Eonyoo- epi 10
Rosa- epi 11
T, Kai, & Jini- epi 12
Sky- epi 13
No Djs. X-mas mix.- epi 14
T & Jini- epi 15
Computer- epi 16
Computer- epi 17
Computer- epi 18
Tee- epi 19
Minya & Jini- epi 20

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