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Lingua Franca

  1. RN summer series, part 5: Why can't you un-hear this!2013/01/26
    Broken Heart Chalk 1 (ArtByRetta, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  2. RN summer series, part 4: Ulimaroa - a misnomer for Australia2013/01/19
    (Image source page, on the ANU Pacific Institute blog: http://asiapacific.anu.edu.au/blogs/pacificinstitute/2012/03/27/free-access-to-jph-articles/)
  3. RN summer series, part 3: Elephants talk low down2013/01/12
    African elephants (Arno & Louise Wildlife, Flickr, Creative Commons)
  4. RN summer series, part 2: The Space between Words...2013/01/05
    Reading during lunch (Linda Giddens, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  5. RN summer series, part 1: Me & other languages2012/12/29
    Language plays a huge part in the complex of our individual and communal identities, like for the distinguished linguist Alexandra Aikhenvald, who tells her life story with many of them.
  6. Chinglish toastmasters2012/12/22
    Toastmasters (Julie70, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  7. How Sherpa children learn their language2012/12/15
    Sara Ciesielski recording the vocal interactions of Sherpa children in the Solu-Khumbu region of Nepal. (Lhakpa Nuru Sherpa)
  8. The voice2012/12/08
    Lectures and pontification (larryvincent, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  9. Movable type2012/12/01
    (By nastiki, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  10. Script loss2012/11/24
    Work in progress: one of the carvings of the original Endangered Alphabets exhibition. (carved and photographed by Tim Brookes)
  11. Vanuatu sand drawing2012/11/17
    Vanuatu 'sandroing' (By Michael Franjieh)
  12. Your 'real' name2012/11/10
    (By number657, Flickr.com Creative Commons)
  13. Hunting for words2012/11/03
    water abstract (By NapaneeGal, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  14. Everybody's story2012/10/27
    This photo was taken on August 24, 2012, in Karlsruhe, Germany. (Craxler, Flickr.com, Creative Commons)
  15. Native tongue title2012/10/20
    Info (Show/Hide)
  16. Names for where we're from2012/10/13
    Australia map (By Scalino, Nicolas Mirguet; Flickr.com)
  17. Speaking gay2012/10/06
    (l-r: Hugh Paddick, Kenneth Williams, Kenneth Horne, Betty Marsden and Douglas Smith) (Image Source Page: http://ukjarry.blogspot.com/2008/01/60-julian-and-sandy-1965-1968.html)
  18. Back to the beginning, naturally2012/09/29
    rose cross (wire), seeds (By stefan.klocek; Flickr.com, creative commons)
  19. Indigenous song language2012/09/22
    Aboriginal song text explanation, Alekarenge, 1996 (Linda Barwick)
  20. How writing began2012/09/15
    A letter of complaint between brothers (Reproduced with the permission of the trustees of The British Museum.)
  21. Interior worlds of landscape and language2012/09/12
    Mekszikópuszta (By Nuuuuuuuuuuul; Flickr.com)
  22. Never too late to learn to read2012/09/01
    It's never too late to learn to read (By Billie Hara, Flickr.com/ CC BY-NC-ND)
  23. 'Fully (sic)' = totally awesome!2012/08/25
    Ass's arse (By Magnus Franklin; Flickr.com, CC BY-NC-2.0)
  24. Lingua Franca: The notebooks of William Dawes2012/08/18
    From the first page of the first of Dawes's notebooks, a sketch of what is now called Dawes Point, jutting into Sydney Harbour. (Image courtesy The Endangered Languages Archive, © SOAS University of London)
  25. Multilingual English2012/08/11
    As the LASC distinguished visiting professor, delivering the fifth annual Language and Society Centre Lecture, 2012, at Monash University. (Farzad Sharifian)
  26. Our girls in Slovenia2012/08/04
    Kai-Xing Goh, Anthea Tang, Lily Wang and Catherine Perry of Presbyterian Ladies' College, Melbourne - the winning team of OzCLO (the Australian Computational and Linguistics Olympiad) 2012, who represented Australia at this year's International Olympiad in Linguistics in Ljublana, Slovenia. (Jill Vaughan, courtesy OzCLO)
  27. Social inclusion in many languages2012/07/28
    From the MyLanguage website, a national partnership project providing public library users with access to multilingual electronic resources via a readily available web portal. (courtesy MyLanguage)
  28. Intergenerational language encounters2012/07/21
    Having retired and with German as his mother tongue, Horst Retschko acted as a conversation partner to Rick Whitehead, while Rick studied the language in his final year of secondary schooling. (Teepee media)
  29. Extra pay-offs for learning languages2012/07/14
    (Jun Ohashi)
  30. Aleph, bet, gimmel...2012/07/07
    Exhibition story board for Aleph, the name of the first letter of the Hebrew alphabet (Anita Budai, Blackbird Geometrica; courtesy the Jewish Museum of Australia.)
  31. New proverbs2012/06/30
    The second mouse gets the cheese (AlicePopkorn, 2010: Flikr Creative Commons))
  32. Poetic Dutchlish2012/06/23
    Marietta with her sister and mother, as well as her foster family, in the first summer after WWII ended in 1945, in Zeist. (courtesy Marietta Elliott-Kleerkoper)
  33. The Marco Polo Project2012/06/16
    The masthead of the online translation platform where you can find texts translated from Chinese into, not only English, but French and Spanish as well. (Mathieu Vendeville)
  34. Braided channels2012/06/09
    (Guy Fitzhardinge)
  35. People speaking with accents are less believable2012/06/02
    (University of Chicago News Office)
  36. Playing lots makes for good language skills2012/05/26
    Dr Evan Kidd at TEDx Sydney, 26 May, 2012 (David Clare, First Light Photography; Flickr.com; Creative Commons)
  37. Incommunicado2012/05/19
    (Collection: National Portrait Gallery, Canberra Gift of Robert Dessaix 2000 Donated through the Australian Government's Cultural Gifts Program)
  38. Cuneiform in Melbourne2012/05/12
    Quantities of barley allocated to officials listed by rank. The impressed circles and half-circles represent numbers. (Reproduced with the permission of the trustees of The British Museum.)
  39. Japanese on the move2012/05/05
    (Courtesy of Language on the Move.)
  40. Tangsa song language2012/04/28
    Community leaders from several different Tangsa subtribes taking a meal together in the traditional way - more or less - seated on the ground, during the Wihu Kuh festival held in Phulbari, Assam. Seated in the foreground, from left to right, are: Kamthoy Mungray, Stephen Morey, Lukam Cholim (Tonglum), Sentum Ronrang and Tehon Hakhun. (Dr. Jürgen Schöpf)
  41. Palindrome champion of the world2012/04/21
    The winner of the World Palindrome Championship, Mark Saltveit, being handed the unfolding palindromic trophy by Will Shortz (left), the organiser of the event, while the other contestants look on. (Jack Rosenthal)
  42. Language Connection2012/04/14
    Exchanging Mandarin and English at the Unimelb Chinese Language Exchange (Courtesy Language Connection Australia Ltd.)
  43. Dothraki2012/04/07
    Image from series 1 (provided courtesy showtime Australia)
  44. The Australian National Corpus: a big inventory of language in Australia2012/03/31
    Kate Burridge speaking at the launch of the Australian National Corpus (Stefanie Jacobs, Griffith University)
  45. The Rosetta Project2012/03/24
    The vast majority of the world's human languages are slated for extinction within a century. But the Long Now Foundation has devised a key for people living ten millennia in the future to rediscover them.
  46. English in Sweden2012/03/17
    Shopping in Sweden (Catrin Norrby)
  47. du/Sie2012/03/10
    Ways of saying 'you', in German. (Josie Favasuli)
  48. The cultural backdrop of English2012/03/03
    Zebra crossing (JoFo2010; Flickr Creative Commons)
  49. English in Taiwan2012/02/25
    Banner outside an English-language school in Taipei, Taiwan.
  50. Versions of Dickens2012/02/18
    Cover of the biography, Becoming Dickens.
Lingua Franca - Program podcast
Lingua Franca, presented by Maria Zijlstra, looks at all aspects of language: language old, modern, and even invented. Through interviews and prepared talks, the program features experts who analyse a single topic of interest to users and lovers of language. Examples of the sort of linguistic territory they traverse are: bi-lingual education, ebonics, the language of pornography, and the political use of words. Lingua Franca is published every Saturday.

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