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  1. Howard Rheingold2007/09/30
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  2. Afterthoughts: PRACE yesterday2007/09/19

    Here are the links I mentioned in the podcast:

    1. URL for UK Educational podcasting for teaching and learning

    2. URL for Rosa’s ‘Our Class 2006’

    3. URL for DVDS website



  3. AFLF June 2007 E-trends online event2007/06/21

    Above is one of the slides from the presentation. It lives on the
    Iranian Women’s Movement Beyond Gender and Age website at

    My full slide presentation for E-trends can be found at:

  4. The Benalla workshop2006/11/30

  5. DVDS PPT in 'Slideshare'2006/11/05

    'Slideshare' , http://slideshare.net/, is a great way to upload PowerPoint presentations. I made this one for a TAFE SA workshop in November 2006. As it seems the inserted audio file does not work, I am adding the Martin Luther King mp3 file I used that I found at http://blog.lextext.com/blog/_archives/2006/1/15/1676937.html, thanks to Wikipedia.
  6. ACAL 2006 conference workshop links2006/09/25
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  7. Links for 'Literacy Link' article2006/09/25
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  8. My garden2006/08/28

    I have made a Flickr set illustrating different seasons in my garden.

  9. Fresh from Apollo Bay this morning: sight AND sound2006/08/25

  10. Online spaces2006/08/03

    I've discovered that different online spaces give birth to, develop and sustain different voices. This image, which can be found at http://www.sxc.hu/photo/549255, captures some of this joy in diversity.
  11. Voice online - too powerful at times?2006/07/06

    Sometimes, a little protection is important...
  12. A Change of Scene2006/06/16

    The topic for my presentation was: Community, Technology and Learning. The talk explains why I called it 'A Change of Scene'. The url for the multimedia record created by Michael Chalk is: http://michalk.id.au/ala/aChangeofScene/.
  13. Winter reflections2006/06/12

    The running water comes courtesy of: http://freesound.iua.upf.edu/index.php
  14. A common spectrum2006/06/07
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  15. Global Voices Online2006/05/25

    Global Voices Online
  16. Some conference afterthoughts2006/05/07





  17. VALBEC handout: live links 2006/05/02

    At the recent VALBEC conference, I distributed a handout with recommended websites. If you visit Biddyjournal below, you will find them as live links. All the best, Delia.

  18. Response to 'Casting the Net' podcast, 4th April 20062006/04/26
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  19. Michael's response to my previous post2006/04/24
  20. Audio meanderings2006/04/23

    Once again, the music comes courtesy of www.freeplay.com.
  21. Private becomes public2006/04/21
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  22. In honour of Luc and his grandfather2006/04/12

    I chose this piece of music, 'Arriving abroad', courtesy of www.freeplay.com, to honour coming to a new land and the exciting journey ahead. The photo, 'Crocus', by Magnus Rosendahl comes from www.freephotos.com. It speaks to me so strongly of new life.
  23. A touch of Pink2006/04/11
    The background music, 'Alliance of Aleph', comes courtesy of www.freeplaymusic.com. Those six words I love are: Design, Story, Symphony, Empathy, Play and Meaning. Inspiring, aren't they, as educational lighthouses? Joyfully, Delia.
  24. My first podcast ever, mid-June 20052006/04/07

    I have put this, my first, podcast here for historical reasons. The WOMAD flags salute this personal and professional milestone.
  25. A podcast on podcasting2006/03/21
    Some thoughts I shared with Michael in response to his musings at http://mikecogh.blogspot.com/2006/03/listening-to-podcasts.html
  26. WOMAD 2006 - towards utopia2006/03/15

    This album is powered by
    - Add to my blog

  27. To podcast or podmail?2006/03/06
  28. Learning spaces2006/03/05

  29. Performance and all that jazz2006/02/17

    I made this about a week ago and forgot to post it here.
  30. Podcast pondering/meandering2006/02/17

  31. A tribute2006/01/31
  32. Teaching as performance in the electronic classroom2006/01/27
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  33. Future genres2006/01/26
    I sent this reply to Michael a short while ago.
  34. Online speaking and online writing?2006/01/26

    Here's my first 'mix' (music, Michael and me) on podOmatic. I did this in Audacity. I'd love to know how you mixed your voice and mine in your podOmatic post. Now out into the heat,

  35. Will my voice carry?2006/01/25

    It's taken a while but I hope it works... This post has been made, thanks to K7.
  36. Michael's praise of WOMAD2006/01/15

    Thanks, Michael, for alerting me to the podcasting potential within podMail. Details about the album above can be found at: http://www.earthsongsmus.com/books.html
  37. Two great sites2006/01/11

    Podcast directory for educators, schools and colleges

    Sacred poetry from around the world
  38. Amergin with music2006/01/08

  39. Brighid with reggae2006/01/07

  40. A poem by Amergin2006/01/07

  41. To podcast or not to podcast?2006/01/06

    These are the thoughts of an adult educator, new to podcasting.
    I made this early in 2005.
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