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Conversations with Richard Fidler

  1. The sculptor's son2019/08/14

    Hung Le with the story of his family, including their terrifying escape from Saigon, and how his father became Vietnam's 'lost artist'
  2. Jurors behaving badly 2019/08/13

    Law Professor Jeremy Gans with stories of jurors using ouija boards in court, falling in love with advocates and snoozing through proceedings (R)
  3. How brutal politics and righteous prayers toppled a Prime Minister2019/08/12

    Niki Savva on the bungled coup which ousted Malcolm Turnbull and installed his surprise successor, Scott Morrison
  4. Bryan Brown’s ticket from Bankstown to Palm Beach2019/08/09

    Bryan’s played more than 80 roles on stage and screen. Raised in working-class Sydney, his talent, hard work, and unmistakable presence have been his ticket to the world
  5. Tommy Caldwell: born to climb the Dawn Wall2019/08/08

    Yosemite’s most punishing climb is the 3000ft sheer face of El Capitan mountain called the Dawn Wall. Tommy grew up exploring Yosemite and in 2015 he and his partner Kevin Jorgeson became the first to free-climb the wall
  6. A heartbreaking, Machiavellian drama: what went on inside the Banking Royal Commission2019/08/07

    Dan Ziffer had a front row seat for the testimony of victims, financial advisors and bankers offered up to Australia's Banking Royal Commission
  7. Exposing the banks: the journalist who sparked a royal commission2019/08/06

    Adele Ferguson on the dishonest dealings of Australia's banks and financial institutions, and the damage done to customers and whistleblowers
  8. Peter Bell and the singular quest of Kyung Ae2019/08/05

    Peter's Korean birth mother spent years searching for her son in America. Then she discovered an AFL star living in Perth (R)
  9. The Lumiere brothers, Louise Brooks, and The Humorous Rollerskater2019/08/02

    Writer Dominic Smith on the glittering, perplexing history of the silent film era
  10. When a strong man broke2019/08/01

    Grant Edwards won the title of The Strongest Man in Australia for four years in a row by pulling trains, planes, trucks and ships. At work, he fought child exploitation and human trafficking. But while protecting others, Grant forgot to look after himself
  11. The man with five lives2019/07/31

    Roger Pulvers lived an adventurous life in the Soviet Union, Japan and Poland, before he chose a whole new identity in 1976
  12. The determination of Dr Dinesh Palipana2019/07/30

    A severe spinal injury could not crush Dinesh Palipana's drive to become a doctor (R)
  13. The arachnologist with a fear of spiders2019/07/29

    Robert Raven puts aside his long-held fear of spiders to collect them and uncover hundreds of new species. (R)
  14. Candy Devine: from a cabaret in Cairns to Belfast's Downtown Radio 2019/07/26
    Conversations - ABC Radio
  15. Against the death penalty: barrister Julian McMahon2019/07/25

    When Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran were executed by the Indonesian Government, their lawyer of 9 years was not far away. Theirs are among the deaths which continue to drive Julian’s efforts to have capital punishment abolished worldwide
  16. The deep time dreaming of an ancient continent2019/07/24

    Historian Billy Griffiths on the complex history of Australia's indigenous archaeology
  17. John Marsden's manifesto on teaching and raising children2019/07/23

    John on what he's learned in more than 30 years as an educator, parent, and founder and principal of Candlebark and Alice Miller schools
  18. Micro-dosing, magic mushrooms, and Michael Pollan2019/07/22

    At 59, Michael became a 'reluctant psychonaut'. While on LSD he felt his sense of self disintegrate into a storm of Post-it notes
  19. The silver medal that changed Laurie Lawrence2019/07/19
    Laurie Lawrence continues his work with pool safety.
  20. Nursing at altitude: the story of a Royal Flying Doctor flight nurse 2019/07/18

    Louise Burton has worked with the Royal Flying Doctor Service Qld for twenty years
  21. Why Australia should prepare to fight alone2019/07/17

    Hugh White on the conundrum of how Australia can defend itself in the Asian century
  22. Helping hoarders let go2019/07/16
    Jessica Grisham
  23. Voicing velociraptors and capturing the dawn chorus2019/07/15

    Sound designer and naturalist Douglas Quin makes field recordings from everywhere on Earth and uses them to create soundscapes for film and tv, galleries and museums
  24. A magical country childhood: Alison Lester2019/07/12

    From Antarctica to Arnhem Land, the pages of the books of this prolific author and illustrator are fuelled by adventure (R)
  25. Backing the wild dreams of youth: Jan Owen2019/07/11

    Jan’s work as a champion of young people has its roots in her own story (R)
  26. A Hong Kong childhood during WWII2019/07/10
    Barbara Laidlaw
  27. Helping troubled kids find a way back: Bernie Shakeshaft2019/07/09

    Bernie was a wild teenager who became a jackeroo and a dingo trapper. Then he began helping kids in trouble (R)
  28. Trent Dalton: the rise of a watchful boy2019/07/08

    As a child Trent was a quiet observer of the drama of his family and his neighbourhood. He grew up to become an award-winning writer (R)
  29. International brickie 2019/07/05

    Bricklaying takes him around the world as a teacher and expert, but Troy Everett still finds deep satisfaction in laying bricks
  30. Falling for a fake2019/07/04

    Stephanie Wood was an acclaimed newspaper journalist when she fell for a romantic fraudster
  31. The seaweed scientist who survived being scalped2019/07/03

    After decades as a marine ecologist, Pia Winberg began her own seaweed farm. One ordinary working day there was a terrible accident
  32. Australia's Romani Gypsies2019/07/02

    Mandy Sayer has uncovered the history of a thriving Gypsy community (R)
  33. Born blind at the right time: Ron McCallum2019/07/01

    Left totally blind by treatment he received as a premature baby, Ron credits technology, love, and good timing with his success in life and the law
  34. A dirt bike and a secret: Heather Ellis 2019/06/28

    When she rode her motorbike solo across the Silk Road, Heather thought she had nothing to lose. Her HIV positive diagnosis was far more serious in the 1990s than it is today
  35. The murderer who wasn't there2019/06/27

    Zak Grieve was 19 when he was found guilty of murder, although the judge said he wasn't at the scene of the crime. Steven Schubert tells his story
  36. A shipwrecked French cabin boy and his Australian Aboriginal family2019/06/26

    The astounding fate of Narcisse Pelletier, taken in by the people of Night Island after being abandoned on the coast of far north Queensland in 1858
  37. A sizzle in the brain changed Lavinia Codd's life2019/06/25
    ABC Radio - Conversations
  38. Inside the comic mind2019/06/24

    'Becardiganed polymath' Robin Ince on the fascinating brains of stand-up comics
  39. Stories from Elmswood Farm2019/06/21

    Patrice Newell was a model and a TV host before she began again as a biodynamic farmer
  40. Richard Tognetti: 'Je suis Wollongong'2019/06/20

    Richard Tognetti was a boy when he first showed a brilliant talent for playing the violin. But in the town where he grew up, his talent made him a target
  41. Rozsy's terrible secret2019/06/19

    Angela Hamilton was raised by a tyrannical father, who terrorised his family. Decades later, she found out the truth about what he'd done during WWII
  42. The evolution of Poh2019/06/18

    How a shy Mormon girl named Sharon became Poh Ling Yeow (R)
  43. State secrets and marsupials2019/06/17

    Australia through the eyes of The New York Times Australia bureau chief, Damien Cave
  44. Midnight Oil's Rob Hirst2019/06/14

    Chasing the back beat and adventures in wide open spaces, Rob remains essentially the same as the boy he was (R)
  45. Not your average dentist2019/06/13

    After treating a patient named Anna, Sharonne Zaks saw the power relationship with her patients differently. She developed a new branch of dentistry to help care for survivors of sexual assault
  46. Water, Water: a story collection2019/06/12

    Eight stories exploring the pleasures and perils of water
  47. Barrie Cassidy and Private Bill 2019/06/11
    Barrie Cassidy
  48. The rise of the land dragon2019/06/10

    Alex Landragin was born into a champagne-making family in the French village of Verzenay. When he was five, his family began a new life in Australia. Then a freak accident changed everything.
  49. Esther Perel: finding the erotic in everyday life2019/06/07

    Esther is a therapist who spent years studying intimacy, monogamy and sexuality. She became the world's most well-known expert on modern love
  50. A mother I never knew: the secret of Peter Papathanasiou2019/06/06

    The story of family bonds so strong that one couple gave their child to another, to be raised in a country far away
  51. Liz Jones and the fire at La Mama2019/06/05

    The matriarch of La Mama on life in and out of Melbourne’s beloved theatre
  52. The 'Angel of Death' of Sydney's underworld2019/06/04

    Dulcie Markham was one of the most notorious characters of Sydney in the 1930s, but many of her lovers met a grisly end
  53. The memory whisperer2019/06/03

    Lynne Kelly became a senior memory champion after she began researching ancient ways of transforming landscapes, objects and the human body into 'memory palaces.'
  54. PRESENTS — Shutup 01 — Talking about speaking2019/05/31
    Neo Nazi and Anti Racism protesters go head to head at St Kilda Beach
  55. Shutup 02 — Going mad2019/05/31
    Political Correctness was an idea developed by The Bolsheviks.
  56. Shutup 03 — Getting Yassmined2019/05/31
    Yassmin Abdel-Magied.
  57. Shutup 04 — Frontlines and punchlines2019/05/31
    Comedian Nayuka Gorrie
  58. Shutup 05 — Not shutting up2019/05/31

    Online, on campus, everywhere we’re losing free and frank speech. Sami Shah discovers the consequences of this loss but also finds some solutions.

    This is a bonus for our podcast subscribers. Five episodes of comedian and journalist Sami Shah’s Shutup — A free Speech Investigation.
  59. Operation Babylift2019/05/31

    In the dying days of the Vietnam War, hundreds of orphans were airlifted from Saigon to safety. Ian Shaw tells the story of two Australian women at the heart of Operation Babylift
  60. Psychotherapy on the couch2019/05/30

    Demystifying the art of talk therapy and the complex relationship between therapist and patient
  61. Behind the sequins: the Tony Sheldon story2019/05/29

    Tony became an actor against his mother's wishes. Three decades later, he won the part of a lifetime (R)
  62. Helen Zaltzman is the Allusionist2019/05/28

    Travelling the world in pursuit of language and exploring its uses, abuses and transformation
  63. The iron law of newspapers2019/05/27

    Sally Young unearthed a culture of 'dog does not eat dog' as she wrote a history of Australia's newspaper barons
  64. Inside the Robbers Cave: testing tribal loyalties at a boys summer camp2019/05/24

    Gina Perry uncovers the strange story behind a controversial psychological experiment (R)
  65. The great dogs of Australian history2019/05/23

    Dog whisperer Guy Hull on remarkable dogs, from life-saving kangaroo dogs to plane-flying Alsatians (R)
  66. In and out of strife: Vickie Roach's turbulent life2019/05/22

    Vickie's met with trouble all through her life, starting with a police record at the age of two. She went on to challenge a Federal law on the rights of prisoners
  67. Bob Hawke on a life in power2019/05/21

    The late Australian Prime Minister Bob Hawke on his life before politics, and his years at The Lodge (R)
  68. How Australian Labor lost 'the unlosable election'2019/05/20

    Social Researcher Rebecca Huntley on Australia's new political landscape
  69. Jessie Cole's survival story2019/05/17

    After two suicides within her family, Jessie returned to Northern NSW to begin again. (R)
  70. How to change a mind2019/05/16

    Eleanor Gordon-Smith was a 'recovering champion debater' when a night in King's Cross upended her belief in the power of reason
  71. Irvine Welsh: the origins of Trainspotting2019/05/15

    As a young man, Irvine Welsh fell off a double-decker bus and won a tidy sum in compensation. Then he began to write 'Trainspotting'
  72. The story of The Snowy 2019/05/14

    Tales of drowned towns, pugnacious unionists, terrifying brumbies and a love story in a laundry floor came to light in Siobhan McHugh's history of the Snowy Scheme
  73. Revealing the scars: the life of Kate Mulvany2019/05/13

    Kate has used tragic events in her own life as creative fuel to write more than 25 plays (R)
  74. When the library burned2019/05/10

    Writer Susan Orlean on the enduring mystery of who set fire to the Los Angeles Central Library
  75. The brutal and beautiful world of Australia's native bees2019/05/09

    The Sugarbag bees who headbutt their queen to her death are among the many Australian bee species which fascinate ecologist Toby Smith
  76. How a milkmaid with cowpox changed history2019/05/08

    David Isaacs on the surprising history of human vaccination
  77. This is your captain speaking 2019/05/07

    On 9/11 Captain Beverley Bass diverted her American Airlines jet to a tiny town in Newfoundland, along with thousands of other airspace refugees
  78. Monsters and morals: Sarah Perry2019/05/06

    Sarah’s life took a gothic turn as she crafted her version of Melmoth
  79. The power of Less: Andrew Sean Greer2019/05/03

    The Pulitzer Prize winner was working as an odd-jobs man for an Italian Baroness when a phone call upended his life
  80. How George Saunders became 'a genuinely freaky person'2019/05/02

    George Saunders was a knuckle puller in a slaughterhouse and drove a chicken delivery van before he became a writer
  81. Hunting the turquoise-blooded frog2019/05/01
    ABC - Conversations
  82. Taking the pulse of a dopesick nation2019/04/30

    The opioid crisis is destroying hundreds of thousands of American lives and Beth Macy has been up close to it
  83. An erratic family saga2019/04/29

    Vicki Laveau-Harvie was estranged from her parents for decades, before she was summoned to their isolated ranch on the Canadian prairies (R)
  84. Mary Bryant: no ordinary highwaywoman2019/04/26

    The epic life story of a First Fleet rebel as told by Meg Keneally
  85. Questioning the line of duty2019/04/25

    Why Gwen Cherne became an advocate for war widows after the death of her husband Pete (R)
  86. Listening to China2019/04/24

    Professor David Walker on the history of the Australia-China relationship
  87. Stan Grant on Australia Day2019/04/23

    Reflections on what it means to be Australian
  88. Vasilisa the Wise and the witch Baba Yaga2019/04/22

    Kate Forsyth explores a classic Russian folk tale and delves into the romantic life of the Brothers Grimm (R)
  89. Diving bells, gangsters and the women of the Brooklyn Navy Yards2019/04/19

    Acclaimed novelist Jennifer Egan dives into the chaos, romance, and hard graft of the old Navy Yards (R)
  90. Melina Marchetta: that Italian girl2019/04/18

    The real story behind Looking for Alibrandi
  91. Mark Scott on stepping outside the echo chamber2019/04/17

    Mark led the ABC through a decade of dramatic change. Now he's on a quest for digital minimalism
  92. How the iPhone rewrote the teenage brain2019/04/16

    David Gillespie on how Fortnite and Instagram are altering the neural pathways of a generation
  93. The ethics of everything: Simon Longstaff2019/04/15

    Simon Longstaff's life was changed by one of the most searing ethical dilemmas imaginable
  94. Climbing K2, custody and other extreme challenges2019/04/12

    Adventurer Adrian Hayes on what he learned while attempting the world’s second tallest summit
  95. Sam Thaiday: how to build a Bronco 2019/04/11

    An NRL champion talks candidly about his challenges on the road to football fame
  96. The truth about space junk2019/04/10

    Space archaeologist Dr Alice Gorman on the unexpected artefacts of the space age
  97. The secret life of the 'Beauty Queen Killer' 2019/04/09

    Duncan McNab on how Australian-born criminal Christopher Wilder became America's most wanted
  98. A mountaineer's reckoning2019/04/08

    Mountaineer Neill Johanson was trekking near Everest Base Camp when a 7.8 magnitude earthquake hit the roof of the world
  99. Fearless Alice Anderson and her all-girl garage2019/04/05

    The story of an Austin-driving Australian maverick who died in mysterious circumstances
  100. Mamma Simba: love and Tanzania 2019/04/04

    Donna Duggan fell in love with a Tanzanian man and together they built a safari company
  101. Unlocking the mystery of Motor Neurone Disease2019/04/03

    Dominic Rowe is asking how common degenerative brain diseases begin (R)
  102. Finding Mer-Neith-it-es2019/04/02

    When archaeologist Dr Jamie Fraser opened an 'empty' Egyptian sarcophagus, he found a 2600 year old mummy of a temple Priestess inside
  103. Letters to a serial killer2019/04/01

    Crime writer Candice Fox began exchanging letters with a serial killer on death row. Then he asked to meet her in person
  104. Prisoner to PhD: the rise of Kerry Tucker2019/03/29

    An opportunity to further her education while serving time proved the making of Kerry (R)
  105. Felafel and fatherhood2019/03/28

    John Birmingham on rebuilding his life after devastating loss, years after he wrote his 90s cult novel
  106. More than kindness: compassion and its uses2019/03/27

    Paul Gilbert on how our brains are wired for inner conflict and possible cruelty, and what to do about it
  107. Anton Enus, son of the Masked Marvel2019/03/26

    Journalist Anton Enus grew up as the son of a professional wrestler, in apartheid-era South Africa
  108. Death on the summit of Mount Kosciuszko2019/03/25

    Historian Nick Brodie on how a 1928 adventure on the slopes of Australia's highest mountain went horribly wrong
  109. Disrupting forensic science and playing with fire2019/03/22

    Chemist and fire scene investigator Niamh Nic Daeid on doing science in the service of justice
  110. Cradle Mountain's great love story2019/03/21

    Kate Legge traces the lives of pioneering naturalists Kate Cowle and Gustav Weindorfer in Tasmania's sublime wilderness
  111. Women of the American heartland 2019/03/20
  112. Dr Budgerigar2019/03/19
  113. Going back to Baghdad2019/03/18
  114. Undercover in the asylum2019/03/15
  115. Meryl Tankard: dancing beyond ballet2019/03/14
  116. The adventures of Captain Patch2019/03/13
  117. The evolution of Courtney Act2019/03/12
  118. Kuranda's compass2019/03/11
  119. How Australia's first female detective took on Sydney's razor gangs2019/03/08
  120. Changing how we talk about rape2019/03/07
  121. John Prine: from Paradise to Nashville2019/03/06
  122. Chair's tenacious daughter2019/03/05
  123. The future of cyber war2019/03/04
  124. Basketball and belonging: Cheryl Kickett-Tucker2019/03/01
  125. Abu Dhabi's temporary people 2019/02/28
  126. Hello Carly Findlay 2019/02/27
  127. Digging with his pen2019/02/26
  128. The guiding light2019/02/25
  129. Joan and the bone men2019/02/22
  130. From the Shetlands to Vera: crime writer Ann Cleeves2019/02/20
  131. Joan Jett's life in music2019/02/19
  132. The marvellous Miss Matters2019/02/18
  133. Charles Kingsford Smith: king of the Milky Way2019/02/15
  134. Becoming Zenith2019/02/14
  135. The homesickness letters2019/02/13
  136. How Osher learned to love his mind2019/02/12
  137. The power of Hope2019/02/11
  138. Singing with strangers and Spooky Men2019/02/08
  139. The girl in the vintage lace2019/02/07
  140. Wake In Fright and walking the dog with Ken2019/02/06
  141. Judith Lucy, and her men2019/02/05
  142. The joy of hovercraft2019/02/04
  143. The state of your nation begins in your street2019/02/01
  144. How to catch a wild bull2019/01/31
  145. The voice of a child who can’t speak 2019/01/30
  146. Ghostwriting love stories2019/01/29
  147. Naomi Price and the business of show2019/01/25
  148. Rome in the Balkans2019/01/24
  149. What makes a body perfect?2019/01/23
  150. When Sister Margaret found her voice2019/01/22
  151. How 'the man in the hat' walked free2019/01/21
  152. Best of 2018: William McInnes2018/12/14
  153. Best of 2018: Bringing life-saving dialysis to the bush2018/12/13
  154. Best of 2018: Hunting the deadly coastal taipan2018/12/12
  155. Best of 2018: Jenny Briscoe-Hough2018/12/11
  156. Best of 2018: Colleen Gwynne2018/12/10
  157. Colin Hay's real life2018/12/07
  158. More power to the mums2018/12/06
  159. The true story of Chow Hayes, Australia's first gangster2018/12/05
  160. Life in 248 dimensions2018/12/04
  161. The sufferings of 'Sydney's top ratbag'2018/12/03
  162. What Jack Reacher did next2018/11/30
  163. Hunting Heliconias in Panama 2018/11/29
  164. Gardeners' secret lives2018/11/29
  165. Bruce Dunstan and Georgina Reid2018/11/29
  166. Eric Idle's life on the bright side2018/11/28
  167. Inside the Coroner's Court2018/11/27
  168. Speed skater Steven Bradbury's race to Salt Lake City2018/11/26
  169. The foreign correspondent and the fear of flying2018/11/23
  170. Backing the wild dreams of youth2018/11/22
  171. Mikey Robins' bizarro tour though the history of food and sin2018/11/21
  172. The end of the Milky Way2018/11/20
  173. The blood-soaked history of the Münster Anabaptists2018/11/19
  174. How Johnathan Thurston became one of the greats2018/11/16
  175. Pink diamonds and crocodiles: a Kimberley tale2018/11/15
  176. With ears wide open: stories from a master field recordist2018/11/14
  177. David Marr on his perplexing, beloved country2018/11/13
  178. An unexpected mid-life love story 2018/11/12
  179. Armistice: The Shattered Village2018/11/09
  180. Armistice: The Underground City2018/11/08
  181. Armistice: The Good Friends2018/11/07
  182. Liz Ellis on infertility, netball and love2018/11/06
  183. #Thisflag and the man behind a movement 2018/11/05
  184. Candy Devine's life on the air2018/11/02
  185. The Google truth serum2018/11/01
  186. A boy, his pony and the Sydney Harbour Bridge2018/10/31
  187. Helping troubled kids find a way back2018/10/30
  188. Safari suits and Quiche Lorraine2018/10/29
  189. Anne Summers on taking centre stage2018/10/26
  190. North Korea from the inside2018/10/25
  191. Blade runner Dave Henson: after the blast 2018/10/24
  192. Inside the mind of a bomber2018/10/23
  193. Dr Munjed Al Muderis restores mobility with robotic limbs2018/10/22
  194. The other Tuscany2018/10/19
  195. Ben Quilty, Syria's children, and witnessing war2018/10/18
  196. The pavlova in the suitcase 2018/10/17
  197. How Lawrence Levy turned Pixar's fortunes around 2018/10/16
  198. David Astle's brain on puzzles2018/10/15
  199. How a department store family's fortune was lost2018/10/12
  200. Raising boys with love2018/10/11
  201. The Antarctic voyage which helped end a decade of silence2018/10/10
  202. The making of Mike Carlton2018/10/09
  203. The day that shook the Olympic movement2018/10/08
  204. How Brolga Barns became a 'kangaroo mum' 2018/10/05
  205. Taking desert art to the world2018/10/04
  206. Bringing life-saving dialysis to the bush2018/10/03
  207. Love and family and Asperger's: Tony Attwood2018/10/02
  208. Leigh Sales: the day after the worst possible day2018/10/01
  209. Brylcreem, beehives, and Devils on Horseback: how the 1960s changed Australia2018/09/28
  210. Rachael Maza's tale of three islands2018/09/27
  211. Toad vs toad: outwitting the cane toad with ingenious biology 2018/09/26
  212. Inside The Family, the bizarre and brutal Australian cult2018/09/25
  213. Laura Tingle on leadership, and political self-indulgence2018/09/24
  214. Kristina Olsson spent years untangling the story of the brother she'd never known 2018/09/21
  215. Tim Minchin makes his own luck2018/09/20
  216. Gwynne Dyer on the future of the world2018/09/19
  217. Murgon's shining star2018/09/18
  218. The bond between two alpine climbers which nearly killed them2018/09/17
  219. Beatrix Campbell has stayed fierce and funny about class in Britain2018/09/14
  220. Ordinary on the inside2018/09/13
  221. Discovering a father's secret life in France2018/09/12
  222. Wendell Rosevear treats victims and perpetrators of sexual violence2018/09/11
  223. The man behind the Bee Gees2018/09/10
  224. Father Rod bucks the system2018/09/07
  225. Guerrilla film-making in Afghanistan 2018/09/06
  226. The life changing power of honeybees2018/09/05
  227. The science of the Dreamtime2018/09/04
  228. The Australian veteran who revolutionised mental health treatment2018/09/03
  229. The great dogs of Australian history2018/08/31
  230. Inside the ad agency which changed Australia2018/08/30
  231. The incredible tale of where we come from2018/08/29
  232. Growing up in old Broome2018/08/28
  233. Falling in love with Jimmy Pike2018/08/27
  234. The art of being truthful2018/08/24
  235. Irish novelist Marian Keyes2018/08/23
  236. The lucky accident of Sydney's Opera House2018/08/22
  237. Living the Prague Spring2018/08/21
  238. The history of making colours2018/08/20
  239. From the Shetlands to Vera: the adventures of crime writer Ann Cleeves2018/08/17
  240. The anxiety of modern life2018/08/16
  241. The allure of silver barramundi2018/08/15
  242. Staring down the monster2018/08/14
  243. The terrible journey of the Ticonderoga2018/08/13
  244. Jacqui Lambie: the unlikely senator2018/08/10
  245. The Hunger Games on Wheels2018/08/09
  246. How Lemn Sissay found his voice2018/08/08
  247. Can football save politics?2018/08/07
  248. Universal Basic Income: the future?2018/08/06
  249. The life and landscapes of Alison Lester2018/08/03

Spend an hour in someone else's life. Conversations draws you deeper into the life story of someone you may have heard about, but never met.

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