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Sunday Nights with John Cleary

  1. Cheerio Chat Room2016/12/18

    John Cleary reviews the year in religion and ethics in conversation with Samina Yasmeen, Bill Leadbetter, Frank Sheehan, Angela McCarthy and Chris Bedding
  2. Richard Leonard SJ on movies2016/12/18

    Richard Leonard on movies including Ken Loach's "I Daniel Blake", "Hacksaw Ridge" and "Fantastic beasts and where to find them"
  3. Brenda Niall in conversation about her recent book on Archbishop Daniel Mannix2016/12/18

    Australia's most controversial bishop, Daniel Mannix was the Catholic Archbishop of Melbourne from 1917 until is death at 99 years of age in 1963.
  4. Ethics in Banking2016/12/11
    Australian currency
  5. Rod Bower: In there amongst it2016/12/11

    Millions of hits on a church Facebook page, outspoken on many social issues, and recipient of the Australian Abysinnian of the Year at the Australian Muslim Achievement Awards for 2016. Rod Bower is in conversation with John Cleary.
  6. Muslim public intellectual Mona Siddiqui2016/12/04

    On Islam, religion, extremism, migration and the shaping of public policy.
  7. Prof Ori Soltes2016/12/04

    Spiritual insights through fine Arts across Jewish , Christian and Muslim traditions
  8. Evangelical Christian Kathy V Baldock on dialogue with gays and lesbians2016/12/04
    Author of "Crossing the Bridgeless Canyon"
  9. Turkey and the Gülen Movement with Emre Celik2016/11/27

    Since the failed military coup in Turkey this year, the Turkish government has cracked down on organisations it claims to pose a threat to national security, and has targeted leaders of The Gülen Movement.
  10. Fr Sean McDonagh's passion for the environment2016/11/27

    In the mid 1980's, Fr Sean McDonagh published a book, To Care for the Earth, on environmental responsibility back when the environment was not on the agenda. He was called a "naive idealist" for his passion for the environment.
  11. Who is my neighbour?2016/11/27

    Lebanese-Muslim communities say they have been unfairly called out by Federal Immigration Minister Peter Dutton.
  12. Faith leaders support Civil Marriage Equality2016/11/20

    Muslims, Baptists, Orthodox Jews, Progressive Jews, Baptists, Pentecostals and Catholics who advocate for Same-Sex Civil Marriage
  13. Sex in Hinduism (The Ark)2016/11/20

    In Hinduism, sex has a place that's unparalleled in other world religions.
  14. Iain Provan2016/11/20

    Dr Provan's new book "Convenient Myths" talks about how modern culture constructs myths to suit the the temper of the times.
  15. Dr Keith Garner from Wesley Mission2016/11/20

    Supporting women and children through mental- health issues
  16. The Chinese Brother of Christ2016/11/13

    The religious roots of the Taiping Rebellion.
  17. Andrew West on the wash-up from the USA's presidential election2016/11/13
    Presenter of RN's Religion and Ethics Report
  18. The Good Society: Dr Iain T Benson2016/11/13

    Professor of Law at Notre Dame University
  19. Prisons and Purpose2016/11/13
    Bishop Terry Brady, Maxine Sharkey and Maurie Mulheron
  20. Jobs Aren't There: Anglicare Report2016/11/06

    The vexed question of whether carrots or sticks are more effective when it comes to welfare
  21. Pope prays with Lutherans in Sweden: Bishop John Henderson2016/11/06

    Lutheran and Roman Catholic world leaders mark the 500th anniversary of the Reformation
  22. Jon O'Brien Catholics For Choice2016/11/06
    President, Catholics for Choice
  23. Diwali: The Indian festival of Light2016/10/30

    Light over darkness, good over evil, knowledge over ignorance, and hope over despair
  24. Luke Geary on the Attorney General versus Solicitor General2016/10/30

    Thoughts on the political struggle over the independent role of the Australian Solicitor General.
  25. The Ark: Enlightenment is not Godless2016/10/30

    The 17th & 18th century Enlightenment philosophers have been criticised for being anti-religious. But just how opposed to God were they?
  26. Medea, the Goddess Who Killed Her Children (The Ark)2016/10/23

    Medea is a figure from ancient Greece, who's had a lively reputation in Western literature and art. She was a symbol of evil, but also of power, a sorceress, and a goddess. Today she's most interesting to feminists, and she regularly appears with the abortion issue.
  27. U.S.A. Religion News with Tom Roberts from the National Catholic Reporter2016/10/23

    John Cleary is joined by regular guest Tom Roberts, Editor-at-Large of the US National Catholic Reporter.
  28. Healing the wounds: Australia's Serbian Orthodox Bishop2016/10/23

    Born in Cleverland, Ohio, Bishop Irenej has completed his time as Serbian Orthodox Bishop of Australia and New Zealand, and has been elected as the New Bishop of Eastern America.
  29. Re-boot your life with Religion2016/10/23
    Info (Show/Hide)
  30. The Ark: The Galileo's Crime2016/10/16

    The trial of Galileo Gallilei in 1633 was a scandal for both science and theology. Neither were advanced by the verdict.
  31. "Sully","Snowdon" and" Scientology" with film critic Richard Leonard SJ2016/10/16

    Film critic Fr Richard Leonard SJ with his ethical take on movie-making; for "Sully", "Snowdon" and "My Scientology Movie".
  32. Dr Anne Aly: first Muslim woman elected to our Federal Parliament2016/10/16

    New Federal member for Cowan in WA, and the first Muslim woman elected to our Federal parliament
  33. Refugees and the Australian Conscience2016/10/16

    Has the toxic asylum-seeker debate damaged Australia's Soul?
  34. The Ark: psychiatrist Carl Jung and Shamanism2016/10/09
    Carl Jung was a Swiss psychiatrist and psychotherapist who founded analytical psychology (26 July 1875 – 6 June 1961)
  35. Vale Sheik Fehmi, de-redicalising Grand Mufti of Australia2016/10/09

    Australia's earliest de-radicalising Imam
  36. How to release refugees long held prisoner on Manus, Nauru and Christmas Island2016/10/09

    Professor Frank Brennan passionately arguing about human rights and asylum seekers.
  37. American Prophet Joseph Smith2016/10/02
    The founder of Mormonism Joseph Smith said he was visited by an angel who revealed the location of a buried book made of golden plates.
  38. Muslims, Migration and Australian Angst2016/10/02
    Silma Ihram and Yusra Metwally joined Noel Debien to discuss Muslims, Migration and Australian Angst on the ABC Sunday Nights program on Sunday 2 October 2016.
  39. Dr Keith Mascord: first Anglican casualty of the same-sex marriage debate2016/10/02
    Former Anglican minister Dr Keith Mascord has had the renewal of his ministry licence refused due to his views on same-sex marriage.
  40. A Tibetan Pilgrimage with Mark Gould and Tenzin Choegyal2016/10/02
    Australian-based singer songwriter Tenzin Choegyal draws on his Tibetan roots to create original compositions which express his cultural heritage and the contemporary challenges faced by his people.
  41. Sport Values and Drugs2016/09/25
    Dr Diane Robinson, Noel Debien and Zali Steggall OAM
  42. Andrew West on the latest Religion and Ethics news2016/09/25

    The presenter of ABC RN's Religion and Ethics Report joins Sunday Nights to survey the latest in the world of religion.
  43. The Ark - A Brief History of Heresy2016/09/25
    Jan Hus was a Czech priest, philosopher, early Christian reformer and Master at Charles University in Prague who was burned at the stake in 1415 for heresy against the Catholic church.
  44. Faith in the Marriage Plebiscite?2016/09/18
    Many ministers are expressing their views but Christian leaders are reluctant to speak out.
  45. To India with love: Aussie Jesuit missionary Fr Phil Crotty2016/09/18

    Australian Jesuit Priest Fr Phil Crotty spent 6o years of his life in India. Now in his 80s he'd love to go back.
  46. Indian journo Damini Nath on idols, pollution & the environment2016/09/18
    In Hinduism, bathing in sacred rivers is thought to cleanse a person of all sins.
  47. Captain Cook's Holy Man Tupa'ia2016/09/18

    When Captain James Cook left Tahiti in 1769 to explore the Polynesian islands and Batavia, he enlisted Chief Priest Tupa'ia as his navigator.
  48. Catholic school principal Paul Tobias on bullying and child safety2016/09/11
    Catholic school principal Paul Tobias made an independent submission to the Royal Commission into Child Sexual Abuse.
  49. The little known history of Australians and Armenians2016/09/11
    The Reverend James Cresswell, Miss Gordon Hilda King, John Knudsen and some of the 1700 Armenian orphans at the Australasian Orphanage in Antellas, Lebanon, circa 1923 (courtesy Missak Kelechian)
  50. September 11, Fifteen Years On2016/09/11
    Sunday Nights stand-in presenter Noel Debien was joined in the ABC's Sydney studios by Dr Julian Droogan, Senior Lecturer at Macquarie University’s Department of Security Studies and Criminology and Imam Afroz Ali, founder of Al-Ghazzali Centre for Islamic Sciences and Human Development in Sydney.
  51. Youth PoWR, Australia's largest interfaith event for youth, empowers young Australians to have their say2016/09/04
    Members of the Youth Interfaith Parliament of the World Religions panel
  52. Rev Tim Costello: faith in life, work and religion2016/09/04

    "Let's filter out all that religious stuff. He surely couldn't still be one of those." Rev Tim Costello says he IS still one of those and that his faith is central to the way he lives.
  53. Religion news with Tom Roberts: Mother Teresa canonised and Pope Francis on caring for the earth2016/09/04
    Tom Roberts: Editor at large for the National Catholic Reporter
  54. The Ark: Gandhi, Secular Saint2016/09/04
    Ghandi spinning
  55. The Ark - Celts Ancient or Modern2016/08/28
    Celtic Revival
  56. Nadia Murad, Yazidi Survivor of sexual slavery2016/08/28
    Nadia Murad (R), who was held captive by the Daesh militants for 3 months, talks with a refugee woman during her visit to a makeshift camp along the Greece-Macedonia border in Idomeni village, Greece. (Besar Ademi/Anadolu Agency/Getty Images, 2016)
  57. Prof. Denys Turner offers alternatives to aggressive atheism.2016/08/28
    Denys Turner - defender of theism
  58. Buddhist environmental activists divest from coal, oil and gas2016/08/28
    Australian Buddhists are joining the religious response to climate change.
  59. Andrew West on the latest Religion and Ethics news2016/08/21
    Presenter of RN's Religion and Ethics Report
  60. 150th Anniversary chat with the Josephite Sisters2016/08/21
    Sister Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), Australian nun, foundress of the congregation of Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred HeartSister Mary MacKillop (1842-1909), Australian nun, foundress of the congregation of Sisters of St Joseph of the Sacred Heart
  61. Prof Ian Hutchinson on scientific thought and religion2016/08/14
    Professor Ian Hutchinson
  62. The Ark - Angkor Wat2016/08/14
    The Angkor Wat temple complex in Cambodia is the largest religious monument in the world.
  63. Who pays for the Good Society?2016/08/14
    A homeless man lies on a bench as a passerby strides past.
  64. Former Turkish politician Dr Aykan Erdemir on Turkey's version of "Secularism"2016/08/14
    r Fellow with the Washington-based Foundation for Defense of Democracies Dr Aykan Erdemir
  65. The Ark: Tarot Cards of Fortune2016/07/31
    Tarot Card the High Priestess
  66. Rev Dr Keith Garner on parents trying to re-enter the workforce2016/07/31
    Wesley Mission has launched a new program ParentsNext to support parents seeking to re-enter the workforce.
  67. Is our “lucky country” becoming a meaner society?2016/07/31
    A cell inside the Behavioural Management Unit at the Don Dale Youth Detention Centre.
  68. Tiernan Brady on Australian Marriage Equality2016/07/31

    Ireland’s champion of Marriage Equality is now in charge of the Australian Marriage Equality campaign.
  69. The Ark: Theosophy Feminism and the Wizard of Oz2016/07/24
    The author of the beloved children's tale L. Frank Baum was a theosophist and the member of a renowned feminist family.
  70. Religion and Politics afterTurkey's recent coup attempt2016/07/24
    Fethullah Gulen is the man Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan blames for a failed coup attempt.
  71. A Newington School Interfaith Panel where students get into interreligious dialogue.2016/07/24
    The ABC's John Cleary hosted a panel discussion of faith leaders at Sydney's Newington College Centre for Ethics on Wednesday 20 July 2016.
  72. Former Labor Premier of South Australia Rev. Dr Lynn Arnold AO2016/07/17
    Anglican priest, former South Australian premier
  73. The Ark - Delphic Oracle2016/07/17
    Delphi, Tholos
  74. Turkish Analyst Dr Aykan Erdemir, then Competition and User Choice in Government Human Services2016/07/17
    Fellow of the Washington based Foundation for Defense of Democracies, former Turkish Parliamentarian
  75. Prof William Cavanaugh on the myth of religious violence2016/07/17

    Prof William Cavanaugh on the myth of religious violence
  76. U.S.A. Religion News with Tom Roberts from the National Catholic Reporter 2016/07/10
    Tom Roberts is the Editor at Large of the US National Catholic Reporter.
  77. London's Temple Church Choir on tour in Australia2016/07/10
    The boy choristers of London's renowned Temple Church Choir.
  78. The power of the Dreaming, and hopes for a treaty among Indigenous Australians2016/07/10

    As Australia marks NAIDOC week, Sunday Nights explores the continued power of the dreaming, and hopes for treaty among Indigenous Australian ministers and those ministering with them.
  79. Anglican Bishop Stephen Pickard on compassion in democracy2016/07/03
    Executive Director of the Australian Centre for Christianity and Culture
  80. The Ark: Missions to Aborigines2016/07/03
    Indigenous children at old Deebung Creek Mission
  81. Islam and Australian Democracy2016/07/03
    Discussing Islam and democracy in the wake of Australia's 2016 Federal election.
  82. Rev Robin Meyers from the USA on the Progressive Christian Movement2016/06/26
    American Christian minister, peace activist, philosophy professor and author
  83. Andrew West on the latest Religion and Ethics news 2016/06/26
    Presenter of RN's Religion and Ethics Report
  84. Refugee Advocates speak out in Refugee Week2016/06/19
    Detainees protest at the Curtin Detention Centre, about 40km south of Derby, in Western Australia. Good refugee freedom protest detention generic.
  85. Evangelical Christian Larry Taunton on his friend, Christopher Hitchens2016/06/19
    Author of the Faith of Peter Hitchens
  86. The Ark: The Religious Habit2016/06/19
    The historic high white cornet head-dress of a Charity nun
  87. Ahmad Shuja on Afghanistan and the dangers facing refugees2016/06/19

    Ahmad Shuja describes how unsafe and unstable Afghanistan remains for returning refugees
  88. New worship book for Australian Catholics2016/06/12
    A man holds the Catholic Worship Book II
  89. Rev Dr Keith Mascord on his new book: Faith without Fear2016/06/12
    The cover of Faith without Fear, a book by Reverend Keith Mascord
  90. Dr Graham Phillips find how meditation can change you2016/06/12
    A group of people meditating on ABC TV's Catalyst program
  91. Auburn Giants multicultural women's AFL team2016/06/12
    Auburn Giants women's multicultural AFL team in a huddle at a game
  92. Much ado about Safe Schools2016/06/05
    Protest at Cory Bernardi's office against his stance on Safe Schools on March 18, 2016.
  93. Kallistos Ware on historic Orthodox bishops' meeting2016/06/05
    Portrait of Kallistos Ware
  94. Pastor Steve Chong on the ISIS frontline2016/06/05

    Pastor Steve Chong and his wife Naomi travelled to northern Iraq with Open Doors Australia, which focuses on supporting Christians around the world who are persecuted for their faith.
  95. How real is the trust deficit in our modern democracies? 2016/05/29
    Senators vote on the carbon tax repeal bill in the Senate chamber at Parliament House, Canberra, July 17, 2014.
  96. The Ark: W.B. Yates, Poet and Magus2016/05/29
    William Butler Yeats
  97. Workplace health and safety within religious organisations2016/05/29
    The interior of St Alban's church looks very much as it did 100 years ago.
  98. Hugh McKay finding meaning with (or without) religion2016/05/29
    Social researcher and author Hugh McKay
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