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Dr Karl's Great Moments in Science

  1. Measure Earth2018/10/30
    It might be easier to measure the Earth with a stick if you were floating in space (Pixabay)
  2. Cigarettes radioactive2018/10/23
    Tobacco contains small amounts of radioactive materials (Flickr: Tristan Schmurr (CC BY 2.0))
  3. Alkaline diets2018/10/16
    Lemons are said to be a core component of the 'alkaline diet' (Pixabay)
  4. Kiss the Sun: part two2018/10/09
    An illustration of the Parker Solar Probe as it approaches the Sun (NASA/Johns Hopkins APL/Steve Gribben)
  5. Kiss the Sun: part one2018/10/02
    A solar flare bursting from the Sun on August 31, 2012. It didn't reach Earth but it did affect the magnetosphere, causing auroras (NASA Goddard)
  6. How to snap spaghetti: part two2018/09/25
    Do you snap your spaghetti? (Unsplash: Justino Sanchez)
  7. How to snap spaghetti: part one2018/09/18
    Breaking spaghetti might seem silly, but understanding the physics of it is important for more than just engineering. (Pixabay)
  8. Snooping microphones in your home?2018/09/11
    Could the microphones in your home be snooping on you? (Unsplash: Matt Botsford)
  9. The faults in our bodies2018/09/04
    Our bodies do incredible things, but there's room for improvement (Unsplash: Mathew Schwartz)
  10. Mapping DNA to save lives2018/08/28
    Our understanding of DNA -- and how we can use it -- continues to develop (Pixabay.com: typographyimages)
  11. The loneliest ATM2018/08/21
    ATMs are ubiquitous -- there's even two in Antarctica (Pixabay.com: mrganso)
  12. Do ships have an effect on sea level?2018/08/14
    Do boats have an effect on sea level? (Unsplash: Matt Flores)
  13. Goldfish memory2018/08/07
    The much-maligned goldfish does appear to have quite a good memory (Pixabay: epicioci)
  14. Are vitamins always good for you?2018/07/31
    Are vitamins always good for you? (Flickr: Colin Dunn (CC BY 2.0))
  15. Wasted food2018/07/24
    Every year humans are throwing hundreds of millions of tonnes of food into the bin (Flickr: jbloom)
  16. Daddy long legs2018/07/17
    A vicious, poisonous, but harmless Daddy-long-legs... or is all that just a myth? (Flickr: Pete Birkinshaw)
  17. Anaesthetic bomb2018/07/10
    Could anaesthetic bombs really work? (Flickr: Andy Smith)
  18. Humans vs volcanoes2018/07/03
    A man takes on a volcano (with an umbrella and camera) (Flickr.com: Mark (eggrole) CC BY 2.0)
  19. The dunes of Pluto2018/06/26
    This image taken during the New Horizons mission shows the mountain range on the edge of the Sputnik Planitia ice plain, with dune formations clearly visible in the bottom half of the picture. (Supplied: NASA/Johns Hopkins University Applied Physics Laboratory/Southwest Research Institute)
  20. A1 vs A2 milk2018/06/19
    Udderly complicated: A1 vs A2 milk (Flickr: Zeyus Media CC BY 2.0)
  21. Cockroach milk2018/06/12
    Would you be interested in a side of... cockroach milk? (Flickr: VirtualWolf)
  22. Sightseeing from Orbit2018/06/05
    A spacewalk selfie from astronaut Ricky Arnold on May 16, 2018. (Ricky Arnold, NASA)
  23. Road trip to future travel2018/05/29
    Can you imagine life without car travel? 130 years ago one woman went on a trip that made it possible. (Unsplash: Oscar Nilsson)
  24. Gunpowder vs sandwich2018/05/22
    Have you ever wondered how much energy your ham and cheese sandwich holds? (Pixabay: Bhumann34)
  25. Why are whales so big?2018/05/15
    Being big, but not too big, allows whales to survive in the ocean. (Unsplash: Thomas Kelley)
  26. Trees have senses too2018/05/08
    Trees can detect light and pressure using chemicals in their leaves. (Unsplash: Kawin Harasai)
  27. The Wood Wide Web2018/05/01
    An evergreen fir tree can send nutrients to a nearby birch tree when it loses its leaves through winter. (Unsplash: Chelsea Bock)
  28. Trees are made from air2018/04/24
    Trees are made mostly from.... air!? (Flickr: Jennifer C. (CC BY 2.0))
  29. Coal's hidden health cost2018/04/17
    Coal-fired power stations emit pollutants including sulphur dioxide into the atmosphere. (Pixabay: stevepb)
  30. Speaking in tongues2018/04/10
    An Australian affected by Foreign Accent Syndrome might suddenly start speaking with an American accent. (Unsplash: Vladislav Klapin)
  31. The hummingbird: a furnace with feathers2018/04/03
    Hummingbirds can beat their wings up to 80 times a second while they’re hovering next to a flower. (Unsplash: James Wainscoat)
  32. Aboriginal stories accurate2018/03/27
    The stories of Australian Aboriginal people often travel down through generations via songs and dances (Flickr: Mark Roy (CC BY-SA 2.0))
  33. Phone porting and identity theft2018/03/20
    To break into your phone, thieves only need to track down your identity (Flickr.com: Faris Algosaibi (CC BY 2.0))
  34. Fat is a beautiful organ2018/03/13
    Should fat be considered beautiful? Or at least useful? (Flickr.com: Randen Pederson (CC BY 2.0))
  35. Doomsday seed vaults2018/03/06
    This tunnel leads deep into the Artic bedrock where the world's seed "back ups" are stored. (Flickr: Global Crop Diversity Trust)
  36. Arsonist birds2018/02/27
    Birds circle a bushfire in Kakadu National Park (Getty Images)
  37. Dark matter2018/02/20
    A composite image showing the distribution of dark matter, galaxies, and hot gas (NASA, ESA, CFHT, CXO, M.J. Jee (University of California, Davis), and A. Mahdavi (San Francisco State University))
  38. A truck that's faster than the internet?2018/02/13
    Truck lights blurred down highway (Flickr.com: jmiller291 (CC BY 2.0))
  39. Tennis grunting2018/02/06
    Roger Federer grunts through a shot in the 2012 World Tour Finals against Novak Djokovic (Flickr: Marianne Bevis (CC BY-ND 2.0))
  40. Super-hot planet2018/01/30
    Artist rendition of an extremely hot exoplanet candidate, known as UCF-1.01, which orbits a star called GJ 436 (NASA/JPL-Caltech)
  41. Chewing gum2018/01/23
    Yep, that's a wall of chewing gum (Flickr: Jay Thompson (CC BY-SA 2.0))
  42. Alcohol & Antibiotics2018/01/16
    Does alcohol actually muck with antibiotics? (Flickr: Czarina Alegre (CC BY 2.0))
  43. Asteroid belt 22018/01/09
    Is this what an asteroid belt would really look like? (Flickr: kristian fagerström (CC BY-SA 2.0))
  44. Asteroid belt 12018/01/02
    NASA has begun missions to near-Earth asteroids (Flickr: NASA Goddard Space Flight Centre (CC BY 2.0))
  45. Carrots & Night Vision2017/12/26
    Will these veggies really help you see better at night? (Flickr: swong95765 (CC BY 2.0))
  46. Mpemba effect2017/12/19
    Why would hot water freeze faster than cold water? (Flickr: Alfredo Ristol (CC BY 2.0))
  47. Why is it easier to 'erase' a magnetic hotel card than a credit card?2017/12/12
    How come it's easier to erase some magnetic swipe cards? (Flickr: frankieleon (CC BY 2.0))
  48. Coffee naps2017/12/05
    Time for caffeine, or a nap? Why not both? (Flickr: TheNightRaven (CC BY-ND 2.0))
  49. Predicting earthquakes2017/11/28
    The aftermath of a magnitude 7.0 earthquake in Haiti in 2010 (Flickr: Vicente Raimundo, European Commission DG ECHO (CC BY-SA 2.0))
  50. Mitochondria - Fiery Powerhouses2017/11/21
    Mitochondria are fiery factories in your body (Flickr.com Kenneth Lu (CC-BY-2.0))
Great Moments In Science - with Dr Karl Kruszelnicki
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