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  1. What's in a face? Prosopagnosia2018/01/21
    Some people are unable to recognise the faces of people they meet everyday (Getty Images: harpazo_hope)
  2. Dissociation and coping with trauma2018/01/14
    (Getty Images: Betsie van der Meer)
  3. A superhuman escape2018/01/07
    A cardigan similar to the one Maude Julien wore—with bells to indicate her movement. (with thanks to Text Publishing (rights holder))
  4. Definitely tone deaf?2017/12/31
    (Getty Images: bowie15)
  5. The medical muso2017/12/24
    Medical musician Andrew Schulman (With thanks to Andrew Schulman)
  6. Brain stimulation for depression2017/12/17
    (Getty Images: Roy Scott)
  7. Prize winners in mental health advocacy2017/12/10
    Allan Fells and Janet Meagher
  8. Why we deny the science2017/12/03
    (Getty Images: Marcus Butt)
  9. All In The Mind presents ... Sum of All Parts2017/11/27
    Fans of All In The Mind might enjoy this new podcast from the ABC! Sum of All Parts tells extraordinary stories from the world of numbers. Like this story, about a young man with an unusual type of epilepsy, where he hears what are called ‘musical auras’ whenever he has a seizure.
  10. Judgement day and the science of belief2017/11/26
    (Getty Images: Spencer Platt)
  11. Brain diversity and modernisation2017/11/19
    A participant in the study (with thanks to Sapien Labs)
  12. Does mental 'illness' exist?2017/11/12
    (Getty Images: Roy Scott/Ikon Images)
  13. Lived experience in mental health care2017/11/05
    It’s not always helpful for someone to be labelled as having an illness when they are emotionally distressed. Sometimes simple support can make more of a difference to a person’s outlook. A possible shift in the provision of mental services might be to increase the provision of social justice.
  14. The sound spiral: misophonia2017/10/29
    Some sounds go beyond annoying—they're intolerable (Jamie Grill/Getty Images)
  15. Life as a brain surgeon2017/10/22
    Neurosurgeon Henry Marsh (Alex Mackworth-Praed)
  16. Emotional CPR2017/10/15
    (Getty Images: Kay Bartolozzi/EyeEm)
  17. Therapy outside the box2017/10/08
    (Getty Images: Roy Scott)
  18. The gambling zone2017/10/01
    Gambling machines can sometimes give an odd impression of winning (Getty Images: Glowimages)
  19. The psychology of hoarding2017/09/24
    We all have different approaches to how much stuff we accumulate. But what happens when your attachment to things becomes so strong that a decision to let go of anything is impossible?
  20. The divided brain2017/09/17
    The two hemispheres of the brain work together to give different experiences of the world (Getty Images: Bestdesigns)
  21. All in the Mind presents Science Friction2017/09/11
    If you enjoy All in the Mind you may be interested in this Science Friction episode on the psychological impact of working on the U.S. drone program.
  22. Contemplating consciousness2017/09/10
    People have been contemplating the nature of consciousness for millennia (Getty Images: Agsandrew)
  23. Racial bias and the brain2017/09/03
    Racial bias can affect your mental and physical health (Getty Images: RapidEye)
  24. The enigma of time2017/08/27
    Our perception of time is subjective (Getty Images: Benjamin Sheam)
  25. Young people surviving cancer2017/08/20
    Jasmine was diagnosed with Osteosarcoma while travelling overseas at age 22 (Photo: Charmaine Lyons / Supplied, Scar Stories)
  26. Off the hook2017/08/13
    Your relationship with your mobile device can affect your other relationships (Getty Images: Mimi Haddon)
  27. A meaningful life2017/08/06
    Having meaning in your life determines your happiness (Getty Images: Thomas Barwick)
  28. Considering pain2017/07/30
    Pain is so subjective but we can learn how to handle it better (Getty Images: Christopher Robbins)
  29. First impressions—the face bias2017/07/23
    It takes less than one second to form a first impression (Getty Images: Dimitri Otis)
  30. A superhuman escape2017/07/16
    A cardigan similar to the one Maude Julien wore—with bells to indicate her movement. (with thanks to Text Publishing (rights holder))
  31. The creation of emotions2017/07/09
    Facial expression is part of communicating emotion—and new research shows that your brain creates emotional states throughout life (Getty Images: Gen Nishino)
  32. Contemplating happiness with Matthieu Ricard2017/07/02
    French Buddhist monk Matthieu Ricard teaches the techniques to become more compassionate—and altruistic (Getty Images: Kenzo Tribouillard/Stringer)
  33. The genetics of depression2017/06/25
    Genetic research and neuroscience are aiming to identify the genes associated with depression, in order to personalise treatment (Getty Images: William Whitehurst)
  34. Connecting with baby2017/06/18
    Child development studies suggest that babies have command of their movements even before birth (Getty Images: David Aaron Troy)
  35. The science of hedonism2017/06/11
    Humans really like pleasure—including those which may eventually harm us. So why do we do it? (Getty Images: Matthew Micah Wright)
  36. The psychology of paedophilia2017/06/04
    (Getty images by ivanastan)
  37. End of life care2017/05/28
    Creating comfort and meaning in end of life care (Getty Images: Portra Images)
  38. When a healthy diet becomes an unhealthy obsession2017/05/21
    (Getty Images: pxel66)
  39. The food-mood connection2017/05/14
    We check the latest research on foods which can positively affect our mental health (Getty Images: Brett Stevens)
  40. Learning to learn2017/05/07
    The learning experience can be perplexing—but there are ways to learn better (Getty Images: khoa vu)
  41. In the therapy room2017/04/30
    (Getty Images: Joe Houghton)
  42. The secret history of self-harm2017/04/23
    Woodcut of flagellants during a plague epidemic in Europe (Getty Images: Photos.com)
  43. The medical muso2017/04/16
    Medical musician Andrew Schulman (With thanks to Andrew Schulman)
  44. The brain makers2017/04/09
    International research combines neuroscience with computing power (Getty Images: bestdesigns)
  45. Turbulent minds collide2017/04/02
    The meeting of different personalities can make for a turbulent life (Getty Images: Henrik Sorensen)
  46. Children who hear voices2017/03/26
    Illustration from the book Did You Hear That? (Abi Das)
  47. The strength of recognition2017/03/19
    The Men's Tjilirra Movement (courtesy of CASSE)
  48. Growing up digitally2017/03/12
    The digital world can bring both opportunities and challenges to families (Getty Images: Mark Mawson)
  49. Definitely tone deaf?2017/03/05
    (Getty Images: bowie15)
  50. Dissociation and coping with trauma2017/02/26
    (Getty Images: Betsie van der Meer)
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