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  1. Citizens, cures and dogs2019/04/22
    Do you believe that you're a citizen of the world? What does that even mean? The wonderful, magic world of mushrooms and we'll meet a remarkable man in Bolivia who gave up everything to look after stray dogs.
  2. Communities, cliches crocodiles and chaos2019/04/15
    Why is civil society so important and yet seemingly so neglected? What is Jemaah Islamiyah up to in Indonesia and why we should not stop buying snake skin boots. Afterall, you can't judge a book by its cover and as we all know actions speak louder than words.
  3. Good news, indifferent news and fake news. It's all fair dinkum.2019/04/08
    After the momentous election of 2018, what's happening in Malaysia? What to do about fake news in Southeast Asia and a genuine success story from Africa. Plus, how we speak - is it an affront to your ears or should we embrace every lost letter and the delight in the way we chop a word in half and then add an o?
  4. Violence, imagination and animals2019/04/01
    What can be done to stop the violence of terrorism? Will machines ever really be able to think like us? Would you catch a cane toad for 10 cents and why are authors so keen on killing our kangaroos?
  5. Frustrations, fighting and drugs2019/03/25
    Why are there so many regulations? Why are private armies protecting Chinese citizens and have we put to much trust into renewables? Now that El Chapo is behind bars are the drug wars over? No, in many ways they're just beginning.
  6. Democracy, dictators and dirty sheets2019/03/18
    Is there enough competition in Asia? How is democracy going around the world and in particularly Nigeria? Ever stayed in an old motel? How smelly was the carpet?
  7. Dystopian, digital and fealty2019/03/11
    Can the crisis in Venezuela end without violence? Contrary to popular belief nationalism works, and it always has. How can we take better care of ourselves in our digital lives and why is science fiction so popular in China right now?
  8. A new hero and an old world full of books and floppy disks2019/03/04
    Might Viktor Orban be an unlikely hero for the west or is the west as we know it about to be over? What kind of literature should high school students read and what to Linkin Park and Rick Astley got to do with cyber hacks?
  9. Iran's Revolution, building walls and making mistakes2019/02/25
    We take a look at Iran 40 years on from the Islamic Revolution. Wall building has had a long history in the US, stretching from Benjamin Franklin to Donald Trump. What happens when you make a mistake at work? And we explore how effective the plastic straw ban really is.
  10. Life in Transnistria, flights and factoids2019/02/18
    What's it like to live in a breakaway state? How on earth did booking a flight go from 90-minutes to a matter of seconds? What is a factoid and how do they end up in public discourse? And we continue our exploration of the waste problem from last week.
  11. Decoupling, doubt, and buttons2019/02/11
    Is East Asia becoming less reliant on western economies to survive? Are younger workers bless able to understand and resolve ambiguity and can you pleas push that button for me. Also, toilets', they can be smelly and uncomfortable but could you live without one? Millions do every day.
  12. Money, mayhem and wildlife2019/02/04
    Should incentives be more opaque to be more rewarding? Do walls work and why did most Russians, at one time, want to be a terrorist when they grew up? How can we stop the illegal wildlife trade in Africa?
  13. Myths and monsters and things that go bump in the night2019/01/28
    Are we doing enough for the homeless? Why do so many communities have monsters and in 1938 why did so many people that the radio was carrying a live broadcast of Martians landing on earth?
  14. Making, writing, dying and singing2019/01/21
    Why do some countries thrive while others fail? Are the reports on the death of liberalism greatly exaggerated and why are there so many voices on social media and what's the story behind the microphone?
  15. Coddling and sins and pirates2019/01/14
    What is the new original sin? Why are we drawn to bad news and why do we kind of like pirates? Plus are university and college students too coddled?
  16. Frenemies, grumbling and staying natural.2019/01/07
    Can the EU survive BREXIT and all of the other grumblings across Europe at the moment? We all need friends but we also all need enemies, why? Plus natural food and to grow it, natural soil.
  17. Civilisation, forensics and myths2018/12/31
    Civilisation is more than flags and monuments isn't it? Just how reliable is forensic evidence and a really good story from a not so good place.
  18. Food and favours2018/12/24
    There's more to war than weapons, there's also food and the battles over who invented what and when. How important is working to you and wherever you are open the windows and see if you can hear some birds...what a glorious sound!
  19. Civil rights, redemption and the hair trade2018/12/17
    Has the civil rights movement stalled in America? Where does the hair that goes into wigs come from and how is it harvested plus after naming and shaming can there be redemption or are you destined to be irredeemably outcast from society?
  20. BREXIT, intellectual property, language and pigs...but they're not flying.2018/12/10
    An update on BREXIT and regrexisters and a look at the thorny and confusing world of intellectual property. We also see how pigs may save us all and take a look at the many, many, many languages of the Himalayas
  21. Diversion, democracy and disruption2018/12/03
    Would moving to the country really solve overpopulation in cities? What happens to democracy after an autocrat is voted in and who really has the authority in society?
  22. Immigration, China and Pasta2018/11/26
    Are Australians as divided over immigration as we think we are or do we more or less agree on what we want and when we want it? What are some Chinese students really doing in universities and will China end up having more influence than Australia and New Zealand in the Pacific region? When you look to the stars do you see pasta? No? Grab that telescope and look again.
  23. Opening pandora's box and eating a banana whilst on zeppelin 2018/11/19
    Are university and college students too coddled and are banana's in danger of becoming extinct? Who was Pandora and why did she open her box and why aren't we flying the world in a zeppelin?
  24. Singing, strongmen and enemies2018/11/12
    Can the relationship between Australia and China be instructive for the rest of the world? Are the strongmen of Asia as strong as they think they are and why is it almost essential to have an enemy so you can have a friend. Plus Billie, Frank and Bing and the marvellous invention that meant they could croon.
  25. Not defeated, not deleted but calm and very definitely carrying on. 2018/11/05
    What does the rise and rise of a new middle class in Asia mean for the rest of the world? Are we defeated or defiant when it comes to terrorist attacks and what exactly happened in the Stanford prison experiment? How do we grieve when someone is gone but not deleted?
  26. Conspiracies, protests and the space race.2018/10/29
    China is in space, what might that mean for a space race? How can universities maintain free speech and can contrarians be part of a group or not, or is it all just one big conspiracy theory?
  27. Patriotism, civilisations and stereotypes2018/10/22
    Is there a difference between a patriot and a nationalist and can you only be called civilised if you build or create beautiful things like the Parthenon or the Colosseum? Can stereotypes be useful or are they always harmful?
  28. Democracy and destruction with a little me time on the side2018/10/15
    What is the state of Indonesian democracy and do we need to start thinking about biosecurity in Australia? Will the strawberry industry survive and thrive and put down your phone and step outside please.
  29. Collapsing nations, building nations and being lonely.2018/10/08
    Where has the all the Venezuelan oil money gone? Where is China going next and can India and the United States be partners? Plus is one really the loneliest number?
  30. Bigotry, belts and agriculture2018/10/01
    Has the line between bigotry and anti-bigotry narrowed and is universal authorship a good thing? Are there parts of our agricultural industry that could help in West African agriculture and is the Indo-pacific region and China on a collision course?
  31. Bees, bibles, bananas and boats2018/09/24
    What is the Indo- Pacific strategy and does Australia have a role to play? The perils of the new morality and the costs of keeping our banana industry pure and who are the honey makers?
  32. Banks, guns and forensic evidence2018/09/17
    Should we be embedding regulators in financial institutions? What happens when forensic evidence is incorrect and how do today's inventors compare to those of yesteryear? How easy or legal is it to print a 3D gun in Australia?
  33. Family fights and family holidays and the family dog.2018/09/10
    How does our relationship with our cousins across the ditch affect our Pacific policy? How many people make a good city and for that matter, how many dogs. Plus be careful what you wish for, especially when you sit down in front of the TV for an hour...or make that two or three.
  34. Food, fashion and foreigners.2018/09/03
    There may be a new immigration nation in the world...or maybe not. The challenges for Indonesian women in business and the odd beginnings of eating more naturally and the future of regional rags.
  35. Working together and pulling apart.2018/08/27
    Patent law and productivity across the world and just what can you say and not say in Canadian universities. Chian and India are cooperating in India and what is it about the green-eyed monster and friendship?
  36. Grateful for money, food and language2018/08/20
    What options do countries have when they need some extra money and is there a need for a better food policy in Asia? Should we be more grateful or at least be better at expressing and receiving gratitude and we find out about a new reconstructed Indigenous language that's emerged from Tasmania .
  37. Regulation and Riding2018/08/13
    Is regulation good or bad or does it depend on what industry they're applied to? Piracy in the Indian Ocean has gone down...or has it? How would we know? Plus a stolen horse in a book written by a farmer, it's a fabulous yarn!
  38. Complexity, cold, community and hybrids2018/07/30
    Has the EU become so complex its in danger of collapsing? What's better the market or goverment? What is our policy in the White Continent and some possible good from a very bad situation.
  39. Grumbling and arguing and boats and why it's all good. 2018/07/23
    The reports of the death of liberalism are greatly exaggerated aren't they? Will recent Indian migrants face employment challenges and will we have sovereignty over our new frigates. Plus why doesn't this %$#&^ thing work?
  40. Oil and money and disruptions2018/07/16
    What is Russia doing in Venezuela; why we need to be cool...and carry on with China and can we compare emerging markets to a canary in a coal mine, a financial coal mine?
  41. Small business and economic futures with some bogong moths thrown in.2018/07/09
    Why is China squeezing Taiwan, what is the economic future of Australia and does it involve small businesses and how do bogong moths know where to go and why?
  42. 02-072018/07/02
    Why does nation-building succeed in some places and fail in others? What are the implications of the United States withdrawing form the Iran nuclear deal and imposing new sanctions? What can ants and slime teach us about transport?
  43. Counterpoint - 2018-06-252018/06/25
    What is happening in the BREXIT negotiations, the 2018 Lowy Poll, our changing relationship with Indonesia and the plastic pollution that is chocking the oceans
  44. Counterpoint - 2018-06-182018/06/18
    An update of politics in Italy, the end of work as we know it, buzzwords to make you cringe and the battle of the palates.
  45. Counterpoint - 2018-06-112018/06/11
    Is it time for closer ties with our Pacific neighbours, Indigenous business opportunities, the consequences of not eating meat and why some people become sudden geniuses.
  46. Counterpoint - 2018-06-042018/06/04
    What are students studying at university, can boys still be boys and are we leaving them behind?
  47. Counterpoint - 2018-05-282018/05/28
    Our ageing brains and what to do about it, embracing our convict past, cheating at universities and living on the land.
  48. Counterpoint - 2018-05-282018/05/28
    Our ageing brains and what to do about it, embracing our convict past, cheating at universities and living on the land.
  49. Counterpoint - 2018-05-212018/05/21
    Science in Africa, good news and bad news, arming the police and a kinder science
  50. Counterpoint - 2018-05-142018/05/14
    Trade wars or a race to lead the world in innovation, the frustrations of private health care, the hair trade of India and in the #MeToo movement is redemption ever possible?
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