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  1. Trump, sex and consent, poor excuses, landlines, Shirky principle2018/05/07
    Trump could win if the Democrats don't start trying. Ruling on sexual consent will test lawmakers. No excuse is better than a trite one. Landlines made us happier. Defying the Shirky principle by growing food in Africa.
  2. Vanuatu, Holocaust music, rant, comedy secrets, dwarf emu2018/04/30
    Australia needs to cultivate Pacific relationships as China moves in. Music composed in Holocaust death camps rediscovered and played in concert. Rant: don't say 'I think' if you haven't. What makes us laugh? The Dwarf Emu and its rapid extinction in colonial Australia.
  3. Counterpoint, April 23 20182018/04/23
    Has the CIA become more dangerous; Flu season; Organic farming, Speed limits and Belt and Road.
  4. April 16 20182018/04/16
    Why we need to talk about Australia's foreign policy, loneliness can be silent and invisible, the Worgl experiment, and why characters that flood our bedtime stories are boys.
  5. April 9 20182018/04/09
    Why President Vladimir Putin has started thinking about his legacy, the ethical questions behind the cricket saga, and how a prisoner changed her sentence into an opportunity to change her life.
  6. April 2 20182018/04/02
    The legacy of the civil rights movement, why world leaders are popular today, the problem with angry people, and ethical dairy farming.
  7. March 26 20182018/03/26
    Emperor Xi. China's changing urban communities . Soapbox: Special deals for Catholic schools. Tiger mums and the growing gap in education.
  8. March 19 20182018/03/19
    Droughts are going to get worse, dealing with guilt and shame, mosquitoes avoid serial swatters, the 30 polls dilemma for Malcolm Turnbull, and sailing from Australia to Japan.
  9. March 12 20182018/03/12
    Birds may hold some of the keys to a better future for all of us, do workplaces have a right to forbid office romances, the folly of Question Time, and is lying a necessary part of life?
  10. March 5 20182018/03/05
    The Toxic State of Public Discourse, are our smart devices making us dumb, and the Museum of Selfies.
  11. February 26 20182018/02/26
    Sri Lanka's new electoral laws, racist brands, the Grevy's zebra and our addiction to social media.
  12. February 19 20182018/02/19
    Snakebites the silent killer, Alzheimers research, how to protect our reputation in the #Metoo world, and the Almighty God.
  13. February 12 20182018/02/12
    The politics of water in Cape Town, identity politics and are smartphones eavesdropping our conversations?
  14. Counterpoint, February 5, 20182018/02/05
    A new solar angle on why the world is warming . Why keeping a beat is good for the brain. Soapbox - Harry and Megan - who cares? Australian malls adapt to online . The night owl also catches the worm.
  15. Counterpoint 29 January, 20182018/01/29
    Why voters are turning against liberal elites. Fixing knees with 3D printing. Soapbox: The madness of voting for independents. The tired old 'IT glitch' excuse .
  16. January 22 20182018/01/22
    Dodgy Indian drugs, why we should love viruses, Hollywood celebrities, Blockchain technology, and archiving in the digital age.
  17. January 15 20172018/01/15
    The myths of money laundering. The Death of Expertise: The Campaign Against Established Knowledge and Why it Matters. The downside of solar energy. Get Down: Why it can be good to be sad. Soapbox: Bad drivers.
  18. January 8 20172018/01/08
    Refugees good for the economy. Robots are not taking all our jobs. Closing the loop on e-waste. Coffee: Our bittersweet addiction. Soapbox: Are we becoming a nation of whingers?
  19. January 1 20172018/01/01
    Going 'cold turkey' may not be the answer to addiction. Is democracy-based tolerance in Indonesia at an end? The environmental impact of electric cars. Soapbox: Gratitude.
  20. 25 December 20172017/12/25
    The 200 year old anti vaxxer movement. Emergency architects. Happiness and how to get it. Changing the seasons to suit Australia. Soapbox: Wedding madness.
  21. December 18 December 20172017/12/18
    Racism and the American Left. Why hot desking is a bad idea. Minerals and wine. For fans, hip hop and heavy metal are more calming than aggravating. Soapbox: Queues.
  22. December 11 20172017/12/11
    The Trump phenomenon, sensitive bullies, America's ghost towns, Double Eleven shopping, and the amazing frog app.
  23. December 4 20172017/12/04
    Why is Christmas a big deal for everyone, the NRA and gun control, the organic food snobs, The Marrakesh Treaty, and indigenous astronomy.
  24. November 27 20172017/11/27
    The new Saudi prince, health tourism, why we distrust organised religion, and society's obsession with happiness.
  25. November 20 20172017/11/20
    Is pornography a drug? The bunny boilers, and a new scan can identify people considering suicide.
  26. November 13 20172017/11/13
    Fake news, the right to die a dog's death, the cult of the expert, and the relationship between politicians and journalists.
  27. November 3 20172017/11/06
    Bringing glamour to Russian politics, the influence of cooking shows, women vs feminism, and the Songlines exhibition.
  28. October 30 20172017/10/30
    Gun culture, Harvey Weinstein and the scapegoat mechanism, enterprise bargaining, and learning to live with Artificial Intelligence.
  29. October 23 20172017/10/23
    Power games in Indonesia, the misconceptions of money laundering, who owns the asteroids, and how music benefits children
  30. October 16 20172017/10/16
    Whose to blame for the Rohingya crisis, Catalan - a personal story, an economic forecast, and the story of the four seasons.
  31. Counterpoint - 2017-10-092017/10/09
    Racism in America, shelter for refugees, the robot revolution, and how to make better butter.
  32. Counterpoint - 2017-10-022017/10/02
    American Marranos, Ewaste, toppling of statues and a multicultural youth survey.
  33. Counterpoint - 2017-09-252017/09/25
    Crisis zones, the dark new virtual world, emergency architects and the inner authoritarian.
  34. Counterpoint: mothers who abuse their sons, don't dump on Trump, talking to strangers, rural housing prices2017/09/18
    Mothers who sexually abuse their sons, why it's not good to dump on Trump all the time, talking to a stranger can be good for the soul, and housing unaffordability in country towns.
  35. Counterpoint: the death of expertise, future jobs, and how to write a hit2017/09/11
    Hear how the media, social media, higher education and internet are undermining the authority of experts. Technology isn't just taking over blue-collar jobs, and the secret to writing a hit song.
  36. Counterpoint: Cholera in Yemen, China's credit squeeze, discovering new mammals2017/09/04
    Civil triggers a cholera epidemic in Yemen, China using its reserves to pay off rising debt, and the zoologist who's discovering new mammals.
  37. Counterpoint: Google's diversity plans criticised, Hip Hop for healing, Robo Chook, Soapbox2017/08/28
    Google's diversity program under attack, the healing powers of hip hop, the young scientists behind robo-chook, and on the buses with Soapbox.
  38. Counterpoint, August 21, 20172017/08/21
    Soapbox: Matches. Confronting the fear of homelessness. The roles and responsibilities of Boards. The long lives of trapdoor spiders. The world's loudest, craziest trumpet festival.
  39. Counterpoint August 14, 20172017/08/14
    Soapbox: Gratitude. The India and US relationship. Workplace monsters. The platypus. The environmental impact of electric cars.
  40. Counterpoint, August 7, 20172017/08/07
    A stylised image of a brain MRI using Quantitative Susceptibility Mapping (QSM) showing in red the increase in iron levels found in those with Alzheimer’s pathology compared to controls. (Supplied: University of Melbourne)
  41. Anti Semitism, the language barrier for our kids and what's in a number?2017/07/31
    Soapbox: What's the magic word? No entiendo: Our kids and languages. Where's our population strategy? The new rise of old hatred.
  42. Addicted to antibiotics, missile defence and anti-vaxxers are nothing new2017/07/24
    Soapbox: Those pesky towel dispensers. Finding a cure for our antibiotic addiction. The 200 year old anti vaxxer movement. Do we need a missile defence system?
  43. Democracy in Myanmar, is China running out of patience with Hong Kong and the worrying rise in global massacres2017/07/17
    Soapbox: Wedding madness. Is China losing patience with one country-two systems? Just how democratic is the "new" Myanmar. Worrying trend: Upsurge in massacres.
  44. RAMSI ends, Counterterrorism funding, vocational training rorts and fighting cancer via epigenetics2017/07/10
    Soapbox: The magic bullet. Hard lesson: Fixing our VET sector. Counterterrorism: Are we spending wisely? Epigenetics: a major key in beating cancer. RAMSI and our role in failing countries.
  45. The skinny on interest rates, Russia's power - or lack of it, cyber attacks and the magic lantern2017/07/03
    Soapbox: The bright side of life. Do we overestimate Russia's power? Rates on the way up: Ex RBA board member. Are we powerless against ransomware? Throwing new light on "The Magic Lantern".
  46. Drugs used to restrain, Britain cracking up and an Israeli take on the 6 day war2017/06/26
    Soapbox: Sniffing and sunnies. In the dark: Our use of chemical restraints. Is the UK in the midst of a breakdown? The 6 Day War: An Israeli perspective. Popularism: A flash in the pan?
  47. Down on democracy, anti politics, ancient DNA and shameful anniversary: 50 years of aggression2017/06/19
    Soapbox: Service please! We're anti politics and down on democracy. The secrets revealed by ancient DNA. Finding answers to 50 years of aggression.
  48. Ending heart disease, Counter terrorism update, Australia's reluctance on the Belt and Road and banning fraternities2017/06/12
    Counter terrorism: Are we getting it right? Heart disease cure: One step closer? Is the party over? Call to ban US fraternities. Australia's reluctance on China's Belt and Road.
  49. Indonesia: the next Syria? House prices: correction or catastrophe? and not all doom and gloom for the Great Barrier Reef2017/06/05
    Soapbox: Take all and do nothing. Will Indonesia become the next Syria? A Glimmer of hope for the Great Barrier Reef. Correction or catastrophe: When house prices fall.
  50. Asia and the genome revolution, Indonesia, politics and radical Islam and can we avert a looming Australian power crisis?2017/05/29
    Soapbox: No doubt? Is democracy-based tolerance in Indonesia at an end? Asia: leading the world in the genomic race. Big battle: politics and the "sensible middle". Let there be light: the power crisis we can avoid.
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