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The Science Show

  1. A wire around the world2020/02/15
    Old Telegraph Station, Alice Springs
  2. The formula - the new science of success2020/02/08
  3. A journalist’s view of The Australian’s anti-science campaign, changes in energy and transport, and a boost for innovation.2020/02/01
    The Graham Farmer Freeway in Perth
  4. The Coastline – as vital as your skin. Keep it healthy or we die.2020/01/25
    A meadow of seagrass Posidonia australis in Shark Bay Western Australia
  5. How bees see, how fish change their sex and a poem on bushfires, climate, politics and society2020/01/18
    A kangaroo is seen at the edge of the bushfire damaged Flinders Chase National Park on January 12th, 2020 on Kangaroo Island, South Australia
  6. Science Extra: 2019 in space2020/01/16

    The first image of a black hole, Apollo 11 celebrations, and the successes and failures of 2019's satellite missions. Plus what to expect from the Mars-bound missions in 2020.
  7. Carl Zimmer explores the history of our understanding of heredity2020/01/11
  8. Science Extra: 2019 in environment2020/01/09

    Droughts, fires, and discussions around climate change intensified in 2019. A recap of the year in environment news, and a glimpse of what's to come in 2020.
  9. Melting ice and burning forests signs of a changing world2020/01/04

    3. The importance of Antarctica for the Earth’s climate
  10. Science Extra: 2019 in science2020/01/02

    From quantum 'supremacy' to deep life, catch up on the big themes from a busy year of science. Plus will scientists build a brand new eukaryote in 2020?
  11. Identifying cholera and de-extinction - should we bring back extinct animals?2019/12/28
    A pair of thylacines in the Hobart Zoo prior to 1921. The male is larger, at the rear.
  12. Science Extra: 2019 in health2019/12/26

    Recapping the dangers of vaping and e-cigarettes, and the latest trials aimed at warding off Alzheimer's disease. Plus what's ahead in health news for 2020?
  13. The role of forensic science in criminal investigations2019/12/21

    This discussion from the World Science Festival in Brisbane explores the forensic techniques used to convict 21st century criminals and the issues presented for those in science and the law.
  14. Big themes for 2020 - Youth, identity, climate, AI and always, birds.2019/12/14
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  15. Teenagers design museum galleries2019/12/07
  16. Seaweed, sex and nano2019/11/30

    Nanotechnology brings new challenges, new solutions
    Quantum computing promises new computing capabilities
    Micro algae show potential to replace fossil fuel-based products
    Heartbreak pain is like physical pain to the brain
    Ode to Antarctica
    PLC student Phoebe Adam honoured in 2019 Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing
    Bragg Prize for Science Writing 2019
  17. Uglies, parrots and Leonardo da Vinci2019/11/23

    Why climate change denial persists
    Abbotsleigh student Arwyn Stone wins 2019 Bragg Student Prize for Science Writing
    Ugly animals on parade in the Illustrated Encyclopaedia of Ugly Animals
    Insurance policy for frogs in decline
    Increasing the efficiency of silicon solar panels
    Celebrating Leonardo da Vinci
    Thinking Like a Parrot
  18. Dinos, Denisovans and tipping complexity2019/11/16

    Self-interest preventing progress on world problems
    It wasn’t an instant goodnight for all when the asteroid hit
    Emptying the dustbin to assemble the Iguanodontian tree
    Opalised dinosaur to star in a film and a new museum
    Tracing distribution of ancient humans
    A new approach to treating pancreatic cancer
    Ancient reefs reveal early history of life on Earth
  19. Where are the birds? And mould-breaking young scientists2019/11/09
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  20. Is nuclear safe? Plus, a stroll through the science of secrets2019/11/02
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  21. The cancer-causing addictive drug, fourth in line after caffeine, alcohol and nicotine, gets no research2019/10/26
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  22. Growing fish near old power stations2019/10/19

    Latrobe Valley aquifer could power new industries
    New efficiencies coming for the mining industry
    Eucs a new source of graphene
    Prime Minister’s Prizes for Science 2019
    Should we communicate with ET?
  23. Transformed coal brings promise of new smart industries2019/10/12
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  24. Meet the first female editor of Nature, and who are the orphans of Apollo?2019/10/05

    Nature celebrates 150 years
    New missions bring new excitement for the Moon
    The mystery and complexity of our sense of smell
    Lignin a possible basis for new bioplastics
    Polluting petrochemical solvent replaced by green biochemical alternative
  25. The Science Show is sent to Coventry2019/09/28
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  26. Where did the Moon come from?2019/09/21

    What can time-travelling seeds teach us about climate change?
    Five schools across four continents look to the stars together
    Under the stars: a new book introducing children to astrophysics
    Where DID the Moon come from?
    The Moon: A History for the Future
  27. The Magic of Mushrooms2019/09/14
  28. The Future of Australia's Space Industry2019/09/07

    Australia has a long history of space activities. But how will the newly formed Australian Space Agency be supporting future space industry and technology?
  29. Forty-Four Years Later!2019/08/31

    The first Science Show had a warning about fossil fuels - 44 years ago
  30. Let’s save the gorgeous pangolin!2019/08/24
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  31. Gravity, with Einstein2019/08/17

    Australia should adopt the British model of science advisors for each ministry says Peter Newman
    Understanding gravity
    Illustrating the universe
    Resistant nerves could lead to treatment for neuro degenerative disease
    Startups aim at efficiency and waste in food production
    Improving photosynthesis to boost crop yields
  32. Hard questions and hydrogen2019/08/10

    Bees worldwide under serious threat
    The Rescue Project presents stories of land repair
    Reducing emissions won’t be enough to limit rising temperatures
    Coordination required to build a hydrogen-based economy
    Science should emulate sport in supporting women
    Social influences can help problem gamblers
    Tom Gleeson BSc back with another season of tough questions
  33. How did just five species of dinosaurs survive Armageddon 65 million years ago to give us 10,000 species of birds today?2019/08/03

    Concerns with funding shift for OECD science
    Dinosaurs reveal further details of history of life on Earth
    Field sound recordings show ecosystems changing fast
    Thomas Harriot - forgotten Elizabethan scientist comes to life
    The little extras needed to engage US humanities undergrads in biology basics
  34. Was Einstein right?2019/07/27
  35. Anyone fancy $315 billion?2019/07/20

    The voice of Apollo - how ABC science broadcast the Moon landing
    Open source data the basis of research, democracy and scientifically-based decision making
    Australia back of the pack in digital innovation
    University of Tasmania focussed on local challenges, opportunities and community
    University of Otago celebrates 150 years
    Primary students lap up Einsteinian physics
  36. Bringing them back2019/07/13
  37. The library of life on Earth2019/07/06

    We've now described about 1.75 million species on our planet - but it's believed there are millions more that we haven't classified yet.
  38. Love, feelings, and flavour2019/06/29

    Lovers in the lab
  39. Taking tech into your own hands2019/06/22

    Building your own artificial Pancreas
  40. Wild things2019/06/15

    The first/last Danish wolf
    Making Tasmanian devils less Tasmanian
    How to control Australia's wild dogs
    A world without humans
  41. Nine stories about our nine pints of blood2019/06/08
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  42. Electric brains and ‘magic’ furniture2019/06/01

    Headset provides soundtrack for the vision impaired
    Buzzing ball trains the brain with degraded proprioception
    Magnetic brain stimulation trials for Multiple sclerosis
    Adelaide hosts first Asian Physics Olympiad held in Australia
    New wheat varieties for the changing climate
    Amphibians threatened worldwide
    Ecosystem services vital, though not always obvious
  43. Bees on fire!2019/05/25

    Tasmanian forest fires leave people feeling threatened
    Prairie voles a model for human love and attachment
    High drama in the lives of honey bees
    The key role of insects in crop pollination
    Response to damaged genes linked to Parkinson’s Disease
    Secrets of those who bloom in their senior years revealed
  44. Open the door - or else!2019/05/18

    Sulawesi hit by rare supershear earthquake in Sep 2018
    Nuclear and renewables or nuclear or renewables?
    Challenges for Alzheimer’s research
    How Australia’s first regional university offers more
    Pouched rats sniff for land mines and medical samples
  45. Fancy a brain diet?2019/05/11

    New evidence helps rewrite the human story
    Mass migration of human populations predicted
    ALP promises funding boost for science
    How gut bacteria affect our brain
    Who controls autonomous systems?
    The amazing, bedazzling bird-of-paradise
  46. Frogs! Frogs! Frogs!2019/05/04

    Ode to the typewriter and vale poet Les Murray
    Phone recordings provide status update for frogs
    Spread of chytrid fungus linked to human transport
    Hashtag era gives activism a face
    Coalition promises for science
    Judge finds scientist’s dismissal unlawful
    Major changes in human history linked to geological forces
  47. Blood!2019/04/27

    Impacts of high-tide flooding on local economic activity
    Mysteries of the bizarre ancient fish, the coelacanth
    Life at extreme ocean depths
    Vale biologist Sydney Brenner
    Challenges for AI visual recognition
    Nine amazing stories about blood
  48. The psychology of going to Mars2019/04/20

    New telescope to probe the formation and evolution of the universe
    Building teams for missions to Mars
  49. A science-led election?2019/04/13

    Bill Shorten describes science under a Labor government
    Australian hydrogen could power the world many times over
    Antarctic coasts melted by warmer oceans
    Slime moulds exhibit memory
    New ideas about ridged teeth of large aquatic feeders
    Deciphering the social behaviour of ants
  50. Scientists support worldwide moratorium on editing human embryos2019/04/06

    Budget provides science a nudge
    Moratorium call on editing human embryos
    Energy used to produce wasted food in US could power whole countries
    Measuring the universe may lead to new physics, and new model of the universe
    Worldwide bird sightings collated at eBird
    Interactive experience for visitors at SF Exploratorium
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