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  1. i eight teen wolf? 2006/11/09
    this week Gabba talks between almost every song.....he's got the gift of Gab that kid!
  2. seven/eleven-teenth (yeah, not that funny)2006/10/25
    Will Gabba ever shut up? Find out on the 17th week of the gms podcast....Actually no he doesn't, so i've just ruined it for you. Also, we find out what songs are number one across the globe and have a look at the new songs being released.
  3. sixteen candles2006/10/10

    Great mix of musicthis week, requests galore!!! Get yours in: gmspodcasts@hotmail.com, or even add Gabba to your myspace; www.myspace.com/gmspodcast
  4. unos, dos, tres, catorce2006/09/22
    Big announcement this week, what is it? Listen and found out you fool!!!!
  5. Friday The 13th2006/09/15
    No R&B or Hip-Hop this week....just Gabba and Zac talking shit!!!!
    We at the gms podcast wanna hear from you: gmspodcasts@hotmail.com
  6. twelve times tables2006/09/05
    An extra special long episode of the gms podcast with the one the only: Gabba (plus Zac, Mike and Logan drop in!)
  7. the eleventh hour2006/08/21
    This weeks theme: remixes!!! And Gabba talks in between songs again.
  8. ten (yeah, just like the Pearl Jam album)2006/08/10
    this week we, play some tunes and have some fun, cause isn't that what it's all about?
  9. ninety-nine problems, but a bitch ain't one2006/08/01
    In this episode Zac tells us another interesting story, we play some requests (finally!) and Gabba talks some where in there too!
  10. ewww, you eight a podcast?2006/07/24
    In this weeks episode we talk with Zac & Lucas
  11. seventh heaven2006/07/13
    Intro, Gabba, Music, Gabba, Billy Talent snippet, Gabba, Music, Gabba, Music, Music, Gabba, Music, End
  12. and a pocast in a pear tree2006/06/29
    the crazy fifth episode of the gms podcast, contact Gabba: gmspodcasts@hotmail.com
  13. the fourth one2006/06/19
    this one has a lot of F#*k's in it!
  14. once, twice, three times a podcast2006/06/12
    the third instalment of the gms podcast
  15. the second instalment2006/06/03
    another ePODsode
gms podcast
an aussie guy living in canada, commenting on life while playing some music

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