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Dr Karl's Great Moments in Science

  1. Australian bushfires - part 22020/02/04
    The tallest flowering plants in the world need fire to propagate, but they need time between fires to survive.
  2. Australian bushfires - part 12020/01/28

    The science behind our cataclysmic bushfire season
  3. NASA's space pen2020/01/21
    Pencils Vs 'billion-dollar' pace pens? Ah those cosmonauts ...
  4. The flat earth myth myth2020/01/14
    Medieval map of Spain
  5. Atomic gecko2020/01/07
    Those feet don't suck.
  6. 5G hysteria is coming ...2019/12/17
    The high frequency radiation from 5G phones is as carcinogenic as the light coming from those curvy red lines.
  7. Coffee naps2019/12/10
    Time for caffeine, or a nap? Why not both?
  8. Are you a mozzie magnet?2019/12/03
    Nothing personal - just feeding her babies
  9. How do planes really fly?2019/11/26
    It takes more than aeorfoil-shaped wings to keep this guy airborne. Especially upside-down.
  10. Ultraprocessed foods2019/11/19
    Once were potatoes.
  11. Is a vegan diet healthy?2019/11/12
    Just add iron, calcium and B12 ...
  12. Bacteria of champions2019/11/05
    Marathon runners have an extra energy source thanks to an unusual gut bacteria.
  13. What happens when you get winded?2019/10/29
    Sounds easy, but it's impossible to do when you're winded.
  14. Knife in the dishwasher - part two2019/10/22
    Fine for crockery - but do dishwashers make sharp knives lose their edge?
  15. Knife in the dishwasher: part one2019/10/15
    Will your knife go blunt in the dishwasher?
  16. The end of the internal combustion engine?2019/10/08
    Car companies are moving away from the combustion engine
  17. The not-so-boring billion2019/10/01
    The 'boring billion' came after the big planet-forming action, but before the explosion of life.
  18. And the Ig Nobel prizes go to ...2019/09/24
    The Ig Nobel prize for medicine goes to ... Pizza?
  19. Red sky at night... sailors' delight?2019/09/17
    As the old saying goes, "red sky at night, sailors' delight..." But is that really accurate?
  20. Jargon moving forwards2019/09/10
    Please don't say "thought shower".
  21. DJ bats double the Doppler2019/09/03
    All the better to echolocate you with ...
  22. Diseases stink!2019/08/27
    Parkinson's has a smell, and it's not floral.
  23. Dead brains revived!2019/08/20
    It ... is ... (not) ... alive
  24. Mirror Universe: part two2019/08/13
    Is dark matter hiding in a mirror universe connected to our own?
  25. Mirror Universe: part 12019/08/06
    In a mirror universe clocks could run backwards. Would being early for things be a problem there?
  26. Running out of sand: part two2019/07/30
    Could old concrete and recycled plastic be the sand of the future?
  27. Running out of sand, part one2019/07/23
    The biggest consumer of sand on the planet can't use desert sand. Of which we've plenty.
  28. Marco Polo and spaghetti: part two2019/07/16
    Spaghetti and friends.
  29. Marco Polo and spaghetti: part one2019/07/09
    "The Travels of Marco Polo" featured romantic stories, beautiful illustrations and possibly the world's first camel/elephant caption competition.
  30. Tobacco denialism: part two2019/07/02
    Advertisers knew that evidence and facts were no match for the power of doubt.
  31. Tobacco denialism: part one2019/06/25
    No green teeth or ulcers in this vintage cigarette ad.
  32. Our solar system is weird2019/06/18
    Is Jupiter the reason our solar system is so unusual?
  33. 5G hysteria is coming: part 22019/06/11
    A mobile communications tower.
  34. 5G hysteria is coming ...2019/06/04
    The high frequency radiation from 5G phones is as carcinogenic as the light coming from those curvy red lines.
  35. Where gold comes from: part two2019/05/28
    That's one way to make gold.
  36. Where gold comes from: part one2019/05/21
    From outer space to the Perth Mint, these gold atoms are frequent flyers.
  37. Balloon popping2019/05/14
    Pictures from a high speed video showing two balloons popping in different ways
  38. Say cheese2019/05/07
    Should we be having more holes, less cheese?
  39. Easter and the Equinox 2019/04/30
    The Venerable Bede laid down the law for when Easter falls.
  40. Washing clothes: part two2019/04/23
    Dirt gets trapped between fibres and is tricky to get out
  41. Washing clothes: part one2019/04/16
    Getting the dirt out of clothing is more complex than you'd think
  42. Vaping, e-cigarettes, and big tobacco2019/04/09
    The US market for vaping was $5.5 billion in 2018.
  43. Rogue planets: part two2019/04/02
    There could be one rogue planet for every four stars in the Milky Way.
  44. Rogue planets: part one2019/03/26
    Rogue planets are planets that don't orbit a star, instead drifting through interstellar space
  45. Barcode invention: part two2019/03/19
    When barcodes and scanners finally got together, the days of tap tap ker-ching were numbered.
  46. Barcode invention: part one 2019/03/12
    The original barcode was shaped like a bullseye, and couldn't be read for decades.
  47. Holy Hole Phobia!2019/03/05
    If this lotus seed head gives you the creeps, you might have trypophobia - a fear of small holes.
  48. Seashell Ocean Sound2019/02/26
    Shells like this seem to hold the sound of the ocean
  49. Brain freeze2019/02/19
    It's worth the brain freeze, right?
  50. Dodging rocks2019/02/12
    Artist's impression of a near-Earth asteroid
Great Moments In Science

From the ground breaking and life saving to the wacky and implausible, Dr Karl Kruszelnicki reveals some of the best moments in science.

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