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  1. Blockchain: the technology that could dramatically change the internet2017/12/15

    You've probably heard about digital currencies like Bitcoin. But it's the technology behind Bitcoin, called Blockchain, that's inspiring some big dreams about the future of the internet. Margot O'Neill produced this report.
  2. Farewell Lateline: Former hosts reflect on 28 years of stories2017/12/08

    Emma Alberici is joined by former Lateline hosts Kerry O'Brien, Maxine McKew and Leigh Sales as they reflect on Lateline's vast history, including some of their most memorable stories and interviews, and the future of journalism.
  3. Purpose over profit: how social enterprises are boosting employment2017/12/07

    Swinburne University has just released the first major study into social enterprises which are on the rise in Australia. The report found that the industry is creating thousands of jobs and is having a big impact on the long-term unemployed. Emily Stewart has this report, produced by Kathleen Calderwood.
  4. Lower house votes in historic same-sex marriage legislation2017/12/07

    Australia has become the 26th nation to legislate for same-sex marriage. The fight to have their relationships recognised as equal to those of heterosexual couples has been a long one for the LGBTQI community in Australia. When parliament held the final vote, emotions erupted. Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth reports.
  5. Penny Wong welcomes passage of same-sex marriage legislation through House of Representatives2017/12/07

    Emma Alberici speaks to Opposition Senate Leader and Shadow Foreign Minister Penny Wong about the passage of historic same-sex marriage legislation through the House of Representatives.
  6. Politicians reflect on 28 years of Lateline2017/12/07

    For the past 28 years, Lateline has interviewed many politicians from all political persuasions. Prime Ministers, Opposition Leaders, Ministers and MPs have all felt the pressure under the lights in the Lateline studio. Tonight we look back at some of the more memorable moments as we ask politicians to reflect on their memories of the show.
  7. Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth on the ongoing citizenship saga and 'maggot' incident2017/12/06

    Emma Alberici speaks to Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth about the ongoing citizenship saga and why his interview with Labor MP Justine Keay has gone viral.
  8. Mathias Cormann responds to citizenship furore2017/12/06

    Emma Alberici speaks to Finance Minister Mathias Cormann about the ongoing citizenship saga and the same-sex marriage bill.
  9. A grieving father searches for answers to rural Australia's suicide problem2017/12/06
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  10. Farewell Lateline Our correspondents reflect on their most memorable moments2017/12/06

    Over the past 28 years Lateline has distinguished itself as the home of breaking news from overseas.Our correspondents have braved riots, floods, fires and earthquakes to bring you some of the biggest events in modern history. As we prepare to farewell Lateline, the current crop of the ABC's international reporters look back on some of their most memorable moments.
  11. The humans of Lateline: a look back at our most memorable characters2017/12/05

    After 28 years, this is Lateline's final week on air. We're taking a look back at some of the extraordinary stories of everyday people we've featured - meet the humans of Lateline! Barbara Miller produced this report. This story contains coarse language - and a warning for Indigenous viewers, there are images of a person now deceased. .
  12. Fran Lebowitz says she is unsurprised by spate of Hollywood sexual abuse allegations2017/12/05

    Jeremy Fernandez speaks to author and social commentator Fran Lebowitz about Donald Trump's America and the Hollywood sexual harrassment saga.
  13. How a principal turned a struggling school around2017/12/05

    Four years ago, the New South Wales Education Department began an experiment. It employed 15 principals on salaries of up to $200,000 a year in schools with large numbers of Indigenous students. The principals were also given new powers to change operating hours and parts of the curriculum. One school in Tamworth is achieving remarkable results. Lateline's John Stewart reports.
  14. Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth on the latest citizenship dramas2017/12/05

    Jeremy Fernandez speaks to Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth about the publication of a new parliamentary register detailing the citizenship status of all serving MPs. A number of Labor and Liberal MPs and one crossbencher could be referred to the High Court.
  15. Interview: Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth2017/12/04

    Emma Alberici speaks to Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth about the latest development in the citizenship saga, the same-sex marriage bill and Tim Wilson's proposal to his partner in parliament today.
  16. Tony Burke denies parliamentary vote on Manus Island asylum seekers was a 'stunt'2017/12/04

    Emma Alberici speaks to Manager of Opposition Business Tony Burke about the government losing a vote in parliament today on a motion calling for asylum seekers on Manus Island to be resettled in New Zealand. Liberal MPs Steven Ciobo and Warren Entsch were forced to apologise after they failed to turn up for a division.
  17. The autism advantage: Why ANZ is the latest big company to recruit workers on the spectrum2017/12/04

    Only around 40 per cent of adults on the autistic spectrum in Australia are employed. Many of those are working in jobs below their educational or professional level. But that's beginning to change, as Barbara Miller reports.
  18. Late Debate: Darren Chester and Tanya Plibersek2017/12/01

    Emma Alberici is joined by Darren Chester and Tanya Plibersek for a discussion of the week in politics, including John Barilaro's calls for Malcolm Turnbull to resign and the latest controversy surrounding Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.
  19. Shearer makes her mark on traditionally male-dominated industry2017/12/01

    The shearing shed was once a no-go zone for women, unless they were delivering lunch. Now women make up the majority of roustabouts and wool handlers, and they're starting to make their mark in the more lucrative job of shearing. Lateline's Emily Stewart met trainee shearer Shelby Smith in regional Victoria.
  20. Chatline: Your week in review2017/12/01

    Now for a look at what you had to say about some of our stories this week. Here's Jamie Cummins with Chatline.
  21. Peter Whish-Wilson welcomes royal commission into banking sector2017/11/30

    Matt Wordsworth speaks to Peter Whish-Wilson about the announcement of a royal commission into the banking sector and the latest scandal surrounding Sam Dastyari.
  22. Does helicopter parenting make kids more anxious?2017/11/30

    Parents may reduce the likelihood that their children will suffer from anxiety if they challenge them to push their boundaries, according to an Australian-Dutch study. Social Affairs Correspondent Norman Hermant reports.
  23. Cancer patients prescribed art therapy at Sydney hospital2017/11/30

    For most people diagnosed with cancer, life becomes focused on one thing: survival. In the fight to rid the body of disease, mental wellbeing is often an afterthought. Now a unique program is trying to change that, using art therapy to complement conventional medicine. Lin Evlin reports.
  24. Cheers and celebrations as Senate passes historic same-sex marriage bill2017/11/29

    Joyous scenes erupted in the Senate today with the historic passage of the bill to legalise same-sex marriage. But the process won't be complete until it's approved by the House of Representatives - this week's sitting was cancelled by the Prime Minister. Political Correspondent Matt Wordsworth reports.
  25. George Brandis says Sam Dastyari is a 'serial offender' over latest scandal2017/11/29

    Emma Alberici speaks to Attorney-General George Brandis about the historic passage of a same-sex marriage bill through the Senate and the latest scandal engulfing Labor Senator Sam Dastyari.

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