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Spirit of Things, The

  1. Short-Distance Relationships: Soulmates2021/09/05

    Soulmates. Star-crossed lovers, couple goals, my other half. Or besties, brother-from-another-mother, my person. Whatever form they come in, they're the people we can't live without. So, what role do soulmates have in shaping our thoughts and ideas, emotions and behaviours, and all the significant and trivial aspects of our daily lives?
  2. Short-Distance Relationships: Strangers2021/08/29
    Strangers on a train
  3. Short-Distance Relationships: Siblings2021/08/22

    Siblings. Most of us have them, and they're the closest and longest relationships many of us will have in our lifetimes. So, how do sibling relationships shape us? And what can we learn from brothers and sisters in religious traditions, fairytales and folklore?
  4. Jane Goodall on humanity and hope2021/08/15
    Jane Goodall with a chimpanzee
  5. Planting peace: from Hiroshima to Pine Gap2021/08/08
    Green Legacy Hiroshima co-founders, Nassrine Azimi and Tomoko Watanabe, in front of the Kurogane Holly at Hiroshima Castle.
  6. Why atheism is more than mere unbelief2021/08/01

    A lapsed Catholic and a professor of theology on why there's a whole lot more to atheism than mere unbelief, and how atheists and theists may have more in common than you think.
  7. The secret paintings and spiritual courage of Hilma af Klint2021/07/25
    Hilma af Klint: The Secret Paintings exhibition at the Art Gallery of NSW
  8. The Muslim Cameleers: The lives and legacies of Australia's little-known outback pioneers2021/07/18

    Muslim cameleers have a rich history in Australia – that you may not have heard much about. They're the men who transformed the economic, cultural and spiritual life of many outback communities at the turn of the 20th century.
  9. Indigenous theologian Garry Deverell on grounded spirituality2021/07/11
    Dr Garry Deverell
  10. Heal Country: NAIDOC week with Brooke Prentis and Aunty Rev Denise Champion2021/07/04
    Brook Prentis and Aunty Denise Champion on their recent trip to Ikara, known in English as the Flinders Ranges of South Australia.
  11. A jump, a kick and a prayer: Religion at the Olympics2021/06/27
    The new National Stadium where the Opening Ceremony of the Tokyo 2021 Olympic Games will be held from July 23 to August 8, 2021. The stadium, designed like a tree by Japanese architect Kengo Kuma is reminiscent of a traditional Japanese temple design.
  12. Sacred Landscapes: the mountains and spiritual freedom2021/06/20
    Taoist monk practicing martial arts at the Wudang Mountains in Hubei province, China.
  13. Sacred landscapes: the forest as mirror and sanctuary2021/06/13
    Thousands of local orthodox churches are surrounded by trees in Northern Ethiopia.
  14. Sacred landscapes: religion and ecology around the Pacific2021/06/06
    What does the ocean mean for spirituality? In Nuku'alofa, Tonga, the ocean can define whole communities in their search for spirituality.
  15. The wisdom of deep listening: Miriam Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann and Fleur Magick Dennis2021/05/30
    Miriam-Rose Ungunmerr-Baumann
  16. Seeking the simple life: from everyday economics to meditation2021/05/23
    Dr Jonathan Cornford currently resides in Bendigo, Victoria. He shows RN's Meredith Lake how his neighbourhood has been impacted by mining.
  17. Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on karma, the pandemic, and politics in India2021/05/16
    Info (Show/Hide)
  18. Alexander Hamilton and the religion of the American Revolution2021/05/09
    Chloé Zuel who plays the role of Eliza Hamilton dances with Jason Arrow who plays Alexander in the Australian production of Hamilton. The Musical is based on Ron Chernow’s acclaimed biography about one of America's founding fathers, Alexander Hamilton. 
  19. The Pope and the working man’s paradise: Rerum Novarum at 1302021/05/02
    It's been 130 years this month since Pope Leo issued Rerum Novarum, the historic encyclical, on the rights and duties of Capital and labour.
  20. Green Buddhism with Professor Stephanie Kaza2021/04/25
    Stephanie Kaza is author of many books including Conversations with Trees: An Intimate Ecology.
  21. How the Tibetan Book of the Dead resonates with the living, plus the global ethics of Hans Küng2021/04/18
    Tenzin Choegyal's album 'Songs from the Bardo' was recently nominated for the 63rd GRAMMY Awards. The album, a collaboration between Tenzin Choegyal, avant-garde artist Laurie Anderson, and composer Jesse Paris Smith, was inspired by the 'Tibetan Book of the Dead.'
  22. Poetry and worship with Sara Saleh, and Turkish Sufi Cemalnur Sargut2021/04/11
    On Soul Search, we mark with beginning of Ramadan this week with a conversation about poetry and worship.
  23. Art at the edge of time: Makoto Fujimura, plus the 2021 Blake Prize2021/04/04
    Makoto Fujimura is an internationally renowned contemporary artist based in the U.S..
  24. Remembering for the future: Danielle Celermajer and Michael Twitty for Pesach2021/03/28

    What kind of memory do we need to face an uncertain future? Jewish communities are asking that right now, as they recall the ancient exodus out of slavery in Egypt. Professor Danielle Celermajer reflects on how we might face up to the climate crisis, and African-American and Jewish culinary historian, Michael Twitty, explains how food and memory are inextricably linked.
  25. The invisible beast: slavery today and in history2021/03/21
    The International Justice Mission plans to eliminate the slave trade. Forced labour slavery uses deception, threats or violence to coerce someone to work for little to no pay.
  26. What is our life for? Henry David Thoreau’s search for justice2021/03/14
    Henry David Thoreau (1817-62), American naturalist and author. Image via Getty.
  27. Mending the world: Eva Cox and Gemma Dashwood for International Women’s Day2021/03/07
    An icon of the Australian feminist movement, Eva Cox.
  28. I believe? Ben Myers on creeds in the contemporary world, Lent and Bob Dylan2021/02/28
    Theologian Ben Myers has written a book about the ancient Christian statement of belief, known as the Apostles' Creed.
  29. From Crikey! to Karma: Religion in Aussie English2021/02/21

    Today on Soul Search we saunter through the world of words. Two Australian lexicographers Sue Butler and Amanda Laugesen explore how words come about in a dictionary – and how religious words like karma, temple, and Zen entered popular use. Then part two of our series on faith & sex continues with a look at the role of intimacy in Islam.
  30. Tradition and change: From Lunar New Year to Basant Panchami, plus religion & sex2021/02/14
    The lion dance is one of the many customs featured during Lunar New Year.
  31. New Norcia’s nuns and the riddle of reconciliation2021/02/07

    Today on Soul Search we head to New Norcia in WA — the only monastic town in Australia. Founded by Spanish Benedictine monks over 170 years ago, New Norcia is a place with no smooth or easy stories; a place that stays with you - for better or for worse.
  32. Casper ter Kuile: How everyday practices build joyful belonging2021/01/31
    Casper ter Kulie is a Ministry Innovation Fellow at Harvard Divinity School.
  33. Reconciliation as a pilgrimage to justice2021/01/24
    Meredith Lake with Uncle Alf 'Boydie' Turner, in Shepperton.
  34. Pádraig Ó Tuama: The pain and poetry of reconciliation2021/01/17
    Irish poet and theologian Padraig O Tuama was recently in Australia for a series of talks and workshops.
  35. Beyond belief: theosophy in Australia2021/01/10
    Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher who believed that God must be experienced directly in order to be known, makes a speech to a crowd of people in Pennsylvania, USA (1895-1986.)
  36. Remarkable women — from Indigenous health to the Navy2021/01/03
    Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver has spent decades at the forefront of Indigenous health and education.
  37. Professor Mona Siddiqui on living gratefully2020/12/27
    Mona Siddiqui, OBE is the Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies at the University of Edinburgh. 
  38. Soul Search special on Christmas Day2020/12/25
    What can the early monks teach us about isolation, as we face the COVID-19 pandemic today?
  39. An unexpected Christmas2020/12/20
    Iryna Veklich/Getty Images
  40. Stories that change us: Hanukkah, Vida Goldstein and beyond2020/12/13
    Valentyn Semenov/EyeEm for Getty Images
  41. 'The world's largest minority' — International Day of People with Disability2020/12/06
    At 18, Abdulah suffered a spinal cord injury after a terrible car accident. The incident left him with many questions that went to the heart of his sense of self – and his spirituality.
  42. Zen & the calligraphy of the universe with Lindy Lee, plus activist Rima Vesely-Flad2020/11/29
    Installation view of Lindy Lee's 'Moon in a Dew Drop' (2020) at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Sydney.
  43. Pentecostalism goes mainstream2020/11/22
    A member of Brisbane's Metro Church prays during a service.
  44. Your planet: from Europe’s first eco-mosque to the Carteret Islands in Papua New Guinea2020/11/15
    Europe's first eco-friendly mosque, Cambridge Mosque.
  45. Always Was, Always Will Be: NAIDOC Week in the Torres Strait and NSW Hawkesbury region2020/11/08
    Aunty Rose Elu
  46. Dami Im’s pop and the Celtic roots of Halloween2020/11/01
    Pop artist and singer-songwriter, Dami Im.
  47. Orthodoxy now2020/10/25
    Father Andrew Smith, Priest of Brisbane’s Holy Annunciation Orthodox church.
  48. Ten years on: Mary MacKillop, the 'patron saint of trouble makers'2020/10/18
    Australians mark the canonisation of Mary MacKillop on October the17th, 2010.
  49. 100 years of the Baha'i Faith in Australia and Buddhist mindfulness for couples 2020/10/11
    The founders of the Baha’i Faith in Australia, Hyde and Clara Dunn
  50. What monks knew about the emotions of isolation2020/10/04
    What can the early monks teach us about isolation, as we face the COVID-19 pandemic today?
  51. The Bigger Picture: Elaine Pagels on secret gospels, grief and why religion2020/09/27
    Renowned scholar of Princeton University, Professor Elaine Pagels.
  52. The Bigger Picture: Indigenous theologian Garry Deverell on grounded spirituality2020/09/20
    Dr Garry Deverell
  53. The Bigger Picture: Hugh Mackay and Nyadol Nyuon on the inner self2020/09/13
    Hugh Mackay is a well-known social researcher and prolific author.
  54. The Bigger Picture: Tom Holland on Christianity and the making of the western mind2020/09/06
    British historian Tom Holland
  55. #religion: social media influencers of faith2020/08/30
    Church of Sweden minister Rev Jennie Hogberg is known as The vegan priest on Instagram.
  56. Sasha Sagan on meaning, wonder and her father, Carl Sagan 2020/08/23
    A young Sasha Sagan with her dad
  57. Oxford mathematician John Lennox on AI, science and religion2020/08/16
    Emeritus Professor of Mathematics at Oxford University, John Lennox
  58. Max Weber at 100: On modernity and a disenchanted world2020/08/09
    Max Weber had a giant impact on the social sciences, particularly on the sociology of religion.
  59. Mona Siddiqui on gratitude and the way of Islam2020/08/02
    Mona Siddiqui, OBE is the Professor of Islamic and Interreligious Studies at the University of Edinburgh. 
  60. Living tradition: Ivan Moody on composing Orthodox music, and Latvia’s folk revival2020/07/26
    Father Ivan Moody is an internationally renowned composer of contemporary Orthodox church music.
  61. Faith in a changing world: Archbishop Glenn Davies and Archbishop Anthony Fisher2020/07/19
    L-R: Catholic Archbishop Anthony Fisher; Anglican Archbishop Glenn Davies; moderator Dr Meredith Lake.
  62. Stories from the sea: from ancient myths to merchant ships2020/07/12
    Jonah and the whale, 1607, France
  63. Contemplating hope: Sarah Bachelard and David Newheiser2020/07/05

    How can we have hope when so much is unknown and uncertain? Reverend Dr Sarah Bachelard and Philosopher Dr David Newheiser join Meredith as part of ABC's Your Mental Health Week, to discuss hope and the role faith can play in dealing with crises.
  64. Rumi, Hafez and Sufi poetry in surprising places2020/06/28
    Whirling Dervishes
  65. YA author Claire Zorn on writing, mental illness and moral imagination2020/06/21
    Award-winning YA author, Claire Zorn
  66. Green Buddhism with Professor Stephanie Kaza2020/06/14
    Stephanie Kaza is author of many books including Conversations with Trees: An Intimate Ecology.
  67. L-FRESH The LION and Manika Kaur: Sacred Sounds2020/06/07
    Australian MC L-Fresh the lion. 
  68. Reconciliation as a pilgrimage to justice2020/05/31
    Meredith Lake with Uncle Alf 'Boydie' Turner, in Shepperton.
  69. Beyond belief: theosophy in Australia2020/05/24
    Jiddu Krishnamurti, an Indian philosopher who believed that God must be experienced directly in order to be known, makes a speech to a crowd of people in Pennsylvania, USA (1895-1986.)
  70. Carl Jung, Joseph Campbell, and James Hillman in search of The Wild Soul2020/05/17
    Jung quotation on a shop near Connemara, Ireland
  71. Spiritual impulses: Charity 2020/05/10
    In many traditions charity is seen as a religious obligation, including for the Hindu Council in Adelaide which has been providing relief work during the coronavirus crisis.
  72. Joy and stillness under stress2020/05/03
    Julia Baird finds joy and contentment during her daily beach swims.
  73. What can religious communities teach us about prejudice?2020/04/26
    Jafri Katagar Alexander X
  74. Pandemics reshaping religion2020/04/19
    For some, prayer offers comfort during a pandemic, as depicted in this lithograph from the 1400s.
  75. Easter at Botany Bay2020/04/12
    Easter - time for reflection and celebration
  76. Psalms and the Holy Week2020/04/05
    The Nederlands Kamerkoor choir performed Psalms on a recent trip to Australia.
  77. Ancient mantras for difficult times2020/03/29
    Stars of sacred chant, Miten and Deva Prema, along with Manose (right) a renowned musician from Kathmandu.
  78. Art and activism after Christchurch2020/03/22
    Ahmed Kilani is a Muslim disaster recovery chaplain based in New South Wales
  79. Pádraig Ó Tuama: The pain and poetry of reconciliation2020/03/15
    Irish poet and theologian Padraig O Tuama was recently in Australia for a series of talks and workshops.
  80. Resilient women of faith2020/03/08
    Professor Lisa Jackson Pulver has spent decades at the forefront of Indigenous health and education.
  81. Japan supernatural & priests on screen2020/03/01
    Mitsukuni defies the skeleton spectre conjured up by Princess Takiyasha (1845–46) by artist Utagawa Kuniyoshi.
  82. Compassion according to Bill Crews2020/02/23
    Reverend Bill Crews is the subject of the new documentary A War of Compassion.
  83. Being Sikh in Australia2020/02/16
    Sukhwinder Kaur helped to cook a thousand meals a day for bushfire victims in East Gippsland.
  84. What lies beyond the grave? On Heaven, Hell and Nirvana2020/02/09
    Philip Almond is a professor of religious studies at the University of Queensland.
  85. Reconnecting to country2020/02/02
    Portrait of Uncle Michael Jarrett.
  86. Making Australia home2020/01/26
    Nadia Bouchti grew up in Morocco and moved to Australia six years ago.
  87. Self discovery — with a Hindu twist2020/01/19
    Aatish Taseer is a writer and journalist from New York.
  88. Uprooting faith: Henry Olonga and Kathomi Gatwiri2020/01/12
    Henry Olonga, global ambassador for Anglican aid and former Zimbabwe cricketer.
  89. Peaceful Eating2020/01/05
    Jeong Kwan with lotus leaf wrapped dumplings
  90. The spirituality of the sea2019/12/29
    The Swim Sisters at Bondi Beach, Sydney
  91. Changing tune2019/12/22
    Father Rob Galea
  92. Christos Tsiolkas: Doubt on the road to Damascus2019/12/15
    Christos Tsiolkas is an award-winning Australian author. His novels have been adapted into a movie and a T.V. series.
  93. The practice of peacemaking2019/12/08

    During this time of year, we hear a lot about "peace and goodwill to all." But how exactly do you put peace into practice? How is peacemaking a part of living out one's faith? And what does peace on earth and with the earth look like?
  94. Silence and the inner life2019/12/01
    What can one gain through silence and contemplation?
  95. Jung's ghosts2019/11/24
    Swiss psychiatrist Carl Jung at home, 1949.
  96. God in the golden years2019/11/17
    How can we spiritually care for the ageing population?
  97. Digitising the Dead Sea Scrolls2019/11/10
    AI is being developed to distinguish individual characters from the papyrus background of Dead Sea Scroll fragments.
  98. The Bab and the Buddha2019/11/03
    The Shrine of the Bab on Mount Carmel in Haifa, Israel.
  99. Diving in the Deep End2019/10/27
    Islamic death doula and funeral consultant Mariam Ardati.
  100. Stoicism and the turbulent soul 2019/10/20
    Portrait of author and actress Anna McGahan
  101. Pentecostalism in Australia2019/10/13
    A member of Brisbane's Metro Church prays during a service.
  102. Former Archbishop of Canterbury, Rowan Williams2019/10/06
    The former Archbishop of Canterbury Rowan Williams
  103. Revisiting origins: Jesus' female disciples and Confucius in China2019/09/29
    Scenes from the life of Saint Mary Magdalene, fresco inside the church of St Magdalena, Gschnitz, Tyrol, Austria, 15th century, detail.
  104. Zeal: Performing faith as a musician2019/09/22
    Yaw Derkyi, Richard Petkovic and Shohrat Tursun
  105. A lesson from Elie Wiesel: how education can make us better people2019/09/15
    Holocaust survivor, author and teacher, Elie Wiesel.
  106. Uprooting faith: Henry Olonga and Kathomi Gatwiri2019/09/08
    Henry Olonga, global ambassador for Anglican aid and former Zimbabwe cricketer.
  107. Simon Schama's story of the Jews2019/09/01
    Simon Schama, University Professor of Art History and History at Columbia University.
  108. Rumi, Hafez and Sufi poetry in surprising places2019/08/25
    Whirling Dervishes
  109. Asian Christianities beyond Asia2019/08/18
    Grace Ji-Sun Kim is a Korean American theologian.
  110. Self discovery — with a Hindu twist2019/08/11
    Aatish Taseer is a writer and journalist from New York.
  111. Stars of Sacred Music2019/08/04
  112. The soul of the counterculture2019/07/28
  113. Peaceful Eating2019/07/21
  114. Being a Buddhist nun today2019/07/14
  115. Sovereignty is a spiritual notion: NAIDOC special2019/07/07
  116. Married to a Rabbi2019/06/30
  117. Modern Witchcraft2019/06/23
  118. Changing tune2019/06/16
  119. Richard Rohr's contemplation and Jean Vanier's action2019/06/09
  120. The Wild Soul2019/06/02
  121. Spiritual communities: Celtic Iona and Buddhist Gandhara2019/05/26
  122. Ramadan: Feeding the soul2019/05/19
  123. Writing faith2019/05/12
  124. Digital religion2019/05/05
  125. Faith vs Fear2019/04/28
  126. Easter special: suffering, meaning and remembrance2019/04/21
  127. Katelyn Beaty, former editor of Christianity Today2019/04/19
  128. Chocolate and bitter herbs: faith on a plate2019/04/14
  129. Heaven, earth and spiritual lifehacks2019/04/07
  130. Growing Up Muslim in Australia2019/03/31
  131. Light in dark places2019/03/24
  132. The spirituality of the sea2019/03/17
  133. Disaster Spiritual Care2019/03/10
  134. International Women's Day: Women's beliefs, women's bodies2019/03/03
  135. Sacred spaces2019/02/24
  136. Mindfulness goes mainstream2019/02/17
  137. The spiritual side of work2019/02/10
  138. The power of words2019/02/03
  139. Changing the heart2019/01/27
  140. Yiddish mavens 2019/01/20
  141. A Divided House2019/01/13
  142. Choose to radiate love in your relationships2019/01/06
  143. The Lives of Monks and Nuns2018/12/30
  144. Keep the Spirit: Rachael Kohn says goodbye2018/12/23
  145. Religion needs tough love 2018/12/16
  146. The circle of life2018/12/09
  147. Muslim Achievers and Islamophobia2018/12/02
  148. Buddhism: a religion or science of mind?2018/11/25
  149. Magic Medicine and the Meaning of Life2018/11/18
  150. Courage and compassion in war2018/11/11
  151. In Harmony2018/11/04
  152. Faith heals2018/10/28
  153. Religion: the oldest survival kit 2018/10/21
  154. Death Anxiety2018/10/14
  155. A Shared Society2018/10/07
  156. Australian Muslims commemorate Ashura2018/09/30
  157. Christ and Culture2018/09/23
  158. Music of the Jewish Days of Awe2018/09/16
  159. The Shape of Faith2018/09/09
  160. A Divided House2018/09/02
  161. Gold to God: The Chinese experience in Australia2018/08/26
  162. Choose to radiate love in your relationships2018/08/19
  163. A Listening Church2018/08/12
  164. Yiddish mavens 2018/08/05
  165. Should Christians and Atheists Get Along?2018/07/29
  166. A changing church2018/07/22
  167. Women of Courage2018/07/15
  168. Mother Nature and the Holy Father 2018/07/08
  169. Queer and devout 2018/07/01
  170. The first Cardinal of Myanmar2018/06/24
  171. The big issues for NT Anglicans2018/06/17
  172. Mela langgus en det stori ba Jisas (our language and the Jesus story)2018/06/10
  173. Marrying 'out'2018/06/03
  174. From Bishop Michael Curry to Fr James Martin: Priests in the public eye2018/05/27
  175. The Aussie mosque that broke the mould2018/05/20
  176. The Pope vs The Pill 2018/05/13
  177. Sacred Songs2018/05/06
  178. The Real Mormon Mission2018/04/29
  179. Unexpected ANZAC connections 2018/04/22
  180. Women and faith2018/04/15
  181. Politics & the Good Samaritan2018/04/08
  182. Easter special: Jesus and Mary Magdalene 2018/04/01
  183. Jewish Journeys2018/03/25
  184. The Lives of Monks and Nuns2018/03/18
  185. Western Buddhism2018/03/11
  186. On A Mission2018/03/04
  187. The Third Wave 2018/02/25
  188. The Jains2018/02/18
  189. Modest Fashion2018/02/11
  190. Music for the Soul2018/02/04
  191. Same-Sex Marriage2018/01/28
  192. The story of Civil Celebrants2018/01/21
  193. Priest, detective, lover2018/01/14
  194. Robe to Riches: a Chinese pilgrim route2018/01/07
  195. Indigenous Christians celebrate the Bible2017/12/31
  196. Christmas: Making fun, making history2017/12/24
  197. 20/20 Series Part 5: Remember, Regret and Rejoice2017/12/17
  198. Hugely Successful Religious Movements2017/12/10
  199. The Story of Mr Eternity2017/12/03
  200. Is the Sea of Faith Rising?2017/11/26
  201. Reporting Religion in Asia2017/11/19
  202. Luther's Jews and Poland's Jewish Festival2017/11/12
  203. 20/20 Series Part 4: Music, Diaries, Couples and Sex2017/11/05
  204. The X Factor in the Reformation2017/10/29
  205. Martin Luther, Catholic dissident2017/10/22
  206. Comparing Catholic and Hindu Faith2017/10/15
  207. Identity: Who are you?2017/10/08
  208. Religious Tattoos Not Just Skin Deep2017/10/01
  209. 20/20 Series Part 3: Turning Points, Epiphanies and Mysteries2017/09/24
  210. Media with Heart2017/09/17
  211. Babi Yar: a survivor, a poem, a symphony2017/09/10
  212. The Story of Civil Celebrants2017/09/03
  213. 20/20 Series Part 2: 9/11 and the Future of Religion2017/08/27
  214. On Being Krista Tippett2017/08/20
  215. Christian Minority Communities2017/08/13
  216. Judaism welcomes LGBTI Jews2017/08/06
  217. 20/20 Series Part 1 - Heading to the Millennium2017/07/30
  218. Fiona Horne Flying High2017/07/23
  219. Priest, Detective, Lover2017/07/16
  220. Tom E Lewis: Bridging the Divide2017/07/09
  221. Greg Sheridan's Australia2017/07/02
  222. What's Behind the Buddha's Smile?2017/06/25
  223. Who cares for sex offenders?2017/06/18
  224. Robe to Riches: a Chinese pilgrim route2017/06/11
  225. The Shared Table Project2017/06/04
  226. Ginn Fourie's Forgiveness2017/05/28
  227. In sickness and in death...2017/05/21
  228. Fighting sexism in Islam2017/05/14
  229. Dances of Universal Peace2017/05/07
  230. Gay Christians2017/04/30
  231. Jewish Anzacs2017/04/23
  232. Reinventing Church in Tasmania2017/04/16
  233. Jewish Choral Music & Passover2017/04/09
  234. Jewish choral music and Passover2017/04/09
  235. Do science and faith comfortably coexist?2017/04/02
  236. Do Science and Faith Comfortably Coexist?2017/04/02
  237. Are You Spiritually Connected?2017/03/26
  238. Are You Spiritually Connected?2017/03/26
  239. Marriage of Love and Justice2017/03/19
  240. Marriage of Love and Justice2017/03/19
  241. Indigenous Christians Celebrate the Bible2017/03/12
  242. Indigenous Christians Celebrate the Bible2017/03/12
  243. Robot Religion2017/03/05
  244. Robot Religion2017/03/05
  245. The problem of pain2017/02/26
  246. The Problem of Pain2017/02/26
  247. Huston Smith's World Religions2017/02/19
  248. Huston Smith's World Religions2017/02/19
  249. You will meet a tall, dark stranger2017/02/12
  250. You will meet a tall dark stranger2017/02/12
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