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Life Matters

  1. Air quality, fake news videos and facing your bully2019/08/13
    Doctors are concerned about the impacts of air pollution on health, the ethics of technology and fake news and how to deal with a bully.
  2. Unemployment stereotypes, Spinifex Gum, risk and reward in Backflip2019/08/12
    Research counters unemployment stereotypes, Spinifex Gum on singing about Australia’s big issues, Mike Williams explores risk and reward in Backflip.
  3. Weekend Life Matters - fatherhood uncovered, tales of old people, backyard to backpack, biological clock goes tick tock2019/08/10
    Stay at home dads get non sensationalist coverage, an archive of old people from Cyprus reveals a life we'll never see again, packing up your life and going travelling with your child for three years, and trying to put your fertile years on hold.
  4. Solving the recycling crisis, dispelling financial fear and office bathroom etiquette. 2019/08/09
    As other countries reject our waste, how should Australia address the recycling crisis, do you have a fear-based relationship with money and what to do if your colleague doesn't flush.
  5. The impacts of street harassment, developing "evil empathy" and the emotional toll of being a paramedic2019/08/08
    The impacts street harassment can have on our health, developing "evil empathy" in our societies, and the emotional toll that comes with being a paramedic.
  6. How rising rents are driving homelessness, the rise of "baby panic" and quantifying protein in our diets2019/08/07
    One in four Australian's are feeling financial pressure from rental prices, anxiety around the timing of having a baby and how much protein should we be getting across the day?
  7. Childfree men, backpacking with your kids, valuing our elderly2019/08/06
    Why some men choose to not have kids, the adventure of packing up everything and taking your child backpacking and viewing our elderly as precious sources of history.
  8. Dental health, winging it and following your heart, modern fatherhood2019/08/05
    Listeners share their best and worst dental experiences, how one woman followed her heart and formed a long-term friendship with a retired racehorse, a new book aims to provide inspiration for modern fathers.
  9. Weekend Life Matters - the rise of online dating, a third place to be, facing the bully, backflipping your life2019/08/03
    Online dating is now the norm, not the exception, the power of community gardening, new strategies for changing bullying, and how to backflip your life.
  10. The legacy of 60s counterculture, when the Utopian dream goes sour and responding to a hug from a child you don't know2019/08/02
    What has survived from the counterculture movement of the 1960s, how one man's search for Utopia went terribly wrong and what do you do when a child you don't know offers a hug?
  11. New links made between drug use and families, how loved ones remember the long-term missing and helping recover an entire whale population2019/08/01
    New research confirms a link between families and drug habits, how art helps families remember the long-term missing, and protecting the Southern Right Whale.
  12. Mindfulness, online dating, The Moth2019/07/31
    The validity of mindfulness in the workplace, online dating is now the number one way couples meet and, and when dressing up for a date goes wrong.
  13. Drought in regional towns, more diverse schools and teen bullying2019/07/30
    How the water shortage crisis is affecting regional towns, reflecting the diversity of school students in teaching staff, how to stop a bully in their tracks.
  14. The role of pharmacists and GPs, introducing Backflip, making friends in our neighbourhoods2019/07/29
    Doctors are calling out pharmacists for encroaching on their territory . Backflip episode 1 - 'it would be a miracle'. Making friends in your neighbourhood through "third places".
  15. Weekend Life Matters - power pricing 101, why we need music mentors, the incredible history of IP, and how many people are sustainable?2019/07/27
    Have you heard yet of the Default Market Offer? How power pricing is changing for the better. Why music mentors are enriching the brains of teachers and students, the hidden story of the Barbie doll, and how many of us can this planet really support?
  16. How the way we shop is changing, speaking with animal behaviourist Temple Grandin and would you create a dot painting?2019/07/26
    How retailers are adapting to our changing shopping habits, Temple Grandin on autism and should you paint a dot mural if you aren't Indigenous?
  17. Medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, a journey from millionaire to castaway and the history of intellectual property2019/07/25
    Combatting the stigma attached to taking medicinal cannabis for chronic pain, leaving your worries on the mainland and the important role intellectual property plays in our lives.
  18. Examining a new men's violence program, understanding fatigue and learning about the sustainability of earth's population2019/07/24
    New program aims to help men examine their notions of masculinity. Are you suffering from brain fatigue? Burning question - sustainable population on Earth.
  19. Cross cultural families, winging it in Siberia and making music stars2019/07/23
    Being a part of an intercultural family, doing business in a post-Cold War Russia and, encouraging young children to follow music.
  20. John Marsden on parenting, better support for care leavers, lower power prices2019/07/22
    John Marsden on how to avoid being a "toxic" parent . How to create brighter futures for those with a background in foster care. Are you missing out on a lower power bill?
  21. Weekend Life Matters - labelling sugar, motorbike around the world, my special place, beyond The Love Boat2019/07/20
    Is five star food labelling telling us the truth?, winging it on a motorbike, the beauty of NW Tasmania, and the wider career of The Love Boat bartender.
  22. Defending clutter, enjoying life after a stroke and what to do if your boss is an environmental vandal2019/07/19
    Should we be throwing out less, how do you make life not just bearable, but enjoyable, after a stroke and the dilemma of working for an environmental vandal.
  23. Combating bullying in schools, encouraging young women to get into tech and the creative benefits of walking2019/07/18
    A new intervention program helping stop bullying in schools, how a new childrens book series aims to encourage young girls to enjoy tech and the creative benefits, neuroscience and history of walking.
  24. Talkback on drinking in front of your kids, a two-wheeled adventure and star of 'The Loveboat', Ted Lange2019/07/17
    Hearing from you on modelling drinking in front of your children and teenagers, a couple take a wild motorbike ride and Ted Lange talks about his years starring on The Loveboat.
  25. Food star ratings, female desire, and teen matters2019/07/16
    Does our food star rating system need changing, the experiences of three women and their relationship with sex and, helping teenagers to receive apologies for a better home environment.
  26. The dangers of "bioidentical hormones", holding on to digital devices, our special places2019/07/15
    Menopause specialists warn against dangers of "bioidentical hormones". Can we break our bond to devices we don't use? Three young women take us their special places in North West Tasmania.
  27. Weekend Life Matters - celebrating Indigenous languages, getting children excited about food, Michael Pollen on psychedelics, racing huskies without snow 2019/07/13
    River of Languages exhibition celebrates Australia’s linguistic diversity, a new podcast unveils the wonder behind food, author Michael Pollen on taking psychedelics for therapeutic benefits, and husky sledding in central Victoria.
  28. The moon landing 50 years on, the long flight home, personal space in the workplace2019/07/12
    Contemplating the cultural significance of the moon landing 50 years on, Australia's journey towards aviation glory, the dilemma of personal space in the workplace.
  29. Living with allergies and finding something to believe in2019/07/11
    Talkback on living with and managing allergies and how music can help you find something to believe in.
  30. Aged Care Royal Commission, Michael Pollan on the new science of psychedelics and how to prepare for the apocalypse2019/07/10
    The challenges of aged care in rural, regional and remote areas. Why Michael Pollan decided hitting sixty was a good time to try LSD. Will you be prepared if the apocalypse comes?
  31. Education after high school, NAIDOC week, kids and food2019/07/09
    Making sure school leavers consider all forms of future education and training, celebrating Indigenous languages and helping kids to become more knowledgeable about food.
  32. Live prison radio, Life in 500 words and Husky racing2019/07/08
    The history of broadcasting live from Victorian prisons during NAIDOC week, a journey to Egypt to scatter ashes and how to race Husky dogs when there's no snow.
  33. Weekend Life Matters - Mandela's grandson, the joy of music, rehoming pets, and industrial needlepoint2019/07/06
    Nelson Mandela's grandson writes about his relationship with the legendary leader, a 4 year old discovers the power of piano, the emotional minefield of rehoming your dog, and needlepointing the industry around you.
  34. Game based training, food is love, rethinking insomnia, standing out in a small town2019/07/05
    Helping children with learning difficulties, changing the way we think about insomnia and cooking with Jewish grandparents.
  35. The midlife slump, lessons from Mandela, backyard birds2019/07/04
    How do people experience the midlife crisis, Ndaba Mandela on being the grandson of Nelson and the joy of backyard birds.
  36. Creating communities, John Birmingham on grief, sustainable flowers, the power of words2019/07/03
    Building community amongst the urban sprawl, John Birmingham on his father, and sustainable cut flowers.
  37. Money and happiness, industrial needlepoint, rehoming pets, an odious encounter2019/07/02
    Exploring financial security, finding a new home for your pet and using needlepoint to illustrate industrial landscapes.
  38. The science of compassion, bringing a forest back to life, Lofty Fulton, a love of music2019/07/01
    How to practice compassion, caring for the land in your local area and voiceover man Lofty Fulton.
  39. Weekend Life Matters - intimate antipathies, diagnosing restless legs, choral therapy, magician's secret lives2019/06/29
    Renowned writer Luke Carman explores his own mental health in his collection of short stories, what is restless legs syndrome?, the pleasure of a community choir, and behind the velvet curtain with two magicians.
  40. Michael Mosley and Claire Bailey on healthy eating, game addiction, how to deal with parental boasting 2019/06/28
    Michael Mosley and Claire Bailey share what they have learned about a healthy life, how to combat game addiction, the modern dilemma of parental boasting.
  41. Paying people to stop smoking, the philosophy of sex and writing through your mental illness2019/06/27
    A look into a succesful trial where participants were paid to quit smoking, how the age of sexual freedom might be impacting our sexual desire and what it means to be a writer with borderline personality disorder.
  42. Commuting to work, snake encounters, restless leg syndrome2019/06/26
    How does commuting to work effect your life, snake encounters, and how to deal with restless leg syndrome.
  43. The Great Barrier Reef, stopping domestic violence, and being a magician2019/06/25
    We want to help the Great Barrier Reef but don't know how, the complexities of domestic violence and being a magician on the side of your day job.
  44. Country students and education outcomes, how incentives work, singing in a choir2019/06/24
    A look at the gap in educational outcomes between city students and those living in regional, rural and remote areas, how incentives work in everyday life, and the benefits of singing in a community choir.
  45. Weekend Life Matters - indigenous zoology, how to apologise, flesh after fifty, undercover with a food critic2019/06/22
    Unmasking the real history of identifying our flora and fauna, teaching teens to say sorry and mean it, proudly going naked for art when you're over 50, and finding out what it really means to be food critic.
  46. Is 5G safe, in search of opal, and the dilemma of gifting botox for an 18th birthday2019/06/21
    Examining the health and security concerns of 5G, the miners who have bonded over their search for opal, and the dilemma of gifting botox for an 18th birthday.
  47. Heart disease, emotions at work and Indigenous zoology2019/06/20
    New research shows women need to take better care of their cardiovascular health, why expressing our feelings at work can be difficult, and learning about the crucial role Indigenous Australians have played in what we understand about native animals.
  48. Marketing to children online, reflecting on addiction and undercover with food reviewer2019/06/19
    Researchers talk about how marketers are targeting children online, an expert on how drugs affect the brain reflects on her own issues with drug addiction and we go undercover with a food reviewer.
  49. Choosing to be child free, life in 500 words and teen matters2019/06/18
    Discussing how society views women if they choose to child free, moving to an island to heal deep wounds, and how to apologise authentically.
  50. Teenagers and religion, being embarrassed by mums, celebrating older women's bodies2019/06/17
    A study reveals what teenagers think about religion, a new comedy focusses on a mother's love for her child, however embarrassing, and celebrating women’s bodies after the age of 50.
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