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  1. Ausmusic Month bonus track: Kween G2018/11/11
    Kween-G (Rakkystar)
  2. Sydney Women's Jazz Collective2018/11/11
    With a premiere of Harri Harding's Saltwater suite.
  3. Diggers' Requiem and A Chorus of Women2018/11/11
    Portrait of an unidentified soldier, 1st Australian Division in 1918, wearing tin helmet, tunic and bandolier across chest (Painting by Septimus Power, 1918. Supplied: Australian War Memorial)
  4. The Mastersingers of Nuremberg2018/11/10
    The Mastersingers of Nuremburg (Ferdinand Staeger Etchings from The Mastersinger Germany, 1880 – 1975)
  5. Saint Sister2018/11/10
    Gemma Doherty and Morgan MacIntyre are Irish duo Saint Sister (Supplied, photo by Lucy Foster)
  6. 50 years of The Beatles' 'white album'2018/11/04
    Cover of The Beatles' eponymous album, also know as The White Album (Designed by Richard Hamilton)
  7. 50 years of Led Zeppelin2018/11/04
    Robert Plant, John Paul Jones and Jimmy Page performing at Earl's Court, London, 1975. (Michael Putland/Getty Images)
  8. Ausmusic Month bonus track: Brian Campeau2018/11/03
    Brian Campeau's new album is Old Dog, New Tricks (Brian Campeau via Bandcamp)
  9. Kween G2018/11/03
    Kween-G (kweenkibone.wixsite.com/website/home)
  10. Richard Gill: a tribute2018/11/03
    Richard Gill (www.thecultureconcept.com)
  11. Remembering Tony Joe White 2018/10/28
    Tony Joe White in the ABC studios Sydney
  12. Ellen Kirkwood's magnum opus. 2018/10/28
    Ellen Kirkwood (Freedman Jazz)
  13. Elvis Costello2018/10/28
    Elvis Costello with a new album Look Now (James O'Mara)
  14. Brian Campeau2018/10/27
    Brian Campeau's new album is Old Dog, New Tricks (Brian Campeau via Bandcamp)
  15. Ray Connolly on John Lennon2018/10/27
    John Lennon being interviewed by journalist Steve Turner, Apple Records, London, 1971 (Michael Putland/Getty Images)
  16. Metamorphosis + Lyndon Terracini 2018/10/21
    Metamorphosis - Gregor Samsa becomes a gigantic insect in Kafka's novel and Brian Howard's opera (Poster Boy NYC Metamorphosized)
  17. The organ symphonies of Louis Vierne2018/10/21
    British-Australian organist Joseph Nolan will be performing Louis Vierne's complete organ symphonies in Brisbane next week (Courtesy of Joseph Nolan)
  18. Sir András Schiff 2018/10/20
    Sir András Schiff (Nadia F Romanini)
  19. Iron Maiden's Bruce Dickinson2018/10/20
    Iron Maiden's singer Bruce Dickinson also pilots their Boeing 747, Ed Force One (Supplied, John McMurtrie)
  20. Susan Tomes2018/10/14
    Scottish pianist and author Susan Tomes has played and taught piano for many years (Supplied: Susan Tomes)
  21. Andrea Keller2018/10/13
    Composer, pianist, band leader Andrea Keller (andreakeller.com)
  22. Iain Grandage2018/10/13
    Iain Grandage; composer, cellist, festival director (iaingrandage.com)
  23. Bruce Beresford & Otello2018/10/07
    Otello album cover of Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra 1961 recording
  24. Paul Kelly2018/10/07
    Paul Kelly's Nature album (EMI)
  25. Siobhan Stagg's Mélisande2018/10/06
    My hair is waiting for you.... from Pelleas and Melisande (Victorian Opera)
  26. Australian Women in Music Awards2018/10/06
    Katie Noonan, Vicki Gordon and Christine Anu are some of the women championing the inaugural Australian Women in Music Awards (Sarah Marshall, Supplied: AWMA)
  27. The Go-Betweens2018/10/06
    Lindy Morrison, John Willsteed and Amanda Brown are reuniting The Go-Betweens for a special 30th anniversary concert (Supplied: Melbourne International Arts Festival)
  28. Judith Weir2018/09/30
    English composer Judith Weir (Suzanne Jansen / www.judithweir.com)
  29. Halcyon performs Elliott Gyger2018/09/30
    Album cover for Halcyon's From The Hungry Waiting Country (Cover Photograph: Richard Woldendorp, Cover design: Elizabeth Duck-Chong)
  30. The secret life of roadies2018/09/29
    Stuart Coupe (Supplied: Couurtesy Susan Lynch)
  31. Spectralism with Ensemble Offspring2018/09/29
    Ensemble Offspring are a new music ensemble based in Sydney, and their new concert Spectral Tech includes pieces from local composers Alex Pozniak, Tristan Coelho and Holly Harrison. (Supplied: Ensemble Offspring)
  32. Ryuichi Sakamoto2018/09/29
    Ryuichi Sakamoto & Alva Noto (Supplied)
  33. Aretha Franklin's unforgettable voice2018/09/23
    Aretha Franklin performing in Britain on Top of the Pops (Ron Howard/Getty Images)
  34. The life and music of Aretha Franklin2018/09/23
    Soul singer Aretha Franklin performs onstage, circa 1968 (Michael Ochs/Getty Images)
  35. Jen Cloher2018/09/23
    Jen Cloher's fourth album has been released to critical acclaim (Supplied: OkayPhoto)
  36. The Diggers' Requiem2018/09/22
    Portrait of an unidentified soldier, 1st Australian Division in 1918, wearing tin helmet, tunic and bandolier across chest (Painting by Septimus Power, 1918. Supplied: Australian War Memorial)
  37. James Morrison and Zhang Meng2018/09/22
    Jazz trumpeter James Morrison and sheng player Zhang Meng in the RN studios (ABC RN: Ellie Parnell)
  38. Iron in the Blood2018/09/16
    Jeremy Rose (Supplied)
  39. Gaz Coombes2018/09/16
    British musician Gaz Coombes in The Music Show studio (ABC RN: Ellie Parnell)
  40. Techno, raves and the Melbourne underground2018/09/15
    Ravers at Melbourne's Global Village (Hydi John / supplied by Melbourne Books)
  41. Oh Pep!2018/09/15
    Olivia Hally and Pepita Emmerichs of Melbourne duo Oh Pep! (Supplied: Ebru Yildiz)
  42. The Breeders' Kim Deal2018/09/09
    Alternative rock band, The Breeders (Supplied)
  43. The incredible story of Chopin's piano2018/09/09
    Wanda Landowska with the piano made by Juan Bauza for Frédéric Chopin (Alexander Binder (c.1914))
  44. Jeffrey 'Yello' Simon and RnB from the Tiwi Islands2018/09/08
    Tiwi R&B group, B2M (Supplied)
  45. Cuban jazz pianist Elio Villafranca2018/09/08
    Elio Villafranca (Supplied)
  46. Reimagining the seasons with The Song Company2018/09/02
    Artistic Director of The Song Company, Antony Pitts (Supplied: Nick Gilbert)
  47. Katie Noonan's Elixir with Michael Leunig2018/09/02
    Gratitude and Grief album cover (Illustration by Michael Leunig)
  48. The music of China, with Nicholas Ng & Lulu Liu2018/09/01
    Nicholas Ng & Lulu Liu (Supplied: Gerrie Mifsud)
  49. Sxip Shirey's 'immersive singing'2018/09/01
    Sxip Shirey in The Music Show studio (ABC RN: Ellie Parnell)
  50. FourPlay String Quartet2018/08/26
    FourPlay String Quartet (Supplied: Courtesy of the artist and Mona)
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