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The Lunchladies Podcast

  1. The Lunchladies Twelfth Podcast!2007/01/19

    Topics include a preview of our new To Catch a Predator Movie, the
    Philadelphia Eagles punting on 4th and 15th against the Saints being a race issue, Osteoporosis, the right to bear arms and a contest for FREE Lunchladies t-shirts! Head over to www.941FreeFm.com and click on contests to enter for the chance to win 1 of 10 Lunchladies tshirts.
  2. The Lunchladies Eleventh Podcast!2006/10/24

    Chris and Mike get a morning show in Dorchester Nebraska...A new installment of "The Worst Places to start an EAGLES chant"...Chris's psycho ex-girlfriend shows up in the studio and T.O. almost OD's on painkillers in the latest installment of "Greatest Moments in Philadelphia Sports History Followed by Disappointment"
  3. The Lunchladies Tenth Podcast2006/09/30

    If you like clams, psycho women at the supermarket, names of unborn children and the actors Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton...this will be the best podcast you have ever heard
  4. The Lunchladies Ninth Podcast2006/07/27

    Ever wonder what it's like to have your shirt ripped off by women at a bar and get arrested because of it? Well wonder no more because Chris from The Lunchladies actually experienced this on his Birthday and he will tell you all about what it's like doing hard time in a prison (and using a jail cell toilet)
  5. The Lunchladies Eighth Podcast2006/03/31
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  6. The Lunchladies Seventh Podcast2006/03/23
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  7. The Lunchladies Sixth Podcast2006/03/14

    Here it is, the long awaited 6th Lunchladies podcast. Was it worth the wait? Well, if you don't like Red Lobster, people being on fire, obituaries, and stories about Pee Wee Herman told live on the Philadelphia radio air waves then this WON'T be worth the wait. If you like all that stuff then this will be the best 11:01 of your life
  8. The Lunchladies Fifth Podcast2006/02/13
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  9. The Lunchladies Fourth Podcast2006/02/05
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  10. The Lunchladies Third Podcast2006/01/27

    The podcast episode contains skits on post-it notes for the mentally ill, a new episode of "What Would Uncle Jesse John Stamos Do?", a reading from the August 05 issue of Vibe Magazine, and an interview with a doctor nobody can understand. Stop by www.thelunchladies.com for more audio and video.
  11. The Lunchladies Second Podcast2006/01/26

    This is The Lunchladies second Podcast. Included are commercials for Kangaroo Joey Beer and Testosterzone, a trip to visit Chewbacca from Star Wars at the World Series of Poker and a spelling bee staring non-celebrity Gilbert Simmons. Visit www.thelunchladies.com for more audio and video
  12. The Lunchladies First Ever Podcast2006/01/24

  13. The Lunchladies First Ever Podcast2006/01/24

The Lunchladies Podcast
The Lunchladies are 2 twenty-something jackasses from the Philadelphia area named Chris Cantz and Mike Farzetta. I could go on and on about how funny they are but I'm not going to. That would just be boring.

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