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Domain Earth

  1. Old Skool Breaks - '99 Pleasuredome Saturday Night2012/08/07
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  2. Breakdownunderground2011/12/27

    Friends of mine call this tech-funk. I'm still partial to calling it breaks and hate the idea of having to continuously break down styles of EDM into more finite descriptions.
  3. Trance Anthems 90's - Today2009/10/11
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  4. PLAY IT THE WAY U FEEL IT!2007/04/01
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  5. Hartebreaks v2.02006/11/16
    Big breaks set....
Domain Earth
Again, a heart felt thank you to all that have downloaded or streamed these sets. For me podomatic and the technology behind podcasting has allowed me to share my passion for electronica with many more people than I have in the past using traditional media.

The artists that appear in these promo sets are all incredible and I feel very privileged to be able to relocate, remix, and compose a set with their tracks. Keep in mind these artists don't make the $ a mainstream radio artist will make and they deserve recognition for their time and creativity) Please remember all tracks are for promotional use and enjoyment only! So go to beatport.com, iTunes, Amazon.com or your local record shop and buy some of these tracks. I will always do my best to list all artist and track information from these mixes.

For dj bookings, or to chat/comment please email me at djfla4@yahoo.com or via www.myspace.com/djfla4

Thanks and peace out!

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