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Health Report

  1. Soccer headers and memory, unplanned hospital admissions, chronic illness and school and lung cancer screening2020/02/10
    Lung cancer killed about 9,000 Australians last year
  2. Coronavirus — how bad is it and how do we stop it?2020/02/03
    Your questions on the novel coronavirus, answered
  3. Extreme deprivation in early life and brain development, and ovarian cancer diagnosis and treatment2020/01/27
    How does early life deprivation influence brain development?
  4. Babies and bushfire smoke, reducing pre-term births, AI and brain tumours, and paying for plasma donations2020/01/20
    Does bushfire smoke affect a young child's health?
  5. Faecal incontinence and sudden deafness2020/01/13
    Sudden deafness may be more common than we think
  6. Training your brain and body2020/01/06
    Holiday season got you feeling unfit? We're here to help.
  7. Personalised medicine — hope or hype?2019/12/30
    New technologies allow for personalised medicine
  8. Gene editing our way to better health?2019/12/23
    Gene therapies have revolutionised some aspects of medicine, but they can come at a high price
  9. New frontiers in allergy, cancer and the immune system2019/12/16
    An illustration showing the destruction of a leukemia blood cell
  10. Brain fluid leaks, heart troubles, environmental health in the Kimberley and defining health poverty2019/12/09
    Cardiovascular disease is linked to life expectancy and socio-economic status
  11. Bushfires and air quality, a deadly fungal infection and sex differences in cancer2019/12/02
    Smoke can escalate small particulate levels
  12. Deep brain stimulation for depression, melanoma controversy, early-onset Parkinson's and the joy and fear of donating blood2019/11/25
    Deep brain stimulation is a new technology with promising results for some conditions
  13. Calcium supplements, running and knee pain, cancer risk and health recommendations2019/11/18
    Joint health keeps us fit and strong
  14. Anxiety, depression and the new science of psychedelics — part two2019/11/11
    There's been a renaissance of psychedelic drug research in recent years.
  15. Anxiety, depression and the new science of psychedelics — part one2019/11/04
  16. Walking speed and health, ultrasound for Alzheimer's, aggression and dementia, and countering anti-vaccination sentiment2019/10/28
  17. Heartburn, longitudinal studies and the legacy of one of Medicare's original architects2019/10/21
  18. Vaping to quit, antidepressants, joint replacements and gout2019/10/14
  19. Predicting — and preventing — future pandemics2019/10/07
  20. Premenstrual dysphoric disorder, gamifying exercise, improving cancer drug trials, and repurposing a psoriasis drug for osteosarcoma?2019/09/30
  21. Mini-organs, sex in aged care and mental health at the GP's office2019/09/23
  22. IVF success, sudden deafness, and improving stroke research2019/09/16
  23. Putting hormone replacement therapy risks into context, and living with dystonia2019/09/09
  24. The statistical significance debate, self-citing silliness and publication bias2019/09/02
  25. Keto diets, migraines in kids and women in medical leadership2019/08/26
  26. Insomnia, early birds, short sleepers and new Ebola treatments2019/08/19
  27. Brain training and living younger for longer2019/08/12
  28. Exercise and dementia, silent heart attack and breathlessness2019/08/05
  29. Signs of autism in babies, eye injuries and stroke rehabilitation2019/07/29
  30. Blood pressure, game theory for antibiotics, drug exposures in pregnancy and reviewing our national medicines policy2019/07/22
  31. Mixing multiple medicines, workplace mental health, and a check-up for Aussie tweens2019/07/15
  32. Surgeon behaviour, chronic illness, stroke tests, and bariatric surgery in teens2019/07/08
  33. Faecal incontinence and the world's first non-identical organ swap2019/07/01
  34. Biosecurity, germ warfare and antimicrobial resistance2019/06/24
  35. Sugary drinks, HPV screening and vaccination, metabolic disorders and mental health2019/06/17
  36. Gene editing our way to better health?2019/06/10
  37. Fainting and the emergency department, benzodiazepines and miscarriage, overdiagnosis of heart problem, opioids and end of life2019/06/03
  38. A new form of dementia, stillbirth and pregnancy, social housing and healthcare, and Indigenous maternal health2019/05/27
  39. Life expectancy in Australia, poor sense of smell and risk of death, generational drug use and a new class of antibiotics?2019/05/20
  40. Clot-busting strokes, monitoring high-risk medicines and investing in a child's first thousand days2019/05/13
  41. Health and the election, BCAA supplements and obesity and health star ratings2019/05/06
  42. Wellbeing at work, quitting smoking, drug harms and dietary supplements2019/04/29
  43. Personalised medicine: hope or hype?2019/04/22
  44. Pulse pressure and Alzheimer's, mapping genomes to catch infectious diseases and the global burden of disease2019/04/15
  45. Comparing alcohol and smoking, calculating your risk of going to hospital, the power of the word cancer and a HPV vaccine success2019/04/08
  46. Calm babies and obesity, probiotics, a history of vaccinations, and mandatory reporting2019/04/01
  47. Game theory and cancer, smell training for the brain and knee and hip replacements2019/03/25
  48. Incidental exercise, universal dental care, STIs in remote Australia and the burden of brain disorders2019/03/18
  49. Lolita's uterus transplant 2019/03/15
    13 babies have been born worldwide so far using a transplanted uterus
  50. Cannabis and mood, prostate cancer, the benefits of fibre and statins for older people2019/03/11
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Specialist and mainstream audiences alike rely on the Health Report to bring clarity to health and medical issues from social, scientific and political points of view.

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