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Dr Karl's Great Moments in Science

  1. Jargon moving forwards2019/09/10
    Please don't say "thought shower". (Unsplash)
  2. DJ bats double the Doppler2019/09/03
    All the better to echolocate you with ... (Wikimedia)
  3. Diseases stink!2019/08/27
    Parkinson's has a smell, and it's not floral. (Unsplash)
  4. Dead brains revived!2019/08/20
    It ... is ... (not) ... alive (Pixabay)
  5. Mirror Universe: part two2019/08/13
    Is dark matter hiding in a mirror universe connected to our own? (Unsplash)
  6. Mirror Universe: part 12019/08/06
    In a mirror universe clocks could run backwards. Would being early for things be a problem there? (malvestida: Unsplash)
  7. Running out of sand: part two2019/07/30
    Could old concrete and recycled plastic be the sand of the future? (muukii - unsplash)
  8. Running out of sand, part one2019/07/23
    The biggest consumer of sand on the planet can't use desert sand. Of which we've plenty. (Unsplash)
  9. Marco Polo and spaghetti: part two2019/07/16
    Spaghetti and friends. (Deva Darshan - Unsplash)
  10. Marco Polo and spaghetti: part one2019/07/09
    "The Travels of Marco Polo" featured romantic stories, beautiful illustrations and possibly the world's first camel/elephant caption competition. (Wikipedia)
  11. Tobacco denialism: part two2019/07/02
    Advertisers knew that evidence and facts were no match for the power of doubt. (ABC)
  12. Tobacco denialism: part one2019/06/25
    No green teeth or ulcers in this vintage cigarette ad. (Washington University Libraries)
  13. Our solar system is weird2019/06/18
    Is Jupiter the reason our solar system is so unusual? (NASA, ESA, and A. Simon (Goddard Space Flight Center))
  14. 5G hysteria is coming: part 22019/06/11
    A mobile communications tower. (Photo: Gary Rivett, ABC News.)
  15. 5G hysteria is coming ...2019/06/04
    The high frequency radiation from 5G phones is as carcinogenic as the light coming from those curvy red lines. (Freepik: makyzz)
  16. Where gold comes from: part two2019/05/28
    That's one way to make gold. (Swinburne Astronomy Productions/NASA)
  17. Where gold comes from: part one2019/05/21
    From outer space to the Perth Mint, these gold atoms are frequent flyers. (Perth Mint)
  18. Balloon popping2019/05/14
    Pictures from a high speed video showing two balloons popping in different ways (S. Moulinet and M. Adda-Bedia, Phys. Rev. Lett. (2015))
  19. Say cheese2019/05/07
    Should we be having more holes, less cheese? (Pixabay)
  20. Easter and the Equinox 2019/04/30
    The Venerable Bede laid down the law for when Easter falls. (Wikipedia)
  21. Washing clothes: part two2019/04/23
    Dirt gets trapped between fibres and is tricky to get out (Unsplash: drmakete lab)
  22. Washing clothes: part one2019/04/16
    Getting the dirt out of clothing is more complex than you'd think (Unsplash: Erik Witsoe)
  23. Vaping, e-cigarettes, and big tobacco2019/04/09
    The US market for vaping was $5.5 billion in 2018. (Pixabay: Sarah Johnson)
  24. Rogue planets: part two2019/04/02
    There could be one rogue planet for every four stars in the Milky Way. (Pixabay)
  25. Rogue planets: part one2019/03/26
    Rogue planets are planets that don't orbit a star, instead drifting through interstellar space (Pixabay)
  26. Barcode invention: part two2019/03/19
    When barcodes and scanners finally got together, the days of tap tap ker-ching were numbered. (Pixabay: Rose McAvoy)
  27. Barcode invention: part one 2019/03/12
    The original barcode was shaped like a bullseye, and couldn't be read for decades. (Pixabay)
  28. Holy Hole Phobia!2019/03/05
    If this lotus seed head gives you the creeps, you might have trypophobia - a fear of small holes. (Wikimedia: Peripatus)
  29. Seashell Ocean Sound2019/02/26
    Shells like this seem to hold the sound of the ocean (Pixabay)
  30. Brain freeze2019/02/19
    It's worth the brain freeze, right? (Unsplash: JC Bonassin)
  31. Dodging rocks2019/02/12
    Artist's impression of a near-Earth asteroid (Supplied: NASA/JPL-Caltech)
  32. Our planetary neighbourhood2019/02/05
    The three contenders for Earth's closest neighbour are the inner Solar System's rocky planets. (Pixabay: Comfreak)
  33. Left face attractiveness2019/01/29
    Is one side of your face more attractive than the other? (Pixabay)
  34. Mobile phones and empathy2019/01/22
    If you're heading out on a date, it might be best to put the phone away (Pixabay)
  35. Fast food and your brain2019/01/15
    Mmmmm hijacked brains... I mean, fast food chains! (Pixabay)
  36. Fork 'n' food2019/01/08
    Could a larger fork really help you eat smaller portions?
  37. Hiccups cure: part two2019/01/01
    Drinking water won't cure your hiccups, but Dr Karl has found a technique that will. (Pixabay)
  38. Hiccups cure: part one2018/12/25
    In 1988, a 27-year old man walked into an emergency department, because he'd been hiccupping for 72 hours straight. (Pixabay)
  39. Mass of a proton: part two2018/12/18
    How can 'quantum and relativity stuff' create mass? (Pixabay)
  40. Mass of a proton: part one2018/12/11
    Atoms have parts (neutrons and protons in the middle, with electrons further out) — but what are these subatomic parts made of? (Pixabay)
  41. Cube-shaped wombat poo2018/12/04
    These poor little fellas somehow squeeze out about 90 cuboid droppings each night (Pixabay)
  42. Do fish drink water?2018/11/27
    These Koi look a little thirsty (Pixabay)
  43. Black hole in the Milky Way: part two2018/11/20
    Right at the centre of this image is the supermassive black hole that sits in the middle of the Milky Way — astronomers have observed stars and gas clouds spinning around it. (NASA Goddard)
  44. Black hole in the Milky Way: part one2018/11/13
    There's a supermassive black hole at the centre of almost every galaxy, including this one (depicted in an illustration) at the centre of the ultradense galaxy M60-UCD1. (NASA Goddard)
  45. Geotagged photos2018/11/06
    How much data are you giving away with your selfies? (Pixabay)
  46. Measure Earth2018/10/30
    It might be easier to measure the Earth with a stick if you were floating in space (Pixabay)
  47. Cigarettes radioactive2018/10/23
    Tobacco contains small amounts of radioactive materials (Flickr: Tristan Schmurr (CC BY 2.0))
  48. Alkaline diets2018/10/16
    Lemons are said to be a core component of the 'alkaline diet' (Pixabay)
  49. Kiss the Sun: part two2018/10/09
    An illustration of the Parker Solar Probe as it approaches the Sun (NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben)
  50. Kiss the Sun: part one2018/10/02
    A solar flare bursting from the Sun on August 31, 2012. It didn't reach Earth but it did affect the magnetosphere, causing auroras (NASA Goddard)
Great Moments In Science - with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.

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