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Night Air, The

  1. Motion2013/01/27
    Motion picture (aleph oto, Flickr.com/CC)
  2. A Spoken Word Remix on the 44th President of the United States of America 2013/01/20
    Darian Dauchan in Obamatry
  3. Sun Ra: Space ambassador2013/01/13
    Sun Ra in Space Glasses (Sun Ra Music Archive)
  4. Worn in2013/01/06
    Old Wooden Railing (Platinum, Flickr, CC BY)
  5. Resonate2012/12/30
    Stairwell whirl (quapan on flickr)
  6. Out in the Open2012/12/23
    111_1143 (nogoairear, Flickr, CC BY)
  7. Jamaica at 502012/12/16
    The young face of Jamaica 2012 (Brent Clough)
  8. In/visible Palestine and Suleiman's Journey2012/12/09
    The Separation wall in Bethlehem, Jan. 2012 (Cathy Peters)
  9. Back in the Pool2012/12/02
    Adam (courtesy of AK Johnstone)
  10. Tropical2012/11/25
    Jungle, Costa Rica (accretion disc, flickr)
  11. Mermaid2012/11/18
    The Fisherman and the Syren (Frederic Leighton c.1856-1858, Wikipedia, CC BY)
  12. Mining Boom Boom Bang: Fistful of Dollars2012/11/11
    Mining boom (Sheep 'R' Us, Flickr, CC BY)
  13. Undergrowth2012/11/04
    A ray of sunshine in the undergrowth (tuis, flickr)
  14. Back in the Pool2012/10/28
    Adam (courtesy of AK Johnstone)
  15. Slippery2012/10/21
    jelly fish (Josh Hawley, flickr)
  16. The bell tolls for thee!2012/10/14
    Bell (Judy Van der Velden,flickr (CC BY))
  17. Visual2012/10/07
    Open the door! (Alex Gretch, flickr (CC BY))
  18. Journeys in the Pool2012/09/30
    Photo courtesy of Melody Ayres-Griffiths and Pool
  19. Rural2012/09/23
    (Will Ockenden; ABC; Creative Commons License)
  20. Krautrock2012/09/16
    Tago Mago by Can (1971) (spoonrecords.com)
  21. Replicas2012/09/09
    Copy print (Rupert Ganzer; Flickr.com/CC BY-ND 2.0)
  22. Noir2012/09/02
    Industry Rag on Melrose (Borderhacker; Flickr.com/CC BY-NC)
  23. Howl2012/08/26
    Beautiful Eyes (Copyright Janet Laurence)
  24. Botanical2012/08/19
    Flower Geometry (saucybeige; http://pool.abc.net.au/media/flower-geometry Creative Commons BY-NC)
  25. Motion2012/08/12
    Motion picture (aleph oto, Flickr.com/CC)
  26. Hetero2012/08/05
    Boy Meets Girl (RuNyang, flickr)
  27. The Graveyard2012/07/29
    Spooky Mist (Capt' Gorgeous, from Flickr)
  28. Space Doubt2012/07/22
    Space (Sweetie187, flickr)
  29. The Wisdom of Jay Thunderbolt2012/07/15
    Jay Thunderbolt (by Nick van der Kolk)
  30. Library Music2012/07/08
    My Thing LP by Sven Libaek (Sleeve artist unknown)
  31. Radioversary2012/07/01
    old radios (Frants, flickr)
  32. The B Side of Switzerland2012/06/24
    Alpine Yodel (Cyrill Schlaepfer)
  33. Shine a light2012/06/17
    Lighthouse feature at Luna Park Sydney from ABC Pool (lj_gervasoni)
  34. Holiday2012/06/10
    Holidays (luzhouzjy, flickr)
  35. Egypt2012/06/03
    From the revolutionary protests in Tahrir Square to the ancient temples of Abu Simbel come on a tour through Cairo’s chaotic traffic back into antiquity.
  36. Conflict and ways around it2012/05/27
    (Rickydavid Flickr.com)
  37. The Arkestra hits town!2012/05/20
    Marshall Allen at the Melbourne International Jazz Festival
  38. Learning to be dead2012/05/13
    (bennylin0724 on flickr)
  39. Activate2012/05/06
    Paris' mayor, Bertrand Delanoe holds a white rose surrounded by activists (FreedomHouse2)
  40. Psyched in2012/04/29
    astral connections (marvellous blue, flickr)
  41. Vinyl Retentive2012/04/22
    B records (sarahluv, flickr)
  42. Shopping2012/04/15
    Low Prices (Wallmart, flickr)
  43. Brazil2012/04/08
    La diva fa l'ullet (Oriol Llado, flickr)
  44. Tropical2012/04/01
    Jungle, Costa Rica (accretion disc, flickr)
  45. Tread2012/03/25
    desert train (morbieus, flickr)
  46. Slow2012/03/18
    Greek tortoise (Mathiaas, flickr)
  47. Displaced2012/03/11
    (From Carl Wycoff’s flickr photostream)
  48. Dark Pool stories2012/03/04
    Aircraft Beacon at Mount Ainslie lookout, Canberra (David W)
  49. Voodoo!2012/02/26
    Voodoo doll by Svenstorm from Flickr
  50. John Blades Tribute2012/02/19
    John Blades was a tireless champion of 'marginal' culture. We pay tribute to the radio producer, disability advocate and tape loop artist.
The Night Air - Program podcast
The Night Air: listening for pleasure; an audio adventure in ideas, sounds and music remixed around a theme. It's a listening experience animated by dub versions of ABC Radio National's distinctive programming. Obliquely connected material is re-assembled with sonic glue, letting the listener's imagination build a new story. It's a space to find the music in speech and the poetry in ideas, a show that invites you to take time to unravel the usual media tangle.

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