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Ockham's Razor

  1. Sniffing your breath to detect disease2018/11/04
    Can smell help us diagnose disease? (Getty Images: artpartner-images)
  2. Alcohol, pregnancy and parenting2018/10/28
    A pregnant woman holds her stomach (Pexels.com)
  3. The wines, they are a-changin'2018/10/21
    Do you prefer red or white? (Unsplash: Terry Vlisidis)
  4. A vaccine for gonorrhoea?2018/10/14
    A colourised scanning electron micrograph of Neisseria gonorrhoeae bacteria, which causes gonorrhea (Flickr: National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases)
  5. The mathematics of murderers2018/10/07
    Andrei Chikatilo behind bars in Rostov on the Don, Russia (Getty Images: Georges DeKeerle)
  6. I stress, you stress, how do we stress less?2018/09/30
    How do you calm the brain down? (Pixabay: TheDigitalArtist)
  7. We need to open science up to everyone2018/09/23
    Much scientific knowledge is locked up in the pages of expensive journals (Unsplash: Annie Spratt)
  8. Stealing from the wellness gurus2018/09/16
    Blessed be their smoothies. (Pixabay: silviarita)
  9. Facts, fear, fake news and Facebook2018/09/09
    Bananas curing cancer, and other dubious claims, find an audience online (Flickr.com: Kent Kawashima (CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0))
  10. Kids deserve the chance to play with mathematics2018/09/02
    Mathematics and playfulness aren't typically synonymous (Unsplash: John Moeses Bauan)
  11. Trapped in one of the world's deepest caves2018/08/26
    Many of the world's caves are yet to be fully mapped (Unsplash: Le Tan)
  12. Understanding change in marine ecosystems: a grand challenge for science2018/08/19
    Marine ecosystems are exceedingly complex, and there's still much about them we don't understand (Getty Images: Arterra)
  13. Disasters are not natural2018/08/12
    Electric workers wade through a flooded street in the town of Hoi An, Vietnam after a typhoon (Getty Images: AFP Contributor)
  14. Fake boob news2018/08/05
    Bras, boobs and the search for a scientific study (Unsplash: Pablo Heimplatz)
  15. Let the bacteria live2018/07/29
    MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) is a drug-resistant superbug, which can cause deadly infection (Wikimedia Commons)
  16. The pursuit of perfect private parts2018/07/22
    Is bigger better? Many men seem to think so. (Getty Images: Pulse)
  17. Awe-inspiring weather with Nate Byrne2018/07/15
    ABC weather presenter Nate Byrne (ABC News: Patrick Wood)
  18. Feminism, science, love — the shaping of Wonder Woman2018/07/08
    Who's behind the creation of Wonder Woman? (Pixabay.com: ErikaWittlieb)
  19. Dude, where's my flying car?2018/07/01
    An artist's impression of what a flying car could look like (Getty Images: Barcroft Media)
  20. Concussion: not just a 'bit of biffo'2018/06/24
    Many concussions occur during contact sports (Flickr.com: Gordon Marino (CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0))
  21. The hope (and hype) of stem cells2018/06/17
    A coloured scanning electron micrograph (SEM) of a pluripotent stem cell, derived from a macrophage white blood cell (Getty Images: Steve Gschmeissner)
  22. When algorithms go shopping2018/06/10
    What will an algorithm buy for you? (Getty Images: Owen Smith)
  23. Retraining your tastebuds2018/06/03
    How does taste affect our diet? (Pixabay.com)
  24. Venturing to a breakaway iceberg2018/05/27
    The RSS James Clark Ross moving between icebergs in 2012. Melanie Mackenzie was aboard the same ship on a journey to Antarctica in early 2018 (Flickr.com: Sindre Skrede (CC-BY-2.0))
  25. We need a little less conversation, a little more action2018/05/20
    (Unsplash: Joshua Sortino)
  26. The tricky business of cancer research2018/05/13
    Where does the funding of research labs come from? (Getty Images: Saul Loeb/AFP)
  27. Clean coal?2018/05/06
    Can coal ever truly be clean? (Stafic hukanatoly: Public domain)
  28. Using virtual reality to explore your insides2018/04/29
    Professor Maria Kavallaris and Associate Professor John McGhee using virtual reality headsets (Supplied: UNSW)
  29. The brilliant mind of Oliver Sacks2018/04/22
    Oliver Sacks' partner Bill Hayes took a series of intimate photos of Sacks in his New York apartment (Supplied: Bill Hayes)
  30. A pinch of salt with that news headline, please2018/04/15
    Would you like salt with that? (Unsplash: Emmy Smith)
  31. The blurry line between human and animal health2018/04/08
    (Flickr.com: kaoruokumura (CC-BY-ND-2.0))
  32. Taking control of what you own2018/04/01
    What's your relationship with the things you own? (Unsplash: Marvin Meyer)
  33. Nature, nurture and gender2018/03/25
    The debate over sex differences continues (Unsplash: Nathan Walker)
  34. Baron, scholar, spy2018/03/18
    Franz Nopcsa in 1915 (Wikimedia Commons)
  35. The economic impact of refugees2018/03/11
    Children at the Dadaab refugee camp in Kenya (Flickr.com: IHH Humanitarian Relief Foundation (CC-BY-NC-ND-2.0))
  36. Thinking out-of-this-world to inspire schoolkids 2018/03/04
    Space can be awe-inspiring - can we use that to get young kids into STEM? (Unsplash: Stefan Stefancik)
  37. Strap yourself in and feel the Gs!2018/02/25
    John Stapp rides the rocket sled at Edwards Air Force Base (Wikimedia Commons)
  38. A new solar reality2018/02/18
    Political pessimism lags behind the reality of solar in Australia, Professor Martin Green says (Supplied: Quality Solar NT)
  39. Traditional medicine and malaria2018/02/11
    Artemisia annua, or sweet wormwood, is the plant Tu Youyou discovered could help treat malaria (Wikimedia Commons: Kristian Peters (CC-BY-SA-3.0))
  40. Bridging the discipline divide2018/02/04
    Humanities at the expense of STEM, or vice versa? Is there a way to do both? (Unsplash: Becca Tapert)
  41. Making humility great again2018/01/28
    What makes you follow a leader? (Unsplash: Jehyun Sung)
  42. Remembering Maryam Mirzakhani2018/01/21
    Maryam Mirzakhani was a professor of mathematics at Stanford University. (Supplied: Stanford University)
  43. Is the world real?2018/01/14
    Is the world real? Frank Szanto goes back in time to find out (Unsplash: Gabriel Barletta)
  44. Stopping the poachers2018/01/07
    The Wollemi nobilis is endangered in Australia (Flickr.com: Juan Carlos Lopez Almansa)
  45. Australia's history of grog2017/12/31
    There's a pottered history of wine in Australia (Unsplash: Kelsey Knight)
  46. The books we love and need2017/12/24
    A little old fashioned, sure - but books are still a potent educational and recreational resource (Unsplash: All Bong)
  47. Celebrity 'science'2017/12/17
    Crystal healing therapy is among the popular pseudoscientific methods spruiked by some celebrities (Flickr.com: Axel Naud (CC-BY-2.0))
  48. Improving the prospects of PhDs2017/12/10
    How bleak are the prospects of Australia's PhD students? (Flickr.com: UC Davis College of Engineering (CC-BY-2.0))
  49. Food sensitivity and the known unknowns2017/12/03
    Food sensitivity is difficult to pin down - especially given our varied diet (Unsplash: ja ma)
  50. The divided brain2017/11/26
    Do you have a dry brain or a wet brain? (Flickr.com: Neil Conway (CC-BY-2.0))
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