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Samba EFL Podcast

  1. Blogging4Educators meets the Women of the Web2.02008/02/07
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  2. Teachers4TELL - Getting Started for The Real Show2007/08/07

  3. Brazilian Wonders - Come to Brasilia2006/10/05
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  4. Brazilian Wonders - Come to Fortaleza!2006/10/05
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  5. Brazilian Wonders - Rio de Janeiro2006/10/05
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  6. Brazilian Wonders - Come to São Paulo2006/10/05
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  7. Brazilian Wonders - Come to Florianópolis2006/10/05
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  8. Brazilians Work Hard and Love to Party2006/05/16

    Ingrid and Rodrigo analyze the fact that Brazilians can be hard-working and fun lovers at the same time.

    Listen also to Fernanda and Paulo

    (Neivaldo, Ingrid and Paulo on the photo)
  9. Many Brazils2006/05/16

    Alana and Matheus talk about the contrasts we have in Brazil.
Samba EFL Podcast
SambaEFL is a podcast to help students of English learn the language. It is produced by a Brazilian English teacher with the help of friends in the online community and her students.

SambaEFL will feature interviews, discussions of up-to-date topics, cultural aspects around the globe. All to enhance learning, sharing and interaction. It's dedicated to EFL and ESL learners and educators.

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